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Interior Design Charlotte Nc – Best 2023

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Interior Design Firms

Interior Design Charlotte Nc is a career path that requires a lot of creative and technical skills.[1]You also need to be well-organized and listen to your clients’ needs.

In North Carolina, the average salary for an entry-level interior designer is around $28,250 per year. However, experienced professionals can make up to $81,050 annually.

House of Nomad

Interior Design Charlotte Nc

House of Nomad is the name of a local Charlotte, North Carolina, interior design firm whose designs are both elegant and functional.[2] The firm’s signature is its ability to marry the latest home design trends with the client’s unique lifestyle and personality traits to create spaces that are both stunning and functional. The company specializes in both residential and commercial design. The team has a wealth of experience and can help you plan, design and execute the perfect solution for your needs.

Barrie Benson

Barrie Benson brings a fresh, bright perspective to her interior design work. She and her husband, Matt Benson, are known for blending traditional with clean lines and modern comforts in a home that honors the family’s personality and style while also satisfying the needs of everyday life. In the living room, she drew inspiration from the home’s sweeping mountain views by using blues and grass greens to tie in with the natural environment.[3]

She mixed prints and textiles in an orderly progression, without overpowering one another–like the swivel chair’s leafy magenta-and-blue print (Sandererson’s Rainforest Blackberry) with the club chairs’ deep violet linen, and the lighthearted purple, pink, and white leopard on the window seat cushion (Lee Jofa’s Feline by Kelly Wearstler). The result is an inviting and warm mountain retreat that speaks to the season, no matter what the weather is like.

Lucy and Company

Interior Design Charlotte Nc

Lucy and Company is a small firm with a big reputation in the industry. They create spaces that are a fusion of contemporary and classic design. [4]They have been featured by many publications, including House Beautiful and The Wall Street Journal. They have a diverse portfolio of projects that include private residences, hotels, and restaurants.

The main reason behind this is their dedication to client service and a passion for creating a space that fits the specific needs of their clients. This is a hugely important aspect in the business of interior design and Lucy and Company have mastered it. They are committed to helping their clients make their home or office a place where they feel comfortable and at peace.[5]

For example, they use color to evoke emotion, and they incorporate art into their designs to stimulate the mind. They also use lighting to create a visually appealing effect. The best part of their approach is that they don’t stop there. They are happy to share their knowledge with their clients and take the time to learn more about each individual project and their goals for their new or existing space.

As a result of this dedication to their clients, they have built an impressive reputation within the industry. Their team includes a talented group of designers, as well as a dedicated support staff that ensures their clients are left in good hands at all times.[6]

The best thing about this company is that they can do it all, from a simple consultation to a full-blown interior design project. It’s this commitment to their clients that makes them stand out in the crowd of the thousands of other interior design firms.

Charlotte Lucas Interior Design

Charlotte Lucas, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is known for her bold and fearless use of color and whimsy detail in her interior design. She focuses on providing perfectly proportioned rooms and custom designs for her clients, and is always mindful that minor details can create major impact.[7]

She is often inspired by her clients’ homes and family heirlooms, as well as her travels and love for a good adventure. She loves to go on buying trips for antiques and one-of-a-kind objects, as she is mindful that bringing a little extra personality into an area can make it feel special.

As the owner of her namesake firm, Lucas is able to combine classic and modern elements in a way that’s truly her own. She has a particular affinity for maximalism, which is the art of celebrating abundance and excess without being overwhelming or over-the-top.[8]

To achieve this, she focuses on creating a balance between clean lines and textures, while embracing bold colors and whimsical details to keep the rooms feeling fresh and vibrant. Using her own fabrics, like her new House of Harris line (co-founded with sister Liz Carroll) and a relaunched signature candle from her company, she has a knack for mixing and matching patterns to create unique interiors that are both luxurious and comfortable.

For this year’s Southern Living Idea House, located in a picturesque coastal community near Oriental, NC, designer Charlotte Lucas indulged her craving for summer house nostalgia by filling the home with elements borrowed from historic havens along the coast. [9]She curated antiques to ground the space, reimagined treillage to lend timeless character, and painted floor-to-ceiling stenciled patterns on the stair treads to give the space an airy, casual feel.

This home is not only a dreamy escape, it’s also a showcase of how maximalist style can be chic and elegant while keeping the fun factor in mind. As a designer who is a fan of pattern-mixed spaces, Lucas has been busy recently, outfitting a showhouse and unveiling a collection of vintage-inspired hardware with her friend, fellow Queen City brand, Modern Matter.

Holly Phillips – The English Room

Interior Design Charlotte Nc

Holly Phillips – The English Room is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based interior design firm that specializes in helping clients design their dream home. They are committed to creating beautiful spaces that allow their clients to feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings. [10]

They also take pride in their ability to provide exceptional customer service and are dedicated to making sure each client is completely satisfied with their final result. This makes them a top choice for all of your interior design needs. Their team of professional designers is ready to help you with your next project. You can find out more about them by visiting their website. They are also available for a free consultation to answer all of your questions and discuss your design needs.

KBN Interiors

A top notch design firm with a nod to the giddy up, KBN was the star of my scavenger hunt. Their bespoke tasked based process management and client engagement strategies were the foundation for a memorable and rewarding design & build experience. The aforementioned tasked based team nailed the job & delivered on time & on budget without a hitch. [11]

The aforementioned execs were nominated to a sleuth of tasked based tasked based team members ranging from design, interior decor, project management & construction management. Besides winning the prize for exemplary design & build, the aforementioned tasked based tasked winners received the following awards: sexiest, most engaged, most devoted & most fun to be a part of tasked based tasked winner – all the above named winners are on their way to the top of the tree as you read this blog post.

Amy Vermillion Interiors

Interior Design Charlotte Nc

Amy Vermillion Interiors specializes in full service residential and commercial design. The firm creates compelling homes that reflect the Client’s style and needs while staying on time, on track and within budget.[12]

The company’s portfolio includes a diverse mix of artsy and sophisticated houses around the world. Its approach to design is known for warmth, expressiveness and impeccable attention to detail. The studio’s founder, Amy Lau, has a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural materials and landscapes, and carefully incorporates elements of these into each project.

Her aesthetic embraces art and design where each personalised space is enlivened with dynamic blends of vintage and contemporary pieces and site-specific commissions. Her award-winning work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, NY Cottages & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living and Luxe Interiors + Design.[13]

Founded in 2001, the firm’s approach to design is known for warmth, expression and impeccable attention to detail. The studio’s aesthetic encompasses art and design where each personalised space embraces the artistic and creative process.

For a tailored penthouse overlooking Central Park, personalized interiors are enriched with themes sourced from paintings by the artist-occupant. A graphic hand-knotted Tibetan rug from San Francisco artist Rex Ray sets the funky downtown tone. Exuberantly embroidered full-length curtains soften the clean lines of the modernist furniture. In an opulent transformation of the 7th floor at Bergdorf Goodman’s legendary Fifth Avenue flagship, sculptor Kevin Inkawich’s botanical mobile of dried wildflowers hangs from stainless wire.[14]

A design connoisseur’s sprawling residence captivates with a double-height, majestic light-filled living space perfected with exclusive bespoke pieces by mid-century and contemporary design masters. A devoted art and design collector’s tranquil Hamptons oasis soothes in an envelope of natural, sandy hues enriched by sporadic moments of bold color and form.

The warm artistic sensibility translates into witty and meaningful environments for Clients of all backgrounds. Her philosophy is to ’curate’ rather than ‘decorate’ – to create a composition that is balanced in scale, texture and color.[15]

Her firm is built on strong relationships with architects, contractors and trade professionals to successfully integrate function into an interior design that is both inviting and stylish. Her ability to translate her Clients’ unique tastes into spaces that are truly their own is what makes Amy Vermillion Interiors a leading design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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