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Websites For Logos


Top Websites For Logos

Websites For Logos, If you’re looking for a high-quality logo design for your business, there are some websites that can help.[1]These include Design Evo, Place it, Tailor Brands, and Design hill. Here are some tips to get the best logo design possible. Make sure you choose the right format for your logo design.


Websites For Logos
Websites For Logos

Placeit is a website that helps people design logos and brand identities. Its purpose is to provide simple, cloud-based alternatives to the more complex software and applications that can often make the job of creating a logo more complicated. While the range of logo file types is relatively limited, users can get their logos in various resolutions and sizes. [2]In addition, Placeit also has a helpful Help Center that offers step-by-step videos to help users get started. The customer support team is friendly and helpful.

One of the biggest strengths of Placeit is its customizable logo maker. This feature allows users to change the colors in their logo and create a more personalized design. In addition, they can change the font, background color, and even add an audio track. This is perfect for social media posts and video intros. The website is easy to use, although the preview time can be a bit lengthy. There are seven different styles available to choose from.[3]

The platform provides a variety of free mockups for logos, social media posts, and ads. The user can also upload their own image to customize the design. Once they have decided on a design, users can change its color and add text. They can also buy single designs or subscribe to a subscription to access unlimited mockups. In either case, they can use the designs for commercial purposes.


DesignEvo is a website dedicated to logo creation that offers users plenty of customization options. They can use a template for a logo or start from scratch to come up with a logo that is unique to their company.[4] Users can customize their logo with multiple colors and other design elements. They can also change the shape of their logo and choose different fonts and backgrounds.

The interface of DesignEvo is simple but powerful. The main part of the interface is a large sidebar on the far left which is where you create all the visuals. There is also a Help button at the top of the screen that will guide you through different tasks and options. It also has basic zoom and resolution options, an Align menu and a preview/save feature.[5]

The website also offers dozens of font choices. You can choose from Classic, Modern, and Art fonts. There is also a Handwriting, Funny, and Bold category. In addition to these options, you can also choose a background color for your logo. Using this option will help you add a gradient or make the background transparent.

DesignEvo allows anyone, from beginners to professional designers, to design their own logos. It offers a Logo Editor that lets users modify logo designs on a unified dashboard. Users can also save their changes in a cloud account. [6]The tool is easy to use and contains preset icons and fonts to help users design their logos.

Tailor Brands

Websites For Logos
Websites For Logos

When it comes to customizing your brand identity, Tailor Brands is an excellent resource. The company offers a wide range of brand tools, including a logo editor, business card maker, and letterhead builder. [7]After completing the logo editor, you’ll be asked to approve the design and confirm the details. After the design has been approved, you can then download the letterhead design. The site also offers tools for building your online presence, including a mini-website builder, which includes expertly designed templates.

Tailor Brands also includes an advanced logo generator, which will create a number of logo layouts based on your preferences. To use the generator, you must first register at the site. Once you’ve registered, the tool will ask you for your company name, and a font style. Once you have entered this information, the site will provide you with a few suitable logo samples. You can choose to see a few samples of each logo, or you can choose to view all the logos available. The logo generator will generate logos based on the details you’ve provided, and will only recommend the ones that fit your company’s needs.[8]

The Tailor Brands logo editor is simple and self-explanatory, but there are some limitations. For one, it’s not always easy to see all of your options in the same place. If you’re not happy with your design, you can always cancel your subscription after a month. This will ensure that your logo will look exactly as you’d like it.

Design hill

Design hill is a website that allows you to hire a designer to create a logo for your business. Its services range from logo creation to website design. The website offers a basic logo maker that costs $20, up to a high-resolution logo that costs $65. Other design services include a library of pre-made templates and professional logo designers.[9] Design hill offers a 5% commission for its designers’ work.

The website is user-friendly and offers a variety of options. It has a global community of talented designers who work on various projects. Once you choose a designer, you can leave feedback on their work through private messages, comments, and star ratings.[10] Once you’ve chosen a designer, you’ll have 14 days to select a design. The winner will sign a Design Transfer Agreement with you.

You can also use the site’s Logo Maker to create a logo on your own. The site also has hundreds of free custom logos. If you’re still not sure how to create your own, the site offers a preview feature so you can see how your logo would look on different items. You can even choose to pay for a package that includes several designs.

Creating a logo on Design hill is quick and easy. The logo maker on the site uses AI technology to help you design a logo quickly. It’s also easy to use, and comes with a huge library of AI-generated design variations. [11]The site also offers a help center and tutorials for beginners. You can also hire a designer and get a custom logo that meets your business’s specifications. The website has a good reputation among customers and is easy to use.

Design Crowd

Websites For Logos
Websites For Logos

Design Crowd is a website that allows anyone to design a logo. Their designs are customizable, and they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with them. Unlike other websites, which charge a fee for revisions, Design Crowd allows you to return the design within 30 days. [12]They have a large community of designers, and their packages are reasonably priced. They cover a variety of graphic design needs, from logos to website design.

The downside of Design Crowd is that you have to deal with a poor quality design team. The site does have a support staff, but it is virtually nonexistent. Also, the briefs are not always clear or complete. If you have a lot of details, it may be difficult to make clear briefs. [13]You can choose to work with a designer one-on-one if you’d like.

You can also run a logo design contest on Design Crowd. You’ll need to write a brief and describe your project. You’ll want to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. You’ll also want to include images, and you’ll need to pay a small fee to hold the contest. Luckily, contests are easy to run, and you can even run polls and interact with the designers.[14]

Design Crowd works with thousands of freelance designers from around the world to create customized logos and other creative projects. The site boasts more than 660,000 designers and has completed more than 280,000 projects. You can choose from anywhere from 25 to 100 designs per project. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can get a refund and start a new project.[15]


If you need a logo for your business, there are a number of websites that offer help in logo design. [16]These include Turbologo, Placeit, Canva, and Adobe Express. However, if you don’t have a lot of time or aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for helpful tips.


Websites For Logos
Websites For Logos

Canva is a popular website for creating custom logos. It has an extensive library of pre-made designs. These can be edited and downloaded in PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. There are also templates for web banners and T-shirts, so you can easily create a unique look for your business. You can also purchase a premium plan and unlock all of the designs at once. [17]While it can be costly to purchase each logo separately, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a plan and purchasing a bundle of templates at once.

If you’re new to logo design, you may want to start by using free logo templates. These templates include a transparent background and your business name. You can customize the font, size, and other options to make your logo unique. You can also download a high-resolution version of your new logo for free.

If you need a custom logo and don’t want to spend time learning how to use these tools, you can pay for a logo designed by a professional.[18] While you can get some great results with Canva, it does require a bit of time. It has an impressive AI-driven tool and is a good place to learn basic design concepts.

If you’re trying to save money, or need a logo that will look professional, try Canva. The website has a number of templates to choose from, but you must be aware that there are restrictions when using the logos you download from Canva.


Placeit is a website that lets you create your own logo. You can upload your image and change the color, font, and design elements.[19] You can then download the design. You can also buy single designs or subscribe to a paid plan to use unlimited assets. Placeit is great for businesses that don’t have an in-house designer.

Placeit is easy to use, even for newbie designers and online store owners. However, it lacks the advanced editing and customization options of a professional design service. Users have noted that they do not have access to advanced cropping, realistic blur, or color background options. Placeit also has a limited selection of models and images – there are only about 3,000 available.

Placeit offers flexible contracts and cancellation policies. Users can choose from month-to-month plans or an annual plan with a 50% discount. However, it is important to note that cancellation of the annual subscription does not affect your rights to the logo. Fortunately, Placeit provides a helpful Help Center and how-to videos to help customers make informed decisions. [20]Its customer support is friendly and helpful.

Placeit has a number of tools that help users create logos. The Placeit logo maker, for example, is easy to use. You can choose the font, color palette, and text. You can also add or remove other symbols. The background color of the logo is customizable, as well. If you’re satisfied with the design, you can choose to purchase it.

Placeit offers a wide selection of professionally designed logo templates. You can choose between text-based or icon-based designs. The process is easy and has no learning curve. However, there are a few areas where Placeit can improve, such as the lack of undo buttons.


Turbologo is a free website that lets users create logos for free. The design software is easy to use, and users get unlimited access to high-resolution files. Turbologo is great for both beginners and experienced designers. It offers an extensive library of templates and images and an AI that combines colors and styles. It also offers a gallery of famous logos.

Turbologo has an easy to use interface and offers a large collection of icons and fonts to use for your logo. You can also choose between free and paid options for a logo, and the tool even offers color palette suggestions. Once you choose a logo, Turbologo can also help you design a letterhead, envelope, and corporate business cards.

Turbologo is free for the first five logos you design, but there are paid options for each step of the process. It is possible to create a logo for free, but you’ll lose the flexibility of using other fonts and styles. However, you can buy individual packs and save money with premium services. Turbologo also has an affiliate program that pays you 30% of every sale. The fee is one-time, and you can receive your commission through PayPal, Paneer, or credit card.

When purchasing a Turbo logo, it comes in PNG format with transparent background. This makes it ideal for use on websites. You can also download the logo in other formats, such as SVG and PDF. These formats will ensure consistent quality across different formats. So, the next time you need to make a logo for your website, you can be sure it will look great.

Adobe Express

Websites For Logos
Websites For Logos

If you need a logo for your business but are limited by your budget, you can use the Adobe Express websites. The website enables you to upload your own logo and choose from a variety of template designs. Once you’ve uploaded your logo, you can customize the design as desired by combining different elements.

Adobe Express offers a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan is perfect for those just starting out as it includes the most basic features. This option gives you the opportunity to create a few designs and test the platform out. It also allows you to upload a number of different brands to your account.

The free version of Adobe Express allows you to create and edit a wide range of designs. It is easy to use and offers professionally designed templates that you can edit and share. The software also includes a large library of royalty-free videos, charts, and emojis. Adobe Express’s interface is much cleaner than Canva’s and has more white space. Users also like the fact that they can search for any type of asset they need.

Adobe Express is available as a desktop version and a mobile app. Both programs have drag and drop editors. They offer a free 30-day trial and allow you to download the apps. Adobe is a creative software provider with over 40 years of experience. The new website will be included in the company’s software offering by the end of 2021.

Adobe Express also has an option for editing images. It is compatible with many popular file formats. It is also compatible with a wide variety of computers with an Internet connection. Uploading an image is simple with Adobe Express, and you can customize its size. Its tools for editing include removing the background and applying filters.


Squarespace websites are a fantastic way to showcase your business’ logo. They have a range of customization options, including the ability to customize the font, color, and icon. In addition to the options to customize these elements, you can preview how your logo will look on various media. If you’re looking to create an impressive logo for your brand, Squarespace makes it easy with their logo maker.

However, Squarespace does not make it easy for you to upload SVG files. In order to use an SVG file on your Squarespace website, you’ll need to use custom coding. This will require replacing your header logo image with a PNG image and creating an SVG file.

Before you upload a Squarespace logo, you’ll need to figure out the dimensions of your logo. You can either upload a file from your computer or choose from the website’s image library. Once you’ve uploaded your logo, it will be stored in your website’s image library. To view it, scroll through the image library and select the logo you want. Make sure that your logo is the right size, with the height and width ideally 90px.

A Squarespace logo should be easy to read and easily scaled to fit on a site’s template. In addition, it should be easy to change and adapt to different background colors and font styles. A squarespace logo should look professional and stand out among the competition. It should also be legible at different sizes, whether small or large.

Squarespace has a gallery block option for creating a logo on your website. This feature allows you to showcase your logo using images in a variety of different ways. Since images are not universally compatible, they may not be sized correctly. However, you can adjust the spacing between images to accommodate this.

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