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    Best RV Sewage Hose Of 2023

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    Find Best RV Sewage Hose Options

    Best RV Sewage Hose , RVs come equipped with a fresh water hose, but many people need an extension to drain their black and gray tanks.[1]These best rv sewer hose options are durable, easy to use, and come in several sizes.

    Durability is especially important since these hoses are outside in the sun all day. A few extra dollars spent on a durable model can save you in the long run.

    What to Look for in an RV Sewer Hose?

    Best RV Sewage Hose

    A good RV sewer hose should be durable. After all, nobody wants to find that their hose is ruptured or full of smelly waste when they are ready to dump. Spending a little more upfront to get a hose that will last longer could end up saving you money in the long run.[2]

    Look for a hose that is made from a tough material like rubber. This is important because it will help to resist punctures and abrasions. It should also be resistant to UV rays, which can degrade plastics over time. If you are planning on leaving your hose outside for a while, this is especially important.

    Another important feature to look for in an RV sewer hose is its flexibility. If you are using a hose that is too stiff, it can be difficult to maneuver and can cause problems when emptying your waste tank. A hose with some flexibility will be easier to use and will also help to reduce the chances of leaks.

    Depending on the length of your RV, you may need an extension for your sewer hose.[3] This is especially true if the dump station is far away from your camper. You want to be able to reach the dump station without having to leave your vehicle and without having to walk too far.

    This kit comes with two 10-foot hoses that are made of heavy duty 18mil HTS vinyl. They also have swivel fitting connectors that are easy to connect to the RV’s waste valve and are easy to use. The hoses are also compression rated, so they will fit snugly in the standard 4-in-1 adapter on your RV’s waste tank. The kit includes a clear elbow so you can see when the tank is fully emptied.

    Ease of Use

    When dumping your RV’s waste tanks, it is important to be able to connect and disconnect quickly. An RV sewer hose that is easy to use will allow you to save time and frustration while dumping your tanks. [4]A quality hose with a quick release valve and swivel fittings will make this process easy and fast.

    A good RV sewer hose should also be durable. This is especially important if you plan on using your hose for extended trips. A hose that is durable will last longer and be less likely to break or leak due to regular use. A hose that is UV resistant can also help protect the hose from damage caused by sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

    Depending on how often you use your hose and where you park, you may want to consider getting a sewer hose extension. A sewer hose extension will allow you to reach your RV’s waste tank even if it is located far from the campground’s sewer drain. This can save you a lot of time when dumping your waste tanks and is well worth the investment.[5]

    Some RVers like to keep their hoses in place when they are not in use. For this, a camper sewer support is the perfect solution. This will keep your hose in a safe position where it won’t get damaged, punctured, or caught under other items in the RV. A high-quality RV sewer hose support will be made from durable plastic and have a convenient handle that makes it easy to carry. The hose supports also have deep cradles to hold your hose in place without the need for straps. The cradles will also prevent the hose from contracting and causing the fittings to clog.


    Best RV Sewage Hose

    Depending on how much you travel, it may be necessary to have an RV sewer hose that is easily portable and convenient for storage.[6] Most campers have a space for an RV sewer hose in their bumper, but if you upgrade to a longer hose or a hose with larger fittings, they aren’t as easy to fit in that location.

    For this reason, an RV sewer hose support is essential to make transporting your RV sewer hose easier. It helps keep the hose in place while you’re dumping your waste, and it also allows you to easily connect to a dump station or your own RV holding tank.

    The Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support is a great choice for this purpose. It holds up to a 15-foot hose and has a flexible design that lets it curve around obstacles.[7] It’s also angled to create a downward slope for better drainage. Its deep cradles hold the hose in place without straps and don’t creep closed. It telescopes when not in use and folds for compact storage, and its durable plastic construction has no rust parts.

    Another option for keeping your hose in place is to use silicone zip ties. These ties are easy to work into the slots cut into the plastic of the support, and they can stretch to 26 inches in length if needed. Unlike the neoprene straps that came with the support, these zip ties won’t leave a sticky residue on your hose or damage it in any way. If you want to add extra security, you can even put a couple of these zip ties on each end of the hose.[8]

    Ease of Cleaning

    The sewage system is one of the less-glamorous parts of an RV, but it’s vitally important. Nobody wants to find their campsite toilet suddenly bursting with stinky waste that’s not going anywhere. That’s why it’s best to invest in a high-quality, durable hose that is resistant to puncture and crushes. The extra upfront cost will pay off in the long run by preventing an expensive repair bill.

    The Camco RhinoFLEX is a good choice for campers and motorhomes. It has a 23-mil thick poly construction that’s tough enough to handle heavy duty draining. It’s also UV protected, so it won’t degrade due to the harsh elements. Plus, it can withstand temperatures down to -20°F. It comes with a clear 90-degree sewer fitting that makes it easy to see when your tank is empty, and it features rotating bayonet fittings that keep the hose flat while in use.[9]

    It’s also lightweight, so it won’t add a lot of unnecessary weight to your RV. It folds down to just 39 inches for compact storage, so it’ll fit easily in most RV compartments. Plus, it comes with drip caps to keep the hose clean and prevent water from flowing back into your tank.

    The best rv sewer hose extensions are made to be as durable as possible. That way, you don’t have to worry about them collapsing or rupturing in the middle of your trip. That’s especially important when you’re traveling through busy areas, or if the hose is in the path of traffic. Also look for a bright orange color to make sure it’s easy to spot in crowded campgrounds. And be sure to get a hose support that holds the hose upright while it’s draining, so you don’t accidentally pull it down on yourself or your neighbors.

    Various Attachments

    A variety of RV sewer hose accessories are available to make dumping, cleaning and using the hose easier. Shop for magnetic bumper caps that allow you to remove the hose quickly from the bumper and easily reconnect it after use, toilet treating tablets for clean, fresh-smelling toilets and more.[10]

    An RV sewer hose support keeps the hose stable and helps to ensure it is biased correctly for proper grade when draining. Various types of supports have been developed in the past, but some require extensive manual dexterity to set up and use. The present invention provides a plastic sewer hose support that is easy to open, simple to use and capable of being collapsed for transport and storage.

    The Camco RhinoEXTREME 20-Foot Complete Sewer Hose Kit includes two 10-foot hose sections with pre-attached Rhino swivel bayonet and lug fittings. The hose is made from break-resistant polycarbonate and has superior abrasion resistance, making it tough and durable enough to withstand the rigors of RV travel. A clear elbow and a removable 4-in-1 adapter make the hose easy to connect. It is also compact and stays compressed for easy storage in 4″ square bumpers.

    The Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support is designed to accommodate most standard 3-inch diameter RV sewer hoses.[11] It features a flexible design to curve around obstacles and an angled body that creates a downward slope for better drainage. It is easy to store and telescopes when not in use and won’t creep closed. It is also made from sturdy, lightweight plastic with rust-free parts and is ready to use right out of the box. The cradles are deep to hold the hose securely and it folds up for compact storage.

    Sewer Hose

    With its high-quality, long-lasting construction and affordable price tag, this model is the best rv sewer hose to consider buying.[12] It’s designed to resist abrasions, punctures, and extreme temperatures for peak performance.

    The 23-millimeter thick material of this product ensures it can withstand abuse and remain leak-proof. It also has a CAM lock fitting that makes connecting it to the RV sewer outlet a breeze[13].

    Are All RV Sewer Hoses the Same?

    Best RV Sewage Hose

    RV sewer hoses vary in quality, and some have special features to help with hook-up or use. For example, one product has a 2-way jet cleaning action that helps reduce odors and malfunctions in holding tanks and sewer hoses.[14]

    It fits between the hose and RV, and the transparent polycarbonate fitting creates powerful sprays to help clean lines. Another option has a bayonet/lug fitting that connects two hoses together. The ends swivel 360 degrees to make connection and removal easier. It’s a great choice for dual holding tank setups. Camco’s Revolution Wye also has built-in gaskets for odor tight connections. [15]

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