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    Candles Bad For You

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    Why Are Candles Bad For You?

    Candles Bad For You While candles may be a necessity in many households, the smell they give off is not beneficial to your health. Burning candles for hours on end can cause particle pollution in your home.[1] Also, candles should be switched to unscented candles to avoid any potential health risks. Listed below are the main reasons why candles are bad for you. All candles emit some amount of VOCs. In addition, some types of candles emit harmful chemicals. You should read the ingredients list of your candles and choose a safer option.

    Synthetic fragrances are man-made

    Candles Bad For You
    Candles Bad For You

    You may have heard about the negative impact of synthetic fragrances on your health, but did you know they are also incredibly sustainable? But did you know that synthetic fragrances contain parabens, phthalates, and other chemical ingredients that may be harmful to your health? Listed below are eight popular beauty brands that use synthetic fragrances and the PETA campaign against them. You may be surprised to learn that these products are not only cheaper but also offer a greater scent.[2]

    Artificial fragrances are synthetic chemicals derived from crude oil. These chemicals are known carcinogens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic chemicals, and environmental toxins. They are often found in perfumes, deodorants, and other consumer products, and contain more than 3,000 chemicals. What’s even worse is that these chemicals are often used without the proper safety testing.

    Artificial fragrances can cause various toxic reactions, including headaches, migraines, respiratory and sinus irritation, dermatitis, and neurotoxicity. They may even disrupt the hormones and affect the immune system. Many people who use fragrances become addicted to them, and will buy the same brands again. Moreover, many of these fragrances have no proven health benefits. So, if you’re wondering if you should ditch these products, here’s some helpful information.

    If you are a mother, the most important thing to consider is whether the products you use contain synthetic fragrances. These substances contain phthalates, a type of plastic chemical that has been linked to neurological disorders. Therefore, if you’re expecting, it’s critical to choose products with natural ingredients and fragrances that are safe for your unborn child. If you’re concerned about this, consult a Functional Medicine Doctor for further advice.[3]

    Paraffin wax emits volatile organic compounds

    Candles Bad For You
    Candles Bad For You

    Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct that emits toxic chemicals and black soot when burned. EPA scientists have concluded that paraffin wax is not only bad for the environment but can also cause health problems such as respiratory illness and heartburn. Exposure to paraffin wax is equivalent to the level of pollutants produced by a diesel engine. Additionally, paraffin emits soot particles that are similar to those found in diesel exhaust.

    While some scientists believe candles emit harmful VOCs, many other researchers believe that they do not. While paraffin emits black soot particles, soybean candles do not. Soy candles may not contain the ingredient. The safety of candles is debated, but according to George Thurston, associate professor of environmental medicine at New York University School of Medicine, they can cause indoor air pollution.

    In addition to soot, candles made of paraffin wax emit volatile organic compounds that are bad for you. These chemicals may be harmful to your health, so you should burn them outside or in well-ventilated areas. Candles made of plant-based waxes are safer to burn. However, you should also know that they emit particulate matter (PM), which contains particles and liquid droplets. This particulate matter can enter your lungs and cause serious health problems.[4]

    In addition to contributing to indoor air pollution, candles emit particulate matter. These particles can be solid particles or small droplets that remain in the air for long periods of time. Inhaled particles contain more than 100 different pollutants. They can also affect your body’s central nervous system. This is why candles should be avoided. If you have any respiratory conditions, it is best to avoid paraffin wax candles and stick with safer alternatives.

    Soy wax burns clean

    Candles Bad For You
    Candles Bad For You

    Soy wax is made from soybeans, but it does contain other non-soy materials. Soy wax is made by separating the soybean oil from the beans using a mechanical press. It is then subjected to hydrogenation, a process that causes the wax to solidify. Each manufacturer has a different method for making soy wax. Soy wax does not contain any toxic materials, but it is not completely poison-free either.

    Soy wax is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also safer than paraffin. Its melting point is lower than paraffin, which reduces the risk of burning yourself and other household items. Also, it’s easier to clean up compared to paraffin wax. As long as you don’t burn yourself or the surrounding area, soy wax is the better choice. Just be sure to read the label to ensure that your candle is safe to burn.

    Soy candles are a natural, renewable resource. Because they are made of soy, you can help support local agriculture and the farmers by purchasing soy candles. This way, you’ll be supporting your local economy, which is important for your health. And it will smell better too! But it’s not just the smell that will make you feel good – you’ll be breathing in the fragrance.[5]

    Soy candles don’t produce the harmful emissions associated with paraffin candles, so you’ll be more likely to get a clean burn from soy candles. Soy candles also have a lower melting point than paraffin, which burns hotter and can potentially damage your skin if you accidentally drip it on your skin. Since soy candles are made of soybeans, they are the safest waxes for your skin.

    Unscented candles are safer

    Candles Bad For You
    Candles Bad For You

    You’ve probably heard the old saying that unscented candles are safer for you. The truth is, you might be more allergic to scented candles than you are to the smell of them. In addition to the smell, scented candles can cause allergic reactions in people who suffer from asthma or other breathing disorders. These reactions may include watery itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and tightness in the chest. The problem is that paraffin wax, which is used in many scented candles, has high levels of harmful molecules in it that can cause breathing problems. Furthermore, most scented candles do not burn thoroughly enough to destroy the dangerous molecules. Therefore, they are likely to produce more pollution than unscented candles.

    The added fragrances in scented candles can have harmful effects. Some individuals may not realize they are being affected by these chemicals until they develop health problems. But unscented candles are safer for you because they don’t contain any of those chemicals. Here are a few reasons why unscented candles are better for you. If you want to use candles but avoid scented ones, you should try an unscented candle. You’ll be happier knowing that you’re doing something better for yourself.[6]

    There are also other benefits to burning unscented candles instead of scented ones. The smell of scented candles can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in some people. Unscented candles don’t produce as much smoke or soot as scented candles. But they do have a low toxicity risk. The smell of these candles can be a source of anxiety for some people, and unscented candles can help relieve the symptoms.

    Colored candles are more expensive

    Candles Bad For You
    Candles Bad For You

    When choosing the price of your candle business, it is important to keep in mind the variable and fixed costs. While you might be tempted to charge a higher price for your candles, you should also keep in mind that prices are likely to increase with inflation. When pricing your candles, you should not compete solely on price, but rather on quality and sturdiness. When pricing your candles, you need to determine how much each candle costs, and use a cost calculator to determine the marginal markup percentage. The recommended margin range is from 25 to 50 percent.

    Candles made of soy wax are generally cream in color. Some brands will color the candle with a range of pigments to add flavor and color. Colored candles contain toxic compounds that are not good for you, and you should only purchase those made by reputable companies with artificial pigments. Fortunately, there are many types of soy wax candles that are healthy and affordable, and you can find some that are even made by reclaimed soy.[7]

    The price difference isn’t that great when it comes to soy candle prices. Aside from being cheaper, you’ll also have more health benefits if you buy a beeswax candle. Beeswax candles are made from bees, and beeswax is a sustainable option. It’s also biodegradable, and you can support local bee farms to get your supplies of beeswax and other essential oils.

    Soy wax is made from soybean oil. Soy beans are harvested and cracked, and then dehulled. The resulting flakes are rolled into flakes. Soy wax has been hydrogenated to alter its melting point and makes it solidify at room temperature. Despite its high price, this is still a healthier option compared to paraffin wax candles. If you’re looking for a candle that’s environmentally friendly, you should opt for a soy wax candle.[8]

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