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What is the Best Wood for Smoking Brisket?

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket.Brisket is a tough cut of meat. That’s why a lot of competition teams inject it with a special internal marinade to make it more tender.[1]

But cooking brisket properly takes time. Cooking time depends on many factors, including humidity, ambient air temp, wind, and grade of meat.

Camerons Oak Wood Chunks

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket
Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

When it comes to smoking brisket, you’ll want wood that is strong and burns quickly. This helps the meat cook quickly, while also giving it a flavor and smokiness that’s similar to oak or hickory. But different types of woods burn differently and produce smoke with differing degrees of sweet, so you’ll need to decide what kind works best for your particular grilling style. For example, pecan is a popular mild wood that produces subtle, fruity smoke that’s great for shorter cooks like fish and poultry. It’s also a great option for smokers who want to add a unique twist to their barbecue recipes.[2]

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket
Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

In the world of smoked meats, it’s hard to top Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips. These big lumps of white oak produce a sweet, bourbon-like smoke that makes your food taste like it has been cooked over a charred wood fire. Luckily, they burn very clean, and can be used on both charcoal and gas grills. These chips also make a good addition to a smoker box, because you can adjust the temperature and control how quickly they burn and release their smoky goodness. They also make a great gift for barbecue enthusiasts. But you’ll need to buy them online to get the best price.[3]

Weber Mesquite Wood Chunks

One of the best ways to get a good smoke flavor is by using wood chunks or chips. There are a number of different types to choose from, all of which burn differently. Knowing how fast and slow a certain type of wood will burn can be very helpful in determining the best smoke for your meat.[4]

Mesquite is one of the most common woods in Texas, and it’s a great choice for smoking brisket since it will produce lots of smoke and a deep, savory flavor. It’s also popular for using as coals in a smoker because it burns hot and fast and doesn’t require much preparation.

You can find mesquite wood chunks at your local hardware store or online. The key is to find bags of chunks filled with big lumps, about the size of your fist. You should also look for chunks that have real wood grain. Some brands will try to sell you hardwood charcoal made from scraps of wood flooring or other building construction bits and pieces, but these aren’t the same quality as a chunk.

Hickory is another popular wood that’s great for brisket because it will burn long and produce lots of smokiness. Hickory also has a strong flavor that pairs well with meats like pork and beef.[5]

Maple, pecan, and fruit are other mild woods that are great for smoked meats and vegetables. These woods don’t burn as long as oak or hickory, but they will still produce a delicate, sweet smoke that’s perfect for shorter cooks. You can find maple, pecan, and fruit wood chunks at your local hardware store or on the internet. The key is to find woods that have real wood grain.[6]

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

When it comes to smoking meat, there are few things more rewarding than a tender and juicy brisket. But, it is also a challenging cut of meat that takes a lot of time and dedication to master.[7]

A good smoke will tenderize this tough muscle, break down that tight connective tissue and seal in all the rich beefy flavor you love. To get the best smoked brisket, it is important to choose a smoker that will slow cook this cut at the right temperature.[8]

Benefits of Flavoring With Wood Smoke

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket
Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

Smoking brisket is a great way to add a smoky flavor to your food. It can also help make your meat more tender and juicy. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when smoking brisket.

First, you need to select the right wood. There are many types of woods to choose from, and each type will bring a different flavor to your smoked meat.[9]

Another important factor is the temperature. Getting the right temperature will ensure that your brisket bark forms properly and doesn’t burn unevenly or to a crisp.

The best temperature for smoking brisket is 225 degrees F. This temperature will allow the smoke to wrap around the brisket and form that beautiful peppery bark.

Additionally, this temperature is also low enough to break down the connective tissue throughout the brisket. This will help it to cook more slowly, resulting in a softer, more tender piece of smoked meat.[10]

Once your brisket has reached the desired internal temperature of 200-210 degrees F, remove it from the smoker and wrap it tightly in butcher paper or foil. This will prevent the bark from steaming and making the meat mushy or soggy when unwrapped. This will also cut down on the time needed to cook your brisket.[11]

7 Best Woods for Smoking Brisket

Best Wood For Smoking Brisket
Best Wood For Smoking Brisket

A brisket is one of the most difficult cuts of meat to smoke, and it’s usually a task best left to the professionals. But it’s also one of the most rewarding when it’s done right. The key is selecting a high-quality cut and applying the proper rub, and then allowing it to mellow in the smoker for a minimum of 10 hours.[12]

There are many methods to achieve the desired outcome, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need to put in the time and effort, and perhaps the help of a professional. The key is to use the right wood, and a good dry rub is a must, especially if you’re going to be smoking a large piece of meat like a brisket.

Spritzing a brisket with a bottle of the good stuff can make a huge difference in the taste and texture of your meat, so take your time and experiment. You might even come up with your own little secret. After all, a moist brisket is a mouthwatering feast for your taste buds and you’ll have the best smoked meat in town to boot.[13]


Hickory smoke is one of the best woods for smoking brisket, and the flavoring it gives to the meat is amazing. It is a smoky, salty, spicy and earthy flavor that you will love.

I use it for many things, but when I am smoking a brisket, I like to add a TQ (sodium nitrate) cure to give them a slightly hammy flavor and texture. It helps to make the ring pop out of the meat and it also helps to keep them tender and juicy.[14]

You can do this with chicken and turkey legs as well, just read the labels. They will have sodium nitrate/nitrite listed.

I have also used TQ in sausages and it does work, just be sure to keep it at a lower concentration than what you would use on brisket. You can also leave it on for up to a week or so and then season it as usual.[15]


Cherry wood is a great option for smoking your brisket. This popular wood has a very sweet smell and an amazing smoke ring that adds a lot of flavor to your meat.[16]

It is also very easy to cook your brisket with cherry smoke. It is one of the best woods for smoking a brisket as it produces lots of smoke and maintains the temperature of your smoker well.

To make cherry smoke, add a couple of chunks of wood to the smoker, preferably cherry wood. The cherry wood will add a lot of flavor to your brisket and the smoked meat will be tender.

You can also use a combination of cherry smoke and apple smoke for a more subtle smoky flavor. However, it is important to choose the right type of smoke for the type of wood you are using.[17]

Another benefit of cherry smoke is that it helps to develop a rich bark on your brisket. The smoky bark on your brisket will become darker and more complex as the brisket cooks.

If you want to build a sweeter bark, you can spritz it with fruit juice. You can also use cider vinegar to add tangy flavor and complexity to your brisket.[18]

If you want to add a little bit of heat, you can also spritz your brisket with hot sauce. The heat from the sauce will accentuate the smoky taste of your brisket. You can use a more watery hot sauce such as Cholula or a thicker sauce if you prefer more heat.

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