Converting a Garage Into a Bedroom

Converting a Garage Into a Bedroom

How To Converting a Garage Into a Bedroom

Converting a Garage Into a Bedroom, If you are thinking of converting a garage into a bedroom, there are several factors you should consider.[1]These factors include cost, time frame, and obtaining a building permit. Getting multiple quotes for a conversion project will ensure that you’re getting a good deal.


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There are several factors to consider when figuring out the cost of converting a garage into a master bedroom. First, it’s important to remember that converting a garage can lower the resale value of your home. [2]And while the added bedroom might be a good investment, it’s also not always worth the money you spend. In addition, a garage conversion requires permits. Without them, you might not be allowed to call your conversion an addition to the home.

Another consideration is energy efficiency. [3]An efficient garage can lower its electric bill and use less energy. While installing electric baseboards may be expensive, they will save you money in the long run. Adding a ventilation system to a garage conversion can reduce your energy costs and make your new bedroom feel larger and brighter. You can also install mirrors and light-colored paint to add a spacious feel to the room.

The cost of converting a garage into a master bedroom is around $2,500, although this cost can increase significantly if you’re adding an unsuited bathroom. [4]However, this is still a relatively affordable option for a “boomerang room” that you can use whenever you need extra space.

Depending on the size and type of garage you have, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to more than $30,000 for a full garage conversion. [5]The lowest end of the spectrum will only require some basic renovations, such as removing the garage door, while the highest end will require the addition of new walls and plumbing.

When you have a basement or below-grade garage, you may need to hire a contractor to complete the project. Depending on the complexity, the project could take months or even a year. You’ll also need to consider zoning regulations and the cost of permits, which can be several hundred dollars or even more.

Time frame

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If you have a small space in your garage, converting it into a bedroom is a great option for adding additional square footage to your home.[6] Converting a garage into a bedroom adds roughly 600 square feet to your home, and it’s a great way to avoid paying for an expensive home addition. Garage conversions typically cost between $10,000 and $50,000.

First, you must decide on the purpose of converting the space. A large portion of garages are underutilized, mostly as a place to park a car and store trash. Converting a garage into a bedroom can make it a functional room that can increase the value of your home.

The next step is planning the layout of the new room.[7] Once you have a rough layout, check if the new space is in sync with the rest of your home. It’s a good idea to hire a contractor to help you plan the layout, as they can help you determine the layout that works best with your home.

Before you begin the project, make sure you have the necessary permits. You will need to obtain permits if you plan to renovate the entire structure. The process could take anywhere from two weeks to several months. [8]Once your plans have been approved, share them with a contractor and receive an estimate of the cost.

Converting a garage into a bedroom can be a smart move if you don’t use it often. There are many benefits of doing so, including increasing the value of your home, and it’s also a relatively inexpensive process.[9] And remember, a garage is a perfect “boomerang” room, offering you more privacy.

While it’s important to hire a contractor who is experienced in garage conversions, you should also make sure you do your research before you hire someone. It’s best to shop around and get a couple of quotes from contractors.[10] Also, be sure to negotiate with them on the price. You might get a discount if you’re able to pay cash.

You should also check local building codes before starting the conversion. You might have to get a permit if you plan to install a closet or bathroom. [11]Your local building codes will also dictate what type of work is allowed in your garage. Additionally, you may have to install gas, electricity, and plumbing lines. If you’re not sure, you can consult an architect to make sure everything is legal and compliant.

Getting a building permit

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Before you start renovating your garage into a bedroom, it is important to get planning permission from the city or county. It is a legal requirement for all building projects, and the zoning department in your neighborhood can provide assistance. A building permit will ensure that your project follows local zoning laws, building regulations, plumbing codes, and fire safety regulations. Your project should also follow the International Residential Code, which is applicable in most states. [12]You can find more information about this code at the ICC website.

There are several types of permits that are required when converting a garage into a new bedroom. The type of permit you need will depend on the type of structure you’re converting. If you’re converting a garage into an accessory dwelling unit, you will need plans for plumbing, electrical, and insulation.[13] These permits can be costly and take a long time to obtain.

After acquiring a building permit, you will need to submit the necessary drawings to the building department. If the permit approval is granted, you can now begin converting your garage into a bedroom. You’ll need to submit two sets of drawings for the building department to approve your project. [14]You can also submit the permit application through a contractor. In this case, you’ll have to pay for their estimates. However, paying for estimates is worth the cost because it allows you to get some valuable advice from experienced contractors.

The cost of a building permit varies, and it depends on the scope of your project. Different jurisdictions have different regulations for permits. For example, if your project is smaller than a few hundred square feet, you may not need a permit. If, however, you’re planning to do a full renovation, it is vital to get a building permit. This will ensure your plans are in compliance with city ordinances.

A garage conversion is an excellent option for adding extra living space to your home. If you don’t use your garage on a regular basis, consider using it as a home office or children’s playroom. Determine the purpose of the new room before proceeding. This will help you determine legal and zoning issues that could arise.

Adding a bathroom or kitchenette

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If you are considering converting a garage into a bedroom, there are several things you need to consider. A standard garage only has about 150 square feet of space, which is not enough for a bedroom. [15]Additionally, you will need to leave room for the doors to open and for bikes to fit inside. Unless you have a large family and need the extra space, you may want to avoid converting the garage into a bedroom. Instead, consider converting a second floor bedroom to avoid the space limitations.

Adding a bathroom or kitchenette when you convert a garage into a bedroom is one option that will save you money and space. In addition to ensuring you have sufficient space, you may also want to consider the bathroom’s layout. For example, if you want the bathroom to open into the kitchen, you may want to consider installing a door so you can access the kitchen area without having to enter the room.

You may also need to get planning permission if you plan to add a kitchenette to a standalone garage. In addition, if you live in a conservation area or listed building, you may need to apply for change of use permission to convert the garage to a living space. This document will be very important for you should you ever decide to sell the house.

If you want to add a bathroom or kitchenette to your garage, you will need to raise the floors. While this is not as difficult as raising the doors, you will still need to install natural light, electrical wiring, and smoke detectors before you can turn the garage into a bedroom. Additionally, you will need to install a heating system and add insulation.

When converting a garage into a bedroom, you need to consider building regulations and standards. For example, Orange County homes are required to have a certain number of covered off-street parking spaces. These requirements are based on the number of bedrooms and square footage of the house. If you don’t add a garage to your home, you must build an extra parking space for your car.

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