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Best Companies for Work Life Balance

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Companies for Work Life Balance

Best Companies for Work Life Balance, some industries are more conducive than others. The tech industry, for example, is a great choice for those looking to find a flexible work schedule. It also offers many options for remote work. [1]Real estate and aerospace and defense companies are also great choices for those who are looking for a flexible schedule.

Slalom Consulting

Best Companies for Work Life Balance
Best Companies for Work Life Balance

Traditionally, the consulting industry is infamous for long hours and frequent travel, but Slalom Consulting is changing the face of the industry by offering work life balance policies. These policies, backed by the company’s work-where-you-live philosophy, allow consultants to deliver work from the comfort [2]of their homes, eliminating unwanted travel. In addition, Slalom’s consultants are trained in local economies and market conditions, allowing them to provide virtual client service to clients anywhere in the United States.

Working for Slalom is rewarding in many ways, and the company’s culture is proven to foster personal growth. [3]Employees are encouraged to choose projects that will help them achieve their work-life balance goals. The company promotes autonomy and flexibility and attracts the best talent.

The company has earned numerous awards for its work culture. The company was voted as the best place to work by the Fortune 100 for four consecutive years and consistently ranks high on Glassdoor’s Best Workplaces list.[4] Slalom provides employees a generous benefits package and encourages working in their hometowns. In addition, Slalom also places a strong emphasis on family life and encourages work-life balance.

Slalom is a modern consulting firm, with teams working in 40 markets around the world. They are supported by a global culture of collaboration and innovation, and partner with leading technology providers. [5]Slalom boasts a diverse client base that includes half of the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500. It also has a growing network of start-ups and other innovative companies.

Capital One

Best Companies for Work Life Balance
Best Companies for Work Life Balance

At Capital One, associates are encouraged to balance their personal and professional lives. The culture supports this by recognizing that associates are more than just employees, but also parents, community leaders, and friends.[6] As a result, work/life balance is a high priority. In addition to rewarding associates with great pay, the company offers flexible work hours and encourages associates to stay involved in their communities.

The company has received numerous diversity awards, including the Corporate Excellence in Access to Capital and Top Company for Executive Women. In addition, it was named one of the Best Workplaces for LGBT and disability inclusion by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. [7]The company’s Customer Advocates are representatives of its values in the community. They work in various departments to promote employee success and satisfaction.

In addition, Capital One’s working culture fosters an environment that fosters collaboration and connection. [8]As a result, associates are encouraged to tackle challenges with a positive attitude and find innovative solutions. Moreover, Capital One’s flexible work hours also ensures that employees have time for personal and professional development.

Although Capital One’s hiring process takes several weeks, candidates can expect a screening interview within two weeks of application. If they are chosen, they can expect to hear from the company within two weeks after the interview.[9] Applicants need not have a college degree to apply, but they should consider other qualifications such as professional experience.


Best Companies for Work Life Balance
Best Companies for Work Life Balance

DocuSign is a tech company that offers electronic signatures to business owners and consumers. Their employees can access documents in just a few seconds and sign them securely with a touch of a button. The company has made big waves as a trustworthy electronic signature platform and their employees often praise the benefits and work life balance policies. [10]However, some employees complain about a high degree of workload and a lack of work life balance.

The company has a fun, easygoing culture and good pay. However, it is important to note that they are growing rapidly and growing pains are common. DocuSign’s management can be unresponsive and new changes can be unwelcome, but employees are generally happy with the company’s benefits.

The company’s technology platform helps organizations connect and automate data workflows. Its eSignature is the number one method of electronic signature and can be used anywhere, at any time. Their cloud-based platform has over a billion users and millions of customers.[11] Working for DocuSign means simplifying people’s lives and helping them accomplish their goals.


According to a study by Comparably, Intuit ranks among the best companies for work life balance. Its employees can earn up to 21 days of paid leave per year, and it offers perks such as company parties and retreats. Its culture is also geared towards a high degree of personal growth and development. In fact, 88% of its employees say that their work-life balance is excellent.[12] The company, which is behind TurboTax, also came in second place in the 2018 work-life balance awards. Its employees love the work-life balance at Intuit.

In the survey, employees were asked anonymously about their work-life balance. They were asked about factors such as how much they were working, how much time they needed to spend with their family, and whether they felt burnt out at the end of the day. The tech sector ranked high, along with real estate and aerospace companies.

One company that promotes a work-life balance is Eden Workplace, which keeps its Summer Friday tradition year-round.[13] It recently launched four new software products on Fridays and increased its revenue 11 times in the last year. In addition, the company has an unlimited vacation policy. While this sounds like a dream, it’s not the real world.

Work-life balance is a critical factor in attracting talented people. While some people dislike the term “work-life balance,” others argue that work and life should be equal in weight. Nevertheless, many companies recognize that employees must find ways to achieve a work-life balance that works for their individual lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a great work life balance, HubSpot may be the company for you. The company is known for its innovative marketing software and has a culture of inclusion and respect. [14]The company’s words and actions are mirrored by their values, which includes humility, adaptability, and transparency.

HubSpot offers a lot of flexibility, including the chance to work from home. Its employees are kept informed about major decisions made by the company, which gives them a sense of ownership. It also offers employees a four-week paid sabbatical, which many use to travel, learn new skills, or schedule major life events.

Working at HubSpot means that you can work from home and enjoy your work life at the same time. While this may not be for everyone, it’s a great option for those who want flexibility and adaptability. With flexible hours, you can take a day off to spend with your family, or you can stay at the office and work on your own schedule.

The Boston-based marketing firm HubSpot is the best company for work-life balance, topping the list among the Best Companies for Work Life Balance, according to Glassdoor. The company beat out management consulting firm Bain & Co. in the Employees’ Choice Awards, which recognize the best places to work in 2020.

Glassdoor ranks companies based on work/life balance and compensation. It’s a great place to find out how your ideal job fits your values and lifestyle. The work-life balance score of Google is 4.3. The company offers a culture and benefits that are conducive to work-life balance.


The work-life balance score of Starbucks is also high, making it one of the Best Companies for Work Life Balance. [15]This company also has a flexible schedule and offers unlimited paid time off. The company ranks among the best companies for women and has won awards for its work-life balance and culture. Starbucks and Target are among the largest retail companies in the world.

BrandXR’s Co-Founders have made it a point to instill a work-life balance culture in the company. They believe that this not only enhances company performance, but it also helps build camaraderie among team members. This helps foster open and honest conversations that ultimately improve business. For example, the BrandXR team recently took a retreat to Savannah, GA to spend time together outside the office.

The company’s people-first culture has made it one of the Best Companies for Work-Life Balance. Employees enjoy a flexible schedule, paid time off, and counseling. The company also has a parental leave program.

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