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How to Blur Background in Google Meet – Simple Ways 2023

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Blur Background in Google Meet

How to Blur Background in Google Meet? If you want to use visual effects in your video conference calls, you can try out the blur background function in Google meet.[1]This feature is a popular one among video-conferencing software.

It also translates voice or audio into on-screen text in 14 supported languages and enhances camera effects with Lenovo Smart Appearance to protect your privacy during video calls.

Why You Should Blur Your Background on Google Meet

How to Blur Background in Google Meet
How to Blur Background in Google Meet

Background blur is a popular feature of many video conference applications, including Google Meet. [2]This feature can help minimize distractions and enhance lighting in meetings. It can also be used to protect privacy during video calls.

Google is reportedly working on adding this feature to Chromebooks. While this feature is not currently available, it is a sign that the tech giant is preparing to add more visual effects to its Chrome OS platform. If you’re a Google Meet user, it may be worth trying out the new feature on your Chromebook. Hopefully, this will make it easier to meet with your coworkers online.[3]

Google has rolled out new visual effects for Meet users, allowing them to apply blurs, color filters, and static/video backgrounds before and during meetings.

The update also improves real-time video effects, which should reduce CPU usage. These improvements should help users avoid those annoying glitches and rips in the digital fabric that can occur with virtual background morphing tools.

Change background & apply visual effects in Google

Whether you’re trying to mask the background of a messy room, or you want to use visual effects to make a meeting more interesting, Google Meet has a number of tools that can help. These include background blur, background replacement, and immersive backgrounds.[4]

Using these tools can add an element of fun to your meetings, but it’s important to keep some things in mind when you use them. For example, it’s not a good idea to use too many filters during a business meeting because it could take away from your professionalism. Instead, utilise these special elements to make the experience more engaging and memorable for everyone involved.

You can use a free browser extension to change your background in Google Meet. It is a simple process and can be done in just a few clicks.[5] All you need to do is add the extension to your Chrome browser and start using it during meetings.

Another way to customize your background is by uploading a custom backdrop. You can upload your own customised image or choose from a variety of photos that have been provided by Google to help you create a unique look during meetings.

The latest update from Google makes it easier to change the background of your Google Meet session. This includes the ability to blur the background, pixelate it, and even create a virtual green screen. This can be particularly useful if you want to make a video conference more interesting and visually appealing.[6]

This update also improves the quality of these effects, so you’ll be able to use them more accurately. It will also save CPU usage and battery life by dividing the work of running real-time video effects between your device and the cloud.

A pair of updates to the Google Meet on the web app will improve the accuracy of real-time video effects like background blur, background replace, and immersive backgrounds and styles. These improvements are based on improved background and foreground separation, and they will help you save both battery and CPU usage by up to 30%.

Before a meeting

How to Blur Background in Google Meet
How to Blur Background in Google Meet

Google Meet has a variety of tools for changing your background or applying visual effects before a meeting.[7] They can be used to make video calls more fun or to hide your surroundings from others during the meeting.

Background blur is a great tool to use before a meeting, as it can help you to focus on the conversation without worrying about your surroundings. It can be easily turned on or off with a simple click of a button.

A free Chrome extension, Background Blur for Google Meet, allows you to easily blur the background of your video call using Google Meet or Hangouts. This extension processes all images locally, which helps you keep your privacy intact during the meeting.[8]

Another useful tool is Breakout Rooms for Google Meet, which lets you branch your video conference into smaller groups. This extension can be particularly helpful for teachers, professors, and business professionals who often host classes and conferences.

The extension also enables you to create attendance lists that can be accessed by other participants in the meeting. You can save these lists in your computer or mobile device so that you can easily find them when needed.

Google has also added an option to choose the send resolution of your video calls. Users can choose to send either a standard definition with 360p or a high-definition with 720p, which makes your call look sharper.[9]

You can also record your meetings for future reference with the built-in recording feature. This can be particularly handy for teachers and students who want to record the entire meeting or a segment of it, such as when someone has a question.

To enable a background effect before a meeting, go to the camera view of the Google Meet app on your phone and tap ‘Apply visual effect’. You can select ‘Slightly blur your background’ to get a soft effect or ‘Blur your background’ for a more dramatic effect.

In addition to blur, Google Meet also offers a variety of other visual effects. These include light and color filters, animations, stylized backgrounds, face filters, and more.[10]

During a meeting

Google Meet has recently added a new feature that lets you blur the background of your screen in meetings. This is a useful feature that can help you focus better on the meeting and improve your productivity.

If you want to blur your background during a Google Meet video call, you can easily do so with a simple button. Just click the three-dotted option button on your Google Meet call and select ‘Apply visual effects’ to open a sidebar menu where you can choose from a variety of options.[11]

In addition to background blur, you can also add some realism to your video feed using the new video effects in Google Meet. There are several different options, including a number of light and color filters.

Animated backgrounds have long been an integral part of Google Meet, but now you can get even more immersive backgrounds. There are two new animated backdrops, Cafe and Condo, as well as a number of stylized background images.

You can apply these effects before or during a meeting from the new settings panel. Just tap the “Apply visual effects” button on the bottom right of your call to access the panel.[12]

Aside from enhancing the quality of your Google Meet video call, these visual effects can help you spruce up the atmosphere and make it more interesting. They can be particularly helpful for icebreakers and establishing the tone of the meeting, though you should use them only when needed.

Another option to enhance your meeting is to use the new whiteboard feature in Google Meet. [13]This is an excellent tool for students and professionals who need to collaborate on ideas during a Google Meet meeting.

The whiteboard in Google Meet is easy to use and can be shared as a PDF file with the other attendees of the meeting. Moreover, you can use it on both desktops and laptops.

If you’re a digital nomad or simply prefer to work on your computer with a laptop, Dualless is a great Chrome extension that allows you to split the screen into multiple sections. This allows you to easily read your documents and watch the meeting screen at the same time.[14]

Change background

How to Blur Background in Google Meet
How to Blur Background in Google Meet

Google Meet is a video calling app that allows you to connect with your colleagues and classmates using a webcam. The application has various visual effects that can help you hide unwanted distractions during a video call. These include background blur, background replacement, and immersive backgrounds.[15]

Currently, Google Meet lets you change your background before and during a meeting. You can use this feature on Android, iOS, and the web version of the app.

To enable a background blur on a call, you’ll need to access the camera view and select “Apply visual effect.” Then, choose either a light or heavy blur depending on your preference. Once you’ve selected your desired effect, you can see the preview on the self-view window.

The Google Meet app will soon support immersive 360-degree backgrounds that move along with the user’s phone gyroscope and orientation data. The company is set to roll out the new feature in “coming weeks” for both consumers and paid Workspace users, according to 9to5Google.

These backgrounds will join Google’s existing collection of standard wallpapers, blur effects, video and moving backgrounds, styles (B&W, sepia), and face filters. They will be available on Android and iOS devices for all Google Workspace users and people with personal Google Accounts globally.[16]

As a part of this update, the original Meet app will also be removed from mobile devices starting next week. The legacy app uses a green logo instead of the four-colored one found in the new app, but it lacks many of the latest features that have been added to the new app.[17]

However, if you’re not yet using the new version of Google Meet, you can upload your own virtual background to replace the default ones. You’ll need a 1920 by 1090-pixel picture in a landscape orientation, and the file size should be no larger than 16MB.

You can then add your custom Linq background to the new Google Meet app and use it on a video call. After that, it will automatically be applied to any future calls you schedule with Google Meet.[18]

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