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Interior Design Masters Season 2 – Best in 2023


Interior Design Masters Season 2

Interior Design Masters Season 2, The interior design competition series is back with a new set of designers. The show aims to judge their ability to transform spaces in different styles, with the winner taking home a coveted commission for a top London hotel.

Former ELLE Decoration editor-in-chief Michelle Ogundehin will return as head judge. Each week she will be joined by a guest judge to offer advice and guidance on the design process.[1]

The contestants

Interior Design Masters Season 2

Interior design masters is the show that sees ten aspiring designers compete to win a career-changing contract with one of London’s top hotels. In each episode, host Alan Carr and interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin put the contestants through a variety of commercial design challenges. These include shop interiors, restaurants, beach huts, luxury villas and salons.

The show was first aired on BBC Two and the latest season is set to air again in 2021. The competition includes ten talented up-and-coming designers who are competing to win the show’s big prize: a career-changing contract with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels.

Aspiring designers who are taking part in the show say it’s a great way to get them out of their comfort zones and inspire them to try something different, especially if they’re feeling stuck. It also gives them a chance to prove their skills in front of a judging panel and build up their portfolios.

For some, the experience is a real eye-opener, while others find that the pressure of the competition leads to self-doubt and anxiety about their designs. However, the ten candidates have an excellent team spirit and work well together to ensure their designs are successful.[2]

In week two of interior design masters, Michelle puts the contestants in teams and tells them to transform two rooms in a holiday lodge. They’re given a budget of £1k and must create a space that is appealing to all guests.

While some choose to go for a creative rainbow of colours, others choose a more natural theme. Charlotte opted for a tree, complete with a song she wrote, while Peter created a woodland-inspired room that incorporated dark brown walls and tree trunks.[3]

Other contestants include Paul who describes himself as a “wallcovering extraordinaire.” He works from Brighton and is part of the team at Studio Janettie, a creative bespoke furniture company with fellow Interior Design Masters season 2 contestant Micaela.

He says that he loves the show because it allows him to step out of his comfort zone and work on new, more challenging projects while he develops his interior design skills. It also helps him grow his network, and he’s excited to use it as a platform to meet new people in the industry.

The judges

The new season of Interior Design Masters returns to BBC One, and the show’s guru Michelle Ogundehin will be back to put ten aspiring designers through their paces. The competition kicks off on March 9 with a launch episode that introduces the ten designers, who are competing to win a contract for a commercial space.[4]

Each episode of Interior Design Masters has a new challenge and each week, a contestant is eliminated until the final episode, when one designer wins the grand prize and secures a life-changing contract with an elite commercial client. The competition is filmed across the UK, and each designer’s designs are judged by an expert panel of guest judges.

In the first episode of the new series, the contestants take on a challenge to redesign five upmarket rental apartments in London. They must design each apartment to be attractive to different types of tenants, from young couples to older people. The finished designs must also display cohesion between the two teams’ schemes and clever use of sustainable materials.

Head judge Michelle Ogundehin is the former editor of Elle Decoration and loves seeing the aspiring designers grow over the course of the show. She is thrilled to have moved to BBC One, and she hopes that with more viewers watching the show, it will give a wider audience the opportunity to see the real skills of interior designers.

Other guest judges include Matthew Williamson, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Mary Portas and Guy Oliver, who will be evaluating each designer’s design skills. They will also help to judge the individual challenges.

The second episode of the new season is set in Bournemouth and sees the designers sent to a run-down hotel to design their bedrooms. They must overhaul their rooms to reflect their own signature styles and incorporate a white, dark or milk chocolate theme into their designs.

Another task sees the finalists work in pairs to design a shop on a high street in Nottingham. They are given a unique shop brief each and they must turn this average store into a destination shopping experience.[5]

The studio

Interior Design Masters Season 2

If you’re a fan of design shows, you’ll love interior design masters season 2. The show follows aspiring designers who compete for a chance to win a commercial contract with a top hotel. They tackle challenges that include shops, show homes and restaurants, all with a prestigious prize in store for the winner.

The series started on BBC Two in 2019, but has recently moved to BBC One after gaining huge popularity with viewers. You can watch interior design masters on BBC iPlayer after it’s aired on TV.

Interior Design Masters is a show that will get your creative juices flowing and spark some inspiration for your next home makeover. It’s the perfect mix of crafting, DIY and interior design and a great way to spend your evenings.

In series 2, a host of seasoned designers join the judges and mentors to help ten aspiring designers compete for a life-changing commercial contract. Each week, the designers tackle a new commercial challenge that ranges from shops and restaurants to hair salons and luxury holiday villas.

Each episode begins with a different guest judge, and the final judge is Michelle Ogundehin, who previously edited ELLE Decoration. She has a firm but fair judging style and enjoys watching the designers develop their skills throughout the series.

The judges will give each designer advice on how to best present their designs, while the winner will take home a prize worth thousands of pounds. There are also special guests who will be on hand to help with some of the more challenging challenges.

This week, a team of designers are given the task of redesigning a student halls of residence. Their goal is to create a space that’s warm, comfortable and inspiring for students to study, work and socialise in. Each designer will have a budget of just 1k to transform the space into their ideal environment.

With three teams, each a mix of different ages, the designers have to think carefully about what will appeal to each age group, and their creativity will be put to the test as they design the rooms. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges including Sophie Robinson and Abigail Ahern, as well as Michelle Ogundehin.[6]

The challenges

Interior Design Masters is a competition show that aims to help aspiring designers gain an edge in the home makeover industry. The show, which first premiered on BBC Two in the UK and is now available for streaming on Netflix worldwide, follows 10 aspiring interior designers who compete to transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

Each week, the contestants face a new challenge from head judge Michelle Ogundehin, former editor of Elle Decoration. The designers then try to impress Michelle with their designs, in order to secure a commercial design contract.

The challenges on ‘Interior Design Masters’ are varied, from designing show homes to shops and restaurants, beach huts, bars and luxury holiday villas. Each designer is given a budget and they must complete their project in accordance with the judge’s specifications.

This week’s challenge, for example, sees the designers re-design a toddler room. Each team was given a budget of 1k and they were tasked with creating a child-friendly space. Some of the ideas were creative, while others were more practical and utilitarian.

Another challenge saw the designers tasked with revamping a run-down hotel in Bournemouth. The design plan was then evaluated by Michelle and the winner was chosen.

In a bid to win the competition, each designer was asked to create a room in their favourite colour and with their signature style. The design plan must be completed within two days.

There was also a task where each designer was asked to create a ‘Chocolate room’, with a chocolate-themed wallpaper and chocolate-coloured furniture. These designs had to be submitted with a written explanation of their choices, so that Michelle could decide who went through to the next stage.

‘Interior Design Masters’ is one of the most creative shows on TV, especially for those who are into crafting and DIY projects. The competition has a prestigious prize in store for the winner, who will receive a design contract with an elite commercial client.[7]

Interior Design Masters Season 2

Interior Design Masters Season 2

In this competitive game show, a group of aspiring interior designers compete to win a life-changing design contract. The series features renowned interior designers and industry experts as judges, who provide feedback and guidance to the contestants.

Presented by Fearne Cotton and judged by former ELLE Decoration editor-in-chief Michelle Ogundehin, the show tests 10 interior designers’ design skills across commercial challenges from shops to restaurants. Each week, a new task is set and the contestants redesign their space as per the brief.

The judges

In season two of interior design masters, ten up-and-coming designers are challenged to transform a variety of spaces from dowdy to delightful. Each week they’re set a new design challenge to meet with their judge, Michelle Ogundehin, former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration magazine.

The competition was hosted by comedian Alan Carr, with guest judges including Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Jade Jagger and Mary Portas, ensuring that each episode of the show is full of expert insight. The aspiring designers are given eight challenges across the eight weeks and must work together to create an interior that meets their judge’s requirements.

Each designer has just a couple of days to transform a model home from drab to fab and apply their signature styles. The contestants are challenged to work a budget of PS1,500 to achieve their goals.

One of the finalists is a mural artist named Richard O’Gorman, who took his passion for art and turned it into his design. He sourced his own fabric and cut the curtains himself, which caught viewers’ attention as an innovative idea.[8]

Another entrant, Lynsey Ford, also had a strong artistic flair and was an accomplished painter before joining the show. She’s a firm believer that creativity is key when it comes to designing spaces, and has worked on a number of projects over the years.

She had been working in a corporate environment for several years and realised that she needed to rediscover her creative side, which led her to the show. She was apprehensive about entering the show, but knew it was a perfect opportunity to take her career in a different direction and pursue her love of interiors.

The judging process is tough, but it’s rewarding to see the designers grow and develop throughout the series. For Michelle Ogundehin, it’s important to judge them “firm but fair.” She takes pride in watching them become more confident and creative as the series progresses. She says she aims to find a combination of skills and personalities that will make a successful designer.

The challenges

Interior Design Masters Season 2

Interior Design Masters is a competition show that showcases aspiring designers’ ability to meet client briefs in a variety of commercial and residential settings. It’s a great choice for those looking to learn more about the industry, but it can also be entertaining and inspiring for anyone who loves a competitive home renovation show.

The first season of Interior Design Masters was a hit with viewers, and the second season recently made its way onto Netflix. The show features ten aspiring interior designers who are competing to win a commercial contract with a prestigious hotel.[9]

Each week, the contestants are presented with a new challenge and must design the interior of different locations. These can include restaurants, shops, beach huts and salons, as well as hotels and luxury holiday villas.

As they tackle these challenges, the designers must work together to create a cohesive design. They must also consider the functionality and aesthetics of their design.

This is important since it ensures that the space will be functional and appealing. In addition, it helps them stand out from the other competitors.

Throughout the competition, the judges set specific criteria for each challenge. They may require the designers to use a certain color, material or design style.

Once the designers have completed their task, they are rewarded with the opportunity to display their designs in front of the judges. At the end of each episode, one designer is eliminated from the competition.

The judges for interior design masters are former Elle Decoration editor-in-chief Michelle Ogundehin and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. They are joined by a variety of specialist guest judges, depending on the weekly brief.

For example, in one episode, the judges asked the contestants to redesign a knitting shop. The judges wanted them to rethink the space’s layout and incorporate a lot of texture and colour into the design.[10]

While the challenge wasn’t easy, the finalists did an excellent job of designing their spaces. In fact, many of them were able to exceed the expectations of the judges.

The winner of Interior Design Masters season 2 was Lynsey Ford. She won the competition and received a commercial design contract with a hotel. She has since continued to work in the field of interior design. She has been featured in various publications and is a sought-after interior designer.

The studio

Interior design is a fast-paced profession that takes passion and perseverance. It’s also about delivering something that’s truly meaningful.

Each week, ten designers take on a new commercial design challenge and try to impress the discerning judges. These include show homes, offices, hotels, shops, beach huts, salons and luxury holiday villas.

The contestants are tasked with revamping spaces that will appeal to their target market, and they must keep the space’s original character whilst creating a unified look. Whether they go for an industrial or a ‘Willy Wonka’ theme, or something more traditional, they must make their mark on their chosen location.

As well as taking on the challenges, the designers must attend workshops run by expert interior stylists and tradespeople. These are a great way to learn new techniques and to boost their knowledge about the industry.

Michelle Ogundehin, the show’s main judge, describes her approach to judging as “firm but fair”. She is keen to see a design’s overall impact.

In this episode, the finalists are sent to a Grade II listed grand hotel in Wotton House, where they’re tasked with transforming a bedroom. The designs have to be in keeping with the property’s British eccentric twist, while still reflecting the designer’s style.

After the first episode, the finalists have survived seven design challenges. Having successfully completed their biggest challenge so far, the remaining four designers are now set to redesign two restaurants in Bristol as they fight for a place in the semi-finals.

They’re joined by industry experts Kelly Hoppen, Sophie Robinson and Abigail Ahern to offer advice. But they’ll need to show more individual design flair if they want to survive this challenge, as the team that loses the competition will be eliminated from the show.[11]

Next, the contestants are put to the test by designing student halls of residence. They have to create studios that allow for sleeping, studying and socialising, on a tight budget.

This week, the finalists are given a Scottish hotel as their prize for winning the series, and are challenged to create either a relaxing room or a maximalist experience. They’re each given two thousand pounds and a team of talented helpers to work with. They must create a space that’s beautiful, practical and appealing to their target audience, and they must do it in just two days.

The final

Interior Design Masters Season 2

Interior design masters is a reality TV show that follows the adventures of ten aspiring designers. They compete to win a lucrative prize and a contract with a luxury hotel. They’re judged by a panel of professional designers and celebrities, including Alan Carr, Michelle Ogundehin, and Matthew Williamson.

In the first episode, the finalists were tasked with designing a master bedroom in a luxury show home. The challenge involved changing the layout of the space and using a bold colour palette. This was the start of a series of challenges that challenged them to think creatively and work within a specific budget.

The second week saw the finalists work together to renovate three classrooms in a children’s nursery. The judges were largely impressed with the designs, but they felt that some of them did not give their clients enough storage space for their baby and toddler toys and books.

Another task involved each designer redesigning their own room in a run-down hotel in Bournemouth. The designers are required to incorporate a white, dark or milk chocolate theme into their plans. They are then given two days to complete the task.[12]

A final challenge sees the finalists team up to redesign two bars in London’s West End. They are tasked with creating a design that is both sleek and modern.

It’s an intense finale for all the finalists. Banjo Beale dominated, completing a stunning feature wall that really wows the audience and the judges. The runner-up, Amy Davies, also wowed the judges with her unique bedroom wallpaper. She’s a talented illustrator and print designer, with a keen eye for detail and a talent for taxidermy.

The final episode of interior design masters season 2 airs on BBC One on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. It’s the end of an amazing first series and fans are hoping it gets renewed for a second season. However, there are some changes that viewers would like to see in the next season of the competition. [13]



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