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Interior Design in Las Vegas – Easy 2023 Guide

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Interior Design in Las Vegas

Interior design in Las Vegas is often about creating comfortable living spaces that truly represent the homeowner’s style. Whether that means a traditional look or something more modern, designers don’t expect their work to rival Vegas’s palace-like hotels — but they do know how to make a space feel like home.[1]

Statement of Style

Interior Design in Las Vegas

Creating a space with a purpose is key to achieving a successful interior design, and one way to do this is by defining your own Style Statement. A two-word compass, it can help you make decisions in your personal and professional life that are true to who you are.

Another option is to hire an experienced Las Vegas interior designer who can curate a beautiful home for you that suits your lifestyle and taste. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen or create a luxurious master suite, there are plenty of top-rated interior designers to choose from in the city.[2]

In addition to designing spaces that look and feel great, these professionals also focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This is especially important in luxury homes, where materials like cruelty-free upholstery and wood that’s sustainable can be used to achieve an elegant aesthetic without appearing unnatural.

Located in Las Vegas, Room Resolutions is a mother-daughter duo that works cohesively to bring out a client’s vision for their spaces. They source inspiration and decor from around the world, and their design process is fluid and flexible. The firm offers various services, including staging, design consultations, Room Rescue Blueprints for DIY projects, and full-service designs.

Tara Dudley Interiors

Tara Dudley Interiors is an interior design boutique that has been in business for more than 20 years and is known throughout Las Vegas for its sophisticated and colorful designs as well as comfortable living spaces. The firm provides turnkey design services as well as a la carte design offerings such as space planning, kitchen and bath design, flooring selection, paint and wall covering selection, ceiling design, lighting, material selection, window treatments, and art and accessories.

The firm is also known for its one-of-a-kind Full Service Home Staging Studio which helps owners of upscale residential properties stage vacant homes into ready for sale. They use the latest technologies and design solutions to ensure that each home is as appealing as possible for buyers.[3]

A professor at the University of Texas at Austin, she teaches courses on architectural history and interior design history. Her scholarship focuses on the contributions of African American builders and architects to the US South during the antebellum and Reconstruction eras.

She is the author of Building Antebellum New Orleans: Free People of Color and Their Influence (University of Texas Press, 2021), which won a Prose Award in Architecture & Urban Planning from the Association of American Publishers. Her current research project examines the construction of The University of Texas at Austin campus in the Reconstruction era and how legacies of slavery are visible in its buildings. She is partnering with the Neill-Cochran House Museum to develop interpretive programming around the only intact slave quarters building in Austin that is still standing.

YWS Design & Architecture

Interior Design in Las Vegas

YWS Design & Architecture is a Las Vegas-based firm that specializes in interior design. The company offers turnkey design services as well as a la carte design options for a variety of spaces, including dining rooms and living areas.

The YWS team understands the leisure industry and is dedicated to creating environments that evoke memorable experiences. It combines deep consumer insights with brand development and visioning to design covet-worthy environments that delight consumers and bring client brands to life.[4]

For the team, collaboration is everything. YWS is proud to have worked with top-tier clients such as Crown Resorts Limited, Wynn Resorts and Hakkasan to build world-class luxury properties.

Their most recent project was a five-level entertainment space at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. They transformed the former Studio 54 club into Hakkasan Las Vegas, a multiuse entertainment destination that includes modern Cantonese cuisine, top-shelf mixology, and celebrity DJs.

The team opted for a unique entryway, which consisted of two large winged stainless steel elements that were engineered and fabricated by Zahner. They were designed to be integrated into the building’s curved façade and to create a subtle, yet striking difference. The east wing was finished with a brushed stainless steel surface and the west wing featured a copper hue.

Ken Wolfson Interior Design

The Ken Wolfson Interior Design company is one of the leading Las Vegas NV interior designers and home decor planners. This firm provides high-end services for residential and commercial clients.

The firm specializes in modern and eclectic designs that are unique and stylish. They provide custom furniture, lighting, window treatments, and artwork for each project.

This firm has a team of designers that are experts in their field and work closely with clients. They also have a portfolio of past projects to show off.

Their work is known for its bold colors and bold styles that are perfect for any home. They have an extensive portfolio and can create any kind of space that you want for your home.[5]

They are also a vetted contractor which means that they can get the job done right the first time. Their prices are also competitive and they offer an excellent customer service experience.

They offer space planning, selection of art and materials, accessorizing, installation, supervision of subcontractors, and carpentry. Their client-centric approach makes them stand out among other Las Vegas interior designers. They are also known for their handcrafted furnishings and mirrors. They have been in business for over 20 years and are a great choice for any home owner.

KGA Architecture

Interior Design in Las Vegas

KGA Architecture is a well-respected design firm that offers a range of services. Its team of professionals is highly skilled and can tackle any type of commercial project.

The company has built its reputation on delivering exceptional architectural designs that are tailored to the client’s needs and visions. Whether it’s a small residential remodel or a multimillion-dollar casino resort, it knows that each client deserves to see their dream become a reality.

Its team of professionals understands that each space is unique and has its own story to tell, and they strive to create a design that’s true to the client’s vision while also being sustainable. Shown below is a project that illustrates the firm’s ability to deliver a high-quality and functional space at any scale.

This firm is a full-service architectural and interior design firm that works on commercial, higher education, hospitality, and luxury projects. Its design and planning services are complemented by their sustainability work and landscape architecture.

The company has a strong presence in the Vegas area and serves clients from across the country. It has won several accolades for its work and is proud of its reputation as one of the best architecture firms in Nevada.[6]

Fabiola Avelino Interiors

Fabiola Avelino is an upmarket interior designer with an extensive portfolio of high-end residential and hospitality projects. Her signature style was quickly recognized and her work has been featured in local and international publications.

Located in Las Vegas, Fabiola’s bi-equatorial design style embodies a distinctive approach to modern luxury, and her intuitive creativity and personalized attention make her a top choice among clients. She begins every project by assessing her client’s individual tastes, channeling their basic visual preferences into an integrated and bespoke design scheme.

Her award-winning designs are inspired by a variety of styles, combining contemporary and classic, bold and subdued, to achieve a distinctly personal look that is unique and timeless. Her efficient communication keeps her clients up-to-date throughout the entire design process.

Using the best of what the industry has to offer, Fabiola has cultivated a strong clientele that ranges from local and national developers and homebuilders, to high-end private homeowners. Her impressive credentials are rounded out by a plethora of services outside of the realm of architecture, including custom painting and lighting design. Fabiola Avelino Interiors is one of the most creative and interesting firms in the field, and her talents are evident throughout her portfolio.

Featured Interiors

Interior Design in Las Vegas

Featured Interiors serves the Las Vegas community with a variety of design services, including staging, turnkey designs, fabric selection, shopping service, community design, and artwork and accessories. The company also offers graphic design services.

Known for her attention to detail, Fabiola Avelino of Fabiola Avelino Interiors works closely with clients to understand their lifestyle and create spaces that are comfortable and beautiful. The firm provides turnkey residential design solutions and affordable pricing.[7]

One of her designs is a lounge at Excalibur Casino that has an interesting rug that delimits the space and matches the colors and aesthetics of the chandeliers. This rug is a great example of how attention to detail can really make a difference in your design.

Another Fabiola Avelino Interiors design is a reading corner in the MGM Mansion that features an amazing rug that matches the color and aesthetics of the chairs and sofas on the floor. It gives the design a sense of continuity, and it is definitely a unique way to do a rug.

Cary Vogel first started his interior design business in New York, but he moved to Vegas in 1988 and has since become a fixture of the local market. He has a wide range of design skills, and his work is often eye-popping. He has a number of high-end clients, and his firm is known for working on oversized custom homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods.

Interior Design in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for big hotels and entertainment but it is also home to a lot of incredible interior designers. These designers can create amazing designs that will showcase what a luxury home should look like.

Thomas is an interior designer whose work can be seen throughout Vegas. He has designed the Vegas mansion and New York pied-a-terre of casino mogul Steve Wynn.[8]

Statement of Style

Interior design in Las Vegas is a special art form that has earned the city a reputation for its eye-popping creations. Unlike most designers, Vegas’s high-rolling clients don’t set budgets for their projects; they rather shoot for timeless elegance or desert tranquility, and they’re free to use their imaginations.

Designers work to keep things simple and functional while focusing on a client’s individual style. They create spaces that feel comfortable, and they know how to select the right furniture and accessories for each room.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or just want to make it more appealing, having the right interior decor is key to getting your house ready for the market. By utilizing elements like natural colors, textures and patterns, a well-designed space will help attract buyers and increase the value of your property.

Statement of Style offers interior design services for residential and commercial spaces. Their design team can handle everything from space planning and art selection to outdoor spaces, material selection, and custom furnishings.

Their portfolio includes a variety of styles and budgets, and they’re happy to meet with clients in person or by phone. They also have a showroom that showcases their latest designs and products.

Elizabeth Stefanich is an expert in modern luxury interiors. She works with a diverse range of clients and has worked in both California and Nevada. She’s a certified master of her craft, and she promises that every project will be on time and within budget.

Tara Dudley Interiors

Interior Design in Las Vegas

Tara Dudley Interiors is a Las Vegas-based luxury residential interior design firm that is known for their comfortable and sophisticated designs. They offer a variety of services including space planning, lighting, flooring, paint and wall covering selection, ceiling design, furniture, and window treatments.

The firm is also well known for its innovative designs that are sure to impress. They have worked on projects for CEOs, foreign ambassadors, sports stars, and others who appreciate unique design elements.

They are also known for providing excellent customer service and delivering high-quality results. They have a team of highly trained professionals who will guide you through the process and provide expert advice.[9]

Their website is easy to navigate and offers many features, such as a project estimate, FAQs, contact forms, and an interactive design gallery. The site also includes a blog with articles about interior design, decorating trends, and more.

They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients. They are a multi-award winning firm that is known for their sophisticated and colorful designs, as well as comfortable living spaces. They have a team of experts that can work with you to create an amazing space within your budget. Their services include space planning, lighting, flooring, paint and wallpaper selection, furniture, window treatments, and art and accessories. They are also able to assist with budgeting and drawings.

YWS Design & Architecture

YWS Design & Architecture provides services of interior design and architecture throughout Las Vegas. The firm creates mostly commercial projects, focused on dining and hospitality. They work with clients from concept and design through construction, operations consulting, and brand exploration.

Founded in Las Vegas, YWS Design & Architecture is a leader in the global leisure design industry. Its deep expertise in hospitality, gaming, retail, dining, and entertainment environments makes it well-positioned to understand how people want to enjoy their leisure time.

As leisure design experts, YWS knows how to craft casino floors that flow with optimal efficiency and conceive a layout that creates energy and an enduring vibe. Its team is dedicated to building a collaborative relationship with clients to make their visions come to life.

With its team of international designers, YWS takes the lead in grounding every project in deep consumer and market insights, brand development, and visioning to create covet-worthy environments that delight consumers and bring client brands to life.

For Dream Las Vegas, YWS developed a 525-luxury guestroom hotel tower perched over three sprawling levels of dynamic gaming, dining, and nightlife venues. These stacked layers shift and undulate vertically to break down the large scale of the building, offering sculptural drama and a one-of-a-kind roof venue with new and dramatic views of the desert landscape beyond.[10]

YWS also designed the northeast side entry at the casino, which features two large winged stainless steel elements. The east wing is finished with a brushed stainless steel surface, while the west wing is coated with PVD-coated stainless steel panels for a copper hue.

Fabiola Avelino Interiors

Las Vegas is a great place to live and enjoy the finer things in life, and it’s no surprise that there are many talented interior designers in the city. One of the top designers in this field is Fabiola Avelino, who specializes in luxury residential design.

Known for her innovative style, she is best known for creating unique and tailored designs that incorporate the client’s tastes. She uses a multifaceted approach to deliver the perfect outcome, from a thoughtfully organized process to efficient communication that keeps the client informed.

The best part about working with Fabiola is her attention to detail and high standards of excellence. Her clients are treated to an aesthetically pleasing experience from start to finish, making her one of the premier luxury residential interior designers in Nevada.

If you’re considering hiring an interior designer to spruce up your home, you’ll want to make sure that they can get the job done on time and within budget. Fortunately, you can easily find the best designers in town by looking for a few key traits. First, you’ll need to know what kind of design you want. You can also learn about your budget and lifestyle to determine which designers will work for you best. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, be sure to ask about their portfolio of work before you sign a contract. You may be surprised by how much creativity and attention to detail can go into creating a gorgeous space.[11]

Featured Interiors

Interior Design in Las Vegas

Vegas is a famous desert city that hosts millions of visitors each year. It is also home to many famous hotels and casinos. Its architecture is a fascinating mix of styles and trends, ranging from casual Western themes to whimsical fantasies and decadent architectural designs.

Featured Interiors is a local Las Vegas design company that provides residential and commercial interior design services. The company offers a range of services, including consultations, estimates, design proposals, cost-efficient budget analysis, and more.

Elizabeth Stefanich, founder of Featured Interiors, has an extensive portfolio and is well known for her creativity and expertise in interior design. She has been involved in many design projects, including residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

She is also a member of the Nevada State Board of Architects and Interior Designers. She has been featured in several publications, and her work has received awards.

Abelman has designed many luxury homes in Las Vegas. She is especially skilled at creating a sense of home in a large space. One of her biggest projects was a three-story “Sky Suite” for a $4.5M property that had floor-to-ceiling windows and a colossal terrace.

Another project, a contemporary living room remodel for Midwest clients, incorporated American walnut flooring and beams. She incorporated the owners’ favorite colors into her scheme and chose artwork and wall coverings to complement their taste.

The best part about this interior decorator is her love for detail, and she has a knack for choosing the right textures and patterns to match the client’s style. She also has a great knowledge of lighting and fabrics.

WHL Design Group

WHL Design Group provides interior design services for office, hotel, and residential spaces. It also works with clients on commercial projects, including restaurants and retail stores. Its team of designers uses fresh concepts to suit its clients’ needs and budgets.[12]

Jill Abelman spent 20 years working for other design firms before she decided to open her own in 2004. She and husband Marc founded Inside Style, and since then, she’s built up a reputation that few in the high-stakes field of interior design know.

She supplies what she calls “turn key” services for luxury homes and second homes out of state. Her designs have been featured on Martha Stewart and in Luxury Las Vegas.

The firm has a wide range of design options, including Designer on a Mission, Design to Fit, Retail Therapy, and Mini Consultation. The company’s portfolio includes projects from high-end clients like CEOs and celebrities.

Another firm that focuses on what the client wants is Design Source Interiors. The group is well-known for its space planning, design, and accessorizing services. It’s known for being client-centric and creating handcrafted, custom furniture and mirrors.

YWS Design & Architecture provides interior design and architecture for Las Vegas-area clients. Its services include space planning, kitchen and bath design, flooring selection, paint and wall covering selection, ceiling design, lighting, material selection, window treatments, and art and accessories.

Fabiola Avelino is a Las Vegas-based designer who’s known for her immaculate attention to detail. She’s worked on a wide range of project types, from small, affordable spaces to luxurious, custom-built homes. She’s been quoted in various interior design features and has won several awards. [13]

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