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OCR Software For Free

Free OCR Software to Get Started

If you want to get started with OCR, you can download some free OCR software to get started. Easy Screen OCR is an example of a browser-based OCR tool that is 99% accurate. LightPDF is another example, which is a web-based PDF reader and OCR tool.[1] ApowerPDF is another free option. It has been around for several years, but hasn’t received any updates recently. This means that it may have some crashes on newer operating systems.

Easy Screen OCR is a free ocr software

Ocr Software For Free
Ocr Software For Free

Easy Screen OCR is a free software that lets you extract text from images. It recognizes more than a hundred languages and has an easy to use interface. It works online and doesn’t require you to upload any files. The software also allows you to set hotkeys to make your life easier.[2]

Easy Screen OCR is available for both Mac and Windows. Its intuitive interface and advanced settings allow you to customize the software to suit your needs. The application is less than 8 MB and is powered by Google OCR, which ensures high recognition accuracy. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8 and comes with a portable version.

Easy Screen OCR is a cross-platform solution that allows users to easily digitize any text on any device. It can be used on a PC, tablet, or smartphone camera. It also lets you translate text into other languages. The software works with most screen-captured documents and can even recognize text in a video.

Another free OCR software is Boxoft. This free application can read multiple languages and scan paper documents. This software is limited in its features, however, but offers excellent functionality for the price. Easy Screen OCR is free to download and install on your computer. It also offers keyboard shortcuts for quick OCR.

Easy Screen OCR can be used on Mac computers. It supports most popular image formats and is compatible with most scanners. It also includes an open-source engine created by HP and was one of the top three in an OCR accuracy contest at the University of Nevada.

Easy Screen OCR is free for personal use and is very accurate. It can recognize a variety of images, including business cards, receipts, and more. It can also support dozens of languages and is easy to use. Moreover, Easy Screen OCR also allows users to search for text on a variety of documents, including those containing scanned images.[3]

SimpleOCR is 99% accurate

SimpleOCR is a free app that can be used to convert paper documents into editable text. It has up to 99% accuracy and recognizes over 120,000 words. It has a validation stage that allows you to fix any mistakes in the converted text. It also allows you to add new words to the dictionary. It is compatible with all TWAIN-compliant scanners.

SimpleOCR is one of the most popular freeware OCR programs on the market. It works with most PCs and scanners and is free to use for personal or commercial purposes. It can also convert documents in several languages. And because it’s free, it’s a great way to avoid having to retype documents.

SimpleOCR is easy to use and has a high level of accuracy. It can recognize approximately 120,000 words, but you can always add more by editing the dictionary. It can process documents with handwriting or formatting, and it works well for commercial and personal use. The software also supports batch conversion and is fast enough to process large amounts of files.[4]

Using OCR is a great way to convert images into text. You can save the results as Word or text files. Just remember to review your results to ensure you got the Text correctly. If the results weren’t accurate, you should make some changes. If you are unsure about what to change, you can use the Unpaper option.

The accuracy of an OCR program depends on a number of factors, including the type of document. For example, documents with no visible writing will be difficult to scan. Therefore, you should look for an OCR program that is able to recognize different types of writing and handwriting. It should also have built-in features to correct errors.

SimpleOCR for Windows is a freeware optical character recognition program that can convert scanned documents to searchable text files. It is geared toward business offices and has an easy-to-use interface. It works well on most types of documents, but it may not be the best choice for multi-column layouts and non-standard fonts.

LightPDF is a browser-based ocr tool

Ocr Software For Free
Ocr Software For Free

LightPDF is a browser-based OCR tool that helps users extract text and information from images. It supports several languages and can be used to convert image-based documents into editable PDFs. With LightPDF, you can convert documents into different formats without the need to use any special software. It can also convert uneditable documents, including handwritten papers. You can download the tool for free and use it in your web browser.

LightPDF is a free online portal that offers an extensive range of features. While the basic package is available for free, users can upgrade to the premium package for more flexibility. It also has options for audio and video recording and PDF management. If you’re on a budget, you can use the free version to convert image files to text.[5]

LightPDF is an all-in-one solution for free online PDF conversion. It supports converting PDF files to Microsoft Office formats and other formats, and its OCR and editing tools keep the high quality of the output. It also allows users to convert CAD files, JPG and PNG formats to PDF, as well as merge and highlight PDF documents. It is also secure and supports encrypting personal information.

Another free OCR tool is LightPDF. This program allows you to convert PDF and image files into text, and supports several languages. Unlike many of the paid tools, it is free to use and does not require download or registration. All you have to do is add the files you want to convert to text, select a language and click the “Convert” button. The process is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

LightPDF is a browser-based OCR tool for free that works in a variety of applications. Its free version lets you work with scanned documents from any browser. It supports several languages and works with almost any document format. Using LightPDF OCR is especially convenient for users who want to convert scanned images to a PDF or MS Word document.

LightPDF is an all-in-one PDF editor that has multiple features and can be used for editing, creating, and OCR. It also has a mobile version that can be used to scan PDF files on the go. After uploading the file, users can select the “Text” option from the main interface. Then, they can enter text into the PDF using interactive form fields.


ApowerPDF is a comprehensive, user-friendly program for editing and creating PDF documents. It has a host of useful features to help you improve productivity, from adding text and images to signing and protecting documents. It can also merge and split PDF files, add signatures, and compress files. ApowerPDF also supports OCR, so it can identify and extract text from documents.[6]

ApowerPDF can be downloaded free of charge and is a great all-around PDF management tool. It can help you convert PDF files, edit them, add links and watermarks, sign and protect them, split and merge them, and even annotate them. This program is also compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems, so you can use it anywhere.

ApowerPDF can also be used for signing documents and filling out forms. It supports multiple languages and makes the process of filling out forms easier. It includes merge, split, and sign tools, as well as password protection and action limitation capabilities. It can also be used for editing documents, and allows for custom branding.

PDFelement is a free cross-platform tool that can transform images and documents into editable PDF files. It supports multiple languages and uses advanced AI technology to scan documents. It also lets you convert documents from Word,.txt, and other file formats into PDF. Another feature of the program is its ability to encrypt PDF documents.

ApowerPDF is a free software program that comes with many other features. Its editor lets you modify and protect PDF documents without the need for professional help. It also provides an intuitive user interface, which makes editing documents a breeze. It also allows you to create PDF forms, edit contracts, and more.

If you are looking for free OCR software, ApowerPDF may be a good choice. It has a dedicated OCR option that is easier to use than many other tools on the market. Another good choice is OmniPage Ultimate, which is designed for business users. It allows you to create searchable, editable documents and share them with others. OmniPage Ultimate is known for its accuracy.

Another free PDF OCR software is Foxit PDF Editor. It is lightweight and uses AI OCR technology to convert documents into editable formats. It can also merge and delete PDF files. Other features of this program include e-sign and metadata updates.[7]

OCR Software For Free

Ocr Software For Free
Ocr Software For Free

If you want to use OCR software for free, you have several options. Some of them are Easy Screen OCR, Readiris, Boxoft Free OCR and ABBYY FineReader. These are some of the more popular and best OCR programs. You can try any of them to see if it works for you.

Easy Screen OCR

The Free Easy Screen OCR software converts images to text and has the ability to recognize more than 100 languages. It can capture up to five images and allows you to create a shortcut for quick access. The software can be used for many tasks, such as translating documents or extracting text from webpages. It also allows you to edit or change the text and copy it to your clipboard.

Once you install the program on your PC, a shortcut will appear on your taskbar. The program has a few settings for you to customize. You can also set a keyboard shortcut to run the program on startup. You can also choose the picture size and image format. Easy Screen OCR is free and offers updates.[8]

You can download the Easy Screen OCR software for free to use it on your computer. It’s compatible with Windows and is a great solution for text extraction from screenshots and other images. The free version has a user interface that makes it easy to use. It’s also much cheaper than paid apps. It’s also compatible with many languages, which makes it a great value for money.

Easy Screen OCR is a free screen capture software that recognizes character-based and whole-text raster images. It creates a screenshot of the text before starting the text recognition process. Afterwards, you can copy the text or save it in a selected format. You can also choose the language that you’d like to use for the extracted text. You can choose from Google OCR or custom AI-based recognition mode.

Easy Screen OCR software can also be used to convert images and documents. It’s free, has no adverts, and is capable of processing a wide variety of document formats. It’s a great productivity shortcut for office workers, researchers, and students. Microsoft OneNote is another great application with advanced OCR functionality. You can also clip screen images into OneNote to paste them into your document.

Easy Screen OCR is an excellent choice for free Windows software for text extraction. It’s compatible with Windows 10/8/7, and MacOS. It works with images in several file formats, including tiff and PDF, and is compatible with most scanners. Despite the fact that it’s free, the quality of the output is excellent. This software also allows you to select the language of the output.[9]


Readiris is a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF publishing software for MacOS. It helps you convert paper documents into editable versions, protect and sign PDF files, and more. It also helps you convert documents to audio files, and offers tools for verbal annotation. Readiris works with many file formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, and TXT, and supports all Twain scanners. The program also supports rotating, scaling, and converting documents to EPUB format.

Readiris can process a variety of files, including PDF and DJVU. It also has a number of customizable processing parameters that allow you to choose the best processing methods. It can process documents with a low resolution, although the optimal resolution for the program is 300 dpi. After analyzing the image, Readiris identifies text zones and extracts it. Afterwards, you can save the text in a variety of formats and search it easily.[10]

OCR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize text in images. The Readiris OCR software can convert documents to searchable PDF format. It is not available for free, but you can download an alternative version. It’s a great tool for scanning documents, and it’s available for both desktops and mobile devices.

Readiris Pro 14 is a powerful OCR software designed for private and independent workers. It helps boost productivity and efficiency by converting paper documents, PDFs, and images into editable Word documents. With the software’s built-in editor, you can create PDF files, merge pages, rotate pages, sign them, and compress them.

For those with a sloppy handwriting, this desktop program can identify and convert text from any image file. This software also supports 138 recognition languages and text-to-speech capabilities. It also works with most scanners and is compatible with all scanner types. You can also use the Readiris OCR for free to make editable PDFs.

Boxoft Free OCR

Ocr Software For Free
Ocr Software For Free

Boxoft Free OCR software is a free software application for converting text from documents. Its features include batch extraction, quick encoding, accurate text recognition, and a variety of languages and document types. Moreover, it’s compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7. The program can handle different types of documents and languages.[11]

Boxoft Free OCR can analyze text from almost any image format, including multi-column documents. Moreover, it supports a variety of file formats, including PDF and scanned images. Users can also convert scanned paper documents into editable text documents. Furthermore, the software’s intuitive interface allows users to import as many images as they want, rotate and deskew the pages, and change the font size.

Moreover, Boxoft Free OCR supports more than ten languages. You can easily scan documents, e-books, and other types of documents and save them in multiple formats. Furthermore, this program’s advanced features include document security and PDF signing. It also supports editing, annotating, and protecting PDF files.

Boxoft Free OCR software is completely free and enables users to easily convert scanned paper documents into editable text. Additionally, it comes with a built-in rich text editor, so you can edit the text directly in the application without needing MS Office. Another feature of Boxoft Free OCR is its fast OCR engine. You can also save the scanned document as a TXT or ZIP file for easier storage and easy editing.[12]

Free OCR to Word software offers advanced image processing capabilities. The program allows users to rotate input pictures in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. It also lets users zoom in and out of the images. You can also crop and copy the images. And finally, the Free OCR to Word software allows users to select any portion of an image.

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It supports most image formats, and its user interface is simple and easy to use. It supports conversion of up to 15 pages per hour.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is one of the best options available for free OCR software. It is an online solution, which does not require any installation or download. The software can recognize documents up to five pages for free, and it lets you choose the language and format. If you want to make more complicated OCR conversions, you can buy the professional version.[13]

You can download ABBYY FineReader for free, or you can pay a one-time fee of $19 per year for the full version. It allows you to convert scanned documents, PDFs, and more. It also offers features to edit and search scanned documents.

The ABBYY FineReader OCR software allows you to convert scanned documents, PDF files, and digital photos into machine-readable text. This software supports over 190 languages and is intuitive to use.[14] You can program the software to recognize specific characters in a document, and it also offers full dictionary support for 48 languages. It can be used on both Mac and Windows machines.

Another great feature of ABBYY FineReader is that it can edit scanned documents. It has many editing options, including adding comments, managing page layout, and ordering pages. It also has the ability to compress your documents and protect them from hackers. If you’re looking for a free OCR software for Windows, you can download ABBYY FineReader trial versions of this software to check it out before you buy it.[15]



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