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Dark Academia Interior Design – Best in 2023

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Dark Academia Interior Design

Dark Academia Interior Design, Dark academia is a design aesthetic that evokes a moody, bookish vibe and soft candlelight. It’s a great way to add drama and elegance to your home.[1]

Using floor to ceiling bookcases in your room is a great way to emphasize this theme. They can also help you create a cozy space for reading by lamplight.

Dark Colors

Dark Academia Interior Design

Dark academia is a design movement that incorporates a focus on literature, education and history. Unlike other trends, it doesn’t focus on the latest colors or fashions — instead, it relies on elements that have stood the test of time.

The style combines elements of gothic design with prep school fashion to create a moody and melancholic aesthetic. This aesthetic embraces mystery, decadence and dark colors that are often paired with a rich texture.

Stacks of books and sophisticated artwork work well to achieve this look. The color palette for dark academia interior design is mainly black, white, deep browns, navy blue, forest green and burgundy. These colors are contrasted with lighter shades, like orange and gold.[2]

Another key component to this style is custom millwork. It adds depth to any room, especially when it’s paired with intricate wainscoting panels, door and molding details.

You can also use custom millwork to accent your wall color, giving it a more dramatic effect and adding to the gothic feel of this interior design trend.

If you’re looking to get a little creative with your dark academic design, consider using posters or art prints that have a historical or literary connection. These prints or paintings can be anything from maps to blueprints and even astrological charts.

To create a cozy, inviting dark academia bedroom, opt for soft bedding that complements the overall feel of the space. You may also want to use a textured wall treatment, which can be used as a backdrop for artwork or other decor items.

Aside from textiles, you’ll also want to consider the color palette for your dark academia bedroom. It’s important to stay away from dull greys and tan tones as they don’t lend themselves to the overall feel of this style.

Alternatively, you can also opt for light or bright shades of greens and blues. These are already trending this year and can help to ground the look of your dark academia bedroom, according to Camilla.

Finally, if you’re looking to get creative with your dark academia interior design, consider using floor to ceiling bookcases that make the academic element of this trend really stand out. This way, you can highlight your books without taking up too much of the room’s space.[3]

Antique Elements

Dark academia interior design is a sophisticated style that draws inspiration from literature and art. It is inspired by Gothic architecture and the Romantic movement, and it uses antique elements such as books and images of the natural world to create a mysterious and luxurious atmosphere.

The best way to accentuate the dark academic aesthetic is by adding moody colors, rich textures, and vintage-inspired decor. Dark shades of green, red, and brown are all excellent options, as are deep blues that evoke midnight skies or black rooms.

Another great way to achieve the look is by incorporating antique furniture pieces. These can range from a simple bookcase to an intricately detailed armoire. It is important to pick out items that ooze sophistication and elegance, but that are also sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

For a subtle approach to this style, consider incorporating dark accents in the form of vintage table lamps or wall sconces that cast a dim, warm light. Chandeliers in a variety of sizes and shapes can also help to create the coziest ambiance possible by gently diffusing light throughout the room.

To complete the look, choose antique-style vases and candlesticks. You can find these items at thrift stores or flea markets, and they will add an aged and sophisticated touch to your decor.

If you want to really evoke the Dark Academia aesthetic, add antique wall art. These prints and paintings are usually a bit odd and wild, but they provide a sense of mystery to the space. They can include macabre or morbid skeletons, exotic animals in moody hues, florals, and Romantic-era representations.

You can pair these prints and paintings with dark wooden furniture, including a dark wood or velvet sofa. You can also use dark colored fabrics for curtains or upholstery.

The dark academia style is a versatile one, so it can easily be incorporated into any home. You can add this style to your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

In addition to the bold color palette and the vintage elements, dark academia interior design is also heavily influenced by nostalgia. It is a style that focuses on old-school pieces, and you can bring it into your home by displaying items such as antique typewriters and vintage botanical prints.[4]

Vintage Detailing

Dark Academia Interior Design

A key part of any dark academia interior design is the use of vintage detailing. It’s an opulent, romantic nod to history and class that can help you create a unique room decor style.

One of the best ways to bring this look into your home is through furniture and accessories. Choose pieces that are detailed with antique elements, such as ornate mirrors and wooden clocks. Ornate candle holders, apothecary jars filled with dried flora, and vintage posters can also add a sense of drama to your design scheme.

Another important factor in this decorating style is texture. Choosing a dark wood floor is an essential part of this look, as is upholstered seating. You can achieve this by opting for a classic tufted leather chesterfield sofa or an old wingback chair with deep velvet upholstery.

To keep your space looking cohesive, try coordinating the colors of your furnishings and accents with the walls. You can go for charcoal gray, forest green, navy blue or burgundy.

When it comes to pattern, this style calls for warm-toned fabrics like tweed and houndstooth. These patterns are perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere, especially paired with dark hues and heavy curtains.

For a pop of color, consider bringing in bright, autumnal prints or paintings. You can also opt for a dramatic wall paint, such as black.

Adding a layer of texture is also key to this style, and it’s easy to achieve with rugs. Textured rugs such as Persian rugs can give your space a cozy, rich feel.

If you want to give your space a more sophisticated touch, you can try pairing your rugs with dark hardwood floors. This will make your room look more elegant and sophisticated, and it can help to tie your furniture to the floor for a cohesive look.

The key to achieving this decor style is to carefully curate collections of items that complement each other. You can do this by scouring thrift shops or flea markets for unique items that speak to your personal taste. The best part is that this style is incredibly versatile, so you can easily switch out your furniture and accessories to reflect your changing tastes.[5]

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is a great way to give your home a unique, vintage vibe. It’s an alternative to fast fashion that allows you to create a personalized look while also reducing your environmental impact. In addition, thrift shopping offers a wide range of items, including clothing, accessories, furniture, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture or just some decor that will add a touch of class to your space, thrift stores are a great place to start. You can find a lot of good finds at these places, and they often donate their items to charities that help people in need.

If you’re new to thrift shopping, you should know that the process can be a little intimidating at first. But with time and patience, you’ll develop an eagle eye for good items.

For starters, try walking through the piles of clothes in your local Goodwill store and sifting through the bargain bins. You can even set aside a small amount of money every time you go.

Another great place to shop for thrifty decor is at garage sales. These are often held in your neighborhood or near your school and feature a variety of vintage items, from furniture to home accents.

Finally, a trip to your local flea market is another great option for finding thrifty items. These events are often organized by the local community, so you can expect to find items that are in good condition but are priced at a reasonable price.[6]

Wall art is a key component of this interior design scheme, and it’s important to pick pieces that will add a sense of mystery to your room. Macabre or morbid skeletons, exotic animals in moody hues, and floral prints are all ideal choices.

A few other things to consider when choosing art for your space include size, color, and style. The best thing about this style is that it’s easy to customize, so you can pick pieces that are right for you.

The dark academia bedroom aesthetic is a classic, refined style that’s popular among a variety of people. It’s inspired by a rich mix of influences, including classy European architecture, ancient cultures, and Gothic vibes. It also combines the dramatic sophistication of education and heritage with a hint of romantic mystery.

Dark Academia Interior Design

Dark Academia Interior Design

Dark academia interior design is a moody prep-school-meets-Hogwarts aesthetic that celebrates books and learning. It’s a popular trend on social media and, when done well, can be timeless in its appeal.

To evoke this classic style, try deep wood tones like charcoal gray, forest green or navy blue. Then, layer in apothecary jars, antique paintings and flickering candles.


Dark academia interior design is a moody subculture of style that feels bookish and moody, reminiscent of dark libraries, antique books, and soft candlelight. You can incorporate this look into any room in your home, but we particularly love it in bedrooms.

A dark academia bedroom can feel a bit spooky, but there are plenty of ways to make it feel modern and comfortable. First, focus on creating a rich color palette that includes deep reds, oranges, and browns, as well as rich, nature-inspired greens like olive and emerald.[7]

Next, choose furnishings in dark wood tones that complement the colors of your walls and ceiling. Then, consider adding a few antique pieces to your bedroom to add a touch of old world charm and a romantic feel.

For the bed, think about a statement headboard in a deep blue, burgundy, or black to accentuate the dramatic tone of your room. Additionally, add a pair of antique hardcover books to your bedside table or bookshelf to complete the look.

Finally, use a variety of lighting options to set the right mood for your room. You can opt for a dark chandelier or candle chandelier to bring in a spooky feeling, or you can keep it simple with string lights and candles placed throughout your room.

You can also decorate your walls with artwork in dark, gothic designs or curated empty frames for an even more dramatic effect. You can find a wide range of art prints, including human body and blueprint art, astrological art, or maps of the world, to complete your decor.

To keep your room from looking too spooky, try adding plants or other living elements to your room. Silk ivy, dried flowers in glass frames, or a plant in a bell jar can all add a fresh, natural element to your dark academia bedroom.

Lastly, you can add a framed photograph to your room as a finishing touch. This will not only tie in your dark academia theme, but it will also give you a unique focal point for the room.

Wall Art

Dark Academia Interior Design

Dark academia interior design is a trend that celebrates classic literature, scholarly pursuits, and a love of study. The aesthetic features black walls, velvet furniture, and vintage patterns, and evokes a spooky yet elegant vibe.

The style embraces classic European architecture, art, and literature, as well as Gothic influences. Originally inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque styles, it is a classy and refined decor scheme that emphasizes elegance and quality.[8]

To achieve this look, use dark wood throughout your home. Go for antique pieces with carved detail and rich finishes to create an upscale feel. Add in a few accent pieces of leather or Persian rugs to bring in a touch of luxury.

Wall art is another key element of the dark academia bedroom. Choose artwork that combines traditional elements with macabre or morbid imagery to add an air of mystery and intrigue. You can also find prints and paintings featuring enigmatic characters, exotic animals in moody hues, Romantic-era depictions, or florals that have a gothic flair.

If you’re hesitant to paint your walls, consider a wallpaper that will still give you the dark and moody effect without the need for a wall-to-wall covering. This can be a good option for spaces with small or narrow walls that are difficult to accommodate painting.

Another great way to make your room feel more Dark Academia-inspired is to incorporate wooden furniture, such as a library or study desk. These can be paired with a leather chair for an all-around cozy feel.

You can also create a Dark Academia-inspired bedroom by adding a fireplace to your space. A fireplace with a stone or marble mantel can enhance the opulent atmosphere of this look.

Finally, a large bookcase that reaches the ceiling is a great way to emphasize the academic focus of this style. It can house books on subjects such as history, philosophy, and literature.

For a truly Dark Academia-inspired room, make sure to include a few bookshelves that display your favorite books and collectibles. These can be floor-to-ceiling and full of leather-bound volumes or antique manuscripts to capture the aesthetic’s sophistication.[9]


When you think of the dark academia style, you may picture a college dorm room filled with antiques, leather-bound books, and stained glass windows. But the style goes far beyond a classroom setting; even if you don’t have a space dedicated to scholarly reading, you can still incorporate elements of this aesthetic into your home.

To bring this interior design to life, you need furniture that evokes the dark, mysterious vibe of the trend. The furniture in this style tends to be big wood pieces that are paired with bronze or gold accents and antique lamps.

For a dark and moody look, you can use paints that are deeper in color than your typical neutrals. These colors can include dark browns, blacks, olive greens, burnt oranges, and emeralds. These shades are reminiscent of a fall or autumn vibe, and they also match the darker wall art that you’ll need to display.

Another way to bring this interior design into your home is by adding cathedral-style windows to your house. These windows are tall and narrow with a pointed arch, and they add a dramatic touch to your space.[10]

You can pair these windows with a roaring fire to create that classic college library feel. You can also choose a fireplace with a stone mantel to give the fireplace in your space a traditional and elegant feel.

While many dark academia rooms feature a fireplace, you can also use a fire pit or wood burning stove to get the same effect. These are great for a dark academia bedroom because they provide the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of study.

If you want to make your dark academia room more cozy, you can choose a rug that is made of wool or a dark fiber. These rugs can also complement the dark wood furniture in the room, as well as add texture to the area.

To add a little extra flare to your dark academia interior design, you can also consider adding some accessories like clocks or mirrors. These are a good way to add some drama and prankishness to the look, as they can reflect your artwork or other decorations.


Dark Academia is a combination of old-world Romantic design and preppy gothic, making it a trend that’s perfect for anyone looking to add a sophisticated, dramatic feel to their space. It’s a style that embraces historic architecture, including ornate woodwork and ceiling details, and it works well with homes with older interiors that have a historical feel.[11]

To capture the historic vibe of this trend, look for antique and vintage decor pieces to help create the right mood for your space. Items such as a vintage camera or antique clock are a great way to get started. You can also add in knick-knacks with an old school charm, like books and other paper-bound treasures, for a touch of nostalgia that complements the scholarly focus of this aesthetic.

Another classic way to achieve the dark academia look is with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which helps make the academic element of the room stand out. If your room has a high ceiling, it’s also a good idea to choose a chandelier with dramatic appeal.

Using a wall mural with motifs of books, history, or art will also evoke the historic vibe that this trend is known for. Wallpaper in black, burnt umber or charcoal gray is a great way to capture this tone and make the space feel moody and pensive.

When it comes to choosing furniture, dark academia prefers wood that is carved and detailed. A simple solid-wood dining table and chairs will evoke this aesthetic, but you can also opt for a more ornate wooden sideboard to serve as a focal point in your eating area.

If your space is small, you can still bring in the dark academia theme with furniture and accessories that are made of dark or heavy fabric. This includes opulent fabrics such as velvet and leather that will give your room an air of luxury.

In addition to upholstered furniture, you can also add in some dark rugs that will help to accent your darker color palette and tie the whole room together. Rugs that are dark in color can be especially useful if you’re decorating a dorm or apartment and cannot paint the walls. [12]

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