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How to Create a Modern Victorian Interior Design 2023

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Modern Victorian Interior Design, Creating a modern Victorian interior design that seamlessly blends the old with the new can be tricky.[1]But if you know the right tricks, you can achieve a space that looks like it was meant to be!

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by combining textures. Popular ones include fringed fabrics, velvets, marble, tufting and wood. Pair these textures with metal accents for a sophisticated look.

Focus on Craft

Modern Victorian Interior Design

As the Industrial Revolution changed the world, it became important to uphold a high standard of craftsmanship and design. This was especially true in homes where it was important to convey the status of a family and their wealth through the decor of their home.[2]

One way that Victorian homes were able to achieve this level of craft was by using carefully designed wallpapers. These were often characterized by floral patterns and intricate designs. They were typically placed in the spaces between the moldings and on the walls of ceilings.

Another change that influenced the appearance of Victorian interiors was the invention of new dyes and printing techniques.[3] These allowed people to create a wide range of colors, including deep purples and glowing yellows.

These were then able to be used to make plaids, stripes, and floral patterns. These colorful prints quickly started to pop up on everything from wallpapers and curtains to upholstery and tablecloths.

Aside from the new dyes and printing technologies, another big change that influenced Victorian design was the development of ornate woodworking. These pieces were crafted with precision, using a variety of tools, and they were often carved, sanded, and repainted to ensure that the woodwork would last for generations.[4]

Moreover, the use of woodworking also helped Victorian homes maintain a more sophisticated look, which was essential to their high social status. The use of wrought iron was also popular, as it was considered a symbol of strength and elegance that was sure to impress others.

With these ideas in mind, modern victorian interior design is an easy and effective way to bring the elegance and history of this era to your home. By focusing on the importance of craft and incorporating some of these design features into your home, you can create an elegant space that is both timeless and functional.

In today’s era of mass-produced items and environmental concerns, the Arts and Crafts movement has been revived as a response to consumers reevaluating their purchasing habits. [5]This is especially true in the luxury prime property sector where people are looking to focus on sustainability and reject a throw-away culture.

Pair Ornamentation with Simplicity

The Victorian era was a time of immense social and political change, and as a result, it had a massive impact on the way interior design evolved. Its hallmarks included simple forms, cleaner materials and a rejection of ornamentation.

Modern victorian interiors embrace this spirit with a focus on balance and harmony. If you’re looking to spruce up your space with modern Victorian accents, consider these five tips for pairing ornamentation with simplicity:[6]

A beautiful statement mirror can add depth and texture to any modern Victorian room. A large option hung above a more contemporary piece of furniture is perfect, or you can splurge on a few smaller options to sprinkle throughout the space.

Another great idea is to use a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which maximizes visual height in a Victorian style space[7]. In addition to utilizing space more efficiently, this type of furniture can draw the eye upwards and highlight decorative moldings and other architectural details, creating a truly eye-catching effect.

You can also use ornate wallpapers to bring a Victorian vibe into your home, especially patterns designed by the late Victorian designer William Morris. In fact, wallpaper is one of the biggest trends for 2020, and you can pair it with sleeker furnishings to keep things clean and modern.

If you’re a fan of the curves and carving of Victorian furniture, you can still incorporate these elements into your modern victorian style with careful upholstery choices. You could go with a tufted upholstery for a classic look or you could pick a sleek stripe for a more modern twist.[8]

A curated selection of your favorite decor and artwork can also make your shelves stand out in a modern victorian interior design. In contrast to minimalist displays, these decorative items aren’t necessarily a sign of excess – they’re a thoughtfully selected collection of your most prized possessions.

Finally, a tall ceiling is a fantastic opportunity to show off your art and other mementos in your Victorian style home. Whether you opt for a framed print or a statement art piece, you can easily create a focal point in your modern Victorian home with the right lighting.[9]

Juxtapose Scales

Modern Victorian Interior Design

Juxtaposing scales can be a challenge for many people, but it’s also an opportunity to create an eclectic look that feels unique and personal. The trick is to take your time and pay close attention to how each style interacts with the others, so you can create a cohesive design.

Modern Victorian decor takes inspiration from the era’s grand architecture and ornate ornamentation, while incorporating modern elements such as bold color and sleek design details for an overall modern feel.[10] The combination of these elements is a refreshing take on the old classics, and can create an impressively chic home.

If you’re looking for a statement-making piece, consider opting for an ornate mirror or gilded console table. These contrasting accents make a big impact when paired thoughtfully with other furnishings in your space.

Another way to achieve the Victorian-inspired look is with an artful gallery wall. Whether you hang a collection of period prints or a modern painting in a contemporary frame, this decorative feature can be an excellent way to showcase your favorite pieces.[11]

The best part about this type of decor is that you can incorporate it in all areas of your home, even the smallest rooms. You can use it to add a splash of character to your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen without it appearing too out-of-place.

A classic Victorian chandelier is a great place to start, but if you’re looking for something more modern, try pairing it with other contemporary lighting features in the room. This brass chandelier has a classic, candlelit feel, and its contrast with the more minimalist modern lighting fixture gives it a regal, opulent look that’s sure to draw your guests’ attention to any of the other stunning Victorian accents in this gorgeous dressing room.[12]

The Victorians favored a rich, jewel-tone color palette that conjured up wealth and abundance. For a more modern take, mix one or two of these deep shades with lighter ones to create a more balanced feel.

Include Your Own Personal Style

Victorian interiors are rich with detail and are a great way to inject your own personal style into your home. This is especially true if you have access to antique pieces that would otherwise fall out of fashion.

The key to incorporating your own style into modern Victorian decor is to create a look that balances traditional elements with contemporary accents[13]. By doing this, you’ll be able to achieve a sophisticated, opulent aesthetic that feels as modern and timeless as possible.

Keep in mind that Victorian homes are generally larger than most modern ones, so you’ll need to make sure your decorating choices accommodate for this fact. A good start is to choose a color scheme that will help you feel as though you’re living in a larger space, and you can also try a bold accent wall that will make the room look more expansive.[14]

In addition to this, consider adding an ornate mirror to your modern Victorian home to bring a touch of glamour to the room. You can spring for a large option that will hang over your sofa, or you can opt for a number of smaller options that you can scatter throughout the room.

Another way to incorporate your own personal style into your modern Victorian home is through the selection of wallpaper. “Patterned wallpaper was very popular during that era, so it’s a great choice to add texture and pattern into your space without being overly heavy,” Wynter says.

You can also choose to cover your walls in a wallpaper that’s more textured or has an appearance of fabric, which will give the room a little extra opulence and flair. You can even find removable wallpaper that conveys a similar look and feel to the upholstered walls of Victorian times, making it easy to rent your space and change up your decor whenever you like.[15]

A final tip to include your own personal style into your modern Victorian interior design is to repurpose vintage pieces and upcycle materials for use in your home. For example, if you have an antique clawfoot tub in your bathroom, you can find new fixtures that look just as regal and luxurious but are made from more modern materials. You can even find old windows and mantels that are a perfect fit for your modern home.

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