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Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring “9

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Prisoner Build for Elden Ring

Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring, Prisoner is one of the strongest starting classes in Elden Ring. It has great weaponry and spells to work with, and it comes with medium boosts to Dexterity and Intelligence.[1]

This makes it a good choice for players interested in hybrid swords-and-sorcery. It also gets a decent magic tree that increases damage using Glintstone, and it can block enemy attacks with its shield.

Best Spells for Prisoner Builds

Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the most punishing experiences FromSoftware has ever released. Players will be armed with a sword and shield and given little advantage over the environment, forcing them to work hard for their rewards. Luckily, FromSoftware is providing players with a variety of classes to select for their brutal journey through the Lands Between. [2]The Confessor is a hybrid class that boasts high Strength, Dexterity, Mind, and Faith stats that allow it to deal moderate physical damage and execute powerful projectile sorcery attacks.

How Should You Build The Astrologer Class?

A powerful projectile sorcery class, the Confessor can be a formidable enemy in Elden Ring. It boasts high Strength, Dexterity, Mind, and Faith, as well as a great shield and the ability to buff weapons. This makes it a good choice for defensive players, but also gives it enough firepower to do massive damage from range. It is dropped by spectral Banished Knights in Castle Sol, and is also available from Commander Niall. This is one of the more versatile classes in the game.

FromSoftware has packed Elden Ring with interesting and diverse builds to suit every play style.[3] But which class should you choose for your journey into the Lands Between?

Elden Ring

Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers players plenty of options for how to build their characters. Many melee builds can be fairly beginner-friendly as they don’t have to deal with a lot of in-game systems, making them great for new players.

On the other hand, Dex/Arcane weapons that bleed enemies and bosses can be devastating from early on.[4] This is especially true if you have access to an Uchigatana, which can be found early on in the Limgrave legacy dungeon.

Elden Ring Prisoner Builds

A Prisoner build in Elden Ring needs to be able to slay enemies at range, keep them at bay with shielding, and also deal significant damage with melee attacks. Fortunately, the starting weapons for this class provide a great foundation to do all of that. The key to any weapon-based build is finding the right one to suit your playstyle, and Elden Ring provides a wealth of different options that are ideally suited for every kind of character.

The best Prisoner build starts with the Scavenger’s Curved Sword and the Bloodhound Step skill, which allows players to inflict bleed status effect on enemies that can then be further inflicted by other weapons. This bleed build will make quick work of regular enemies in PvE and can be used to cleave chunks out of the healthbars of bosses in PvP.[5]

Another strong Prisoner build is a Dex/Arcane build that revolves around bleeding enemies, bosses, and other players. This is a powerful option that can be done with any weapon, but it’s especially effective with swords like the Uchigatana and Rivers of Blood that come with the innate Bleed buildup. This build will require a good amount of both Dexterity and Arcane, so players should focus on filling those stats as they level up.

Prisoner can be a bit of a challenge for players who are new to FromSoftware games, as its uneven stat distribution can force some awkward decisions. However, it’s still an excellent choice for those who want to try a new style of play.

In general, players should try to stick with a Dex/Int or Int/Sorceress hybrid, since both of these build types offer great offensive options from the start of the game. This is because many of the starting weapons in Elden Ring have decent weapons scaling with either Dexterity or Intellect, and Ashes of War allows players to tweak the elemental affinity of most weapons.[6]

In addition to focusing on these two statistics, players should look for armor sets and talismans that synergize well with their chosen weapons. For example, the Queen of the Full Moon set boosts intelligence while not dimishing any other statistic, and the Graven Mass talisman buffs sorcery damage by eight percent.

Prisoner Class Spellblade Build

Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring

When playing a prisoner, it’s important to focus on Intelligence and Dexterity. This makes this class a great choice for a magic caster or melee build, as it can deal heavy damage with its weapons and utilize spells to further bolster its attacks. While this class can be a bit of a slow starter, it can quickly reach its endgame potential with the right equipment and skill builds.[7]

One of the best prisoner builds in Elden Ring is a magic-based build that focuses on intelligence and faith. This combination allows players to take advantage of the game’s dragon powers, which are incredibly powerful and unique. These power-ups can be obtained by killing dragons and trading their hearts for one at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion altar. In addition, this build is able to make use of some of the best weapons in the game, including the Moonveil katana, which can fire a wave of magic or a powerful beam attack.

Another option is a dexterity-based prisoner build, which can use daggers to bleed enemies and dish out high crit damage. This build can be very effective at the early stages of the game, as it can easily stagger enemies with its R2 ability and hit them with critical hits with Reduvia or Misericorde. [8]This build can also make use of the Glintstone Staff, which can be boosted with the Enhanced Glintstone Staff upgrade.

Regardless of what type of prisoner build you choose to play, it’s crucial to invest in the game’s best weapons and gear. This includes items like the Crucible Knot Talisman, which boosts sorcery damage by eight percent and the Magic Scorpion Charm, which buffs all magic damage by 12 percent. Additionally, it’s important to keep your armor equipped with a talisman that synergizes well with your build.

Lastly, it’s important to seek out a powerful ring of power that will increase your HP and stamina. Thankfully, there are plenty of these in the game, and many of them can be found by visiting a Site of Grace. These rings can be a lifesaver when faced with the toughest enemies in the Land Between.

Prisoner Class Enchanted Knight Build

The Prisoner class is a decent melee fighter, but it really shines when it’s using its high Intelligence and Dexterity to do magic damage. [9]In the early game, this means a Dex-based dagger build. This build can use Reduvia or Misericorde, both of which have a high bleed damage potential.

A Dex/Arcane Bleed build is also a strong choice. This is a damage-oriented build that uses Blood-infused weapons with Arcane scaling to deal insane burst damage. This is a solid alternative to a pure Dex build because it lets you have a max overall Bleed buildup while still giving you access to some of the best weapons in the game like the Uchigatana and Scavenger’s Curved Sword.

Another good option for the Prisoner is a Strength/Dex hybrid, which can be particularly effective with some of the best weapons in the game, such as the Estoc and the Glintstone Staff. [10]This build focuses on hitting high levels of both Strength and Dexterity, with the latter helping to unlock more powerful attacks like critical ripostes after parries (you’ll need a small or medium shield for this).

A pure Strength build can also be extremely effective for the Prisoner, especially once you reach the late game and get access to the Moonveil katana. This weapon has a massive poise damage attack that can stagger some of the hardest bosses in the game. If you go with this build, make sure to hit a minimum of 52 Int and 40 Vigor so that you can have the health needed to survive these tough fights.

Best Stats for Prisoner Builds

Best Prisoner Build Elden Ring

While the best prisoner build depends on what weapon you start with and how you level it up, there are some general guidelines to follow. Most prisoner builds put points into Dexterity and Faith for a balanced stat distribution, but it is possible to make a strong Arcane build as well.[11] This sacrifices some of the Bleed damage you do in favor of more raw DPS, allowing you to max out your potential with Occult weapons.

One of the more common prisoner builds focuses on using daggers and inflicting bleed. This build does surprisingly good damage against bosses and enemies with bleeding, especially since it is easy to stack up the effect with the weapon Reduvia (opens in new tab). It can also be done with other weapons that inflict bleed, such as the Misericorde sword that is found at the Murkwater Cave dungeon or the Winged Scythe that can be obtained fairly early in the game from the Tombsward Ruins area.[12]

The bleed build requires a decent amount of Intelligence and Faith for maximum damage, but it is still quite effective against most enemies in PvE and can be used to terrorize other players in PvP. It is also very strong against bosses, as the bleed effect can cause screen-filling health bars to melt away quickly. [13]This build can be made even stronger by investing in a set of weapons that scale with intelligence, such as the Moonveil katana or the Sword of Night and Flame, or by using a set of spells that require a high amount of Intelligence and Faith.

The other major type of prisoner build is a magic-based hybrid. This build relies on a mixture of melee and casting, combining the strength of a hammer with the ranged damage and abilities of a mage. [14]

This build can be a bit tricky to play, as it requires a lot of faith and intellect to cast spells and can suffer from a lack of armor penetration. However, it can be incredibly powerful when paired with a spell like Rancorcall that can cause enemies to take damage for a short period of time after death. [15]It can be strengthened further by acquiring a set of weapons that scale with intelligence, or by using a shield such as the Beast Crest Heater Shield (opens in new tab).

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