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    Text Free Websites

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    How To Find Text Free Websites

    Text Free Websites, If you’re tired of wasting your phone minutes on unnecessary text messages, there are several text free websites that can help you out. Text’em is a website that lets you send free SMS text messages to US numbers. It supports nearly every phone carrier.[1]However, this website won’t keep your identity private – you can check your IP address on its official website. Moreover, it only allows you to send messages with 155 characters or less.


    Text Free Websites
    Text Free Websites

    OpenTextingOnline is a web-based platform that allows you to send free text messages. You don’t need to create an account and you can send unlimited numbers of messages to people around the world. You can also send and receive pictures, videos, and audio files. [2]OpenTextingOnline is available in 50 countries, including the European Union and North America. The service also allows you to download conversations and block unwanted contacts.

    To send free texts, you just need to provide the number of the recipient and the sender. After that, you type a 145-character message. Unlike other free texting websites, OpenTextingOnline doesn’t log your IP address. This site is available worldwide, and users can select a country from a drop-down list. While it is good for anonymous messages, this service is not for everyone. You won’t be able to send images or other files with the service, and it’s text only.

    OpenTextingOnline offers a free SMS and MMS service to anyone in the world. The service lets you send messages to any number, including mobile phones. Its service is reliable and scalable and it has more than fifty countries to choose from. Unlike some other free texting websites, OpenTextingOnline is free to use and requires no registration.[3] It’s also secure and offers an easy way to search for the recipient of your text messages.

    OpenTextingOnline is one of the best free text websites available for businesses. Its website works seamlessly with many major browsers and does not require downloading software. Messages are delivered instantly and no one has to worry about spam. [4]It also has multiple languages and free address books. Unlike many free texting websites, OpenTextingOnline doesn’t store or save your phone number. You can also send multimedia messages, audio files, and pictures. Just enter the recipient’s phone number, message subject, and cellular service provider to send your text.

    OpenTextingOnline is free to use, and it works for most mobile carriers in the northern United States. You can use it to send text messages to anyone in the world, even groups.[5] You must register, however, to send messages. The website also supports more than 100 phone carriers, and it lets you receive replies via email. Besides texting for free, OpenTextingOnline also offers video chat, voice call, and file sharing features. It also offers a clean, simple interface and allows you to send pictures, audio files, and videos to your contacts.

    Simple Texting

    SimpleTexting allows you to segment your customers, add keywords, and set up different autoresponses for each one. You can also add your own custom fields to create more personalized messages. It also allows you to set a number of texts per month. However, you should keep in mind that SimpleTexting does not support drip campaigns or advanced automation features.

    As for the costs, SimpleTexting has two pricing plans – monthly and yearly. For the first month, you can send up to 500 text messages for $25, but the plan cap reaches 50,000, which will require a monthly bill of $625. If you need to send a large number of texts on a recurring basis, you can get a custom plan.

    Simple Texting also allows you to create a phone book of contacts, upload your own photos, and set up SMS profiles. [6]You can even integrate Simple Texting with your calendar or scheduling app. There are also instructions on how to set it up. It also offers free integration services with Google Calendar and Acuity Scheduling.

    Simple Texting is an all-in-one SMS marketing platform that helps over 10,000 businesses. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to create and manage campaigns.[7] It also allows you to track your leads and conversion rates. And because it’s cloud-based, you can access your campaigns from different devices. In addition, Simple Texting lets you customize your SMS service to suit your business’ needs.

    Among the best text message marketing platforms, Simple Texting stands out for its flexibility. It offers mass messaging and individual message marketing, and even allows you to create custom keywords. As a premium customer, you’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager. [8]This means you can ask for customization tools as needed.

    Text Free

    Text Free Websites
    Text Free Websites

    TextFree is a messaging app for mobile phones that is available for iOS and Android. It also offers a web version that users can access from any browser. Users can also sync their Google Contacts and enable desktop push notifications. [9]However, the web version of TextFree lacks features such as floating chat and quick replies. In addition, the app does not allow users to make phone calls from their desktop.

    TextFree is free to use, and it includes a variety of features. Users are able to send and receive text messages and make VoIP phone calls. However, the service is supported by ads, and you can choose to pay a fee for an ad-free version of the app. The service was first introduced in 2006 by American telecommunications company Pinger, Inc.

    Another great feature of Text Free is its ability to convert any device into a mobile phone. It also supports various languages, and you can send texts in Arabic, Burmese, Cambodian, Danish, and Spanish. In addition to this, you can also send and receive photos and videos. [10]Additionally, you can set up custom voicemail to send voice messages to other users.

    Text Free also has apps for Android and iOS that allow users to send free SMS and MMS to other users. You can use the apps to text other users from any location. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can even get a Text Free number through Google Contacts. [11]If you want to text specific contacts, you can import them or type them in manually. You can also turn on desktop notifications.

    Despite being a great app for communicating with friends and family, TextFree websites still have a few limitations. While they’re free, many users won’t find them suitable. If you’re using them on your mobile device, you should clear the browser cache and cookies and update your Flash player. Also, remember that the service does not work properly with ad-blockers.


    Free texting websites offer an easy way to send texts to others. These websites allow users to send messages through any internet-connected device. Some of them don’t even require a registration. [12]There are a few notable advantages to creating an account, though. These features will help you send unlimited text messages.

    Some of these websites let you send texts to US phone numbers without creating an account. While these services do not require a download, many of them work with popular browsers. Many of them do not keep logs of your messages, but they do track your IP address so that you can be traced in case of any criminal activity.

    Some websites let you send unlimited texts to friends and family for free. Others let you use a spoof phone number. [13]This feature is useful if you want to prank someone. Some of these services even allow you to send texts anonymously if you want. Be aware, though, that these services may not be completely safe and should not be used for illegal purposes.

    To send a text message through a free website, you simply enter the sender and recipient’s phone numbers and choose an appropriate message. You can use the site anywhere in the world and select the country you’re sending the message to from a drop-down menu. [14]While these services are useful for anonymous texting, they’re not great for sending pictures or videos.

    One website that offers unlimited free texts is Yakedi. You’ll have to create an account, but you can send as many as you want for free. [15]This site is easy to use and offers an endless amount of 160-character messages. Users can also change their phone numbers as often as they want. It also allows users to participate in various competitions and email promotions.

    Text Free Websites You Can Use to Send Text Messages

    There are a number of text free websites you can use to send texts. These include TextNow, Simple Texting, Pinger, and You Mint. However, there are a few limitations with these services. First, you can only text 155 characters. In addition, you must have a US number to send messages.

    Text Now

    Text Free Websites
    Text Free Websites

    Text Now is a mobile virtual network operator that allows its users to send unlimited free texts to US and Canadian numbers.[16] However, the service does have some caveats. The phone number of the person you send messages to will be removed after a certain period of time. In addition, the site contains some advertisements. Thankfully, there are alternatives to Text Now that don’t include ads.

    The free service offers a number of features, including the ability to choose your own number. You can search for eligible phone numbers using their area codes. Once you have an account, you can send unlimited texts as well as make unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada. In addition, TextNow lets you use a VPN to protect your privacy.

    The Text Now service is a good alternative to major wireless carriers such as Verizon. [17]It provides unlimited free texts and calls to users within its WiFi network, but requires you to purchase a $0.99 SIM card if you want to use it outside of Wi-Fi. In addition to the free texts, Text Now offers the option to send photos and videos via SMS.

    TextNow also allows you to use GIPHY to send GIFs and stickers. If you want to send a lot of messages, you can also use the app to send many at once. You can use the app to enter a new phone number and select numbers from your contact list. For international texting, TextNow also supports +1 numbers.

    Text Now also has an option for people who prefer a premium service. This subscription allows users to text without any ads. Users can also purchase credits for their premium service. [18]Each credit is worth $0.03 and can be used to purchase minutes. Users can also earn credits for watching videos.

    Simple Texting

    If you want to automate your marketing with text messages, Simple Texting is a good choice. The service offers a wide range of features that will help you create targeted campaigns. [19]For example, you can create a campaign to send to a specific list of subscribers, and then schedule the text messages to be sent on a specific date and time. You can also set up transponders for different keywords.

    While the free plan is enough to send basic texts, you can also purchase additional credits for more advanced functionality. The in-browser dashboard of Simple Texting features a navigation menu on the left, as well as links to your inbox, campaigns, transponders, keywords, and contacts.[20] The dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive, so it’s easy to navigate and understand what your campaigns are doing.

    Simpleton’s messaging service also offers a wide range of templates to create personalized messages. You can also shorten URLs, add custom fields, and choose the frequency of your messages. Using Simple Texting, you can also test your campaigns by sending messages to yourself, but you won’t be able to send them without credits.

    In addition to sending texts, you can also set up phone numbers and group chats. You can also import your contacts from your mobile phone. The service has customizable chats and covers, and it keeps records of sent messages. It also supports sending YouTube links and has no ads. It’s a great tool for marketing your product or service to a wide audience.

    Simple Texting is an intuitive all-in-one marketing tool that allows you to create campaigns, send messages to customers, and track your results. The platform also allows you to automate the process of collecting leads and conversion rates. And, it’s cloud-based, so you can manage your campaigns from multiple devices. You can even send messages to your customers through a toll-free number.


    Pinger is a free website that lets you send text messages to others. It provides a range of features such as custom themes for your text conversations, recent call list, and ringtones. You can also record your own voicemail message, or choose from a default option. Pinger is constantly updating its app and adding new features. One notable drawback is the auto-lock feature, which can disconnect incoming calls. However, developers are working on a fix for this issue.

    Pinger is a texting and calling application for PCs and mobiles. The application allows users to send unlimited text messages and make calls. It also has a web service that lets you communicate with people who do not have Pinger. It is free to use in the United States and Canada and over 35 other countries.

    Using Pinger is easy. To use the service, you must create an account first. To register, go to Pinger’s web app page and click the blue button. Fill in the registration form to get started. Once you’ve done this, Pinger will give you an option to customize your signature.

    The service offers a free 11-digit phone number that works with almost any type of phone. It works with both cell phones and landlines. Pinger is also free for text messages within the United States and Canada. However, it’s important to note that this service does not support emergency calls.

    You can access Pinger through your browser, smartphone or desktop. You’ll need a login and password to use the site. You can also use the website to send and receive text messages on other platforms, such as Facebook. The website is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

    You Mint

    Text Free Websites
    Text Free Websites

    You Mint is a website that offers unlimited text messages and emails to its members. The website requires an email address or Facebook account to join and you’ll have to input the mobile number of the person you’re sending the messages to and what you want to say. It boasts a variety of SMS templates and allows you to save your contacts.

    If you want to send free texts in India, You Mint is the site to join. In addition to free sms, you can also download free wallpapers and ringtones for your mobile. To join, simply register and verify your mobile number. You’ll then start receiving free text messages and can even earn money through referrals.


    TextForFree is a free service for text messaging in the USA. Users can send up to 140-character messages. They can also send pictures and audio files. The service requires that users have a valid email address and a phone number to sign up. Once registered, the service will prompt users to input the recipient’s phone number, message subject, and cellular service provider.

    The website offers groups or individual messages, and can be used to import contact lists from mobile devices. It also allows users to schedule delivery of messages. There are also cover photos and wallpapers to customize chats. Users can also send YouTube links. It has no ads, and it is available for mobile devices.

    Another service that lets you send texts to mobile phone numbers is Text’em. This service also supports a wide range of phone carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. The service is free to use, and it works with most North American carriers. Users may also use the site to send free SMS messages to people in other countries.

    Another anonymous text messaging service is Meagerness. This service claims to send 100,000 messages daily. Its website is easy to navigate, and it offers features such as spoofing phone numbers. Users can choose the location from which they want to send anonymous messages. They can also choose to receive responses via email. In addition, users can block messages that they don’t want to receive. This feature is not available in every country, but it may be a good option for those who need anonymous text messaging.

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