Phone Wood Case

Phone Wood Case


Buying a Wood Case For Your iPhone

Phone Wood Case, If you have an iPhone, you may want to invest in a wood case for your phone. These cases are made of real hardwoods and offer both originality and long-lasting protection.[1] Moreover, they are extremely slim and feature a low profile that keeps your phone safe and secure. You can find many different styles and designs for your iPhone.


Phone Wood Case
Phone Wood Case

If you want to protect your iPhone from scratches, dents, and other damage, consider investing in a Kerf phone wood case. Made from sustainable wood, these cases don’t contain any plastic parts and are 100% recyclable.[2] They also come with a cotton carrying bag, which can be reused for other items. You can also customize your phone case with a photo or wording to make it unique.

Although it feels great in your hand and has a pleasant aroma, the durability of the Kerf phone wood case isn’t quite as strong as many other cases.[3] One drawback is that it doesn’t have a protective layer for the front edge of the phone, so it could crack if it were dropped onto a hard surface.

The Kerf Case is made in the USA, using American woods. The woods used in this case are not cheap.[4] If you want a wood case for your iPhone, the company’s cherry wood case will be a great choice. This case is designed to fit the iPhone 6 perfectly. You’ll love the way it fits and how it looks.

The name KERF comes from the term kerf, which is the thickness of a saw blade. It represents the precision required to craft the KERF cases. The KERF case uses a patented technology that allows it to grip your iPhone.[5] It requires no snaps or parts to put together, and is 100% made of wood.

The KERF phone wood case is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It protects your phone from scratches and is slim and stylish. The case doesn’t hinder the phone’s wireless charging or active edge feature. It also features a recessed mic for easy calling. In short, it’s a perfect choice if you want to protect your phone and still make it look great.[6]


Phone Wood Case
Phone Wood Case

A wooden phone case is a great way to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. This style of case is available in a variety of colors and wood types. Some cases even include laser engraved designs.[7] Prices for these cases vary widely. One company, Kasemakers, sells cases for up to $59. Other wood case manufacturers are Keyway Designs and Native Union.

Pelican Shield

Phone Wood Case
Phone Wood Case

Pelican Shield phone cases provide military-spec protection for your phone. Their double-layered structural design and shock-absorbing rubber lining keep your phone safe and maintain functionality.[8] Pelican is a leader in the field of mission-critical equipment protection. Their DNA has been protecting military and emergency equipment for over 35 years.

Pelican’s line of high-performance phone cases includes the Ambassador, Adventurer, Protector, Voyager, and Protector+AMS cases. Each model offers a combination of premium protection and luxurious design. The Ambassador is the perfect combination of luxury style and protective protection. It features a soft and textured grip. It is also equipped with microbial defense.[9]


Phone Wood Case

If you are considering buying a wood case for your cell phone, you will probably want to consider the Mous phone wood case. The sleek, stylish designs of this case will catch your eye. It is lined with AiroShock, a patented high-impact material that combines TPU, PET, and silicone for super-protection and a slim design. It also comes with a screen protector, which you should use with the case.[10] The screen protector is a standard shield that protects your phone from scratches and smudges. However, not all users will receive the screen protector, so be sure to contact the producer for a replacement if it is missing.[11]

Other options include a wood case from Engraver’s Dungeon, a Spanish company that creates beautiful wooden cases. It also sells magnetic cases and other wood accessories. Some of the cases feature elaborate designs. In addition to these cases, there are also cases made by YFWOOD, a company based in Hidden Springs, Idaho.[12]

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