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    Put a Link in Google Slides

    How to Put a Link in Google Slides? Many instructors use Google Slides to create and share presentations.[1]They can save all their changes in one place, so they can share with students or with colleagues without worrying about losing any of their work.

    You can also put a link in your presentation so that students can go directly to the page on which you’re giving them information. You can even embed a video in your slides.

    Visit a Link

    How to Put a Link in Google Slides
    How to Put a Link in Google Slides

    If you want to visit a web page or video in your presentation, Google Slides is the tool for you. Simply insert a link into the text and it will take the viewer directly to the site. You can even embed videos from YouTube![2]

    The link you create is automatically saved and displayed every time your presentation is opened in a browser, so the changes you make will be preserved. That’s great for when students need to re-view a slide or add comments.

    You can also use Google Slides to share a presentation with others. If you have a presentation you’d like to share with an individual or group, click the share button in the upper right hand corner of the slide and enter their email address. [3]Then they’ll receive an email letting them know that the file has been shared with them.

    In addition, you can save your Google Slides as a PDF or as individual images (JPEG) if you would prefer. This will allow you to download all your slides in one go, or upload them to a third-party app for individual image editing. Regardless of the format you choose, the link you provide will always lead to the most recent version of the slides. That way, if you spot a typo or error after the lesson, students will have access to the corrected version.

    Link Slides From the App

    If you are working on a presentation with multiple people and want to share it, you can easily link it from the app.[4] Simply open the presentation you want to link, click Get shareable link, and copy it to your clipboard. This will allow you to paste it (cntrl+v) into your discussion or assignment for sharing with others.

    Similarly, if you have multiple PowerPoint presentations and you want to add one of them to the presentation you are currently editing, you can insert it as a graphical object. But this is a very rudimentary solution, and it comes with some serious limitations. First, it doesn’t work as a slide-specific object; [5]

    it is more like a picture that you have to resize and position. Second, it takes a while to load, and it may throw off your flow of the host presentation. It also might not show up when you have the latest version of PowerPoint installed, or you might get a few pop-ups and security warnings before it even shows up on your screen.

    Editing Hyperlinks in Google Slides

    How to Put a Link in Google Slides
    How to Put a Link in Google Slides

    Hyperlinks are a great way to share links to websites, images, videos and other information on slides. They also allow viewers to move from one slide to the next using interactive buttons.[6] These buttons can be made from images, shapes, text boxes or a text selection.

    If you want to make your slides more accessible, consider adding live automated captions during your presentation. This can be particularly helpful for those with a visual disability, including visually impaired students and teachers.

    Additionally, Google Slides can convert PowerPoint presentations to HTML files and vice versa. This helps ensure that your presentation is compatible with screen readers and braille devices, and provides you with a searchable version of the slide for easy retrieval by those who need it.[7]

    Another great option for making your slides more accessible is to use a template. This will save you time and stress when creating a new presentation.

    For example, you can find free templates that cover a range of topics, such as tourism, healthcare, education, and business. These templates come with professional designs, color themes, and fonts that complement each other.

    Using a template will help you create a presentation that is more visually appealing, while reducing the anxiety associated with designing it from scratch. In addition, these templates provide a foundation for you to build on.[8]

    To find the best template for your project, download it from a free resource, such as Google Slides Theme Templates by cloudHQ. These templates are fully integrated with Google Slides and include royalty-free stock images that you can use.

    Once you have found a template that you like, you can export it as a.pptx file for Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this, add /export/pptx to the URL of the template. This will then convert the template to a PowerPoint file, which you can open in your favorite presentation program.[9]

    Whether you are a teacher, student or parent, Google Slides can be a powerful tool for creating, editing, and presenting. It offers a wide variety of features, including hundreds of fonts, embedded video and animations, and a variety of themes. You can even create a presentation in real time and collaborate with other members of your team.

    How to Use the Hyperlink During a Presentation

    Google Slides makes it easy to create and share presentations with others in real time[10]. Easily add multimedia content, including videos, pictures, and even entire websites. It also offers a range of tools to help you organize and present it all.

    You can search for the best content, add it to the right folders, and sort it into categories for easy retrieval. The best part is you can do all of this at the click of a button, and the end result is an elegant, polished presentation. You can even save a version of your work to the cloud for sharing and collaboration.[11] If you are using the latest version of Google Slides, you have the benefit of a built in backup system to boot.

    Adding a Link to a Website

    How to Put a Link in Google Slides
    How to Put a Link in Google Slides

    One of the most fun and useful features of Google Slides is the ability to add a link to any slide.[12] This can be done via a nifty little feature that lets you create your own URL, or simply copy and paste one from another presentation. For the ardent Googler, this is not only a good way to show off your latest creation but also a great way to get feedback on it and improve your slideshow in the process. It’s also a neat way to share your work with the masses without having to deal with the headache of emailing countless attachments.

    Adding a Link to Another Slide in the Same Present

    Creating a link in your presentation is a great way to add extra information that your audience may not be aware of. For example, if you have a slide that tells your audience about an important event in your life, you could include a link to the date of the event on another slide.[13]

    The key is to create links that are logical and relevant to your audience. Often, this means not adding unnecessary text to the slide. For instance, you do not want to create a bullet point about a new technology that your audience may not have heard of before. Instead, you might include a graphic that explains the technology or a link to a website that will help your audience learn more about it.

    To put a link in your presentation, select the object or text that you wish to connect with the other slide and then click the hyperlink button.[14] You should notice that the linked slide will update automatically if the original slide is changed. This is a great way to avoid errors, such as distorted images and incorrect sizes of text blocks. You can also add tracking URLs to your slides that will allow you to see how many people clicked on the links.

    Add a Web Link

    How to Put a Link in Google Slides
    How to Put a Link in Google Slides

    A slide show displaying photos, videos, web links and a bit of word art is all the rage nowadays.[15] Google slides allows you to create impressive presentations in a matter of minutes. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. You can also use the slides app on your tablet or phone to create and share presentations on the go. The best part is that all of your changes are automatically saved as you go. You can even compare old and new presentations side by side using the revision history feature. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to find out more about Google slides and how it can help you.

    Add a Link to a Slide

    Adding a link to your slide can increase audience engagement after the presentation is over. If the link is to a website, it can help your audience access additional information about the topic of your presentation. If the link is to a PDF or other document, it can encourage your audience to download that file. A link to a QR code can also be useful, as it can allow your audience to scan the link and see all of the details of your presentation from a mobile device. You can add a link to your slide using the Link tool in Google slides.

    Is it possible to make a link where the linked slide updates whenever there is change in the master slide? This would be helpful if we have one master presentation from which multiple child presentations are created, and we want to update all of those child presentations automatically when any changes happen in the master presentation.

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