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What is the Gamer Websites

If you love games, there are plenty of gamer websites to check out. These sites have everything from the latest news and e-sports to reviews of the latest games. You can find out about the latest PC games, hardware, and e-sports on PC Gamer. The site has global coverage, and they host events such as the PC Gaming Show and PC Gamer Weekender in London.[1]

Game Informer

Gamer Websites
Gamer Websites

Game Informer is a community website with game experts from around the world discussing the latest games, gadgets, and consoles. The site is also a source of daily news and updates. Its readers can also find recommendations and gift ideas for games they’ve been wanting to buy.

The site covers games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Originally, Game Informer had separate reviews for each type of system. The site also has a section that reviews older games. However, this section was discontinued in 2009. There is a better way to get game reviews from independent websites.[2]

In addition to reviews, Game Informer also hosts Sacred Cow Barbecues that aim to knock gaming icons off their pedestals. These barbeques have been featured in Game Informer’s June 2006 issue, and issues 183 and 211 in July 2008. The site is viewed as controversial by some gamers, so be sure to read the articles carefully before purchasing a game.

Eurogamer uses a clean and minimal gaming blog layout to tell visitors interesting gaming news. The site has a white background and a blue primary color. There are several tabs on the home page: recent articles on the left, popular articles on the right, and editor’s picks. Visitors can quickly see what they’re looking for and share their opinions.


If you’re looking for a great CGM gamer website, you’ve come to the right place. This group is centered around helping gamers find tournaments for their preferred gaming platform. This means that if you own a PC, PS4, or Switch, CGM will have options that fit your needs. This way, you can use your skills to make money with ease.[3]

Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer is a video game review website operated by Pretentious Media, an online media company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in June 2013, Niche Gamer focuses on indie and niche video games. Its sister site, Nicchiban, is focused on anime. The websites are both run by the same team, with the founders being based in Philadelphia.

In addition to video game reviews, niche gamer websites also provide news on the latest gaming releases. Such reviews can help gamers decide whether to invest their money in a new game or not. For instance, Wolf’s Gaming Blog became so popular that major gaming companies approached the site to enter a sponsorship agreement.

Niche has several interesting aspects, including an in-depth game system. The game offers players the chance to develop their own animal species, and even breed them with other animals in the game world. These games are also designed for mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices.[4] For PC and Mac users, Niche also features classic NES games, allowing gamers to play classic NES games whenever they want.

Currently, there are more than seventy casinos with between 300 and 4,000 slots on the website. This kind of niche gaming is growing, and some casino operators have not even considered it. The niche gaming business model is a powerful tool for incremental revenue and growth.


Youplay and other gamer websites offer a wide variety of games for your mobile device. You can also earn money by playing games and hitting in-game milestones. Game developers know that dedicated gamers are likely to spend the most on in-game purchases. Whether you’re into classic games, newer games or something in between, these sites offer a wide range of games for your mobile device.


The rating formula used by Metacritic for video games has come under criticism for being largely biased, but the transparency of its methodology has made it a useful tool for game critics and fans to share their opinions. The site is a great resource for gamers and gamer websites alike, and it has partnered with key players in the gaming industry.

The website is trying to improve transparency by displaying the non-numerical score of a game alongside the critic’s score. In the future, it hopes to become the MetaCritic for video game review sites. In addition, it plans to serve as a resource for publishers to reference the non-numerical score of a gaming website, making it a viable alternative to Metacritic.[5]

MetaCritic has a large database of game reviews and is free of DRM. It is also a great source for news and information on upcoming games. While MetaCritic is mostly focused on video games, it also has a massive collection of music, movies, and television shows.

Some gamer websites are more prone to controversy than others. Polygon, for example, has a history of being biased. Although it was once the best source of video game information, it has since fallen behind the competition. In addition to being politically biased, it has published controversial content. It has also been accused of sex discrimination. It is also important to note that its writers aren’t only criticizing the games they review, but are actively attacking players who disagree with their opinions.

Best Gamer Websites

Gamer Websites
Gamer Websites

If you’re looking for the best gamer websites, then look no further. Geco has ecommerce support for gamer websites. Whether you’re selling your favorite game or just looking for press reviews, there’s a solution out there. The best gamer websites feature user-friendly design and honest user reviews. They also cover the latest trends in entertainment.

Geco offers ecommerce support for gamer websites

The Geco theme is an ecommerce-friendly gamer WordPress theme with a wide variety of useful features. It offers multiple website demos, as well as built-in contact and about page templates. Additionally, it supports WooCommerce for ecommerce support. It also has a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder.


The Overworld theme is one of the most popular WordPress gamer themes available. It offers beautiful templates for gaming websites of all types. It has layouts for gaming news sites, eSports sites, and personal gamer websites. It also has ecommerce capabilities. It is great for creating gaming stores as well.

Founded in 2010, this site is dedicated to all things video games, and it is a great resource for information. Its articles cover game reviews, news, previews, and features. Its website is user-friendly, with a clean design and a streamlined interface. You can also find reviews and news about the latest games and the latest trends in the video game industry.[6]

Aside from news, VG247 has reviews of PC, PS4, and Xbox One games. It also covers popular franchises like GTA, Overwatch, and Pokemon games. Its articles will help gamers learn all they can about the games they love. Its writers cover all aspects of gaming, including consoles, PC, and online games.

The Overworld gamer website GameRankings is another resource for game reviews. It combines user and critic reviews and gives a comprehensive impression of the game’s reception. While reviews will always be biased, aggregation can help to mitigate this bias.

Gaming Debugged

Gamer Websites
Gamer Websites

Gaming Debugged is a website that covers the latest news and features related to video games. It covers everything from mainstream to indie games, as well as the design and development of games. It even has a section on the gaming industry, which offers news and features from companies in the industry. The site is a great resource for gamers of all levels.

In debugging, every bug that’s reported is recorded in a debug log. This helps developers to identify recurring problems and familiar ones. However, not every bug is visible, and developers may never know the exact cause of a problem. Having this information will help developers to make better games.

The debug menu in a video game contains several different options that can be used to diagnose the game’s performance. Typically, the menus for these options are unpolished and not user-friendly. These features are meant to be used by developers and can sometimes allow for destructive actions. For example, in Super Mario 64, the debug menu allows you to see what type of memory and CPU the game is using, as well as what’s happening in the game’s state.


Siliconera, a video gamer website, has announced a new initiative called Clicks for Charity, where 100% of the profits from the Clicks for Charity initiative will be donated to various charitable causes. The program will support various organizations, including Mercy Corps, a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and economic support to people all over the world. Other organizations can contact Siliconera for sponsorship opportunities.

The editors and staff of Siliconera are comprised of individuals with extensive gaming experience. The website’s editor-in-chief, Jenni, has been writing about games since her childhood Intellivision, and she continues to play on every platform. In addition to Siliconera, she has contributed to other gaming websites including GamerTell and Cheat Code Central. She has also been a writer at PlayStation LifeStyle and Michibiku.

In addition to video game reviews, Siliconera also features original translations and interviews from around the world. They cover everything from games that have been released in Japan to niche titles that do not see much press space in the United States. This makes Siliconera an excellent resource for video game news and opinion.[7]


Kotaku is a gaming website that has been around since 2004. It was formerly a part of the Gawker Media Network before being bought by Univision Communications in 2016. Kotaku focuses on gaming and East Asian pop culture, and features a variety of articles, including trivia and social commentary. It has also been known to report on controversial topics related to the gaming industry. As a result, Kotaku is under attack from many people, including some who are actively trying to shut it down.

The website has also been criticized for its tendency to stir up controversy. In one example, a journalist named Laura Kate Dale falsely accused a new Persona 5 DLC song of using the word “retarded” when the song is actually called “retorted.” The word “retarded” makes no sense in the context of the song’s lyrics. Nintendo responded to the criticism by claiming the song had already been released three years before.[8]

Sadly, the content of many Kotaku articles is inflammatory and often includes profanity. Some writers have also written slanderous articles that have hurt or insulted celebrities. Some writers have written stories about the detractors of games like Call of Duty or Street Fighter, and have used foul language and misinformation.[9]

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