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    Ecommerce Website Templates

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    Free Ecommerce Website Templates – Bootstrap eCommerce Website Templates

    There are several free Ecommerce Website Templates available online, and many of them are built with the Bootstrap Framework. We’ve selected a few to highlight in this article: Modist, Wells, Revo, and Watch.[1]Each of these templates can be used to build an attractive website for your online business, and they come in four different styles.

    Modist is a free ecommerce website template based on Bootstrap Framework

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    Modist is a free eCommerce website template built on the Bootstrap Framework. It features a full-screen banner that welcomes your visitors and features your products. The design is easily customizable and is compatible with all modern browsers and devices. [2]The template offers a wide variety of useful features to maximize the potential of your site.

    This template is suitable for selling a variety of items. It has a sleek and modern look. It includes a blog and social media links. [3]The layout also comes with a neat shopping cart. Its unique design makes it stand out from the competition. It combines simplicity with sophistication, making it a perfect choice for an online retailer selling a variety of items.

    Watch is another free Bootstrap eCommerce website template that works well for a wide range of products. Its site canvas provides ample space for detailed product descriptions. This allows for greater sales due to more information about the product. Other features of the template include video support, sticky navigation, testimonials, social media buttons, and an image gallery.

    Vegefoods is a free Bootstrap eCommerce website template based on Bootstrap Framework. It features an elegant design, an elegant slider, call-to-action button, sticky navigation, and a drop-down menu.[4] The design is also optimized for different devices and is highly customizable. The templates also include a back top button for easy navigation.

    Watch is a free Bootstrap eCommerce website template

    Watch is a free Bootstrap eCommerce site template with a flexible design that’s ideal for showcasing a range of watches. It features a responsive layout and an eye-catching gradient that draws the attention of visitors. This template also comes with features like a dropdown menu in the sticky navbar, testimonials, and a beautiful video section.

    Electro is another free Bootstrap eCommerce website template that comes with amazing features. Its responsive layout and built-in ecommerce features will save you time and effort. [5]It features a sleek and modern design, as well as testimonials and a back-top button.

    The Watch eCommerce website template features a slick slider and full-functioning sidebars. It can be used for any type of premium watch store. It allows you to display minimal product listings, product pages with add-to-cart buttons, and image previews. It also has an intuitive design and is compatible with all major web browsers and devices.

    With Watch, you can easily create an online store in a few minutes. This free Bootstrap eCommerce website template features various sections for your products. Its design and functionality are great for any online business. [6]Using a free Bootstrap template makes it easy to set up a website, regardless of experience level.

    Watch is a free Bootstrap eCommerce site template that comes with a product listing page, product detail page, and contact page. It also includes a blog page and an Ajax contact form. It’s also completely responsive and is 100% SEO-optimized.

    Wells is a free ecommerce website template

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    If you’re looking for a beautiful, responsive, and multipurpose eCommerce website template, look no further than Wells. [7]This template is created with the Bootstrap Framework and features a multilevel drop-down menu and a massive banner. It also features a featured product slider and allows you to capture email addresses for future email campaigns. This theme is also customizable, so you can change the layout to suit your unique business.

    This WordPress ecommerce website template comes with a stunning background illustration that matches the product labels.[8] It also uses color gradients for a seamless UX, and it has a customized font for each product. This template is perfect for websites that sell luxury goods or high-end fashion.

    This free WordPress template uses a stylish and eye-catching video background to introduce your products. Its minimalist design is user-friendly and makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. It’s a one-page design, so it’s great for showcasing small, colorful items. Using a flat design style allows your website to load faster and offers improved UX. You’ll find a responsive layout and a clean, organized layout with outlined icons for each page’s function modules.

    This elegant, modern, and easy-to-customize eCommerce website template is a great choice for an online electronics store. [9]It’s also flexible enough to accommodate other products, such as clothing and accessories. With its stylish design, it’s easy to display your products and draw attention to available deals.

    If you’re looking for a free ecommerce website template for your website, you’ll find a variety of free designs to fit your needs. The Wells free template is a great choice for an online retail site. It’s 100% customizable and editable, and has a wide range of customization options. You can even customize the design with special effects and sidebars.

    Revo is a free Bootstrap eCommerce website template

    The Revo HTML template is a multipurpose HTML 5 template that can be used for any kind of business. The template is extremely easy to customize and supports all types of items. [10]It was designed keeping in mind the latest trends in website design and features. It supports 6 different home pages and three distinct mobile layouts. It is also extremely easy to use, enabling you to make any necessary changes without any difficulties.

    This free Bootstrap eCommerce website template comes with a banner that welcomes your visitors to your store, showcasing fashion, accessories, shoes, and other items. It is also fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. The banner can be strategically placed and used to convince your customers to make a purchase.

    Using a template is a great way to make your online store look more professional. Some Bootstrap templates have features that you don’t have to pay for, like free fonts and a variety of colors. These features can really make your website stand out and help you make more sales. [11]These free Bootstrap eCommerce website templates make building an online store very easy.

    Aroma is a free Bootstrap eCommerce website theme that focuses on the apparel industry. This template has a minimalist and clean look that can fit many different types of fashion businesses. It also has many page layout options and features. It is one of the most versatile templates out there, so you can easily customize it to suit your needs.

    Revo is a free Bootstrap template that allows you to create a multi-page eCommerce website. [12]This template comes with many useful features, including a hero header with slider, sticky navigation bar, drop-down menu bar, testimonial slider, and a call-to-action button. It is also one of the most advanced templates available for Bootstrap.

    Wokiee is a free ecommerce website template

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    The Wokiee theme offers several customization options for your store. The theme offers different layouts for your product pages and comes with more than 50 home page designs. [13]You can also use predefined templates or create your own. Wokiee also supports GDPR compliance and is easy to import products from Oberlo.

    This multipurpose React eCommerce template is highly responsive and includes loads of features. It is ideal for launching an online store or revamping a previous one. It will help you create a high-converting drop shipping website that has an elegant, professional design. It’s highly customizable and comes with numerous demos for different niches.

    Another popular eCommerce website template is Wokiee. [14]This free template comes with a variety of options, including light and dark color schemes, sliders, and more. It also includes a mega-menu builder, social media integration, and an excellent layout for product pages. It’s also very fast, which makes it a great choice for eCommerce websites.

    The Wokiee Shopify theme is very versatile. It comes with 16 skins, so you can select the one that suits your brand best. The theme is responsive, so it will adjust to any screen size. It’s also easy to customize, and offers professional support.

    Ecommerce Websites Templates – Designing a Catalog

    When you design a catalog on an ecommerce website, you need to focus on the user experience. This includes large, zoomable images of products. When shoppers hover their mouse over the image, they will see more information and can add the product to the shopping cart. [15]This helps to eliminate one more click in the checkout funnel. Also, the template should allow customers to select the number of items they wish to purchase.

    Free Bootstrap eCommerce website template

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    Having a free Bootstrap eCommerce website template can help you in creating an attractive website for your online store. [16]This type of template is built using the Bootstrap Framework and is very easy to customize. Moreover, you can also add more features like sidebar menu reveal, carousels, social icons, and more. This type of template is also responsive and is compatible with different web browsers and devices. This will help your website get the best performance.

    Bootstrap eCommerce website templates can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can even choose a generic one for your business. There are also niche templates for various niches. For example, you can choose the Footwear Bootstrap eCommerce website template for your shoes store. This type of template will give your store a clean and modern look that will appeal to your target customers.

    If you are planning to sell online, you can choose the free Bootstrap eCommerce website template, store.[17] It has all the features you need to launch your online store. Moreover, it is customizable and 100% editable, so it’s easy to make it suitable for your business. The design is very appealing to the eye and adaptable to different devices.

    Sublime is another free Bootstrap eCommerce website template that is suitable for different product categories. Its clean, stylish, refined look will give your customers an exciting online shopping experience. Whether you are selling electronic products or clothes, Sublime will push your brand. [18]The flexible design will allow you to push any kind of product. It is ideal for electronic stores but can be easily adjusted for any niche.

    Free Bootstrap eCommerce website templates have many advantages. For example, the Shop template comes with a massive banner above the fold. You can use this to announce new products or special sales. The site also includes call-to-action buttons.

    Easy to navigate

    The design of an eCommerce website should be easy to navigate. Websites that have poorly designed navigation are less likely to be effective and will leave visitors confused. Users should be able to quickly find products that they want to purchase. To make sure that your website is easy to navigate, consider incorporating a logo in your main navigation. [19]Users are likely to recognize a logo and know that clicking on it will return them to the homepage.

    Product catalog

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    Product catalog ecommerce website templates are a good way to showcase your products. Using these templates puts your products front and center, while allowing customers to read more information about the product below the fold. This type of layout works best for products that sell on looks and features. Some examples of such products include mechanical tools, tech items, and appliances.

    A catalog with a simple design is easy to read and can quickly convey a message. It puts the product on center stage and the accompanying information in a simple and uncluttered layout. Another example is a home appliance catalog template with an elaborate design. [20]You can easily add or remove elements from this template, and you can also duplicate the product catalog template for future use.

    When creating a product catalog, you need to include the most relevant information about the product. This includes details about the product’s dimensions, weight, volume, and other features. It should also feature a call-to-action or contact information. You should also include customer reviews if you have them.

    Using a product catalog ecommerce website template is an easy way to get started on an ecommerce website. You can use a free catalog maker app that allows you to edit and create custom catalog templates. The software allows you to add and edit products, customize fonts, images, prices, and other design elements. The software also allows you to manage your inventory and receive orders.

    One free product catalog ecommerce website template is Airi. It is a multipurpose template that integrates Woocommerce. It also integrates with other plugins like Beaver Builder. Its customizable layout gives you a lot of flexibility and is perfect for a new Product Catalog website.

    Clean design

    Whether you want a clean look for your business website or a minimalist look for your blog, there are plenty of clean design ecommerce website templates available. While some themes are better suited for small businesses, others are suited for larger brands. Whatever the purpose of your website, you’ll surely find one that suits your needs and preferences. Clean designs are a great way to make your website stand out from the rest.

    Clean design ecommerce website templates are easy to use and offer a clean, minimalist look to your site. They are suited for a wide variety of online stores, from clothing stores to home-based businesses. In addition to this, they are also flexible, allowing you to make changes without losing your existing design.

    Many of these templates come with the option to customize a number of themes. Moreover, they provide decent customer support and are regularly updated. A well-designed ecommerce website can significantly boost your sales. If customers don’t feel comfortable with the purchasing process, they are likely to abandon the site and go elsewhere.

    A clean design ecommerce website template has an abundance of features and options. It also provides a number of modules and plugins. Your website should focus on driving sales, delivering an engaging user experience, and building a trusted brand name. A clean and well-designed ecommerce website can speed up the decision-making process and build a strong brand image.

    Category collections

    Ecommerce Website Templates
    Ecommerce Website Templates

    There are a few different ways to organize your products on your ecommerce website. One of the easiest is to create collections. This allows your customers to browse through your products easily. Another option is to create sub-categories, which is also known as menu items. In either case, you can create as many of these as you need.

    To create a collection page, you need to understand HTML. You can customize the name, title, and description of the collection. In addition, you can add images and change the product tags. The category page should be easy to navigate, allowing shoppers to view product details without much hassle.

    Creating a collection is similar to creating a folder in a standard CMS. However, it’s more dynamic. You can create and edit your collection structure at any time. You can also add products manually, or use Zapier to automatically update the product information. In either case, you’ll be able to see the products you’re selling on your ecommerce website.

    Collections play a vital role in an eCommerce store. By allowing shoppers to browse through products by category, they increase the likelihood of making a purchase. This feature is also flexible – you can create different collections for different target buyers. You can also create collections that focus on different uses or functions. This way, you can tailor your ecommerce store to cater to a specific occasion.

    The creation of a collection is a relatively simple process. Simply navigate to the Collections tab in the admin panel. You’ll then need to choose a title and a description for your collection. You can even give your collection a name, if you prefer. Once you’ve set up a category collection, you can add a link to it in your store’s navigation menu. You can also access and edit your collection pages in the Shopify admin section.

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