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Best Sword Art Online Game – Easy Way in 2023

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The Best Sword Art Online Game

Best Sword Art Online Game, The Sword Art Online series has a lot going for it. It has a great setting, dramatic fights and a pre-built universe of game worlds to draw players into its narrative.

That makes it tempting to look for a Sword Art Online video game that delivers on all those promises. Unfortunately, most of them fall short.[1]

Project Alicization

Best Sword Art Online Game

When it comes to anime-inspired video games, the Sword Art Online series is among the best. This is partly because of the premise of the original anime – players enter and play through various virtual MMORPG worlds. This makes it the perfect setting for an action-packed video game. Namco Bandai has developed a few games to date based on SAO, and Alicization Lycoris is one of them. Unfortunately, the game was plagued with numerous bugs upon its launch, but an update has fixed most of them.[2]

The latest core game in the SAO franchise, Alicization Lycoris retells the Alicization story arc of the original anime and manga. It opens with Kirito awakening in a strange fantasy world with no memory of his previous life. He befriends Eugeo, a fellow player he meets in the game, and the two begin searching for Alice, who has been kidnapped by the Integrity Knights.

While the first few chapters of Alicization Lycoris mirror the source material quite closely, it eventually diverges to tell a new story that is a lot less linear. However, it does so with a lot of pacing issues. This is largely due to the fact that the first few hours are filled with long sections of exposition and unskippable loading screens.

Another problem with the pacing is that combat in Alicization Lycoris is incredibly complex. The game is essentially throwing system on top of system at you, and it’s easy to get lost. In addition to the usual attacks and blocks, players have to learn how to use skills like chained attacks, rapid dodging, and using the environment to their advantage.

Overall, Alicization Lycoris is a fun and challenging game, but its flaws make it hard to recommend. The game does have a lot of potential and is definitely worth checking out, but you’ll have to deal with numerous technical problems and lengthy exposition to see the full experience. With a little patience, though, it’s possible to get past all the hiccups and enjoy a solid action-packed adventure in the Alicization universe.[3]

ALfheim Online

If you’re a fan of the Sword Art Online franchise and Accel World, this game is the perfect fit for you. Developed by Artdink, ALfheim Online features a team-based combat system that can switch between 3 party members in real-time and can be switched between flying or ground duels. Battles initiate once contact is made with enemies, and the game takes place in an open world where the player can explore the Floating City of Ryne.

The story of this title is a bit different than the rest of the Sword Art Online games. It doesn’t revolve around Kirito and Asuna, but instead a new character named Medina. While the game’s first half is a faithful retelling of the Alicization arc from the anime, after a certain point there is a twist that leads to a dramatically different second part.[4]

This is where the game becomes interesting. The second half of the game introduces a new leveling system that ditches the traditional level up and equipment items for a skill-based system where players can improve their strength by fighting other characters. This change makes the gameplay feel more authentic and creates a more interesting experience that is unlike any other Sword Art Online game before it.

In the final stretch of the game, the player can also take on the role of a fairy and travel to different areas. In each world, they can visit a number of shops and take part in various quests. The game also features an in-game economy where players can earn money from their adventures and use it to purchase weapons and other upgrades.[5]

While many of the other Sword Art Online games have departed from the anime’s narrative, Fatal Bullet does so in the most dramatic way of all of them. While the game does feature Kirito and his buddies, the base game is actually based on Gun Gale Online, the gun-based VR MMORPG that served as the setting for the Death Gun story arc from the anime. This change in mechanics and the introduction of a new character, Fatal Bullet is an interesting entry into the franchise.

Fatal Bullet

Best Sword Art Online Game

There are a lot of games like Sword Art Online available for consoles. Some of them are spin-offs that don’t fit in the plot and others are the main games released under the Sword Art Online brand. While most of them aren’t based on the anime or the manga, they still capture the essence of the world and deliver a solid gameplay experience. They offer an MMO-like gameplay and a customisable avatar as well as first person gameplay with hundreds of heroes to recruit.

This is the latest game in the franchise and it takes place in Gun Gale Online, a VRMMORPG. The story is a retelling of the first half of the Alicization arc of the anime and follows Kirito as he attempts to contact the outside world by logging in into GGO. This game has a lot of elements from the anime and manga, including a branching narrative with two default endings and one canonical true ending.[6]

The game is an action-oriented RPG with a team of three players who can be switched at any time during combat. It also has an open world where battles can be triggered in any area and features both ground and aerial combat. It also has an impressive art style and offers a great gameplay experience for fans of the series.

Although it was originally a PSP game, it has been repackaged for the PS4 and PS Vita in 2017. It is a full remake of the original Sword Art Online, featuring updated graphics and a new control system. This version also comes with a mini-campaign centered on Kirito and adapts the Death Fun incident into the gameverse.

This game is the fifth in the main Sword Art Online franchise and it is available on XBOX ONE, PC digital and PS4. It was developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco. The story starts when the Accelerated World and Svart ALfheim merge, causing Yui to get lost in the process. Kirito teams up with the NPC players from both MMORPGs to rescue her. The game also enhances the third person shooter combat with RPG leveling and experience points.[7]

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

While the anime is still the best way to experience Sword Art Online, there are a number of video games that take components of the universe and storyline and build them into an RPG-like experience. These games typically focus on combo orientated combat and require players to have both a deep understanding of the game mechanics and precise execution in order to succeed.

The first official Sword Art Online video game was Infinity Moment, which debuted in 2013 for the PSP and was later bundled into a remaster with Hollow Fragment. This title follows an alternate plot that explores what happens after Kirito defeats Heathcliff on floor 75 of Aincrad Castle, and features a few recurrent anime characters like Agito and Klein along with new characters Philia and Alicia Rue.

Despite being based on an alternate storyline, this is still the best in-universe Sword Art Online game to date. It also takes the story further by introducing many of the game-original characters from the Fairy Dance and Mother’s Rosario arcs. Its rudimentary original character system allows players to create their own avatar as well, although this doesn’t have much effect on the narrative.[8]

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is the newest in-universe Sword Art Online game, and it is also one of the most successful. This action MMORPG lets players create their own characters and fight alongside other players trapped in the Aincrad game world. It has a wide variety of weapons and armor and features a seamless real-time battle system that can be easily adapted for mobile devices.

Unlike Project Alicization, which is set in the Underworld and draws heavily from the Alicization arc, Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Blade Works is more of a prequel that explores the fourth Holy Grail War and features some events from the second route of the anime. This is also the only video game to feature the full roster of Fate/Stay Night anime characters, and it has a more action-oriented approach than the anime. However, this title has been criticized for its poor design and repetitive gameplay.

The Best Sword Art Online Game

Best Sword Art Online Game

The world of Sword Art Online makes for a fun video game, with dramatic fights and stylish attacks. However, the pre-built universe of game rules and terminology can lead to dull arguments and wonky framerates.

Alicization Lycoris is a great in-universe game, even if the exposition does go overboard. Running around key locations from the anime alongside new ones feels cool and combat is genuinely exciting.[9]

Fatal Bullet

For Sword Art Online fans looking for a change of pace and settings, Fatal Bullet is an interesting offering. Its third person shooter gameplay is a welcome departure from the emo swordsman-led fare that preceded it, while its story keeps players on their toes with a new direction for the series.

Developed by Dragon Ball Xenoverse developer Dimps, this SAO game is set in Gun Gale Online (GGO), the fictional virtual reality universe where players compete in MMORPG-style tasks such as clearing dungeons and earning rare gear. Instead of playing as Kirito or another previously established hero, you get to create your own silent protagonist with a surprisingly robust character creation tool that allows you to adjust everything from height and stature to decals and hairstyle.

Once you start your adventure, the game takes you into GGO to meet a variety of new characters and explore its vast landscapes. Along the way, you’ll encounter familiar faces from the anime and manga such as Asuna and Leafa but also some less-established ones like Kureha and ArFA-sys.[10]

If you can forgive the long and drawn out melodrama that’s bogged down the game’s pacing, bland level and enemy design and clunky combat system, Fatal Bullet is one of the stronger SAO games. It’s certainly not for everyone though, particularly those turned off by the questionable attitudes towards female characters and stereotypical male heroics on display.

The gun battles in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet are fun and challenging but the game lacks the freshness and imagination that made the original anime and manga so popular. Still, its unique setting and the option to play as your own avatar give it enough appeal for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

Hollow Realization

Best Sword Art Online Game

The most recent entry in the Sword Art Online franchise, Hollow Realization, delivers a good amount of content and some intriguing characters. However, the game isn’t for everyone. For those unfamiliar with the light novels or anime, it can be hard to get into, and even if you are a fan, it’s easy to become bored. Most of the experience is driven by dialogue and lengthy cutscenes that can last north of fifteen minutes at a time. These are interspersed with combat encounters that tend to be a mix of weak enemies and monsters that are at least twice your level.[11]

Like many of the previous games in the series, Hollow Realization is a VRMMORPG, and its story revolves around Kirito and his friends migrating to Ainground, a virtual world that appears to be similar to the original Sword Art Online. Once in the world, they encounter a NPC named Premiere who is something of a blank slate, and it’s up to players to discover more about her as they progress through the game.

The most noticeable improvement over the previous entries in the series is that Hollow Realization looks much better. While Re: Hollow Fragment is one of the ugliest games on the PlayStation 4, Hollow Realization uses its advanced graphics engine to deliver a more polished and visually appealing experience. It also boasts more intricate character animations and a variety of new environments to explore. Combined with the game’s engaging story and intense gameplay, Hollow Realization is easily worth its reasonable price tag. For fans of the anime and light novel series, it’s a welcome addition to the franchise.[12]

Alicization Lycoris

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is a JRPG that puts players in Kirito’s shoes as he explores an expansive virtual world called Underworld. Here you’ll engage in real-time combat against a wide range of monsters and build up your character by taking on quests, increasing your Renown stat, and forging relationships and friendships with other players.

The game does a decent job of capturing the essence of the anime and the novel’s story, though it does stray from canon at some points. This can be forgiven considering it aims to provide a new experience that’s enjoyable for both veteran and first-time fans of the series.

Fortunately, the Alicization Lycoris has some cool gameplay features that help it overcome its shortcomings and make it a more fun experience overall. For starters, the open-world environment features plenty of unique and cool areas to explore. The combat itself is also visually exciting, thanks to a wide array of anime-style sword arts and auto-combos that deliver satisfying hits.

You’ll also find a lot of different weapons to use, and you can customize them to suit your play style. Another neat feature is that the game collects data from player actions and adjusts the difficulty of enemies in real-time. This isn’t something that will affect all enemies, but it can make a big difference when fighting bosses.

Unfortunately, the Alicization Lycoris has a ton of other issues that prevent it from being truly good. Some of these include a noticeable input lag, frame rate issues that can make it hard to hit your targets during combat, and long loading times. Thankfully, fixes are in the works. Updates will hopefully address these issues, and the game’s potential can be realized for those willing to put up with them.[13]

Millennium Twilight

Best Sword Art Online Game

In Sword Art Online games, a lot of the fun has come from immersing players in the imaginative virtual worlds depicted by the anime. The best Sword Art Online games have always sought to recreate these virtual worlds, but with real-world stakes and authentic mechanics rather than ones that ape the prototypical MMORPG.

Accel World is the first one to do that and it has brought some great new ideas, particularly in terms of gameplay. Its players are all armed with “Neuro Linkers,” collar-shaped wearables that can both augmented reality and VR, and it lets them fight in a game that looks like a hybrid of City of Heroes and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with custom duel avatars and points that grant actual time-slowing superpowers.

Millennium Twilight takes the ideas from Accel World and brings them into a setting that’s more familiar to fans of the Sword Art Online series. That doesn’t mean it can’t stand on its own, however. It features a cast of characters that includes the likes of Kirito, Asuna and Black Lotus from Sword Art Online, as well as Silver Crow and Alice from Accel World.

The main thrust of the story sees the two universes collide and you need to battle to protect a girl called Yui, who has gone missing. The action is fast and fun, with bouts of aerial combat aplenty – and you can weaponise your flight for some visually striking combos.[14]

The graphics in the game are decent, but they’re a little bit blocky for my liking and there are some odd texture issues on PS4. But overall, this is a very solid addition to the series and a good way to immerse yourself in both Accel World and Sword Art Online.

Accel World

The most obvious of all the Sword Art Online spinoffs, Accel World features a young protagonist with a familiar backstory but plenty of fresh locales and gameplay mechanics to offer. Assuming you’re willing to accept the somewhat familiar structure and monster designs, Accel World is a welcome shot in the arm for the franchise.

The story takes place in a futuristic world where technology has advanced to the point where people live their daily lives inside virtual reality networks called Brain Burst. Bullies still exist, however, and 13-year-old Haruyuki Arita finds himself a frequent target. To cope with his misery, he uses a Neuro Linker to immerse himself in games.

One such game is an action RPG called Accel World where he plays as the character Silver Crow, who can fly through the air and fire laser beams at his enemies. As you level up, you can unlock new abilities and weapons to improve your characters. The game’s various difficulty options and ability to grind old characters up to relevance by replaying boss fights for experience make it endlessly appealing if you enjoy the thrill of maxing out your skill levels.[15]

Accel World is a great alternative to Sword Art Online for anyone who enjoys an action RPG that puts you at the center of the battle. The story has plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the characters are very well-developed. The only real drawback is that Kawahara Reki has a problem creating proper antagonists and bad guys, and he also tends to introduce a potentially interesting plot point or villain but then abandons it for a few volumes.

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