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Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews – Best in 2023

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Jay is Games – Online, Mobile, Indie, and Casual Game Reviews

Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews, Jay is games is a website that reviews online, mobile, indie and browser games. It also offers walkthroughs and hints for popular casual games. It was founded in 2003 by Jay Bibby, initially as a personal blog.[1]

It rates games using a four face rating system, with a 😀 (green) for games that contain no offensive content and a :S (orange) for those that contain moderate amounts of violence or adult situations.

Game Reviews

Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews

The website jay is games offers reviews and walkthroughs of online, mobile, indie, and casual games. It also has chat rooms and forums for discussion of games. The site is free to use. Its content includes a variety of genres, including adventure, action, and arcade. It has a special section for mobile devices.[2]

The site has a number of different sections, although some have been abandoned or are only used occasionally. The most common ones are browser games, mobile phones, and indie games. The site also features reviews of downloadable games and walkthroughs of escape-the-room and point-and-click games. It also has a weekly Link Dump Friday section. The site was originally set up as a personal blog by Jay Bibby, but has gradually changed to focus on flash and browser games.

It has a unique feature in which games are rated according to their offensive content. This is indicated by a small coloured face at the top-right of the review. There are four ratings used: a 😀 face, which means that the game is entirely free of offensive content; a :O face, which indicates that the game has only minor offensive content; a :S face, which indicates that the game contains moderately offensive content; and a XP face, which indicates that the game has extreme offensive content.

The website hosts a contest each year that allows visitors to vote for their favourite game in a specific category. The highest-voted game in each category will win an audience award. The contests typically start in early January, and last for a month or so. In the past, a few Nitrome games have won audience awards in various categories, including Skywire 2 in the Action or Arcade category, and Final Ninja in the Platform category.

Unlike some other video game review sites, Jay is Games does not list the reasons for why a game received its rating. This makes it hard for people who aren’t familiar with the website to understand why a game receives a particular rating. This can cause some people to avoid playing games that they think might have offensive content.[3]


Jay is games has a large selection of game walkthroughs. These are useful for players who need help getting through a specific level or area of the game. The site also has guides for popular games like Ace Attorney and Danganronpa.

In addition to reviews and walkthroughs, jay is games also has forums where users can ask questions about the game or discuss the game with others. The forum is a great place to meet new people and talk about your favorite games. The website also has a number of games that can be played in your browser or mobile phone.

The website was founded by Jay Bibby on April 19th, 2003[1]. It originally followed a blog-like format with Jay making posts every two days about video games. Later, Jay focused only on flash and browser games and started giving them content ratings according to offensive content.[4]

In 2007 the site began holding contests to encourage interaction between readers and the community. The first contests were mostly text-based, but in 2008 a new format was introduced, which featured both text and video-based reviews. This format was more successful than the original and remains in use.

The site has a small section devoted to reviewing Flash games and other free online games. These games are categorized by their graphics, platform, whether they are free or not, and the genre of the game. Some of these games are based on popular video games, such as Final Ninja and the Metroidvania game Pieces. The website also has a weekly Link Dump Friday section where it lists new Flash games and news about them.

Previously, the website would hold games-related competitions for its commentors. One such competition was the Incredibots 2 Mini-Brawl contest, in which participants were tasked with creating a challenge using the Incredibots 2 level editor and then submitting it to the site. The best levels were awarded prizes of six months of Incredibots supporter membership. Another notable competition was the Name a Casual Gameplay theme contest, where readers were asked to name a theme for the next game that Jay is Games would review.[5]


Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews

The website jay is games was created by Jay Bibby on April 19th 2003[1]. The site originally started out as a personal blog where Jay would write about whatever was on his mind, and then review certain video game genres, such as escape the room and platform games. It also gave video game ratings based on offensive content. For example, games that were rated :S would have substantial amounts of blood, while games that were rated :G only had very simple and non offensive violence.

In addition to reviews, the website also has a number of other features. It hosts several competitions to reward developers for their work. Some of these contests are focused on producing simple puzzle games, while others have more complicated requirements. These competitions typically give away cash prizes and other related gifts. For example, in a competition that required players to design levels for Fantastic Contraption Prius Edition, the winner received a six month membership to Incredibots.

The site has a large community of commenters, who contribute a wide variety of ideas and strategies for playing the games. This commentator base is what makes the website unique, as it allows viewers to discuss the games and provide helpful hints for other users. It is important to note that some of these comments may contain spoilers, so it is recommended to avoid reading them if you haven’t played the game yet.[6]

Another function that Jay is Games provides is a database of cheats and walkthroughs for popular games. This database is updated daily, and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This database is a great resource for new and experienced gamers alike, as it allows people to quickly find the solution to a game they are stuck on.

Jay is Games also conducts annual Best of [year] contests to determine the top games in various categories. This year, the contest was held in January and followed a similar format to previous years, with three – sometimes four – different categories. In this contest, the public votes for which game they think is the best in a particular category. The winning game is then shown in that category’s results section.


In addition to games, jay is games also hosts a variety of forums that allow commentors to discuss various video game related topics. The forums also offer a place for gamers to get help with difficult levels or find the answers to questions they might have. The forums are split into several categories, such as free online games, mobile games and indie games. The forums are also a great resource for developers looking to find out more about the game industry.[7]

The forums are available in both English and Japanese. Depending on the forum, visitors can either post a comment or use the chat function. The chat function allows people to communicate in real time and ask questions. Currently, there are more than 60 active forums on the site. The most popular forum is the flash games section, which has over a thousand members. There are also forums dedicated to the popular genres of video games, including escape-the-room games, point-and-click games and platform games.

jay is games is also known for holding a number of contests for game designers. The competitions usually revolve around a specific theme and encourage participants to be creative in their designs. Some of the contests have even included cash prizes for the winners. The contests have been held for a number of years and have attracted a significant following from players.

Jay is games is a website that reviews a large number of Flash games. It was created by Jay Bibby on April 19th, 2003[1]. At first, the website followed a blog format, with Jay posting on a daily basis. It then moved towards focusing on flash games.

One notable feature of the site is its ability to rate games according to their offensive content. The ratings are designated by a small colored face at the top-right of each review. The four ratings are 😀 (a green face for games that have no offensive content), :O (a yellow face for games with minor offensive content), :S (an orange face for games that contain considerable violence) and :XP (a red face for games that contain offensive content such as adult situations and constant profanity).

Since its inception, jay is games has grown into a massive gaming community. The site has more than 3 million registered users and is constantly adding more. It has become a leading source for game news and information. It has a large selection of games and is known for its community-driven development model. The site has been nominated for numerous awards and has received praise from critics and consumers alike. [8]

Jay is Games

Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews

When it first started, jay is games followed a personal blog-like style, covering all genres of video and flash games. It also gave games a content rating according to objectionable content.

The g face, green rating, or rating-g category, for instance, does not allow blood or strong language. It does, however, permit violence.

Game reviews

Jay is games is an online game review website that offers walkthroughs, cheats, and discussion forums. The site covers a variety of gaming genres, including casual games and indie games. It also provides advice on gaming hardware and software. The website is free to use and includes a search feature.

The website was founded on April 19th 2003 by Jay Bibby.[1] It originally followed a personal blog-like structure, with Jay making posts every two days. Several video game genres were covered, and commenters often wrote their own walkthroughs for the reviewed games.

Since its inception, jay is games has had a number of competitions for its viewers to participate in. These contests have varied in theme, but all allow players to submit games that they think are the best of a given category. Voters can vote for the games they think are the best of a category, and those that receive the highest amount of votes will win an audience award. As of September 2012, the website had conducted ten of these competitions. Unlike previous Best of Contests, the website no longer selects what they think is the best game in each category, and viewers are allowed to choose their favorite.[9]

For example, the 2008 Best of Browser Games contest featured a wide variety of genres. These included platform, arcade, puzzle, and shooter games. The contest was won by Nitrome’s Skywire 2, although the team at Jay is Games chose to nominate three other Nitrome games, including Final Ninja, Onekey, and Mutiny.

Jay is games also hosts gaming competitions that let viewers make their own games. These contests usually have a theme, such as Upgrade or Replay, that viewers can interpret into the game they create. Some of these contests have even rewarded participants with cash prizes. Others, like the 2008 Fantastic Contraption Prius Edition, tasked commentors with making levels with the game’s level editor. The winner for this contest won a six month Incredibots Supporter membership. These contests are a great way for gamers to show their creativity and have fun.


Jay is Games offers walkthroughs for many popular free online games. It also features a selection of mobile games and indie titles. Its video guides are often more effective than text-based ones, as they make the game’s instructions clearer and can help players skip unnecessary parts. In addition, videos are also more helpful for visually-oriented players who struggle with reading text. Another good option is YouTube, which offers thousands of video walkthroughs for popular games. These can be especially useful for visual novel titles, such as Ace Attorney and Danganronpa.

Jay’s Games was founded by Jay Bibby on April 19th 2003[1]. It started out as a personal blog, with a post every two days. Later, the site began to focus on flash games and other video games, with a particular focus on certain genres of games. It also began giving games a rating according to objectionable content.

Currently, Jay is Games has two different sections for its reviews – the Weekday Escape and the You are Games section. The former was created to allow commentors to interact with the site outside of playing games, and usually had a theme that would be followed by all games submitted for review. The latter is a section for games that have a particular type of gameplay, such as room escape games or point and click games.[10]

The site is also known for its game design competitions. As of September 2012, ten contests had been held. Some of these competitions had themes that the games could be based on, and some had cash prizes for winners.

In addition to the contests, Jay is Games hosts a variety of other events on the website. One is called the Link Dump Friday, where the website shares news about new flash games or other download games. Another is called the Best of [year]. This event is typically held around January of each year, and it is divided into categories that are based on genres of games.

Other events on the website include game giveaways. These events are usually hosted by the developers of a game, and they offer prizes to anyone who plays the game on the website. The giveaways are designed to encourage people to play the games on the site, which helps the developers gain visibility. In addition, the giveaways can also encourage people to subscribe to the site’s newsletter and follow the website on social media.


Jay is Games is a website that reviews video games, with a large focus on flash games. It was founded on April 19th, 2003 by Jay Bibby,[1] and started out as a personal blog, where Jay shared what was on his mind and wrote about video game related topics. Initially, it covered all genres of games, but over time, it became more focused on Flash games.

The site features articles about various video games and discusses the gamer community. It also has a forum where users can discuss their favorite games and meet other gamers. Its content is updated on a daily basis, and it is an excellent resource for video game lovers.

One notable function of the site is its rating system, which uses small coloured faces to indicate what type of offensive content a game has. There are four ratings: a green face (for games without any offensive content), a yellow face (for games with minor offensive content), a red face (for games with intense violence and constant use of foul language) and a XP face (for adult situations).[11]

Aside from the rating system, Jay is Games has a number of other features that make it stand out from other video game review sites. For example, it offers a weekly Link Dump Friday section, where it shares news about new flash or browser games. In addition, it hosts a contest on Mondays where commentors can submit their favorite online games and win prizes, including six month Incredibots supporter memberships.

Each year, Jay is Games holds a contest called the Best of [year]. The top five games in each category are shown in the results section, with the first game earning the award for that category. This is a different format than in previous years, where the staff at Jay is Games selected which game they thought should win. This year, Final Ninja won the platform category, beating out Tri-Achnid and Scribble. Neither of these games were rated by the staff as the best platform game of 2008, but they received more votes than other games in that category.


Jay is Games We Do Online and Mobile game reviews

Jay is Games is a website that features video game reviews and discussion. The site has several forums where commentors can discuss the games, and also participate in competitions. For example, in 2010, the site held a contest where commentors were asked to make a level using the level editor of Fantastic Contraption Prius Edition. The winner would receive six months of Incredibots Supporter membership.

The forum also has a section dedicated to flash and browser-based games. The Mobile Monday and Vault Tuesday sections feature news about mobile games. The site’s main author, Jay Bibby, has been writing for the site since its beginning in 2003. The site has changed its structure over time, but it still features a large number of games from many genres.

A notable function of the site is its content ratings, which are indicated by a small coloured face at the top-right of reviews. There are four ratings, ranging from a 😀 face (a green rating, for games that contain no offensive content), to a :O face (a yellow rating, for games that have some offensive content).

The :S face is used for games that include offensive language or adult situations. This category is used to compare the rating of games with other video game ratings. This comparison is useful to players, as it allows them to choose games that they are not likely to find offensive. The site’s content ratings do not specify why a game received its rating, which can confuse some people.[12]

Final Ninja was chosen as the best platformer of 2008. The site’s selection process is based on the fact that the game has a high quality graphics, exciting gameplay, and an immersive soundtrack. The game has a lot of replay value and is suitable for gamers of all skill levels. In addition, the game is free to play. Its only downside is that the game can be confusing at times. It also requires a good internet connection. The game is not suitable for children, but is a great choice for adults. Unlike other games, Final Ninja does not offer an easy way to quit or save a progress. [13]

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