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    How to Group Things on Google Slides – Easy 2023 Guide

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    Group Things on Google Slides

    How to Group Things on Google Slides, Google Slides allows you to add video files (from a web site or YouTube) or music. You can even use the timeline feature to snap videos and audio tracks together. You can add visual effects, soundtracks and texts to your video, and you can also create an image slide show or make a file conversion. You can also group things on your slides, which helps you to organize your content better. You can even include a location map in your slides, if you have GPS information in your photos.[1]

    How to Group Things on Google Slides

    How to Group Things on Google Slides
    How to Group Things on Google Slides

    If you’re new to Google Slides, it can be confusing how to group things. Essentially, you can group objects in an invisibly manner so that editing operations are applied to them as a single unit.[2]

    For example, if you want to change the color of a shape, you can do so by selecting it and changing its fill using the “Shape Fill” pop-up menu.

    How To Group Elements In Google Slides?

    Grouping is a feature that allows you to edit and resize elements without having to ungroup them. It’s a great way to avoid accidentally changing the position of elements in relation to each other and to keep your presentations clean.[3]

    You can change colors, choose a different font, rotate, flip or reposition an element, group or ungroup items, add filters and more. However, do keep in mind that resizing a grouped object does not resize its nested elements. This is because a grouped object is treated as a single object by Google Slides, rather than an individual item. The best way to ungroup objects is to do so prior to importing your presentation.

    How To Ungroup Elements In Google Slides?

    How to Group Things on Google Slides
    How to Group Things on Google Slides

    Elements on Google slides can be grouped and ungrouped in a number of ways. Grouped elements are indistinguishable from other selected items, so they can be easily edited in the same way as single objects. To group an element, select the object you want to group and right click it in the Objects list on the left side of the screen.[4]

    You can also group an element by clicking on the “+” icon at the bottom of the Objects list and selecting “Group”. This will add all selected elements to a single nested object that behaves like a single item. The nested object is identified by a green highlight outline around its contents. Moving and resizing the parent element will not affect the nested object. If you wish to ungroup a nested element, select the element in the Objects list and select “Ungroup.” The nested object will be removed from the slide.[5]

    How to Group on Google Slides

    Grouping is a very useful feature that allows you to group several objects together and have them behave like a single object. This is ideal for displaying animations and visual elements such as images. It can also be helpful when you are editing a large number of items on your slide and want to avoid accidentally changing them.

    Using this feature, you can easily modify, reposition, or resize an individual element within a group without having to first ungroup all the objects. You can also change colors, rotate, flip, or reposition the position of an item, change its font, and add filters.[6]

    To animate your slides, you can use the Motion Paths feature. For example, you can create a motion path for the word “Physiologists” to fly in from the left, wipe to the right and come out of the left again after 3 seconds. You can also animate the text box that says “Anatomists…” so that it moves around the slide.

    You can also insert pictures into your slides by using the picture box. You can open a picture file in a separate window and drag it into the picture box on your slide. This is an easier and faster way to add images to your presentation.[7]

    How to Ungroup Objects in Google Slides

    How to Group Things on Google Slides
    How to Group Things on Google Slides

    In the world of Google Slides, there are many ways to display items on a slide. Some of these include displaying images, drawing shapes and creating animated words and pictures. To get the most out of your slides, it helps to know how to group and ungroup elements in Google Slides. The best way to do this is to make sure you are working with the right type of objects.[8]

    To ungroup an object, simply right click on the object and select Grouping ( Ungroup ). Once this is done, you can use the mouse to resize the item or move it around. For example, if you are working with a photo, you can resize it by moving the left and right edges. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to changing images on the fly.[9]

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