SD-Maid System Cleaning Tool for Android

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SD-Maid System Cleaning Tool for Android solve mobile hanging downside System robot Cleaner could be a powerful and effective app to optimize your device’s performance. Primarily, the app cleans junk files, saves battery, and deletes duplicate files to retrieve house and improve overall device performance.

Cleaning phone cache and optimizing RAM manually could be a powerful job. regular improvement is one in all the most effective options of this app. It boosts your phone’s performance mechanically. If you don’t need to line a schedule, you’ll be able to additionally get it on manually by sound on Phone Boost button.

  • SD Maid can assist you keep your device clean and neat. It offers a set of tools to manage apps and files.
  • Nobody is ideal and neither is robot.
  • Apps you have got already remove leave one thing behind.
  • Logs, crash reports and different files you don’t actually need are perpetually being created.
  • Your storage is grouping files and directories you don’t acknowledge.

SD-Maid System Cleaning Tool Feature:

  • Browse your whole device and manipulate files through a full-fledged file somebody.
  • Take away superfluous files from your system.
  • Manage put in user and system apps.
  • Sight files once happiness to uninstalled apps.
  • Seek for files by name, content or date.
  • Acquire an in depth summary of your device’s storage.
  • Optimize databases.
  • Do actual app improvement and take away expendable files, that supersedes what others might decision ‘cache cleaning’.
  • Sight duplicate footage, music or documents, freelance of name or location.
  • Run tools mechanically on a schedule or via widgets.

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