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Best Dash Cam Reddit $ 2

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How to Choose the Dash Cam Reddit

Best Dash Cam Reddit, There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to dash cam videos – they help expose idiot drivers, uncover insurance fraud, resolve claims investigations, record regular & crazy accidents and just add a fun element to driving.[1] They also provide a safety net for yourself in the case of an accident. It’s important to remember, however, that buying the best dash cam reddit is no guarantee of quality.


Best Dash Cam Reddit

Many dash cams offer cloud feature if you’re willing to pay for a separate mobile WiFi hotspot and cell phone LTE data plan. [2]This will allow you to remotely check if your vehicle is moving, overspeeding ect. However, it is not as reliable as checking the Micro SD card for broken/missing files every 30-45 days.

Generally speaking, most people who purchase dashcams do so for liability reasons (front cam clears idiot drivers, insurance fraud, resolving claims investigations). They also love to see the beautiful scenery and amuse their friends/family with funny videos they capture on their commute. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to these videos.

Parking mode is a very popular feature with most people, but it’s important to consider what you actually need. Excellent parking mode = Automatic, Buffered – able to record a few seconds before and after G sensor/Motion sensor activated (like a time machine), Low voltage cut off feature built into the hardwire kit.[3]


If you want to make an inexpensive dash cam out of your Android phone, you only need a car mount and a USB cable to connect your phone to your vehicle. But most people will want a more permanent solution, like one of these dash cams that can cost under $50 USD.

Whether it’s to expose idiot drivers, help with insurance fraud and claims resolution, resolve arguments between you and your wife over who started the accident, or just record funny / interesting / crazy stuff going on in front of you, having a good dash cam will be a lifesaver for that 1% of driving situations. Formatting your Micro SD card every 30-45 days is also recommended.[4]

Excellent parking mode – Automatic (Engage/Disengage when parked), Buffered (able to record a few seconds before/after G sensor or motion sensor activation), Requires hardwiring but has a Low voltage cut off feature built into the Hardwire kit.

How We Selected

Best Dash Cam Reddit

There are a few key things to look for in the best dash cam reddit. You want a camera that can capture clear images. It is important that the dash cam has a wide angle of view so it can see more of the road and the cars around you. The camera should also have high-resolution so it can read the license plates of any other cars in the shot.[5] You may also want to choose a dash cam that has digital image stabilization or a rotatable polarizing filter to reduce the effects of sunlight and other light sources.

Most dash cams record continuously, but if you are in an accident it is crucial to be able to select the exact clip that shows the incident. This is why choosing a dash cam with automatic loop recording is essential. This will ensure that the latest footage is saved and that older clips are overwritten. Most cameras will also have G-sensor technology that detects the impact of an accident and saves a specific file.

A good dash cam should have a large screen so you can play back your recordings. It should be easy to navigate and have an intuitive interface. It should also be able to protect your files from accidental deletions or overwriting. This can be done through an app or by using the built-in voice command feature of the dash cam. It is also important to consider how much space you need for your dash cam. You will need enough room to store all your recorded footage.[6]

The JOMISE 4K dash cam is a top choice because of its excellent image quality and features. The camera can record high-definition videos and smooth images even in poor lighting conditions, such as when it is rainy or at night. The camera also has a built-in digital image stabilization and a rotatable polarizing lens to reduce the effect of sunlight on your dash cam videos.

The Nextbase 622GW is one of the best dash cams in our review. It has the highest resolution of any of the cameras we tested, and its clever features make it a great option for anyone looking for the best dash cam reddit. It has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, so you can access your footage from anywhere with an internet connection.[7] This is a very convenient feature for people who frequently travel to different places and want to check on the safety of their vehicle. It also has a very fast response time to save videos after an accident. This will help you avoid any legal problems after the accident has taken place.


Depending on the resolution of the dash cam, video file sizes can vary greatly. For this reason, many dash cams feature a loop recording function, which overwrites older video files to make room for new ones. This can be helpful if you are capturing footage of an accident or other event that requires reviewing multiple clips from different points in time. However, this can also mean that you will need to regularly swap out SD cards if you use your dash cam on long drives or frequent commutes.

Another option is a dash cam that uses cloud storage, which can be more convenient than manually swapping out SD flash cards.[8] The downside to this is that you will need a reliable Internet connection in order to upload and download your videos. Additionally, some dash cams may offer a limited free trial period or require a monthly subscription to use the app and view your data. Make sure to investigate these options carefully before you commit to a purchase.

A good quality camera can capture a license plate number, which can be very useful if you get into a fender bender with someone who doesn’t have insurance. A camera with a higher resolution can also produce more detailed images, which is helpful if you want to zoom in on the details of a car or road sign.

Many dash cams have a built-in microphone, which can pick up sounds from the road, such as traffic and voices. The best models have a noise cancellation algorithm, which reduces ambient background sound and improves audio quality. Some of these cameras can also record in a night mode, which is helpful if you live in an area with high crime rates.[9]

Some models have a 360 degree swivel mount, which can be used to record the front and rear of your vehicle simultaneously. This can be helpful for preventing blind spots, especially on large vehicles like SUVs and trucks. Some cameras have a built-in GPS, which can track your location and speed.

While most dash cams have built-in memory, some models can be hardwired to your vehicle’s battery in case of a power outage. This can be particularly important for ride-share drivers who are often on the go and don’t want to be interrupted by a sudden loss of power. Some of these models also have a cigarette lighter USB socket for charging mobile devices at the same time.[10]


Best Dash Cam Reddit

A dash cam provides unmistakable evidence in the case of an accident or even when you get pulled over. A dashboard camera will record video and audio, as well as important driving data such as speed and lane departures. Some dashcams also have a GPS function that tracks your car’s location as you drive. This can help you if your car gets stolen.[11]

You’ll want to look for a dash cam that has a high resolution and a large screen so you can see what’s happening on the road. Some dash cams can be connected to your phone so you can watch real-time footage and download recordings. Some have a 360-degree view and built-in night vision. You can find models that have both front and rear cameras as well as a wide-angle lens and parking monitor.

This BlackVue model features a Sony sensor and has great low-light performance. It has a parking mode with a motion sensor and can connect to your smartphone for live viewing and recording. [12]Its polarizing filter eliminates glare and digital image stabilization helps to reduce bumps and shakes from bad road surfaces. Its app is easy to use and allows you to control the camera with voice commands.

Another feature to consider is the camera’s battery life. Some dashboard cams are designed to run on a battery, while others have a wire that connects to your car’s 12v power outlet. [13]Choosing a camera with a longer battery life can save you money in the long run.

Some dash cams also have a time lapse function that takes a series of photos over a period of time. This can help you reduce your storage needs and save space on your SD card. Smaller cards tend to fill up quickly, so you’ll want to select a larger one.

A dash cam is a valuable investment for any vehicle owner.[14] It can protect you from dishonest drivers and provide unmistakable proof in the event of an accident or theft. Most luxury vehicles are equipped with dash cams, so you can easily add one to your own car.[15]

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