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How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets – Best in 2023

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Sort by Date Using the SORT Range Functionality

How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets, Sorting data by date can be a great way to organize your spreadsheets. This makes it easier for you to see what dates are important and find the information you need quickly.[1]

Depending on the type of data you have, there are several ways to sort by date in Google Sheets. The most common method is to use the SORT Range Functionality, which allows you to sort the entire data range in one go.

The SORT Range function uses an array formula to sort the date data in your table by date. This formula can be used to sort by ascending or descending order, and it will also determine the number of digits in each number to normalize them accordingly.[2]

You can also use this sorting function to place sorted data into specific cells in your table. However, the sorting function will only work if the cells in which you want to place your sorted data are empty. Otherwise, it will return an error and won’t display any results.

Another issue that can cause a SORT Range to fail is when the dates in your data are not valid. To fix this, you can use the Data Validation feature in Google Sheets. This will check whether the date is valid and will show you a #VALUE! If there are any non-valid dates, it will group them together and remove them from your result.[3]

Once you have corrected the dates, you can try to sort your data again. This time, you will want to choose a format t]hat Google Sheets understands.

This can be done by highlighting all of the date values in your data and then clicking the Format tab, selecting Number, and then choosing a date format. You can then align all of the date values to the right.[4]

This is a simple and effective way to sort your date data in Google Sheets. You can do this using the Data > Sort Range menu option in your Google Sheets. If the date sort doesn’t seem to be working, check if t]]he cells are dates by looking at their alignment or by using the ISDATE function.

How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets

How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets
How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets

You can sort your Google Sheets data in a variety of ways. The first step is to ensure your dates are formatted correctly.

The next step is to make sure your data is filtered by a specific column. This way, only the data that is useful for you will show up.[5]

Validating your date cells

Google Sheets gives you a nice way to validate your date cells. Just select the cell you want to verify and click on the Validate button. This will allow you to see if the date is formatted correctly, as well as the value. This is particularly important if you have formulas in your spreadsheet that use dates.[6]

In addition to validating your date cells, you can also sort them by a variety of different criteria. This includes the ability to color specific rows based on the filter criteria you input. In fact, there is a new option called “Colour” that allows you to apply different colors to each row of data. The default is a simple grey, but you can change it to anything else.

How to sort by date in Google Sheets using filters

How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets
How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets

Google Sheets makes it easy to sort data using filters. To do this, select a column and click on the small filter icon next to it. This will hide all rows except those containing the desired information, making it easy to see only what you need. Then, you can choose how the data is sorted on that column, either in ascending or descending order.[7]

In most cases, if you’re working with a date field, the format you provide should be a dd/mm/yyyy format (MM/DD/YYYY). However, some databases may represent dates in booleans or timestamps as numbers instead of strings. To convert these values to native Python types, we call the parse method on the field associated with the column.

In some cases, custom adapters define their own derived fields to handle special formats. For example, the Google Chart APIs take into account the time zone when parsing timestamps. So, it’s important to be sure that all the timestamps in your file are in a correct time zone. This way, you can be confident that your date and time data is properly displaying on the report.

How to sort by date in Google Sheets using

How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets
How to Sort by Date in Google Sheets

To sort data in Google Sheets, you need to use custom filters. These filters can be applied to all or any of your data columns. They are displayed by the small icons next to each column header in your spreadsheet.[8]

Using these filters will help you to display only the data you want to see. For example, you might want to display all of the sales that have gone to a food pantry. This way, you can only see the data that will benefit a specific food pantry.

You can filter your sheets by date by selecting the desired data columns and clicking the filter button. You can also click the column headings to open filtering options for each column.[9]

When a column is selected for filtering, the column headers become blue with an icon showing if it is filtered. You can then click any of the icons to apply a filter or remove the filter.

If the filter is applied to all of the columns in your spreadsheet, it will show a gray icon next to each column head. The color of this icon indicates if the filter is a single column or multiple columns.

The color of the icon can be changed by putting your mouse pointer over the column head and clicking the change color link. If you change the color, you can then save and apply it to your worksheet.

To change the order of your column heads, select a data column and move it to another location in the spreadsheet. You can do this by holding down the left button of your mouse and dragging it to the new position.[10]

This feature allows you to sort your data columns by any desired order. The first time you do this, the columns will be sorted in ascending order. The second time, the column will be sorted in descending order.

If you want to sort a column on more than one criteria, repeat steps 1 through 3. Once all the desired criteria are selected, apply the desired sorting and order to your report.[11]

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