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    Awesome ThermoWorks signals in2023

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    ThermoWorks Signals Review

    ThermoWorks signals. The Thermoworks Signals is a dual probe thermometer that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology to send critical temperatures and alarms to your smart device or web dashboard for monitoring and analysis. Designed for competition BBQ teams, commercial smokehouses and professional chefs, it has all the powerful features and convenience you’ve come to expect from ThermoWorks.[1]

    ThermoWorks Signals Bluetooth Thermometer Review

    ThermoWorks signals
    ThermoWorks signals

    ThermoWorks is a well-known brand that has been making reliable, accurate thermometers for years. Known for their fast temperature readings and great ranges, they make a variety of products that cater to both professional and home cooks.

    The Signals is a 4-probe wireless thermometer that works as a BBQ or grill thermometer, but can also be used as a oven monitor. It has a data-rich display screen, great backlighting, and a magnetic holder that holds the probes securely while you cook.[2]

    It can be controlled by either Bluetooth or WiFi, letting you keep tabs on your cooking sessions from anywhere. It can also be paired with the Signals app to display real-time readings on your phone, or to track your cooking progress using the graph page in the app.

    Another key feature of this model is that it can be recharged via a USB cable or the included power adapter. It’s worth noting that the charge cable that comes with the thermometer is unusual, and it will not work with most standard USB chargers, so make sure you have a compatible device to plug it into.

    In addition, the thermometer can be paired with other ThermoWorks devices to use as a multi-probe setup, which is a good option if you’re looking to share your probes across multiple devices.[3]

    ThermoWorks is a US-based company that has been focusing on making thermometers that have incredible accuracy and long battery life, but are affordable to most people. Their products have been a staple of the cooking world for decades, and their products are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

    ThermoWorks Signals Wifi/Bluetooth Thermometer.

    ThermoWorks signals
    ThermoWorks signals

    ThermoWorks has been making high-quality thermometers for a long time, and their latest offering is the Signals Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Thermometer. It’s a great choice for those who want to monitor their food while it’s cooking without having to leave home.[4]

    The app connects the Signals to a cloud-based service that logs all of the temperature readings made by the device, allowing users to view them remotely from anywhere. It also allows the user to name each probe, set high and low alarms, and see what the minimum and maximum temperatures are for each probe.

    It also includes a set of eight colored silicone probe rings that roll onto each end of the probes, making it easy to identify which probe is connected to which channel when using more than one at a time. The rings are rated for 600degF, but it’s still a good idea to wipe them down after each use.

    In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Signals features a big dashboard-like display that shows channel name identifiers, current temperature, high and low alarm settings, and alarm state for each probe, plus volume level, battery state, and wireless status. You can control all of these functions from the app or with physical buttons on the device.[5]

    You can also color-code your probes by inputting a different four-character name for each channel (i.e. Beef, Pork, Lamb), or by using the 8 High Temp Silicone Color Bands that roll onto each end of the probes. The colors are a lot easier to see than you’d think and can help you get to the right temperature fast.

    The Signals can be powered by a 12V USB power adapter that’s included. It takes about 12 hours to charge the unit and will last 16 hours on a single charge. If you’re going to be doing a really long smoke, you should plan ahead and be sure to have an extra charge on hand.[6]

    Testing the Thermoworks Signals.

    The Signals are a top of the line, heavy duty dual probe thermometer with a lot going for it. A large, bright display screen, programmable channel names and new high temperature silicone color bands are all hallmarks of this premium thermometer.

    The app is also a winner with a very intuitive interface for most users, a nice looking dashboard page and a good number of data points to keep track of. The app also has a few unique features such as the Billows BBQ control fan which allows you to dial in the cook temps of your BBQ pit hour after hour without ever having to lift a finger.[7]

    Another cool feature is the ring-o-meter which shows you the highest temp reached by each of your probes and their alarm triggers in real time as well as the average for each one. This is a really cool feature that I wish more controllers had.

    Aside from the big screen, one of the most impressive features about the Signals is the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology. This allows you to connect to the device from anywhere in the world with internet access, and if your phone has WiFi or a compatible Bluetooth module you can receive live alerts when temperatures reach specific levels.

    The Signals also uses commercial-grade Pro-Series temperature probes exclusive to ThermoWorks to deliver improved accuracy, faster response and wider temperature ranges. It also has splash-proof molding and magnetic backing for additional placement options, plus a few other tricks up its sleeve. The best part is it will last for years. The Signals is also a great example of the ThermoWorks commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.[8]

    ThermoWorks App

    The ThermoWorks App is a great way to control your Signals remotely and check on things as you cook. The app is free to download and runs on Android devices. The app allows you to monitor multiple ThermoWorks units, set alarms, customize channel names, and view graphs.

    This is a great feature for competition BBQ teams and professional chefs who are out and about all the time. They don’t always have reliable internet connections and may not have the ability to set up a Wi-Fi connection with their mobile device. This app helps you connect your ThermoWorks Signals to their cloud-based service, and it gives you the option to connect via Bluetooth as well if you’re out of range of WiFi.[9]

    The app also allows you to customize the display screen. You can choose which channel you want to see, and you can change the color of the probes that are being used to track temperatures. The app is very easy to use if you’re familiar with apps, and once you’ve set up your account you can monitor all of your ThermoWorks units.

    Another nice feature of the app is that you can set up high-low alarms for your probes from within the app. This is a feature that isn’t available on other Wi-Fi enabled remote thermometers, which makes it even more convenient for these users.

    The ThermoWorks Signals is a solid choice for any user that wants a remote thermometer that can monitor four different temperatures. Its big backlit dashboard-style display makes it easy to track your cooking progress and you can change the color of the probes so that you know which ones are being used for which temperatures at a glance.[10]

    Cooking with the ThermoWorks Signals.

    If you’re into BBQ, grilling or smoking, it’s important to keep an eye on your meat’s temperature so that you can make sure the entire grill is evenly cooked. Whether you’re working on a slab of ribs or a hefty cut of steak, your meat can go from perfect to overcooked in a flash. It’s easy to lose track of your progress and forget when the meat is done, but the ThermoWorks Signals helps you keep on top of it all with an app that delivers precise information to your phone.[11]

    The Signals uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for continuous real time alerts whether you’re in the kitchen or across town. It also has a large, backlit dashboard-style display and a sturdy self-standing weather-resistant case for durability.

    It accepts up to four probes from ThermoWorks. Each probe comes with a metal braided cable that is 47 inches long and includes a grate clip for putting the probe in place at grate level. This is a great feature for those that have a smoker or grill with a hood where the probe is not easily accessible.[12]

    Each of the ThermoWorks probes is made from commercial grade stainless steel for accuracy, durability and heat resistance. You can even replace your probes if you break them, making the Signals a great investment for BBQ enthusiasts and serious cooks alike!

    You can set the high-low alarms for each probe, name them and view their minimum and maximum temperatures all from the Signals app. It also lets you download your graphs, Max/Min readings and alert history to your phone for archival storage. This is great if you’re planning on doing multiple cooks in the future as you can always access your past data in the app without having to remember where you plugged in each probe.

    ThermoWorks Signals Review

    ThermoWorks signals is a new four-channel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote thermometer from ThermoWorks. It can both be connected to your smart device or used as a stand-alone unit with physical buttons.

    It wirelessly pushes critical temps and alarms to your phone or a centralized web dashboard for tracking and analysis. Set high/low alarms, track min/max temps and graph data.[13]

    What’s in the Box?

    ThermoWorks signals
    ThermoWorks signals

    When you receive a thermoworks signal you will receive 4 Thermoworks Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probes, one Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe and one 12 Volt USB Power Adapter. These are the best cooking probes in the industry and they will give you accurate, fast readings.

    These probes are also rated for longer use than other brands. This means you can use them to measure temperatures for longer periods of time without worrying about them breaking down or losing accuracy.[14]

    Thermoworks has designed their probes to be durable and resistant to the pinches, creases and pressure that everyday handling puts on them. They have also included a stainless steel over-braid on the wire carrying the probe to help it survive day to day abuse.

    You will also get a USB-C charger that charges the unit and it has a backlight that stays on for 20 seconds when you press it, making it easier to check your temperature after smoking overnight. This is an excellent feature for anyone who uses their thermometer on an ongoing basis.

    The Signals comes with a free Bluetooth connection to your iOS or Android device and it is compatible with the free Thermoworks BBQ app which allows you to display the four-probe temperature readouts in corresponding colors for easy monitoring. The app also lets you save notes for each session and assign it to a specific location.[15]


    ThermoWorks signals
    ThermoWorks signals

    ThermoWorks makes some of the most technologically advanced BBQ thermometers on the market. Their latest offering, the Signals, is an augmented reality mobile app controlled thermometer that allows users to monitor their meat temps remotely via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Unlike most Bluetooth thermometers that only allow you to view data via a wireless screen on your smartphone or tablet, the Signals boasts an impressive touchscreen interface that lets you set up custom logging intervals and alarm limits, making it possible to keep track of critical temperatures on a moment’s notice.[16]

    To help you make the most of your Signals, ThermoWorks has reimagined their mobile app with cutting edge engineering and a suite of features that are worthy of a new app name. For instance, a redesigned graphing engine displays temperature and time points with style, while the new app can also display a corresponding ring containing the most important information about your last cook. It’s an excellent piece of kit for the discerning chef, bbq enthusiast, or anyone who wants to get more from their cooking and grilling adventures.[17]

    Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probes

    Thermoworks signal probes are a great option for those who want a simple, high accuracy thermometer. They use thermistor technology, which is not as fast or accurate as thermocouple probes that use two tiny wires to detect the heat, but they have a wider margin of error and are more economical than thermocouple probes.

    The DOT comes with a 4.5-inch Pro-Series High Temp Straight Penetration Probe that reads temperatures up to 572degF and a 47 inch cable that withstands 700degF. You can add up to 4 optional probes for even more versatility.[18]

    These probes are a bit pricier than the DOT, but they’re backed by a five-year warranty and are based in the US. They also feature a splash-proof design, so they’re a great choice for outdoor cooking.

    You can also pair them with your phone via Bluetooth, which is a lot easier than using a corded thermometer. It only takes a few steps to set up the app and connect your probes to it.

    These are a great option for those who don’t need to use multiple probes, and they come with a great storage case that protects your probes and keeps them clean while they’re in the back of your cooler. It’s the best option we’ve tested for keeping your probes safe and dry.

    Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe

    When paired with the app, this probe can help you monitor ambient temperatures in your fridge or freezer. It also makes a good companion for smokers and grills because you can monitor the air temperature inside your firebox or smoker from your phone.

    One of the more useful features of the Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe is the ability to toggle between giving you the current temperature and an average temperature for 15 minutes. This is a handy feature because it will save you from constantly chasing slight incremental changes in your grills or smokers.[19]

    Another nice feature is that you can easily pair the Pro-Series High Temp Air probe with your Signals or ChefAlarm. Just hold down the power button and right arrow until the Bluetooth symbol pops up on your phone. Once the probe is connected to your app, simply select the device from the menu and it will be listed for you to pair with.

    The Pro-Series High Temp Air Probe also comes with 8 color-coded silicone probe rings for you to place on each end of your probe. This will help you identify which probe is connected to which channel when using multiple probes. It is also important to wipe down these probe rings after each use because they can darken with heavy layers of smoke.[20]

    12 Volt USB Power Adapter

    The 12 Volt USB Power Adapter is included with every thermoworks signal to allow you to charge the unit from a 110 V outlet while you are using it. It is also an excellent way to charge your phone or other USB devices on your vehicle’s 12V battery without having to use the Battery Tender Quick Disconnect cable. This is especially useful for powering your cell phone or GPS on long trips and when you are traveling in an RV.[21]

    While the power supply and charger are great, you need to be careful when charging your device because they put out 12 volts. Many standard USB power supplies put out 5 volts, so if you are not careful or alert when charging your device with the ThermoWorks cable, it may damage your device! In addition, if you are looking to run your device with a standard USB power source you will need a power converter. Lone Star Aviation has two great models for this purpose. Please select the model that best fits your needs.

    High Temp Silicone Color Probe Rings

    These spools come in a variety of colors and are designed to keep your probes neat, tidy, and tangle-free. They’re compatible with any ThermoWorks Pro-Series(r) probes or thermocouples probes and will last a long time before needing to be replaced. They are splash-proof and magnetically mounted for added placement options. They are also a clear winner for the most obvious feature – they help you identify which channel your high temperature probe is connected to on your Signals.[22]

    Using one of these rings will be a breeze!

    Whether you’re planning on setting up your own high temp smoke shop or just want to add some flair to the home kitchen, these rings are the way to go.
    – See the full product details for more information!

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