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How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides Best Way *2

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Delete a Text Box

How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides? A text box is a versatile way to add or edit content on your slides.[1]However, sometimes you may want to delete a text box without deleting the entire slide.

Luckily, you can do this easily in Google Slides. If you’ve accidentally deleted a text box, you can restore it in just 3 quick steps.

Quickly Undo the Text Box Deletion

How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides
How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides

Text boxes are a powerful way to add text to slides in Google Slides. They’re easy to size and move, and give you a lot of control over where your text will be displayed. But if you’ve added a text box that you no longer need, it can be a challenge to remove it from your presentation.[2]

Luckily, there are several ways to delete a text box in Google Slides without deleting the entire slide. Using the right-click menu, you can quickly delete a single text box by “Right Clicking” it and selecting the “Delete” option. Or, you can select multiple text boxes and “Shift Click” them to delete them together.

When you’re ready to edit the text in a text box, you can use the Text tab on the toolbar to change the font style, size, format, and color.[3] You can also use the Format button in the toolbar to change other text attributes like spacing and alignment.

However, if you’ve made an error and accidentally deleted the text in a text box, it can be difficult to undo your mistake. That’s why we’ve created this guide to explain how to quickly undo the text box deletion in Google Slides.[4]

You can also restore a deleted text box by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Click inside the text box that you want to remove. Once you’ve selected the text box, a blue border will appear around it. In addition, you’ll see small circles at each corner of the text box (these are called handles).

This will indicate that the text box is selected and that it can be deleted. You can also press the Delete key or the Backspace key on your keyboard while the text box is selected to delete it.[5]

If you’ve accidentally deleted a text box in a Google Slides presentation, you can easily restore it by following these easy steps:

Adding a Text Box to a Slide

Adding text boxes to slides in Google Slides is easy and can be used for many purposes.[6] You can create text boxes for a particular section of the slide, or use them as a way to display more detailed information about an event or concept.

You can insert text boxes by opening the Insert tab on the ribbon and clicking the Text Box command. Then, drag the text box to fit the desired area on your slide. Once it’s positioned, you can edit the size or position of the text box by dragging the corner and center handles on each side.

Once the text box is inserted, it will appear on your slide along with placeholders to hold your text. [7]The placeholders are important because they show up in the outline of your presentation, and won’t be visible if you don’t put text in the placeholders.

However, there are times when you don’t need to use a placeholder. You may want to use a text box to display more complicated information or to add a background image.

To do this, you must first select the text box that you want to use by clicking on its border.[8] A blue border will appear around the text box to indicate that it’s selected.

After selecting the text box, a menu bar will appear with options for editing and deleting the text box. Clicking the Delete option will remove the text box from your slide.

The menu bar will also contain a button that will open a preview window for the slides in your presentation.[9] This preview window is useful if you’re printing your presentation or want to make changes to the layout of your presentation before you send it to someone else.

Using this view, you can easily reorder the slides in your presentation. You can even move slides to another slide, if you don’t need them anymore. Alternatively, you can delete slides that are no longer necessary by clicking and dragging them off the Slide Pane in your presentation.[10]

Adding the Same Text to Multiple Slides

How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides
How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides

A slide in Google Slides can contain multiple text boxes that represent different types of content. For example, you might use a title placeholder to add the title of the slide and a body content placeholder to provide a list of content items.[11]

In addition, you might have a slide with a table and charts that show data.The tables and charts can also have their own text box to represent the data.

The same information can be displayed in several slides on the same slide show by adding hyperlinks to those text boxes and placeholders. The hyperlinks can take viewers to different parts of the presentation and allow them to view additional resources or support data.

Microsoft PowerPoint offers several different types of content placeholders to choose from when you want to add text on a slide. These include:

a) A content placeholder that represents text including headings; b) A content placeholder that represents images, photos and SmartArt; and c) A content placeholder that represents tables and charts.[12]

All of these options are valid content placeholder types. You can also insert a content placeholder that contains multiple pieces of text by selecting the Two Content option from the New Slide gallery or the Layout button on the command ribbon.

When you create a content placeholder, you can change the format of the text within that placeholder by resetting the position and size of it. This is useful when you have changed the layout of a slide and need to resize the textbox or shape to match the new slide layout.[13]

This is especially helpful if you have made changes to the z-order of the text boxes or shapes on your slide and need to revert them to the default z-order.

You can use the Reading Order Pane on the Review menu to change the order that objects are read in your slide. This can be useful if you have complex diagrams or illustrations with many objects that are not all logical units and need to be grouped into logical units to make it easier for screen-reader users to read them.[14]

Copying and Pasting a Text Box

Adding a text box can be a great way to make your presentation more informative. You can add a title, bullets, or even clip art to your text box. You can also use the text box to display a calendar or notes/reminders page.

If you need to change the text on a slide, you can use the Insert tab in the Text group. You can also delete a text box from a slide by using the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard.[15]

Another option is to use the shortcut Ctrl+C to copy a selected slide and then Ctrl+V to paste it onto the next slide. This will save you the hassle of having to type all your information again.

This method is very useful for when you want to share a specific slide with someone else in a Google Slides presentation. You can either send them a link to the slide, or you can just embed it as an icon.[16]

You can also use the Paste Options feature to choose how you want to present your copied data. ‘Link’ places a picture of the file on the slide, whereas ‘Display as icon’ puts an icon that you can click on to open the file in a new window.

In addition to the various pasting options, you can also adjust the size of the text box. This is particularly useful if you are making a large-scale chart, as it can make a huge difference to the size of the text.[17]

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the placeholder is sized appropriately. If it is too small, it will be difficult to read the numbers.

If it is too big, the text will be too tall to fit the chart, or if it is too wide, it may be too big to read on the screen. [18]If you are using the chart for a large-scale presentation, you might want to resize it by dragging its corners.

If you are having trouble displaying a chart on a slide, try changing the zoom setting in PowerPoint. This will help reduce the size of the chart in the slide pane until you can see the navigation buttons on it. [19]You can also resize the chart in the editing window by dragging the handle on one corner. This works well if the chart is too wide for the screen size you are using.

Google Slides

How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides
How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides

Google Slides is a free presentation tool that you can use to create slides that can be shared online. It’s a great alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi. It’s easy to use and can be edited with no additional knowledge required. But what if you want to delete a text box? [20]

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