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How to Add Gifs to Google Slides (With Best 6 Methods)

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How to use the URL method

How to Add Gifs to Google Slides? If you want to add gifs to google slides, there are a couple of different methods. One is to use the computer method, and another is to use the URL method. In the computer method, you find the slide that you want to edit and click insert in the menu. In the URL method, you simply add a gif to a particular slide by adding the gif’s URL to it.[1]This method is the easiest and most popular way to use gifs on Google Slides.

This method works for both large and small images, so you can use gifs on any type of slide. It also allows you to choose where you would like to add the gif. You can even choose which image you would like to insert into the gif. This method is very simple and easy to use, and it can be a great way to show off some of your favorite gifs!

The customized GIFs method can be used on any slide, and it allows you to choose where you would like to insert the gif. It is very simple and easy to use, and you can even choose which image you would like to add into the gif. This method is extremely useful for when you want to show off some of your favorite gifs on Google Slides.[2]

It can also be a very effective way to add some fun and interesting images to your slides. You can also use this method on other types of images, such as graphics. If you’re using the customized GIFs method, it is recommended that you use a small image, such as a text box or a logo, instead of a larger picture. This will ensure that the image fits well with the rest of the slide.

Animated graphics and videos can make all the difference in engaging your audience. Learn how to add gifs to your Google slides.

CloudApp allows you to create animated GIFs from screenshots and annotations in your Google Drive account.[3] You can even upload audio files to create a background GIF!

Adding a GIF from your computer

How to Add Gifs to Google Slides
How to Add Gifs to Google Slides

Animated GIFs are great for boosting your presentation’s mood and capturing your audience’s attention[4]. Whether you’re presenting to a boardroom, a classroom, or even at home on your own, adding a GIF is an easy way to add life and whimsy to your slides.

You can add a GIF to your PowerPoint presentation with a few simple steps. First, you can use a website like GIPHY to find a GIF that fits your presentation. Alternatively, you can also create your own GIFs using software.

Once you have the GIF that you want to insert into your presentation, simply open your Google Slides and navigate to a slide where you’d like to add the GIF[5]. Click on the “Insert” menu and choose “Image.”

Next, select “Upload from computer” or “By URL,” depending on where you’re uploading your GIF from. This will allow you to drag and drop the file directly from your computer into your slide.

After the file is added, you can resize it, move it around your slide, and change its playback settings. You can even adjust the number of times it loops in order to customize your presentation’s animations.

One of the best ways to add a GIF to your Google Slides presentation is to pull it directly from Google Drive or Google Photos.[6] This is the easiest method and will save you a lot of space on your drive.

However, you should note that some GIFs are designed to remain static outside their website host, which will not work in your Google Slides presentation. If you do use this method, make sure that the GIF you’re dragging to your presentation is high quality and will not look bad on a large screen.

Inserting a GIF Using URLs

GIFs are a popular way to share content online, but they can also be useful for marketing presentations. They’re a great way to add visual interest to your slides, and they’re easy to create with a little know-how.[7]

If you’re creating a presentation in Google Slides, you can easily add GIFs from your computer. Just upload them to Google Drive or Google Photos, and then insert them into your presentation. You can even add captions and digital stickers to help your GIF stand out.

Adding GIFs to Google Slides is a good idea when you need a fast, easy way to get your audience’s attention. They’re also a good way to illustrate specific data points and processes.

In addition to using your own GIFs, you can use free stock images from the web when you’re creating a Google Slides presentation.[8] Just search for “free images” or “stock free images no copyright” on the Insert Image menu and select one to add to your slide.

For example, if you’re creating a presentation about your company’s customer service, you might want to include a GIF of your CEO smiling to indicate that your team is working hard to make sure customers are happy. Or, if you’re creating a marketing presentation about your latest product, you might want to include a GIF showing how the product works.

GIFs are a fun, simple, and easy way to communicate your message, but you should be careful when using them. They’re a bit distracting, and they can cause people to miss important information. [9]They can also be a bit unprofessional, so make sure you use them sparingly in your presentations.

Editing a GIF in Google Slides

How to Add Gifs to Google Slides
How to Add Gifs to Google Slides

Adding animated GIFs to your slides is a great way to get the attention of your audience. They can help you illustrate complex topics or even set the mood of your presentation.[10]

Fortunately, inserting an animated GIF in Google Slides isn’t difficult! All you have to do is find a free image that matches the theme of your slides and then drag-and-drop it into your presentation.

The easiest way to search for images is to use the “Search the web” option on the insert image menu. Simply type in a keyword like “free images” or something similar and it will pull up the most relevant results.

Once you’ve found the perfect image, upload it to your CloudApp account and then select it for insertion in your slides.[11] If you want to edit the image, it’s easy to do so in Google Slides.

After dragging-and-dropping your image into the slide, you can change the speed at which it changes and the size of each of its individual segments. You can also resize the overall image to fit the space you have on your slide.

You can also adjust the transparency, brightness, and contrast of your images. This can make your images appear brighter, more vibrant, or even completely transparent.

Another great way to add a GIF to your presentation is to link to one using a URL. This is especially useful if you want to include a GIF within an email.[12]

What is a GIF?

GIFs are short sequences of images that are set to loop endlessly. They are a popular content type used for many purposes, including entertainment and education.

A gif is a great way to add some pizazz to your Google Slides presentations and are especially useful if you’re planning on making a presentation to a large group of people or if you want to stand out from the competition. Adding one to your slides is easy and can be done in several ways.[13]

First, find the gif of your choice on a website that offers it. A good website to start with will be Giphy or Tenor as they have a huge selection of high quality GIFs to choose from. Once you have found your gif, save it to your computer as a JPG file.

Once you have saved your gif to your computer, open up PowerPoint and look for the ‘insert image’ button on the bottom right of the screen. Then, select ‘Pictures’ from the resulting menu and navigate to your saved gif’s location. You’ll be able to insert it into your presentation in less than a minute. The ottomal or most important thing to remember is to only use the smallest gif possible or else you will end up with a big blob of white space.[14]

Instructions for inserting a GIF into Google Slide

How to Add Gifs to Google Slides
How to Add Gifs to Google Slides

Adding a GIF to your presentation can be an effective way of engaging audiences. They are a popular and fun visual content type that can help you capture your audience’s attention, increase the mood of your slides, or better illustrate specific data points.[15]

Whether you want to create an animated GIF or add one to a video slide show, our Creator Studio can help! Simply install our add-on to Google Slides and authorize the app to access your presentations. Then, specify the export size (in pixels) and duration of your animated GIF or video slideshow.

GIFs are short sequences of images or soundless video clips set to loop, and they can be incredibly effective in presentations.[16] They’re great for entertaining and educational purposes, and they can be added in virtually any format.

Once you’ve found the GIF you’d like to use, it’s very easy to insert it into a Google Slide. Unlike videos, GIFs don’t require any extra storage space on your computer. You can even store them directly from your Google Drive or Photos account!

Another easy way to add GIFs to your presentation is by using URLs. This is the simplest method of importing a GIF from the Internet, and it should take you no longer than a minute to do so![17]

Alternatively, you can also add GIFs by uploading them from your computer. This is a bit more complicated, but it’s possible to do so. To do so, you must first navigate to the Google Slides document where you want to insert the GIF. [18]Next, you must click the Insert tab at the top of the screen and select the Image option.

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