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How to Comment on Google Docs Best Guide #1

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Google Docs

How to Comment on Google Docs? Google recently introduced a new feature that allows users to comment on files stored in their Drive.[1]This is great news for anyone who uses a mix of files in various formats, because previously it was necessary to convert them into Docs, Sheets or Slides before comments could be added.

How to Add Comment in PDF

How to Comment on Google Docs
How to Comment on Google Docs

Google has made it easier than ever to collaborate on documents by adding a new feature that allows users to add commenting capabilities to PDF and image files. It’s a great way to share information and provide suggestions for revisions before you edit the document, and it’s particularly useful when you’re working with a large group of students.[2] Be sure to note that this feature doesn’t work with Word or PowerPoint files, and it isn’t compatible with HTML-based documents.

Collaborate Effectively on Google Docs

Google Docs is a great tool for collaborating online on documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It eliminates the need to send marked-up versions of Word documents around by email, and it allows multiple people to edit a single document at the same time. It also has version control, so that previous versions of the document can be easily accessed and found. [3]Its real-time commenting tools and other collaboration features make it a very productive way for teams to work together on projects. You can even use it to create and share PDF files. It is a very powerful and free tool that will save you a lot of time.

Open Google Docs

How to Comment on Google Docs
How to Comment on Google Docs

Google recently launched a new feature that allows users to comment on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files stored in Drive directly from the preview pane. The new functionality is designed to help users better communicate with their teams, and will work across platforms including Android and iOS devices.[4]

To use this feature, simply open the file in a Chrome browser, and then select the “Comment” option on the right side of the document. You can also choose to attach the comment to the current edit or to another location in the document. When you’re ready to comment, select the comment to attach and the editing mode will be switched to “Suggesting.”

Using this feature is a great way for teachers to collaborate on a student’s assignments while maintaining their privacy. In addition, it is a useful tool for students who want to submit their projects on the go.[5]

However, it is important to note that if you’re working with code (e.g., R or LaTeX), it is best to avoid making any changes to the code while editing the file in Google Docs. This is because any edits made to the document in Google Docs that contain code will not be reflected at download and may corrupt the file. To prevent this, you can hide the header (YAML header or LaTeX preamble) and code chunks in Google Docs by supplying the argument hide_code = TRUE.

Select a document to comment on

The ‘Comments’ feature in Google Docs allows you to create and post margin notes for other users to view. This is a great way to collaborate in real time and make sure everyone sees what you’re writing without altering the content or making it uneditable by others. [6]You can even assign different levels of access (editors, commenters and viewers) to each document.

The best way to select a document to comment on is to use the ‘Comments’ feature of Google Docs, which lets you select an existing document or create a new one. You can also use the’see revision history’ option to see what changes have been made to a previous version of the same document.

There is also a ‘Comment’ button to the right of the ‘insert’ button in your browser or you can choose the ‘comments’ icon to display it in your toolbar. [7]You can even use this feature while in another window or tab, so you can comment on the latest draft of your document while still being able to work on the previous version at the same time

If you’re working on a document in Google Docs, you can share it with others, comment on it, and even suggest edits. These features can be very useful for collaborating remotely.

To add a comment in Google Docs, highlight some text and click the “Add comment” button. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ALT-A to open Annotate PRO and start typing in the search box or Favorites.[8]

How to Add Comments in Google Docs

How to Comment on Google Docs
How to Comment on Google Docs

In addition to creating and sharing documents, Google Docs also allows users to add comments.[9] These comments can be viewed, edited and replied to by other users.

The ability to comment on a document is a great way to give feedback and improve communication. It also makes it easier for you to collaborate on a project with others.

Using the comments feature in Google Docs, you can highlight text and write a brief note to share with other team members or colleagues.[10] This helps you save time and ensure that your comments are read by the people who matter the most.

You can also use comments in Google Sheets to add supplemental information, recommend updates or revisions and assign action items to collaborators. These features are available for all versions of the app and can help you collaborate on a project with more efficiency than ever before.

The best thing about commenting in Google Docs is that the changes you make to a document are saved to your account, so you don’t have to email them back and forth. This makes it easy to track version history and roll back changes if needed.

In addition to the commenting capabilities, there are several other useful gimmicks in Google Docs that you may have missed.[11] In particular, there are instant comments in the docs and docs on the desktop browser; mentions in the docs or docs apps that surface a list of suggested contacts when you start typing someone’s name or email address; and a nifty looking feature that allows you to highlight a text area then click a button that creates a small commenting bubble.

Creating a new comment

Adding comments to your documents in Google Docs is a powerful way to communicate and collaborate on your work, especially when you’re working remotely.[12] They can help you ask questions, document discussions, make sure other users see something, and assign action items.

To create a new comment, simply highlight some text, or place your cursor where you want to add the comment, and then pop in a new comment bubble with this handy Google keyboard shortcut. [13]Alternatively, you can use the Annotate PRO context menu (right-click), start typing in the Annotate search box or click a Favorite button to quickly add text to an existing comment.

Annotate PRO is available as a free Chrome extension and requires a valid Google account. It supports all major languages and can automatically sync with your AP libraries.

In addition to editing the text in a document, you can also suggest edits without altering the original version. In this mode, anything you type is marked as a suggestion, and the owner of the template can accept or reject it. This gives you complete control over the changes you make and lets you work together more efficiently.

This feature is currently rolling out on the Drive Android app and Docs, Sheets, and Slides iOS apps. It’s also available to G Suite customers and those using personal accounts.[14]

You can add comments in any text, and they’ll appear immediately. If you’re sharing a document with other people, they can even add their own comments to the document for you, making it easier for everyone to get their ideas across.

If you want to share a document with someone else, they can either add their name or email address in the comment, which will trigger an email notification. You can also choose to add a link to your document, so they can view the document in their web browser or on their mobile device.

With the ability to add a link in comments, cybercriminals can embed phishing links into a comment and trick you into clicking on them. If you do click on a link, malware can be installed on your computer.[15]

Replying to comments

How to Comment on Google Docs
How to Comment on Google Docs

Whether you’re working with co-workers in the office or from home, Google Docs offers a number of ways to make collaboration easier. One of these is commenting, which allows you to communicate your thoughts about a document without actually altering it.[16]

In Google Docs and Google Slides, you can create a comment by selecting text and clicking the Insert > Comment button. In Google Sheets, you can comment on cells by clicking the little yellow triangle in the corner of the cell.

You can even reply to a comment, which can be useful if you’re trying to follow a discussion. However, be sure to read the comments before you reply or else you could end up with a malware-laden link in your inbox.[17]

Another cool comment-related feature is the Suggesting Mode, which enables you to make non-destructive changes to your document. This is especially useful if you have multiple people working on the same document and want to get their feedback before you commit to anything.

The best part about this feature is that it allows you to view the most important edits, thereby minimizing the time it takes you to make a change.

There are also other interesting features to be found in the Suggesting Mode, such as instant comments on the web and a new mentions feature that makes it easier to share your thoughts with colleagues. [18]This is particularly helpful if you’re working in a group with remote collaborators or have colleagues in different locations who are sharing the same document with you.

Editing and linking to comments

Using comments in Google Docs is a great way to communicate, suggest edits, and get feedback on documents. The document owner can accept or reject suggestions. They can also view the history of changes to see which revisions were made.

Rather than emailing different versions back and forth, Google Docs automatically tracks changes and saves them in the cloud. This makes it easy to roll back to a previous version, if necessary.[19]

You can make a comment directly within a Google Doc, by typing a few words and clicking the “Add Comment” button. You can find this button in the toolbar across the top (left image) or a popup along the righthand side of the document.

If you want to link to a comment, you can highlight some text and click the arrow next to the “Add Comment” button to select a bookmark. The bookmark will appear in the “Bookmarks” list when you click Insert > Link in the future.

Another helpful tip is to use the shortcut ALT-A (for a keyboard shortcut) when in a comment bubble. This opens the Annotate PRO context menu, clicks into the Annotate toolbar search (if your toolbar is enabled) or opens a Favorite to add text to the comment.[20]

With Annotate PRO, you can also quickly comment on a document with the quick annotations button. Just highlight some text, press ALT-A to open the Annotate search box, or click a favorite.

It’s easier to give rich, personalized feedback in Google Docs with Annotate PRO than ever before. Just highlight some text and click a friendly blue Favorite to quickly add a comment.

Then, you can easily switch to suggesting mode and start making suggestions. When the doc owner reads your comment, they’ll get an email and will be able to accept or reject your suggestions.

The best part about suggestions is that you can even attach them to your comments. So, if you’re working on a project and need to share a specific point with your teammates, you can quickly do that with comments.

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