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Texting Websites Free

How to Use Free Texting Websites

Texting Websites Free, If you want to send SMS messages to friends and family for free, you can use texting websites to do so. There are several different options, and these websites can be very useful if you are new to using text messaging. The easiest way to get started is to sign up for a free account at one of the services. Once you have a user account, you can start sending messages. Some of these services also let you receive messages from people via email.[1]


Texting Websites Free
Texting Websites Free

One of the best aspects of free texting websites is that they don’t require any downloads or software. This makes them compatible with most popular web browsers. They also don’t keep logs of the messages you send or receive. However, some free texting websites do record your IP address in order to prevent illicit activity.[2] This feature is helpful to protect your privacy. In addition, some of these free texting websites allow you to send messages anonymously.

OpenTextingOnline is an excellent free text messaging website that allows you to send free messages to anyone in the world without any registration. This website supports over 100 phone carriers, as well as video and audio files. It is also very secure and easy to use. This website also offers many other features, including file sharing and voice calling.

This website allows you to send individual and group messages, and has a catalog of common texting terms and abbreviations. It also allows you to block specific numbers and ensure that no one receives unsolicited messages. It also provides the ability to schedule delivery of messages. The site also offers many customizable features such as wallpapers and cover photos. You can even send YouTube links to your contacts!

Another free texting website is Textforfree. This website allows you to send free SMS in the USA. To create an account, you’ll need a phone number and an email address. Then, you’ll be able to send free SMS and MMS messages to anyone in the world. The site also offers secure and anonymous sending of text messages.[3]

OpenTextingOnline also allows you to send and receive messages with a number of carriers worldwide. It works with carriers in most of North America and Europe, as well as some exotic places. With OpenTextingOnline, you’ll be able to attach multimedia files to your messages, such as pictures or videos. The only catch is that this free texting website doesn’t support replying or sending bulk messages.

Text ’em

Free texting websites are an easy and convenient way to send and receive text messages for free. You can use them from your PC and cell phone, and you can get your message across within minutes. To use these services, you should sign up for a free account at a texting website. After signing up, you should check your email inbox for a verification code or captcha.

These websites let you send individual and group text messages, and you can import your contacts and mobile numbers from your phone. They also allow you to schedule when messages will be delivered. They even offer customizable cover photos and wallpapers for your mobile device. You can also send YouTube links through them and customize your chats to fit your style. And there are no ads!

Another free texting website is YouMint, which lets you send unlimited free SMS. All you need is a Facebook account or a valid email address. Simply type in the recipient’s mobile number and a message, and you’re good to go. This site also boasts of various SMS templates that you can use to send messages. You can also save contacts so you can send them messages later.[4]

The free texting website Txtdrop offers anonymous texting within the United States. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and has a free iOS application. The website requires no registration and allows you to send up to 145 characters at a time. There are no hidden charges, and you can even send SMS messages to more than 90 countries!

SimpleTexting supports both MMS and SMS and supports multimedia text messages. It also has a mobile landing page that lets you create a list of contacts. It’s also the best option for sending individual text messages around the world. SimpleTexting allows you to create a personal account with a username and password. Users also need a valid email address and a valid date of birth to receive replies to their messages.


YouMint is a free texting service that was developed by the same guys who started the mobile shortcode revolution in India. The website uses SMS messaging to connect its members with advertisers. To become a member of YouMint, you must provide a valid mobile number. It will send you a verification SMS message to confirm your account. If the number is not valid, YouMint may downgrade your membership, lower your payouts, or terminate it.

YouMint allows users to send free SMS in India to any cell phone. It also claims to serve contextual advertisements to provide users with relevant messages. You can also send messages to friends and family members, and earn commissions from advertisements and referrals. YouMint is currently only available in India.

There are many other features of YouMint. Not only can you send SMS to any number, but you can also receive free mobile content. The site offers free SMS in India, and you can send unlimited messages for free. To get started, you need to register. Sign up by providing your name, email address, and mobile number. Once you’re registered, the site will append contextual ads to your messages. It also pays you for referring your friends to the service.[5]

YouMint is a great website for sending unlimited free SMS. You’ll need an email address or Facebook account to sign up. Once you have an account, you can enter your mobile number and message and start sending text messages. This site is great for free text messaging and allows you to send messages to any country in the world.


Apart from being a free SMS website, Atrochatro offers a variety of entertainment materials to its users. You can browse through the large variety of e-cards, download games for mobiles and laptops, and play online quizzes. You can also read funny jokes and get your daily horoscope.

The service allows you to send and receive free messages to any US phone number. Most free texting websites do not require registration and let you send unlimited text messages. Some of them have advanced features, such as setting up contacts, sending messages periodically, and viewing the history of your messages. Some sites even offer a free address book.


Texting Websites Free
Texting Websites Free

SimpleTexting is a free texting website that lets you send and receive text messages. The service lets you create a campaign, choose a template, add custom fields, and customize your messages. It is easy to use and has a sleek interface optimized for efficiency. You can also choose to send messages to one or many lists, and set the time and frequency of sending.[6]

SimpleTexting allows you to send international texts, and you can also send free messages to groups of up to 100 people. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, and there’s an iOS application available as well. It does not require any type of registration, although you’ll need to enter your email id to send messages to a list of people.

There are many free texting websites that you can choose from. Most of them don’t require registration. All of them let you send unlimited messages, and many of them let you add pictures, videos, and audio files to your messages. Some of these websites also have a free option that allows you to send up to 200 texts per month.

SimpleTexting has a range of pricing plans, including plans for large businesses. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly, and you’ll receive a 20 percent discount on your monthly bill. Business-level customers can also benefit from custom packages. You’ll receive a free toll-free number and can also connect a local or VoIP number to your account. You can even buy keywords and templates a la carte. SimpleTexting also offers a 14-day free trial.

SimpleTexting also allows you to create text message campaigns, and has many features, such as an autoresponder tool, appointment reminders, and survey capabilities. SimpleTexting is an excellent choice for businesses looking to launch their SMS marketing campaign. SimpleTexting offers free account setup, live customer support, and affordable plans to get started.

Free Texting Websites

There are several free texting websites out there. Among them are OpenTextingOnline, TextEm, YouMint, and Way2sms. These websites offer unlimited free texting to your contacts. They also allow you to add a page to your own website, and add a “TEXT Me” button to the homepage.[7]


OpenTextingOnline is a website that allows you to send free text messages to as many people as you want without creating an account. The service works in around 50 countries and does not require you to register. It supports several popular browsers and features the option to send up to 140 characters per message. It also offers several features such as group and individual chats, and you can easily import contacts from your mobile device. Users can also add pictures to their messages and customize their chats. OpenTextingOnline also has security measures in place to protect their users’ data. You can block telemarketers and protect your privacy by allowing only those people on your list to receive texts.

Another perk of using a free texting website is that it does not require you to install any software on your computer to send and receive messages. Most of these websites do not even require you to register to use their service. They also do not log your messages. However, some do log your IP address in order to protect against illegal activity. Many free texting websites also allow you to keep your messages private and anonymous.

OpenTextingOnline offers the ability to send images and video messages to your contacts. The service also lets you send up to 300 KB. The service also offers groups messaging, which can be beneficial in some situations. You can create a group chat with up to ten other users.

This website also has a comprehensive catalog of texting jargon and abbreviations. It also offers the ability to block specific phone numbers and allows users to send messages anonymously. It also features an integrated international keyboard. OpenTextingOnline is also safe and secure.[8]


Texting Websites Free
Texting Websites Free

There are many different types of free texting websites, from websites that require registration to sites that don’t. The great thing about free texting websites is that you can send unlimited free text messages to anyone in the US, as long as the other person has a phone. These websites are also perfect for sending bulk text messages to groups of people. Some of these websites are even capable of sending international SMS.

These sites are perfect for sending texts to friends and family without using your mobile phone plan. Many of these websites also offer the option to send and receive reply messages. Many of them have a list feature that lets you send messages to a list of people. Another great feature is that they also allow you to compose unlimited texts, although you can only send messages to the people on your list.

Another great free texting website is Text’em, which lets you send free texts to mobile carriers in the US. The website works with over a hundred phone carriers and allows for 155-character messages. You can even send messages anonymously. You can also use Text’em to prank people, but keep in mind that the website will report you if you use it for illegal purposes. However, if you’re looking for a fun and anonymous way to communicate, this site is a great choice for you.

There are many other free texting websites out there, and the good news is that they’re all completely free to use. In order to send and receive free messages, you’ll need to sign up on some websites and create an account. Some sites even allow you to create lists of frequently used contacts. You can also view the replies to messages you’ve received from your contacts. You can’t send bulk texts with TextEm, however.[9]


YouMint is a free texting site that offers unlimited text messages and emails. Users are required to provide their mobile numbers and email addresses to sign up, and they can also save their contacts to the website. The website also offers free ringtones and wallpapers. Users can earn money through referrals.

The website works on the principle of permission-based marketing, which means it will send messages that are relevant to the user. Messages will be sent according to the information in a user’s profile. Messages can be as short as 80 characters. Users can also refer their friends or family to the service, and YouMint will pay them a commission if they sign up and use it.

Using a texting website is easy and convenient. You can text from anywhere and enjoy privacy and confidentiality. You can also send unlimited free texts to India. You will need to sign up for the service, including your mobile number, and then you can start sending free messages to your loved ones.

Another great option is Yakedi. The website allows users to send unlimited free texts, but you will have to register to use their services. TextNow and Simple Texting also allow you to send unlimited free texts, but you must have a US number. Yakedi also lets you participate in email promotions and competitions.[10]


Way2sms is one of the best free texting websites in India, and they allow you to send unlimited SMS to anyone in the country, with no monthly or setup fee. Its unique features include voice SMS, as well as free mobile E-mail alerts from Yahoo or Gmail. Moreover, Way2sms allows you to schedule SMS messages to be delivered at a specific time or date. This feature is particularly useful if you are sending text messages to friends or family members.

Another great feature of Way2sms is that it offers international SMS, as it allows you to send SMS to people living in 180 countries. You can also send MMS and emojis. In addition, you can send three messages at a time, and you can reply as many times as you want. However, one downside of Way2sms is that it does not reach out to all network providers. Also, the maximum message length is 160 characters.

The way2sms website allows you to send free texts to anyone in the United States. All you need to do is register and then type the message. Afterwards, you can view the replies and receive notifications by email. You can also view the history of your messages. You can also set up contacts and send messages periodically. Many of the free texting websites have an address book to keep track of the people you want to text.[11]

Way2sms claims to send 95% of messages within ten seconds. It also supports all kinds of mobile phones, including Windows, Mac, and iOS. It also allows you to send and receive messages anonymously. The site also offers free and paid plans. Paid versions include unlimited messages, five user seats, priority support, unlimited contacts, and more.


There are several free texting websites on the Internet that enable you to send messages to any phone number in the United States. These websites do not require you to register and are compatible with all major browsers. Some free texting sites may log your messages and IP address, but many allow you to send messages anonymously.

One of the best free texting websites is Text’em, which supports SMS, MMS, and group messaging. It also allows you to import contacts from your phone and schedule messages. You can also personalize your messages by adding a cover photo or a wallpaper. You can even send videos or photos. However, you should be aware of the site’s guidelines before sending messages.

There are several free texting websites for smartphones that do not require a mobile phone plan. These sites also allow you to send and receive reply messages. Many free texting websites also allow you to create lists of contacts and send messages to those contacts. There are also some advanced options, such as a list of countries that you can send texts to.[12]

While most free texting websites don’t charge for sending and receiving text messages, they may require a registration in order to ensure the security of your messages. However, many of these sites allow advanced features, such as setting up contacts, sending messages at intervals, and viewing your message history. Furthermore, some sites allow you to send unlimited texts with up to 130 characters.

Free texting websites are not only helpful for students; they can also help teachers connect with their students. Through these websites, teachers can send messages to students and parents and can also reply via cell phones. This way, teachers can keep parents informed about important events and provide feedback to students.[13]



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