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Best Ice Type Pokemon 2023

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Ice Type Pokemon

Best Ice Type Pokemon, Ice-type Pokemon are recognizable by their mostly white and light blue designs, which resemble icy surfaces.[1]They also tend to resemble real-life animals or creatures commonly found in cold environments. Ice Pokemon are weak to Fire, Rock, and Steel attacks, while they are immune to freezing damage and the one-hit KO move Sheer Cold.


Best Ice Type Pokemon

The king of all Ice type pokemon, Articuno exemplifies what it means to be a legendary Pokemon. This massive bird of the icy tundra is a ferocious force of nature that is capable of bringing the chill to any battlefield with its bone-chilling attack stat and freezing defensive stats. Its feather-like blades of psychic energy can shear through thick iron sheets, and its wings are capable of firing beams of ice that freeze anything in their path.[2]

This Kantonian bird is a majestic creature that has been a symbol of the ice world for many generations. It is believed to be a divine messenger from the frozen north, and it has been known to spirit away those who have found themselves lost in cold regions. Its imposing presence is reminiscent of the Cockatrice, a mythical reptile that could turn people to stone with its glaring gaze. Articuno has a variety of shades of blue throughout its body, from the lighter color of its wings to the darker hues on its tail and crown-like features on its head.

It also has a great movepool, including the ability to freeze its foes in place with Freeze-Dry and the power to PP stall with Substitute and Roost. This makes it a solid choice for the PU tier, where it can utilise its good base bulk and powerful offensive typing to hammer a number of threats in the tier, such as Alomomola and Slowking.

Despite these strengths, it is important to note that Articuno is vulnerable to Ground-type attacks and can be easily taken down by well-placed critical hits. It also has a bad defense stat that undermines its good base defenses, making it susceptible to common Steel-types like Registeel and Magneton.[3]


Articuno is a large bird Pokemon with mostly sky-blue feathers and a crest of three darker blue rhombus-shaped feathers on its head. It is one of the most impervious of all Ice type Pokemon due to its massive HP, high Special and Defense levels and a good Speed. Only Fire and Rock Pokemon can deal significant damage to it and even those are hampered by the fact that it takes four times as much damage from Electric moves as they would from a non-elemental attack. Articuno is also able to utilise the powerful combo of Rest + Double Team + Substitute, essentially becoming an immovable wall of ice that can easily tank hits from other Pokemon while soaking up their attacks.

The next best ice pokemon is the adorable Froslass.[4] An evolution of Snorunt, it floats through the air like a kimono thanks to its hollow torso and crimson ring. It has a good Speed and can deal decent damage with its Ice Beam and Blizzard. However, it is weak to both Normal and Fighting attacks.

Another great ice pokemon is the mighty Avalugg, which can be found in the Alolan region in Generation VI. Avalugg is a gigantic Pokemon that is almost completely covered in translucent ice, but it still boasts impressive stats. It can easily take on the Elite Four and can even compete with Champion Cynthia’s Garchomp.

The other two ice pokemon in our top five are Glaceon and Glastrier. Both are excellent options for teams looking to build around the Special Attack stat. Both are capable of dealing impressive amounts of damage with their STAB ice moves, and they have very high Special Attack levels as well. The main difference between these two is that Glaceon has a more balanced base stat distribution, while Glastrier is focused entirely on Special power.[5]

Galarian Darmanitan

Best Ice Type Pokemon

The Galar region of Pokemon Sword and Shield brings with it a few new forms of older pokemon. While some of these are merely variants in how they look, others add new elements to the game like new movesets or abilities.

One of these is Darmanitan, which can be obtained at Level 35 by evolving from a standard Darumaka with an ice stone. [6]It is a Fire-type pokemon that can take more damage from Ground, Rock, and Water type moves than other pokemon. However, it is strong against Grass, Bug, Steel, and Fire type moves. It also takes less damage from a Steel type move than other pokemon.

This pokemon is a very useful addition to the game. It has excellent coverage options with the ability to spam multiple moves in a row, while still maintaining high speed. This makes it a good choice against any pokemon that may attempt to stall out its attacks, as it will likely be able to dish out more than enough damage to make up for it.

It is also an effective pokemon to use against some of the stronger Electric-types, such as Thunderus. This is because it has a high base Speed of 95, which allows it to deal a lot of damage in quick succession. It is, however, weak to any pokemon that uses Stealth Rock.

This form of Darmanitan has a hidden ability called Zen Mode, which causes it to become more defensive and special-based when its HP drops below half. This pokemon meditates to calm its raging spirit and sharpens its psychic powers. It will change into this form when it is wounded, and will remain so until its HP reaches full again.[7]


Glastrier is a swift Ice type Pokemon that can more than hold its own against other Pokémon in battle. This Pokemon can ice up enemies with its icy spikes, and it can even fend off Water and Ground types with its powerful moves like Glaive Rush. Despite its small stature, this adorable Pokemon packs a punch and can be the perfect addition to any team.

Another great ice-type Pokemon is Regice, the Dragon Ice Pokémon. This bulky Pokemon can take on a lot of damage and can freeze its foes to the point where they’re almost untouchable. It’s also the only ice-type Pokémon to learn the move Thermal Exchange, which allows it to resist Fire moves and can freeze lava with its breath. This is a fantastic choice for any team that needs to deal heavy damage to its opponents.

For a more versatile option, you can go with Glaceon, which is the Eevee evolution that specializes in dealing damage to other Ice-type Pokemon. This cute Pokemon is covered in ice crystals that sparkle in the light, and it can produce a snowfall of its own. While it may not be as fast as Weavile or Mamoswine, its strong defense and STAB attacks make it a good choice for any team.[8]

This last ice-type pokemon on our list is Glatrier, which is a fast mount for the regal High King Calyrex. This legendary Pokemon can withstand hits with its incredible HP and defense stats, but it’s truly at its best when it is riding the majestic Glastrier. This mighty duo is the perfect pair to have for any PvP or PvE battle, as they can easily tear through other Pokémon with their speed and power.


Best Ice Type Pokemon

There aren’t many Ice-type Pokemon in the Pokémon universe, but these Pokemon can be some of the strongest in battle. [9]The icy beasts are adapted to the extreme cold, able to freeze their foes and shatter their bodies with their icy attacks. They also have the ability to withstand temperatures that would kill most other Pokemon. As such, if you want a strong attacker to lead your team in a battle against the competition, then Cloyster should be your first choice.

Cloyster is a dual-type water and ice Pokemon introduced in generation one. It has a spiky light-blue shell which it encases itself in to protect itself from its enemies and is named for its resemblance to oysters. Cloyster has a high physical Defense and is able to increase its stats using its special move, Shell Smash. It also has an impressive range of attacks, including the ice-blasting Glacial Lance.

This mighty quadruped can be found roaming the Crown Tundra region of the Sinnoh Region. It has heavy tusks, thick skin to keep it warm, and an intimidating presence. It can slash enemies with its icy claws, stab them with its spikes, or simply surround them with a layer of ice to prevent them from attacking. Its massive bulk makes it an ideal tank for any team, able to take hits while still surviving and dealing out damage.[10]

Arctibax is the second-stage evolution of Frigibax and is considered one of the best Ice-type Pokemon in the game. While it isn’t as fast as some other Pokemon, it is a strong attacker and boasts a high HP stat. However, it’s not as well-rounded as a pure ice Pokemon, having only average Attack and Speed stats.

This dragon-like ice Pokemon has the ability to breathe cryogenic air that can freeze lava and is one of the most powerful Ice-type Pokemon in the game. It’s a huge and bulky monster that can stand up to the likes of Gengar, making it an excellent choice for a team.


A classic that can still be found surfing across Kanto’s waters, Lapras is an excellent choice for any water/ice Pokemon player. It’s hard to find a more versatile Pokemon than this one. With a good moveset and decent HP stats, it’s not too difficult to get the most out of this Pokemon.[11]

This Pokemon has some of the most dangerous moves in all of Pokemon. It can easily sweep a team with one attack, and its Ice Beam is one of the strongest damage-dealing moves in the game.

Despite having very little resistance, this Pokemon can easily take down Dragon, Grass, and Flying Pokemon in an instant. The ice element gives it a big advantage against them, and its great speed and excellent attack stats also help it to make up for this weakness.

While not the best ice type Pokemon in all of the game, this Pokemon is still a solid choice for any trainer. This is mostly due to its impressive special attack stats and its ability to learn the powerful Glaive Rush. It also boasts a high base attack and speed stat, which makes it hard to predict how much damage it will do.

Another great ice type Pokemon is Weavile, which can be found in snow-covered areas. This Pokemon is an agile, swift predator that can easily outrun many other Pokemon in a battle. [12]Its incredible attack and speed stats also allow it to be an effective sweeper, and its Swords Dance move is especially deadly.

A non-legendary ice type Pokemon that is often overlooked is Baxcallibur, the non-legendary Dragon form of Darmanitan. This Pokemon has a fantastic 140 Attack stat and is one of the fastest Ice-types in the game. It can also use its Aurora Veil to reduce the damage that it takes for five turns, which is a huge boon in any battle. This is further enhanced by its Galarian form, where it can enter its Zen Mode to significantly boost its attack and defense.

Alolan Ninetales

Best Ice Type Pokemon

A Kitsune-inspired Pokemon, Alolan Ninetails looks ethereal and otherworldly. It possesses a high base attack stat that it can boost even further with the Ice Tera Crown. [13]Its impressive attacking potential and defensive weakness to Stealth Rock make it a top contender for the best ice type pokemon out there.

On the offensive side, it has access to four good moves that hit Dragon-type Pokemon for super effective damage. It also has a good physical defense and an excellent base speed. Alolan Ninetails has a great moveset, with its ability Snow Warning summoning Hail and its super cool Aurora Veil that can damage enemies and lower their movement speed for a brief period of time. Its only real drawback is its poor regular abilities. Aurora Veil needs to be active for it to work, and the chance that it will activate with a non-Hail attack is rather low. Its other garbage ability, Snow Cloak, is a waste of EVs and only has a 20% chance to activate.

Glaceon is another cute and effective Ice-type. Its light blue fur shines brilliantly in the sun and it can create ice crystals by controlling its body temperature. Its a bit slow and bulky, however, which makes it a glass pokemon that can be broken by stronger attackers. It has a decent moveset, though, and if it can learn Belly Drum and Earth Quake it can sweep.[14]

Frigibax is a nice Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon that can provide a lot of utility to your team. It can remove entry hazards such as Stealth Rock and can use Rapid Spin to get around the threat of a special attacker. Its base stats are not the highest, but it’s still a solid option for the best ice pokemon out there.

Cryogonal is a great support pokemon that can help you take control of the game with its great defenses and hazard removal skills. Its Defog ability allows it to remove entry hazards from the field for free and its Hidden Power can weaken some special attackers.[15] Moreover, it has the ability Ice Shard, which provides a reliable STAB move for physically based Ice-type Pokemon. This is a great move for Pokemon like Mamoswine and Weavile that can’t afford to take too much damage from other types.

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