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Modern Bed Frame King

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Modern Bed Frames For King Size Mattresses

Modern Bed Frame King. If you are looking for a modern bed frame, you are in the right place. We can provide you with the most innovative, high quality, and competitively priced beds on the market.[1]

Benchmen Modern Skinny Fat Bed

Modern Bed Frame King
Modern Bed Frame King

If you’re looking to update your bedroom decor, consider purchasing a Benchmen Modern Skinny Fat Bed King. It offers a simple, sleek look, which pairs well with a variety of other Benchmen Modern designs. You’ll also be able to customize your bed with custom upholstery and leg styles, so it’s guaranteed to fit your style.[2]

Several customers have reported that they’ve had a positive experience with this online furniture brand. They report that the quality of the product is top-notch, and they appreciate the customization options. Another bonus is the 100-day trial period, which gives you the chance to test out the item before you make a purchase. The company offers a variety of shipping methods, so you can get your furniture home as quickly as you need it.

Benchmen Modern has expanded into beds, lighting, and accent chairs, so you can find a variety of options. Their products are all made in America, and they can be customized to your exact specifications. Whether you need to purchase one or several pieces, they can be shipped within a week of making your order.[3]

Thump The Bed

Thump is a brand of Japanese-style bed frame that is built with pieces that are seamless and lock together. The design is simple, clean, and unobtrusive, making it a perfect match for any interior design style.[4]

Thump Beds uses repurposed wood to create the frame, eliminating the need for adhesives, metal fasteners, or medium density fiberboard. They also reduce the carbon footprint.

The company ships the products to customers in the United States. They offer a 100-night-risk free trial. You can purchase the bed in the twin, full, queen, or California king size.

Thump has been producing the frame since 2007. The wooden frame has powder-coated steel supports and is built to last. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

The slats are lined with eco-felt, which eliminates creaking. The legs have cork-padded bottoms to add extra comfort. There is also an optional pillow board, made of nontoxic CertiPUR-US foam.[5]

Thump offers a wide range of finishes. Walnut, American walnut, and dark charcoal are just some of the options. A king size is available with a Pillow Board Headboard. Another option is a wooden frame that has a pebbled linen-weave fabric cover.

This platform bed is affordable, and it offers plenty of customization. It’s easy to put together. Plus, it is lightweight. You can add underbid storage. But, you have a weight limit of 600 pounds.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, try the Floyd. The bed is available in either birch or walnut wood, with a honeycomb core for stability.[6]

Casper Repose Bed Frame and Pillow Headboard

If you’re looking for a stylish yet functional bed frame, you should take a look at the Casper Repose. The company’s spruced up versions of the classic bed frame occupy just enough space to fit a standard king size mattress. In addition to providing a platform for your chosen mattress, the Repose comes with the option of adding a pillow for the lucky few.[7]

While you’re at it, you’ll want to check out the company’s two-year warranty on their products. You’ll also want to take advantage of the free delivery and return options. And you’ll definitely want to take a look at their weighted blankets.

Casper does not disappoint. They have everything from the modern bedroom to the aforementioned king size, and everything in between. Plus, you can even pick up one of their patented weighted blankets, which will make your night a breeze.

Despite the fact that they’ve been around for more than a decade, the company still makes a slew of interesting and unique mattresses. Moreover, the company offers a slew of clever bed frames. One of their most high-end designs features a tufted headboard, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, you’ll love the company’s optional adjustable base.[8]

Aside from the Casper Repose, you’ll also be pleased to learn that the brand has a full line of pillows and sheets. Those looking to save a buck or two will also appreciate their no-hassle returns policy, which carries over to the brand’s mattresses.

Modern Bed Frames For King Size Beds

There are many things to consider when it comes to picking out the perfect modern bed frame for your king size bed. You have to consider the type of mattress you plan on using, the color of the walls, and whether you want to go with a wood frame or a metal one. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there, and you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you.[9]

Rove Concepts Mikkel Bed

The Rove Concepts Mikkel Bed Frame King is a nice complement to your master bedroom suite. This piece of furniture features a solid ash wood base with a polished elm wood veneer top. Despite being a mid-size bed, it still provides ample storage space for your clothes, books and knickknacks. For the price tag, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more stylish and functional companion. In addition to the bed itself, the company offers a variety of related furnishings to boot. While you’re at it, take advantage of their free shipping service throughout the contiguous United States.[10]

If you’re looking for a bed that stands out from the pack, consider the Mikkel. Its minimalist design makes it a breeze to clean, while the built in storage compartments will leave you feeling like royalty. With such a sleek frame in tow, your master bedroom will be a relaxing haven. Unlike most modern day beds, the Mikkel boasts a relatively low height, making it an ideal fit for smaller bedrooms. Whether you’re looking to furnish a small apartment or a large family home, the Mikkel has your back. Regardless of size, you’ll appreciate the quality craftsmanship and stylish design that this piece of furniture has to offer.[11]

Akron Street Mya Bed

A lot has been said about the Mya bed frame. It’s made from solid white oak and has a sleek, Nordic design that’s sure to fit any bedroom. The Mya is available in two finishes, natural and smoked, and pairs with a wall-mounted or frame-mounted headboard. The bed also boasts an impressive number of slats: 15 of them to be exact. This makes for a sturdy and well-balanced unit that’s sure to provide many years of trouble free service.[12]

Despite its name, the Mya bed does not come with a warranty. However, the company offers an unrivaled care guide, and its free shipping service is unmatched by its competitors. For a hefty price tag, the Mya is well worth the investment. If you’re looking for a high end furniture item, the Mya is your best bet.

The Mya’s most important component is the solid wood frame, which is covered with a couple of coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. As you might expect, the wood is not perfect. There are a few minor scratches to be found here and there, but nothing too outlandish. On the other hand, the finish on the Mya’s most esoteric component, the slats, is flawless. That’s a testament to the craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Nonetheless, the Akron Street Mya is a solid choice for any full size bedroom. And if you’re interested in upgrading to a larger bed, the company offers options to scale up or down.[13]

Obviously, the most expensive component is the Mya bed, but the company’s other offerings are of equally if not higher quality. From the headboard to the footboard, the company makes furniture for a variety of budgets and tastes. Some of its other high-end furniture harkens back to the pre-World War II era, while others take a modern approach. Among its most popular items are the Mya Bed and the Mya Bookcase. Both products are complemented by a number of matching pieces including the Mya Ottoman and Mya Console.[14]

Floyd The Bed Frame

Modern Bed Frame King
Modern Bed Frame King

The Floyd Platform Bed is a modern bed frame that’s aesthetically appealing, yet easy to assemble. It’s made from premium birch that’s known for its strength and durability.

Aside from being stylish, this bed frame is also extremely versatile. It can be converted into a queen or king bed. Depending on how you want it to look, it can also be equipped with a headboard. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics.[15]

Another great thing about this bed is its simplicity. There are only a few parts to put together. It’s also easy to move around and take down. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 600 pounds.

You can even choose to add underbid storage to the Floyd Platform Bed Frame. This option costs an additional $280. However, it’s important to note that only one side of this underbid storage is included in the price.

If you prefer something a little different, you can also purchase a tufted headboard. Both of these options have a foam upholstery that offers comfort. In addition, the Floyd Platform Bed Frame can be purchased in two finishes: white or walnut veneer.

Another thing you’ll love about this platform bed is that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it when your needs change. Not only is the design flexible, but you can also add on underbid storage drawers.[16]

Overall, the Floyd Bed is a good choice for people with active lifestyles. Since it’s easy to assemble and move, you won’t have to worry about throwing it away when you need to switch up your room. And it doesn’t hurt that the company also sells a 10-year warranty.

While this product may be more expensive than some other models, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. It’s an ideal addition to any modern home.

If you’re looking for a low-profile and minimalist platform bed, the Floyd is a perfect option. It has clean lines and a sleek, Japanese-inspired design. It’s easy to assemble and can be customized to fit your needs.[17]

Casper Adjustable Base Max

Modern Bed Frame King
Modern Bed Frame King

Adjustable base beds can alleviate a wide range of sleeping problems. Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or arthritis, an adjustable bed can provide a relaxing, comfortable night’s rest. It can also improve your overall health.

Many adjustable beds come with massage features. Some models even have built-in USB ports. You can also choose from a variety of preset positions. For example, you can adjust your head to 60 degrees, or your feet to 35 degrees.[18]

A few adjustable bases even have underbid lighting. This will help you get a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re prone to falling asleep during the day. The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame is an example of a model with these features. There is also a three-zone massage setting, which you can use for either a full body or foot massage.

Another option for couples is the Adjustable Base Plus. This model comes with a quiet motor in a sealed case. It’s available in split king and queen sizes. Most people choose to buy this model because of its ability to allow both sides of the bed to adjust independently.

This model comes with a 5-year warranty, as well as a 25-year limited warranty for the frame. You can also opt for White Glove delivery, which means that a professional will install your bed and take it apart for you. However, you may be required to pay extra for this service.[19]

If you’re hesitant to purchase an adjustable bed, consider whether it’s easy to assemble. Most frames are designed for easy setup, though the actual assembly process can be complex.

Adjustable bases are made from metal, and can be extremely heavy. They often weigh in at 150 pounds or more. Depending on the model, it may be difficult for an older person to move the bed.

If you want to avoid a hassle, you should consider a base with a wireless remote. In addition to the convenience of being able to control the mattress from a distance, many models feature memory settings. These are a great way to save your favorite settings.[20]

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