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    Free Websites Hosting

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    Choosing Free Websites Hosting

    There are many free websites hosting services available on the Internet, but one of the best is WordPress.[1]This blogging platform was developed in 2005 by Automatics, Inc. It features an easy-to-use interface and free hosting plans. It also allows you to use Word Ads and affiliate links, and there is no time limit on your free account.

    At space

    Free Websites Hosting
    Free Websites Hosting

    At space offers free websites hosting in one of three plans: one month, three months, and six months. The first month is free, and the following month costs two dollars. [2]There is also a two-year plan available, but you can only use it for the first term. This plan offers limited support and uses the Zacky website builder and app installer.

    The free tier comes with a single email address, a 20MB MySQL database, and a thousand MB of storage. There is no website builder, but there are automatic WordPress and Joomla installers. Both free packages are compatible with up-to-date MySQL and PHP, and there is no SSL. [3]The only downside is that the site will automatically be deleted after two weeks if it is not used. Other features include unlimited bandwidth, drag-and-drop site building, a Joomla or WordPress installer, and live chat.

    Atspace has been offering free websites hosting since 2003. They have similar cPanel features to AwardSpace, but their plans are slightly different. For instance, Atspace offers additional software packages and a free Word Press installer. If you’re a beginner, the free plan is best for learning how to build a website. Make sure to back up your website regularly! This will save you a lot of trouble.


    Strikingly is a free websites hosting service that features a responsive design, which means your website will look great on any device. This platform is also mobile friendly, which is great for those who want to use their site on the go. They allow you to easily create touch-friendly menus that automatically jump between different sections and are very easy to navigate.[4] You can also add an RSS feed to make it easier for people to follow your updates. There are some limitations to Strikingly, however, including a lack of a “click-to-call” feature and a lack of direct emailing.

    Unlike Squarespace, Strikingly allows you to add custom CSS, HTML, and JS to your website. You can even include a custom embed in the header or footer to add your own custom content. It’s an excellent alternative to Squarespace because it has a free plan that never expires and three premium tiers.

    Strikingly is a great choice for people who are new to building their own websites and want to save money. It’s easy to use and provides a good starting point for beginners. While there aren’t many advanced features, it is perfect for a one-page, low-traffic website. [5]If you want to have a more complex website, it’s best to move on to a higher-end hosting service.

    Strikingly offers paid plans as well. The Strikingly Limited plan is billed monthly or annually and includes a free domain name. Users can also transfer their existing domain name to their new website. They also allow users to sell up to five products on their sites. They also allow subscribers to create as many as two Limited sites, although they can only host up to two on each plan.

    Freeh ostia

    Free Websites Hosting
    Free Websites Hosting

    Freehostia’s free website hosting plan offers a generous amount of disk space and bandwidth. It also comes with three email accounts and PHP and MySQL compatibility. [6]The site’s uptime is guaranteed at 99.9% and the company commits to offering 24 hours of customer support. Freehostia’s also offers a large knowledge base and video tutorials.

    Freehostia offers a variety of different hosting plans, including one-click CMS installation, 250MB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. They also offer 24/7 customer support, ad-free websites, and cluster-based hosting that operates like cloud hosting. The company is committed to promoting above-average performance and reliability, and its servers are monitored around the clock and automatically patched for improvements. The company also offers free domain registration.

    Freehostia’s paid plans also come with a 30-day free trial, and all of them offer high-quality, high-end web hosting.[7] As for its customer support, there are mixed reviews. Some customers have complained about downtime and buggy servers. However, the company is committed to listening to feedback and improving their service.

    In addition to free websites hosting, Freehostia’s offers many paid-for features, including a free self-signed SSL certificate. Users can also install WordPress on their site with the help of their one-click auto installer. [7]Moreover, the site’s FTP (file transfer protocol) connectivity allows for easy file management. Users can connect remotely using any FTP client.

    Although Freehostia offers free website hosting, it does not offer unlimited disk space. Moreover, users are limited to 250MB per month. If they run out of space, they can upgrade to a paid hosting plan, if they wish.


    FreeHostingEU is a web hosting provider based in the European Union. It offers free websites hosting, an ad-free environment, and a free domain name. The company also offers paid plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The free package comes with 200 MB of web space and five short domains. It also provides easy site building tools and a simple control panel.

    FreeHostingEU does come with some restrictions. [8]The first one is the space available for images and archives. FreeHostingEU only allows you to upload ten megabytes of images and 20 MB of archives. Another restriction is that you can’t use a custom domain unless you have a paid plan.

    FreeHostingEU is a web host that uses cluster-based technology to offer free website hosting. This means that you’ll have more space on a shared server than with a single server. There are several packages available, including one that allows you to host unlimited domains, including e-commerce sites. Moreover, the zero-risk free plan comes with a free EU domain name.

    Another free website hosting service is Neocities. [9]This provider is a great choice if you’re looking for a site without ads. Neocities’ infrastructure is comparable to that of a paid service, with 11 datacenters around the world. Furthermore, Neocities enforces strong SSL protection for all websites. In addition, the company is backed up by donations and user support.


    Free Websites Hosting
    Free Websites Hosting

    YunoHost is a free website hosting service that is available to anyone. You can also add your own domain to the free domain and use YunoHost to host it. In order to add your own domain to YunoHost, you will need to set up DNS zone records. You can find the needed records under the “DNS configuration” option.

    To install YunoHost, you can use the YunoHost ISO image, which can be made bootable using a USB drive or SD card.[10] Simply follow the prompts and YunoHost will begin the base installation. You will be asked to choose a language and location. If your server has DHCP enabled, YunoHost will set it up automatically.

    If you want to install applications or configure services on your YunoHost server, you will have to access the YunoHost web dashboard. This will allow you to manage users and domains and monitor system activities. It will also let you backup your data and manage your web applications. You can also connect to the server using SSH. However, you will need to be a normal user in order to access root access.

    If you’re running your own server, it is a good idea to back up your data regularly. YunoHost provides backup features that will protect your site in the event of a server failure. In addition, make sure to keep an eye on the latest security recommendations and news.

    Websites Hosting

    The first thing to note when choosing free websites hosting is the monthly quota. Free hosting services usually have monthly limits, and if you exceed them, you may be required to pay. [11]If you exceed these limits, you should check with the hosting provider and decide whether it’s worth it to use their services.

    Free website builders

    Free Websites Hosting
    Free Websites Hosting

    If you’re looking to create a website without having to hire a developer, free website builders are a good option. [12]You can also use drag and drop builders to create your site without having any experience in web design. However, these websites have a small learning curve and they typically don’t include ecommerce functionality. The drawbacks of these free websites include limited SEO functionality and a 15 page limit.

    Wix is a popular website builder that costs nothing to use. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly create and edit your site. Wix also offers professional-looking templates and a free, unlimited amount of web space.[13] A premium plan is also available, but you won’t be able to change the template once your site goes live. A premium plan can start at $16 a month, billed annually.

    WebsiteBuilder has over 1,000 unique design styles. You can choose a style that works best for your style and budget. You can also choose an eCommerce option for your website. Using a free website builder can be a great option for a first-time website. However, if you want to make sure your website is optimized for Google, you should consider a paid plan.

    Security is another crucial consideration. [14]Websites should be secure and load quickly. Fast page loading time will boost customer experience, conversions, and revenue. In fact, a website that loads within a second has a five times higher conversion rate. Using a content delivery network to increase page speed is a great way to achieve this. This allows users to access heavy static content from a server that’s physically closer to their computer.

    Easy setup

    If you have a limited budget but want to test out a website, free websites hosting is a great option. These websites typically come with a Softaculous Script Installer that will setup WordPress for you.[15] However, these free websites will come with ads in the cPanel and a limit of 50,000 hits per day.

    Another thing to keep in mind with free websites hosting is that the performance is inferior to paid hosting. The security is also questionable and the customer support is often limited. As a result, you are typically on your own if your website becomes corrupted or you experience any problems with it. This means you can’t be sure how secure your website is, so backups are important.


    A free website hosting service may not offer privacy protection. However, there are ways to protect yourself. One way is to use domain privacy protection, which replaces your personal details with the service provider. This will prevent malicious parties from viewing your information. [16]An anonymous website hosting service will also allow you to select a domain name without revealing your contact information. This can be useful if you are worried about copyright infringement.

    Another method of protecting your privacy is to delete your website and any personal data it has gathered. Many free website hosting services don’t back up data regularly or offer a way to recover data. [17]These companies make money by selling the content you post on their servers, which is why they intentionally make it difficult to remove your website.


    Free Websites Hosting
    Free Websites Hosting

    The security of free websites hosting can be compromised by malicious software. Malware is software that is designed to invade a device and steal or damage data. It can also spy on a user’s online activity. [18]As a result, it’s crucial to choose a web host that offers security measures to keep your website safe.

    The most common type of hacking attack is a brute force attack, which makes it easier for an attacker to get into your account. However, even if your website uses strong security measures, it’s still vulnerable to attacks. A compromised website could expose the entire server to an attack. In addition, subpar encryption and weak coding standards can leave your website vulnerable to hackers.

    While a free website hosting service may be tempting, it’s better to spend a little extra money for a better security plan. [19]For instance, you can use an operating system designed for Linux or Windows that has firewall and encryption. These operating systems protect your data from intruders by requiring password entry.

    In addition to these two aspects, you should also look for a hosting provider that provides advanced security features, like free SSL certificates and automatic backups. These measures will help you secure your website against attacks and keep it running smoothly. These hosting providers also provide DDoS protection and other security tools, which can protect your customer information.

    24/7 customer support

    You can easily find hosting providers who claim to provide 24/7 customer support, but that doesn’t always mean they provide it. Many times, you’ll have to wait hours or even days before someone will respond to your issue.[20] This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know what you need. You should also be wary of companies that don’t disclose their support levels upfront.

    Customer support is a crucial part of any service or product. You should be able to get help immediately if you’re having a problem, but if you have to wait for hours for a representative, that’s not going to be very effective. For this reason, you should look for a host that provides customer support that’s available 24 hours a day. If you don’t, you’ll likely have to call several different companies until you reach someone who can help you.

    Live chat support is an increasingly popular option for website owners. The live chat button will open a pop-up window where you can talk to a representative directly. While these support methods are not perfect, they’re better than nothing. If you’re looking for a free hosting service with 24/7 customer support, a live chat option may be the way to go.


    Free websites hosting services are great for getting started online, but there are some limitations that you should be aware of. For one, most free sites come with advertisements. These advertisements can slow your site down and can ruin the user experience for some users. In addition, they can cause you to lose traffic and your SEO ranking.

    Another limitation is that the free websites hosting services are not always as high-quality as their premium counterparts. Free hosting companies are unlikely to have decent servers and you can expect a lot of downtime. Also, they will not be able to provide top-quality customer service, and you won’t get the advanced features that you need to succeed online.

    In addition, free websites hosting services have limited bandwidth and disk space. Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can transfer. The higher the bandwidth, the faster your site will load. But if you exceed your bandwidth limit, the free website hosting service will automatically shut down your website. You’ll have to pay extra to extend the bandwidth or data transfer rate.

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