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The Best Infinite Elixir Deck in Clash Royale

Best Infinite Elixir Deck are a popular choice for many Clash Royale players. They can be powerful but need to be built properly.[1]

The best infinite elixir decks are built to survive until single elixir and then destroy your opponent during double elixir. There are a few different ways to do this.

Elixir Golem Deck

Best Infinite Elixir Deck

The Elixir Golem is one of the most powerful troops in the game. It’s big and strong, and splits in two when damaged – so it’s got plenty of room to really hurt the opponent.[2]

The best part is that it costs only 3 elixir! This means that it can be used as an incredibly cheap push. However, it should be protected from opponents who may try to destroy it and gain their own elixir in the process!

A mini tank can be a good choice for this. It can protect the Golem from being destroyed and also prevent it from gaining extra Elixir. This is especially important if the opponent wants to use their Elixir Golem to make a counterpush, as the Golem can’t give your cards more elixir.

You can also add a couple of fire spirits in the deck to support your Golem. These can easily put out 500+ damage for only two elixir, and they can kill bunched up troops like skeletons and spear goblins in no time![3]

These can also be used to help clear your opponent’s defenses. They’re a great card to have in your deck for any kind of situation.

Another excellent troop to include in the deck is a Knight. He only costs three elixir, and he’s a solid ground troop for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

A deck with an Elixir Golem and a Knight is very powerful in the current meta. The Knight can support your push, distract a Prince, and even deal with bunched up skeleton hordes![4]

The Elixir Golem deck is very effective in the current meta because it can be used against low-elixir decks that depend on overrunning your troops. The deck features a number of strategies and cards that can be used to attack, defend, and bait your opponents into making mistakes.

This is a high-damage, high-elixir deck that thrives in Triple Elixir. It uses the Furnace and Goblin Hut cards to defend and bait your opponents into a range of mass damage. It also uses Barbarian Barrel and Tornado to punish the enemy forces. It has a lot of damage and is easy to play with.[5]

Graveyard Deck

If you want to go all out in the infinite elixir format, you should consider a Graveyard Deck. This strategy uses a number of graveyard synergies to snag cards from your opponent’s deck and put them into your graveyard before the game ends.

It can also be used to recur creatures and activate abilities that are triggered by zombies. This makes it a great choice for a Zombie commander deck, as many of the cards in this format benefit from graveyards.[6]

Another card that helps you recur cards from your graveyard is Graveyard Trespasser. This card allows you to exile up to one card from your graveyard every time it enters the battlefield or attacks. This is a powerful tool that can help you snipe key cards from your opponent’s deck and give you a huge advantage in long games where everyone has dozens of cards in their graveyards.

For example, if you have a Spell Snare in your sideboard and a Deceiver Exarch in your deck, you can use this card to snipe a powerful creature and then recur the Deceiver Exarch with a Tarmogoyf to win the game instantly. The best part is that you can do this at any time and with no cost to you![7]

As with all recursion strategies, there are a number of tools you can use to maximize your potential. These include cards that let you exile and remove cards from your opponent’s graveyard, hate cards for graveyard decks, and cards that can be played in your sideboard as a way to counter the opponent’s strategies.

In addition to these strategies, a lot of the cards in this format have an affinity for graveyards, which means you can easily find a variety of card synergies that will make your Graveyard Deck more effective. These cards can help you recur your zombie tokens, reanimate your own zombies, activate death triggers, and more.

This deck can be a great option for anyone looking to take on Dredge or other similar graveyard decks. These strategies are fast, aggressive, and use a combination of threats and cards that deal damage to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve. They can also be very resilient against a variety of decks, as they can survive quite long games to stabilize and close out the match.[8]

Golem Deck

The Golem Deck is the best infinite elixir deck that can be used in Clash Royale. It is a powerful deck that can be built by using cards such as Giant Skeleton, Magic Archer and Battle Ram.

The main purpose of the Golem Deck is to counter push and apply pressure on the opponent. You can do this by sending troops that can encircle your opponent’s defenses to make it more difficult for them to defend their tower. Adding some units like Dark Prince, Battle Ram and Ice Golem can help you to take down their tower and win the match.[9]

Another great feature of this deck is that it uses an uncommon card called “Revival Golem” to help destroy the opponents’ defenses. The card is very cheap, only requiring three elixir and has great power that can be utilized for various reasons.

This card can be used as a damage soak troop and can also provide healing for the other troops in the deck, which makes it an efficient card to have in the Golem Deck. It is recommended to use a Healer with this card, as it can keep the Golems healthy and alive until the enemy’s tower has been destroyed.[10]

In addition, the deck also includes several elixir cards to deal with opponents’ defenses. For example, the Golem Deck can send a unit to kill their Defense Tower with Zap and Barbarian Barrel or to destroy their Log with Arrows and Fire Spirits.

Besides these, the Golem Deck can be used to destroy buildings with Tornado and Rage. It can also be used to clear out the opponent’s troops with Double Prince and Magic Archer.

The Golem Deck is the best infinite card in Clash Royale, and it is a great option for players who want to take on challenging opponents. [11]It is a fast and powerful deck that can easily take down the opponent’s towers and win the match.

This deck was created by Reddit user u/notsodevious. It has an average elixir of 2.9 and includes the following cards. You can copy the deck, here.

Miner with Lava Hound Deck

Lava Hound is one of the most powerful cards in Clash Royale. She has great toughness, a good hit point, and the ability to split into small Lava Pups after death, allowing her to defend air units.[12]

Using this card in combination with Miner, you can quickly take over the battle. The Lava Hound can tank huge damage, while the Miner can destroy the opponent’s defense. This combination is especially strong in Double Elixir mode, but it works equally well in Classic 1v1 matches.

To get the most out of this deck, you need to know how to cycle it properly and attack with it. Its primary win condition is the hound, so be sure to play it early and place it behind a tower.

This strategy can be incredibly effective against Inferno Towers because of its ability to deal with Minion Hordes. However, this can be a disadvantage if your opponent has placed a Wizard or other spells. You can counter this by putting a cannon behind the Lava Hound and placing your Musketeer on top of it.[13]

You should also be careful to not let your opponent place a musketeer right next to your cannon. If they do, you could get hit by a Lightning Spell or Fireball.

Another key feature of this deck is the arrows. These are very useful for clearing out any lava pups, and they can also deal huge damage to any air troops that might be in the way of your Lava Hound’s progress.

If you haven’t played this card yet, it’s a good idea to practice using the hound with other cards before facing real opponents.[14] This will help you become familiar with the strategy, and it can give you a clearer picture of how to use it.

This deck works best in Arena 10. If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile deck, this is the one for you! It’s full of explosive cards that can help you take on the competition and grab victories. In addition to the hound, it contains a lot of legendary cards that can make your victory much easier and faster.

Elixir Golem with Sparky Deck

Best Infinite Elixir Deck

Elixir Golem is one of the most powerful tanks in the game. It can be a very effective offensive tank, but you need to use it carefully. It can be used to tank damage for your sparky or night witch and can also kite units into the opposite lane if required.[15] It is best used in double elixir right at the bridge, with counterpushers behind it.

This card is incredibly underrated and will cause serious damage to your opponent’s tower. It is a good way to punish your opponent for mistakes and it can be very effective in the current meta.

It’s cheap and easy to play, but you need to use it in the right situations. You should never use it defensively unless you are forced to as it will only add fuel to your opponent’s push and not protect your own.[16]

Alternatively, you can use it as a support unit to keep the sentient blobs of your sparky or night witch alive. This will help to give you the best chance of surviving until you have double elixir.

Another important card to keep an eye on is the healer, she’s a very powerful support card and will often help your sparky or night witch survive. She will also help to protect your elixir golem from any damage taken by your opponent.

You should always have a healer around your sparky and night witch, she can also be very helpful for taking out any bats or skeletons that get in their way.[17] The healer also works well in combination with the sentient blobs from your elixir golem.

The next big card is the royal giant, this costs six elixir so you should only ever be using it if you can’t get any other damage dealers up front. You can place the sparky behind your royal giant to make it even harder for your opponent to attack.

The tornado is another important card to have in this deck, as it will allow you to activate your king tower as soon as possible and can be very effective against hog rider, balloon, bait, bridge spam and graveyard archetypes. It can also be used to evaluate your elite barbarians and get extra efficiency from them in defense, which will be decisive in most situations.[18]

Golem Deck

Golem Deck is the best infinite elixir deck in the game and is probably the most popular deck. This deck is very versatile and has a great attack potential. It can take down many different types of towers. It also has a strong defense capability.

The main goal of this deck is to buy time until double elixir and then go into a big push with a tower damage advantage. The deck has a lot of support cards that can help it out.[19]

Battle Healer – This card is important to this deck as she can help preserve her health and heal herself back up if she takes damage. She can help protect your units from the enemy troops rushing to take her down and she can also give your unit a buff.

Night Witch – This card is another important card to this deck as it can help your units defend themselves and protect the tower against attacks from the enemy troops. She can also help in offence by boosting your damage and her spell is a powerful one to use.[20]

Bats – These bats are very dangerous and can deal huge damage to the enemy units. They can also kill mini tanks such as valkyries and balloon cycle.

Mega Knight – This card is also very useful in this deck as it can easily distract the princess tower and give you lots of value. It can also be used as a good counter against the witch and wall breakers, which makes it a very powerful card.

Fisherman – This card is a very versatile card and it can be used both on offence and as a defensive support. It can be used to snipe carelessly placed enemies and drag them into your units or it can be used as a mini tank in a death ball.

Golem – This card is a very strong tank and can deal huge damage to the towers of the opponent. It can also help with offence by reducing the health of the enemy towers and killing their minions, bats etc.

Battle Ram with Three Musketeer Deck

Best Infinite Elixir Deck

If you want to win the best infinite elixir challenge in Clash Royale, then Battle Ram with Three Musketeer Deck is for you. This deck is a great mix of control and cycle play, it also has a high win condition card that can help you win the challenge.

The key to this deck is to attack from the bridge while making your opponent spend elixir. This is a great strategy against fast decks, like Hog Rider or Double Prince. Once your opponent has spent their elixir, then you can put down your Elixir Pump and start attacking again and again.

When playing this deck, be sure to have your king tower ready to activate. This is a good way to buy yourself time until your opponent has enough elixir to play their Golem or Pekka.

Another strategy to use is to use a Snowball to distract your opponent’s troops and get them to spend their elixir. This will prevent them from being able to play their Golem or Pekka in single elixir time.

This will give you the time to place a Mega Knight and then slam down on them with a strong ram rider push. The Mega Knight and ram rider combination is one of the most effective low key win conditions in the game, you can even use it in single elixir time to create a strong push!

Be careful not to over commit with this deck, because if you go too far in single elixir it can cost you a lot of your hard earned elixir. You should use your elixir to buy yourself time until double elixir when you have a better chance of winning the matchup.

You should try to get your king tower down and if you can you should also use your tornado if possible, this will force your opponent to waste their elixir on defending! This will be crucial against hog rider, bait and graveyard decks.

The only bad thing about this deck is that it is quite sensitive to other cards and counters. This means that it can be difficult to withstand an onslaught of troops. However, this is something that can be overcome by using the right tactics and strategies.

Miner Deck for Infinite elixir challenge

Whether you’re looking for a deck to win in single or double elixir, the Miner Deck is a great option. It has a strong defense and offense, which makes it an ideal infinite elixir challenge deck.

There are several cards that go well with the Miner, including Swarms (Goblins, Bats, and the Dart Goblin). It’s also a good idea to pair it with high-damaging cards like Battle Ram, Hog Rider, or Three Musketeers.

Another card that goes well with the Miner is Poison, as it defeats any swarms trying to counter it while doing constant chip damage to the Princess Tower. It can be a valuable counter against beatdown decks, too.

The Ice Wizard is one of the best leggys in control decks and works very well with the Miner. It slows down movement and splashes against air units, allowing you to stop any pushes.

You can use the Ice Wizard to protect your defending towers from pushes, and he can also be used to block any Balloon pushes or Bats. It is important to remember that while the Ice Wizard can be a very powerful tool in this deck, it is not the most reliable.

To get the most out of this deck, you need to know how to play it properly. You need to cycle correctly through your cards and not let your opponent do any damage to your towers.

The best way to do this is by ensuring that your opponents don’t have enough Elixir to make a big push. This will allow you to take the time to analyze your opponent’s strategy and plan accordingly.

Another important factor in this strategy is to make sure that your troops reach the towers before the opponent’s troops do. This will help you gain a huge advantage over your opponent.

This deck is one of the strongest in the game and can be very hard to beat if you have it right. Luckily, it is relatively easy to learn how to play it correctly. Just keep these tips in mind:

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