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The Rocketbook company has a marketing video that showcases their new smart notebook. It features the Rocketbook creators dressed in sunglasses and spacesuits demonstrating the notebook’s technology and mobile application. The video also uses a combination of humor and technical information. It’s an effective way to convey the company’s message to a wide range of audiences.[1]


Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

Animaker is a program that allows you to create animated videos. The name is a play on the word animation, and it can help you tell your story in a unique way. The software comes with a variety of features, including a library of free images and sounds. While the software is primarily cloud-based, you can also download it to a wide variety of computers.[2] Nevertheless, since Animaker relies on high-speed Internet connections, it may be a hassle to use if your connection is slow.

Animaker began as a design start-up in 2014, providing custom video content to Fortune 500 companies. The company’s founders realized that businesses needed tools to make their own videos. They created the Animaker application, which places powerful design tools in the hands of creative people. This software suite has since become an affordable and powerful option for many creatives.

The software comes in a variety of plans, including a free plan for those who want to create a marketing video for their business. There is also a paid plan for those who need more advanced features. The free plan allows you to create videos up to two minutes in length with five exports per month. Paid plans let you create and export up to 20 videos per month.[3]

Animaker is an online software that allows non-technical users to create professional videos. It features customizable branding, video capture, video templates, and text overlay. In addition, it offers options for adding subtitles and watermarking all content. The Animaker software is available in more than 220 countries, and it has become a favorite of businesses worldwide.


VideoScribe software is a program that allows you to create your own video content using a range of templates and special features. For example, you can choose from a library of over 11,000 images. If you need to include audio and video, you can also select stock media and scenery. This allows you to create professional-looking explainer videos that stand out from the competition.

VideoScribe also lets you import and edit images. You can customize their angles and duration, as well as choose their size. You can also upload your own images or record voiceovers. Whether you’re a student or a marketer, the software can help you reach a wider audience. This program is easy to use and allows you to make a professional-quality marketing video that will engage your audience.

The software features a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to add images and videos. It also lets you add text as titles, notes, or image details. You can use a wide range of fonts, including those for titles and credits. The basic font comes with the software, but you can also download other fonts if you need them. In addition, the text editor works like a media editor, so you can choose which colors and animation effects to use.

The VideoScribe software marketing video can be exported as AVI, WMV, or MOV files. The program is compatible with multiple resolutions, from 640p to 1080p (Full HD). [4]It has the ability to adjust frame rates, too. The software can also publish your videos to Sho. Co, which has several privacy settings.


Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

Cincopa’s software for marketing video allows you to add closed captions and subtitles to your videos. This transforms your audience into an engaged one. You can also use Cincope’s call-to-action (CTA) to nudge viewers to take specific actions, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. These annotations appear on your video without interfering with the video.

Cincopa also gives you detailed analytics and reporting to determine how effective your videos are. The platform also allows you to customize the look and feel of your videos. It also provides a secure platform for your videos, making them easier to embed and monetize. The software offers both a free and paid plan, which start at $25 per month.

Cincopa’s Video Analytics feature provides you with comprehensive data on individual viewers. It also helps you measure key performance indicators (KPIs). You can see these numbers in a graph on the dashboard. You can also get detailed information on each viewer through the Live Feed.[5] For example, you can see their device type, their country of residence, and even their name and email address.

Cincopa is a powerful video platform that lets you centralize your business video management, distribute it to multiple channels, and analyze performance. It also comes with an inbuilt webcam recorder, which is perfect for creating personal videos, product demos, webinars, and tutorials. You can also host your videos on Cincopa’s video hosting platform, which offers unlimited storage and regular backups. Plus, it allows 4K video streaming.


The WeVideo software allows users to edit video clips with multiple tracks and themes. They can also add subtitles, written calls to action, and music. WeVideo’s movie editor features a three-window configuration with a preview window and a timeline. The program also offers a number of other features.[6]

This software also allows you to download videos in high-quality. Its stock library contains more than 100,000 songs. WeVideo also allows you to add transitions. This software has a variety of editing features that help you create a great marketing video. In addition, you can add text and images to your video.

The WeVideo software allows you to work on videos of various types, including 4K Ultra HD. It also supports cloud storage, so you can sync your work across multiple devices. WeVideo is also available as a mobile app, so you can create and edit videos on your cell phone or tablet. It also lets you collaborate with other users.

Users can create branded videos for social media. They can even save video templates that they can edit. The software can also generate preview links for social media sites. It also allows users to preview the videos they edit before finalizing them. This means that users can change their video size and aspect ratio without having to worry about the video quality.

WeVideo is a great value for the money. It includes a large selection of royalty-free video elements and a green screen feature. It also allows marketers to edit videos anytime they like and upload them to multiple channels.[7]


Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

In 2004, a group of filmmakers launched Vimeo, a website devoted to high-quality video. Now, brands are harnessing the power of this free video platform to increase their brand awareness. Some of their branded clips are so high-quality that they look like they are nominees in an independent film festival. Marin Bikes, for example, uses Vimeo to market its bikes, and their branded video clips look as if they were nominated for a prize.

In addition to embedding video content, Vimeo software offers embedded analytics. This helps you understand how well your videos are performing, including the number of views and impressions. It also provides insights on the average time people spend watching videos. You can also see where viewers are located and which devices they use to watch your content. The stats are useful after your content has been published, but you can still learn more about your audience by social listening.

Another benefit of Vimeo software is that it offers secure privacy settings. You can choose who can view your videos and even set passwords to protect your work. This gives you peace of mind and a smooth experience for your viewers. You can even send clients private review links to your videos so they can give their feedback.

Vimeo has also integrated with a number of cloud-based applications and offers flexible video APIs for developers. This means you can create and deploy applications that integrate video with your website or marketing campaigns. The company targets a variety of industries, from small to large companies, as well as creative professionals and marketers. Vimeo’s vision is to help businesses and brands utilize video in all aspects of their marketing efforts.[8]

How to Use a Software Marketing Video to Sell Your Software

If you have been thinking about using a software marketing video to sell your software, you have many options. Cincopa, for example, offers robust analytics for your videos. It can tell you where your viewers are located, what device they are using, and how long they’ve spent watching your videos. You can also embed as many videos as you want, which gives you a great amount of flexibility.

Product video marketing

Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

Product video marketing is a great way to showcase your product and help potential customers understand what it can do for them. By using different types of videos, you can attract potential customers from different stages of the sales funnel. For example, you can create an introduction video to showcase the product’s features, or a product announcement video to showcase a new feature. You can also use product videos to educate your audience about your software or answer frequently asked questions.

Before creating a video, it’s important to know your target audience. The purpose of a video is to help your audience learn more about your software or service, so make sure you consider their demographics. In addition to this, you should identify your target distribution channels.[9] Video marketing for software can be accomplished on various platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.

Product video marketing for software focuses on product value and connects you with a wide range of prospective customers. Using videos to promote your software or service is a great way to increase customer engagement and build excitement for new features. You can also use video to offer proactive support and self-service onboarding.

Product video marketing for software can be done effectively using a video editor. There are a number of free and paid options available. Make sure you pick a tool that will help you create professional-looking videos. You can also use Biteable to personalize your videos with photos. The program offers a free trial and three paid plans. All three plans give you access to unlimited videos.

Automating the media buying process

Automating the media buying process with software can save your marketing team valuable time. These programs can automatically match vendor invoices to media orders. Once you have received approval from a media representative, the system will automatically store this information. You can then send an electronic copy of your order and easily download it for a client’s use.[10]

Traditionally, the media buying process involves negotiating with publishers to buy ad space and time. It involves a series of steps, including managing budgets and optimizing ad creatives for maximum effectiveness. The goal is to place your ads in front of your target market at the right time. This process is considered an outbound marketing strategy and works best when it is done correctly.

Another way to automate the media buying process is by utilizing programmatic advertising. Unlike traditional methods, programmatic uses algorithms to serve ads to the right user at the right time at the best price. The system is also referred to as real-time bidding. This method is open to all publishers and advertisers and is considered the most effective method for media buying with a large audience.

Marketing automation software can be used to create email newsletters, landing pages, and forms. Using video in these email communications can be very effective, and will increase click-through rates.[11] Automated email workflows can be customized to address specific customer behavior and triggers, including cart abandonment.

Increasing engagement

Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

One of the most important aspects of successful software marketing is the creation of engaging videos. A well-designed video will help your audience learn about your product, help them understand its features and build brand awareness around it. To make sure your videos are effective, here are some tips: Keep the content simple and easy to understand, and use call-to-actions that encourage your audience to share or buy.[12]

Measure the amount of time that your audience spends watching your video. The more time your viewers spend watching your video, the more chances you have of gaining more conversions. By analyzing the time spent on your video, you can better adjust your content and boost engagement. A high engagement rate is crucial to improving your product, converting potential buyers into loyal customers and driving company growth.

The type of video that is most effective depends on your target audience. A company with a large audience will likely receive a greater amount of engagement than a small company, and vice versa. But even a small business with a smaller audience will benefit from a high-quality video.

Another way to increase engagement is to include videos throughout your website. Most websites have videos on their home page and service/product pages, but smart marketers are also adding videos to their banner ads. Videos increase the amount of time people spend on your website, and Google uses time on site stats to evaluate the quality of a website. Additionally, videos that provide useful information will increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.[13]

Creating a customized video ad

As important as creating a video ad is defining the audience. It is important to understand who is going to view it, and what problems they’ll face when they use the software. The goal of the video is to convey this message effectively. Whether it’s a short video or a longer one, it must be targeted to the needs of the customers.

You can add images, music, and animated effects to your video. You can also make it cinematic by using cinematic effects and text. Upload it to a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. A free plan allows you to create up to 60 watermarked videos a month. A premium plan comes with more features, including 15-minute videos, reseller rights, and text-to-speech capabilities.

Biteable makes creating video ads a breeze. The software includes professional video scenes and ad templates. It guides you through the entire process. Biteable even offers a free trial that allows you to use all its premium features. However, if you are looking for an easier way to make a video ad for software marketing, we recommend Biteable.[14]

Animaker – This software comes with an easy-to-use interface and numerous templates. It also supports voice-over narration. It’s easy to create a professional-looking video within a short time with Animaker. The free version allows a watermark and limits the number of downloads. The paid version allows you to remove watermarks, add custom fonts, and commercial rights.

Using a video editor

A video editor is an important tool in software marketing. It allows you to create your own videos and customize narration to appeal to a specific niche of consumers. Video marketing has become a popular marketing strategy for software companies, especially for smaller companies with limited resources. By using a video editor to create your video marketing campaigns, you can make the most effective use of limited funds.

A video editor allows you to create a video in minutes, which can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on creating your marketing videos. The same videos can take an agency 5-9 weeks to create, and using a video editor will cut this process in half. This saves a company money and time that would have otherwise been spent communicating with an agency.

While there are numerous benefits of using a video editor, you must make sure to pick one that meets your needs. A video editor should be user-friendly and have a wide range of features. It should be easy to use for beginners, and it should have several built-in features, including text and royalty-free audio clips.

An online video editor should provide users with a range of editing tools. Some of these tools are free, while others have premium options. Using a video editor will allow you to add your logo and colors to your videos, add transitions and highlight key information in your video.[15]

Creating a video template

Software Marketing Video
Software Marketing Video

Using a marketing video template is an effective way to create videos for your business. These videos can be used for demos, teasers, and other forms of content marketing. These templates provide a professional and customizable design to your video content. Using a marketing video maker app is also an excellent way to customize your videos.

First, you need to develop an outline for your video script. An outline is a great way to create structure and give your video a clear sense of direction. Outlines also help you break your video script into subtopics and monologues. By following this structure, you can produce a compelling video.[16]

Another way to create a software marketing video is to use a tool called Powtoon. This platform has thousands of templates and a 5-star customer support team. Using this tool can help you create engaging videos in minutes. This tool even provides templates for social media and events.

Another important factor to consider is the format. You should keep in mind that a marketing video will be shared on multiple platforms, including email, social media, and during presentations. You should consider all these different uses when creating your script. For example, if you’re planning to use the video for multiple purposes, think about what moments would make your audience most interested. In addition, write your script with brief clips in mind.[17] For example, if you’re creating a two-minute video, include five-second clips that would capture attention.



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