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San Francisco Interior Design – Best In 2023

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San Francisco Interior Design Firms and Interior Decorators

San Francisco Interior Design firms and interior decorators can make a home look incredible.[1]But it is important to do your research before hiring an interior designer or firm.

These designers specialize in creating luxurious and comfortable spaces that reflect their clients’ style. They also strive to create an environment that is both practical and timeless.

Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Inc.

San Francisco Interior Design

Founded in New York, this design firm is famous for their streamlined approach to modern interiors. Whether they’re designing an entire house, a hotel or a high-end condo complex, Gibson’s team specializes in creating spaces that are functional and luxurious at the same time.[2]

The name of the game is keeping the clients budget in mind, but the designer still gets to spliff out some extra cash on design elements like a dramatic light fixture or a nifty piece of furniture that really stands out. One of Grant’s most impressive feats is his ability to find the right balance between classic and contemporary styles.

For instance, his best-in-class dining room makes a great use of space and features a large marble table with a matching buffet for entertaining.[3] A chandelier that hangs from the ceiling is a sure fire way to impress any dinner guests, but there are also several smaller details that make this room a true showstopper.

Grant was clearly a fan of the feng shui (Feng Xi) movement, as evidenced by the oversized bamboo shades he chose to keep his windows bright and cool. He also found a clever way to integrate his art collection into his home.

This is a company that is proud of their attention to detail and the quality of their products. The company is also known for their unique lighting solutions, which are an excellent fit for many different types of homes and commercial spaces. Their products are also known for being environmentally conscious, which is important to this generation of homeowners who want to live green. You can read more about this company on their website, as well as check out their gallery.[4]

Jeffers Design Group

San Francisco-based Jeffers Design Group is known for its sophisticated, livable designs. Its portfolio includes projects throughout the Bay Area, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe.[5]

The firm has won multiple awards and been published in notable shelter magazines. Founder Jay Jeffers says his goal is to create beautiful, livable homes that are well-edited, collected, reflect their clients’ personalities and have a touch of whimsy.

Jay also offers custom furniture design and art and antiques acquisition.[6] He is a regular contributor to ELLE DECOR and has written two books, Collected Cool and Be Bold.

His upscale interiors are grounded in classic style and incorporate a thoughtful use of color. He and his team are constantly updating their styles, drawing inspiration from travels, study, and the ever-changing world around them.

Often collaborating with architects, the team takes on residential projects from 800 square feet to 25,000 square feet. They specialize in remodeling and working with existing spaces, as well as new construction.[7]

The team redesigned the interiors of an historic home in Presidio Heights. They created a welcoming space for their client’s family of six by giving the kitchen and dining room a fresh makeover. They added a large banquette in a sky-blue velvet from Viccarbe, upholstered in a textured Rubelli fabric.

In the living room, a Venetian plaster ceiling by decorative painter Willem Racke and a 1960s Austrian Sputnik light add dimension to the space[8]. The cabinet doors were screened with decorative metal radiator grills backed with a patterned textile to give the space an updated look without breaking the budget.

Designer Jay Jeffers uses antiques to achieve his signature livable luxury look. In fact, it is a key part of the process for him, as he believes antiques and art are the soul of an interior.

Julie Rootes Interiors

San Francisco Interior Design

Julie Rootes Interiors is a San Francisco interior design firm that specializes in custom details.[9] They work with a team of architects, builders, and tradespeople throughout the Bay Area and beyond, making it easy to get exactly what you want in your home.

Their signature style combines luxe and classic styles for an elevated look. They have extensive experience working on historic homes, modern architecture, and California Ranch-style designs.[10]

They focus on determined attention to detail and personalize every space with memorable colors, textures, and custom moments. Their portfolio includes high-end commercial, residential, and multifamily projects.

Her work has been featured in various shelter magazines and media outlets. Her expertise in custom details has earned her a loyal following and referrals from clients, many of whom remain repeat customers.

She has an eye for creating beautiful spaces that merge the outdoors with the indoors to create a natural, cohesive, and timeless feel.[11] She takes her inspiration from the surroundings she has grown up in and translates that into luxury designs.

A California-based designer, she is known for her monochromatic with pops of color aesthetic. Her design process begins by reviewing Pinterest or Houzz image boards to understand room function and lifestyle, then she combines her talents with the client’s personality for an integrated design that is unique and tailor-made.

Their portfolio of work is primarily focused on high-end residential in San Francisco, Napa, Marin County, and the Peninsula. They offer a variety of services, including space planning, design concept development, furniture sourcing, project management, and installation. [12]They also specialize in kitchen and bath design.

Ian Stallings Design

Ian Stallings Design is a full-service interior design firm that focuses on creating environments that reflect their clients’ personalities and lifestyles. The company was founded over a decade ago and has completed projects across San Francisco, London, and New York.

Stallings’ commitment to his clients’ needs, desires, experiences, and aspirations drives the design process. He views each client as a muse and their space as a canvas. He strives to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical.[13]

As a San Francisco interior designer, Stallings works closely with each client to understand their personal tastes and goals in order to create a home that reflects who they are. His work is based on the idea that interior design is not just a decorating process but rather, it is an art form that allows him to transform a space into something that will enhance and inspire his clients for years to come.

His firm is renowned for its attention to detail and his ability to bring his clients’ ideas to life in a beautiful and sophisticated way. He also has a strong understanding of construction and finishes, which are vital to the overall look of his work.

He has a wealth of experience and is known for his ability to turn even the most difficult and challenging of design challenges into successful outcomes. His expertise in interior architecture, interior design, and custom furniture has allowed him to complete a wide range of high-end residential and commercial projects around the world.[14]

The firm was established in 2002 and its team of designers, architects, engineers, and stylists have completed projects all over the Bay Area. The company offers a product package that includes pre-design, design development, and implementation services. Its pre-design services include concept analysis, scope development, and cost analysis while its actual design services involve decoration, furniture sourcing, woodwork, fabrics, lighting, and window treatments.


San Francisco Interior Design

Chroma is a San Francisco-based, residential interior design firm.[15] Their name derives from the purity and intensity of color, but also represents their passion to create atmospheric spaces that deepen your positive experience of home. With degrees in art and art history, creative partner Alexis Tompkins has an aptitude for rejuvenating historical styles while bringing texture and warmth to contemporary ones. The yin of the pair is managing partner Leann Conquer, who enjoys developing systems that start with intelligent forecasting and end with impeccable execution. She’s an essential facilitator for Tompkins’ ideation and ensures that Chroma’s work aims high and achieves the extraordinary.

Their mission is to offer a holistic interior design service that begins with conceptualizing the look and feel of your home and ends with sourcing linen napkins for your house warming party. With an open-minded listening style, they aspire to tailor their approach to fit the uniqueness of your brand so that it shines.

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