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Renting Houses Websites

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Renting Houses Websites

If you’re looking for a place to live, renting houses websites can be a great tool. They make it easy for both renters and owners to screen applicants, and many sites allow you to schedule a tour and fill out an application online. Some of them also have credit check tools and background checks built into the site. These credit reports will provide owners with detailed information about a potential tenant’s debt, eviction history, and other information. Many also let you request references from potential renters.[1]

Apartment Guide

Renting Houses Websites
Renting Houses Websites

You can list your apartment for free or pay a small fee to boost your listing. Apartment Guide has a good system for categorizing and filtering your listings by city and region. It also has free rental manager services that help you find the right tenants. However, there are some glitches with their software.[2]

With the mobile app, you can save your favorite rental apartments and share them with your friends and family. The app also lets you read reviews and ratings from real tenants, so you know what to expect from a rental property. There are also features that let you contact property managers directly and provide them with any additional information you might want. This app even allows you to leave reviews, which is helpful when you’re in the middle of the search process.

HotPads is another great rental listing site, which allows landlords to post their rental listings and collect rent from potential tenants. While the site focuses more on apartments, it also has a good selection of single-family houses. The site is organized around a map of the five boroughs, and lets you filter based on price and number of bedrooms. The site also lets you search for a short-term rental, if you need to move quickly.


RentCafe is a website that allows users to search for, apply for and manage rental properties. The website aims to simplify the rental process and increase efficiency. In addition to listing properties, RentCafe provides mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices. Visitors to the website can browse listings without registering but must register to apply for a property. Once registered, visitors can track their applications, make payments and submit maintenance requests.[3] They can also view and update their profile information.

RentCafe provides listings from top property managers in the area, so users don’t have to worry about vetting the listings before renting them. Additionally, RentCafe features a tool that shows the real-time availability of apartments, which is particularly useful in competitive markets. Users can also use this tool to communicate with the apartment manager and manage the lease.

RentCafe also has mobile apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. These mobile apps feature the website’s search capabilities and also help users find a property that suits their needs. Users can also search for properties with GPS functionality and use neighborhood filters to narrow their search results.


When you’re looking for a house to rent, StreetEasy can help. The website provides up-to-date rental market data for New York City. The website also offers a weekly email that provides the latest rental market information. In August, rents in New York City surpassed wages by more than 23%.

The StreetEasy Rent Index tracks changes in rent across all types of housing. It tracks rental prices since January 2007 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. It uses a repeat-sales method to estimate rental price growth based on homes that have been listed for rent more than once.[4]


Zumper is a website that helps landlords find tenants for their houses. This site has an application process that requires potential tenants to fill out a credit check and background check. Some landlords may ask for additional information before leasing to you, such as your past addresses or occupation. The application process also lets Zumper estimate your rent budget.

Zumper allows landlords to post multiple properties at one time. They can use the search filters to narrow down their choices and make the rental process easier. The site also has a map tool to help renters find houses in their preferred area. This makes Zumper a great place to start if you’re looking for a particular neighborhood.

Zumper has an easy to use platform that allows you to search for houses and apartments by neighborhood and price range. You can also view apartments and request a tour. Zumper also offers neighborhood reports that track rent trends across the city. Zumper also has a partner website called Renthop, which lets you browse listings in real time and contact the landlord or listing agent directly. Each listing has a “HopScore” that correlates with its reputation and quality.

Zumper is free to use and can offer a variety of rental options. The website also offers tenant screening, customizable lease templates, and online rent payment. Zumper is owned by the Zillow Group and has a vast reach. It offers listing options for rental units, single rooms, and more. The website is different for different people. Zumper’s site features a community preview and an in-depth community preview. It also offers information about schools and crime statistics.

Gertie’s Live Work

Renting Houses Websites
Renting Houses Websites

Gertie’s Live Work is a no-fee listing platform for artists and creative professionals in need of workspaces and apartments. The website features listings from both tenants and landlords, and allows users to search by price range, square footage, and neighborhood. Founded by two artists, Gertie’s Live Work is dedicated to helping artists find rental homes.[5]


Adobo is a website that lets you search for homes by location and other criteria. It will even send your application to landlords so they can review it. You can get a decision within hours. Adobo is especially popular with college students. The site has thousands of listings and protects users from unscrupulous property owners.

If you live outside your preferred area, then Craigslist is a great place to search for houses for rent. This website allows landlords to post listings every day, making it easy for renters to compare prices and features. The website also lets you block information that you don’t want to see.

Those who are looking for rentals on a budget will likely prefer Adobo. The site is easy to use, and users like the startup feel of the site. The site also has a good map interface. Users also like the way a property is searched and can be customized. The site also includes a “For You” section, which suggests properties nearby. You can also see how many times a property has been viewed.


Avail is a comprehensive rental screening platform that provides landlords and renters with a variety of services. They provide criminal background and eviction history checks, employment and identity validation, and full credit reports. These services ensure that renters are qualified to rent a property. Avail also helps landlords market their rental properties online.[6]

The site is user-friendly with a neat layout and straightforward customization options. This makes it easy to navigate the website and find the renters you’re looking for. You can sign leases, check credit history, and even collect rent online. Avail is a great option for landlords who want to streamline the renting process.

Avail offers free and paid versions of its services. The basic subscription costs $0, while the Unlimited Plus plan costs $5 per unit. Unlimited Plus subscriptions offer more features, including credit and criminal background checks, custom applications, lease agreements, and property websites. You can try out the Avail service for thirty days, which is perfect for those who have a few single-unit rental properties to manage.

One of the benefits of Avail is that landlords can receive rent online, and tenants can even set up recurring payments using the online rental portal. For tenants, the platform offers an option to link their bank accounts, including their own. The Unlimited Plus plan also waives ACH fees. You can even link different properties to different bank accounts.

Renting Houses and Apartments Through Different Websites

Renting Houses Websites
Renting Houses Websites

When looking for a place to rent, there are several websites to choose from. Some of these include Zillow, Trulia, and Street Easy. The best way to find an apartment rental is to go through the listings of each website rather than a broker. These websites will help you to narrow down your search for a new home, and can be a great way to get rid of the intermediary fees involved in a real estate transaction.[7]


Trulia is a website that helps people rent houses and apartments. It’s easy to use and automatically syndicates listings to other sites. The site also has interactive maps and other features to make it easier for tenants to find the perfect place. In addition, Trulia has many free tools for landlords, including online lease templates.

The website also has a community section where users can post real estate questions and get answers. You can also read articles about real estate on Trulia’s blog. There are thousands of homes and apartments listed on Trulia. You can find a home for rent in your area with a few clicks of your mouse.

Trulia was launched in 2005 and is part of the Zillow Group. It has a simple design that makes it easy to browse the listings. It also provides neighborhood information and reviews of properties. It also has a feature where you can post your own property. You can also make use of the website’s Listing Syndication to increase your property listing’s visibility. Using this feature, you can post a property for rent that is not listed on other websites.

If you are a real estate investor, Trulia is a website to watch. You can list both rental and for sale listings. The data provided by Trulia is useful. It also provides a neighborhood feature and estimates of a property’s market value. Although these estimates are not perfect, they are still reliable enough for real estate analysis.[8]


If you’re looking for a rental property, then you’ve probably heard of Zillow. It’s a website that helps landlords list their rental properties, screen tenants and collect rent. While it focuses mainly on apartments, it does offer a good selection of single-family homes as well. It also offers a feature that helps renters find the ideal home by letting them input their work location, which helps them determine how far they need to travel. Renters can also access the lease and make payments online.

Zillow also offers a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Users can browse the listings on their phone, share them with others and see the lease agreement. The app is designed to have a clean interface and enables renters to manage rental units. Although Android phones have limited photo uploading capabilities, Zillow’s mobile app is an excellent way to browse rental listings and make offers.

While Zillow has been in the buy-sell market for years, it’s looking for new revenue streams. While its revenue comes primarily from the buy-sell market, it’s worth noting that 36% of housing is renter-occupied. This means that the company’s platform needs to support customer support and security.

Zillow’s landing page is tailored to the user’s location. Text on the landing page invites users to search for homes in their area. Users can further refine their search by entering their ZIP code, street, and neighborhood. Then, Zillow offers thumbnail photos of the properties in that area. The page also offers a map of the neighborhood.[9]

Street Easy

In addition to offering a large number of rental homes, Street Easy also offers rental listings that are updated by individual agents. Their website includes a list of properties that are available for rent, as well as a search feature to find a specific property. The site also includes a blog to keep users updated on new rental listings.

The site has over 14,400 listings in New York’s five boroughs, and recently added a tool for renters with housing vouchers. Users can even customize their account settings, including their move-in date. StreetEasy also includes tips on preventing discrimination when looking for a rental.

StreetEasy offers listings from individual landlords and major brokerages. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to find properties that meet their needs. Moreover, users can filter listings by price and location. Overall, StreetEasy’s extensive city listings make it an ideal site for tenants and landlords.

In 2013 StreetEasy was acquired by real estate search site Zillow for $50 million. Its website provides information about available rentals and lets users schedule viewings. The platform has revolutionized the real estate industry in New York City. However, the service has been met with criticism as well. While StreetEasy has streamlined the home-buying process, some brokers claim the service is unfair and takes advantage of its users.

Rent Betta

Renting Houses Websites
Renting Houses Websites

Rent Betta is a website that connects renters with property agents. The website features over 1,000 listings and works directly with landlords. It lets you filter by price, size, neighborhood, and features. In addition, you can view the history of rent prices and maintenance ratings for each building.[10]

Rent Betta is a free listing service. The website will connect you with landlords directly, so you don’t have to pay a broker’s fee or commission. This will help you save thousands of dollars on your move-in costs. It also includes a map, making it easy to find locations that have available apartments.

HotPads is a landlord-friendly house rentals website that allows landlords to list rental listings and collect rent. It features apartments and single-family houses. You can set up an automated email alert for your preferred rentals. HotPads also allows you to search for properties near your work location.

Naked Apartments

Naked Apartments is one of the largest New York City apartment rental websites. The site has a great user interface and features a search function, as well as a tab for Favorites. Properties added to Favorites will automatically be moved from the search results to the Favorites page. The search engine is simple and lets you refine your search by price range and neighborhood. It also includes detailed descriptions of each property, as well as information such as the closest subway line. Naked Apartments also has a mortgage calculator and neighborhood guides to help you make an informed decision.

The company was launched in 2010 and currently has 13 employees, including CEO Joe Charat and CTO Jay Signorello. The company plans to continue operating under its name and the CEO and CTO will stay on as General Manager and CTO, respectively. The company will continue to provide its real estate tools on its website and will continue to have its own name. Further, the two founders will remain at their respective positions.

Naked Apartments offers an app for smartphones and tablets that makes finding the right apartment a breeze. The site also has a comprehensive list of rental listings in each neighborhood, with photos and floorplans. Its search function is also easy to use and allows users to filter out apartments that require a fee. You can also receive email notifications when new apartments become available in a neighborhood, and even chat with landlords and agents.


One of the oldest house renting websites in NYC, NYBits is a great tool for people looking for a new apartment. The interface is easy to use, and each listing includes a unique apartment address and description. In addition, the team behind NYBits thoroughly vets each posting to reduce duplication and bait-and-switch scams. Each listing is also limited in time, which ensures that only legitimate owners post their ads.[11]

There are several ways to view listings, including maps and videos. Zumper, for example, is a popular nationwide apartment search website. Zumper and Linecity both offer a nationwide search engine that allows you to search for rental homes in New York. Both sites have exclusive listings and are also useful for comparisons. Zumper, for example, includes data from its parent company OLR, which has been serving the real estate community in New York for 25 years. Its listing service allows consumers to compare up to three apartments side by side and includes accurate building and rental data.

The listing sites tend to charge a commission. However, this fee is small compared to broker fees. The incoming tenant is also required to pay a commission – usually half of the rental rate.[12]

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