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How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides Simple Trick ‘2

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Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides? Google Slides is a powerful tool to create presentations.[1]It allows teams of any size to collaborate, share and edit presentations in real time.

You can insert YouTube videos into your presentation by using the Smart Slider feature. The embed url of the video should be copied from YouTube and pasted in the gray box that appears in your editor.

Adding any video to your presentation

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides
How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

Google Slides is an online presentation tool that allows you to create presentations with pictures, text and video. It has many features and includes a range of themes, fonts, animations and transitions. [2]It also lets you share your work with other people and collaborate on a single document. You can even start a new presentation from scratch or edit an existing one and then save it as a new version of the same presentation.

If you want to add any type of video to your presentation, it is very easy and simple to do. You can upload any video that you want to include in your presentation and then insert it as a slide. In addition, you can also change the size of your slides to whatever you desire.[3]

To upload a video, you will first have to visit YouTube and search for the video that you want to include in your presentation. Once you have found the video that you want to upload, you will need to click on share and copy the embed url. Once you have copied the url, you will be able to return to Google Slides and paste it in the url field in your slide.

Once you have inserted the url in your slide, you will be able to play the video whenever you wish.[4] This is useful if you need to show your slides to a large audience or if you need to show a particular video to your students.

In addition to adding videos, you can also add shapes and other types of content into your presentation. These include images, text and comment boxes. In addition, you can change the shape of these items by clicking on them.

You can even add a photo to your slide and then choose from various types of text boxes. In this way, you can make your presentation more appealing and catch the attention of your viewers.

You can also use a number of other tools in Google Slides to make your presentation more interesting and unique. For example, you can create animated GIFs or image sequences. In addition, you can use voice narration and upload any music file to create background audio for your presentation.[5]

Adding a YouTube video to Google Slides

If you’re using Google Slides, you can embed videos from YouTube directly into your presentation. This is a great way to show off your creativity and show off the latest in web technology without having to worry about coding it yourself.

First, you need to locate the video you want to add. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to YouTube and look for the most impressive videos.[6] If you’re not sure which one to choose, try searching by genre and/or the most relevant keywords.

Next, copy the URL of the YouTube video you’ve found. Once you’ve done that, you can return to Google Slides and use the YouTube link that’s been copied from your browser window to embed the YouTube video onto your slide.

The best part about adding a video to your slides is that you can easily change the duration of the video if you’d like. You can also select the best possible display quality for your video from the menu at the top of the page. The video can then play automatically or you can set the duration for a particular interval. The most important thing to remember is to not leave your video playing too long.[7]

How to Edit the Inserted Video in Google Slide

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides
How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

The inserted video in Google Slides is a great way to add a multimedia element to your presentation.[8] However, it can be hard to get the exact size and scale you want. Fortunately, there are several tools that will help you do just that.

The first tool is the Move button, which allows you to change the position of content on the screen. The Move tool can be used in conjunction with other tools to move the whole image or just a single element.

Another useful tool is the Hand, which allows you to move your view around using your mouse and keyboard. This tool can also be used in conjunction with the Move tool to change the location of your content.[9]

Finally, the zooming button is another useful tool that will update your viewing area in increments of 20%. This feature is especially handy when working on a large presentation, and can be accessed by selecting the three rectangles button at the bottom of your editor window.

You can also link to YouTube videos from within Google Slides by adding a link to the video. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can select and upload the video that you want to use.[10] The video you upload will appear in the Video menu at the bottom of the screen, which can be accessed by clicking on the Insert Video button.

How to Cut and Edit a Video

Once you have inserted a video into Google Slides, you can cut or edit it easily. Simply drag the clip frame from the Shelf to the Clip Viewer (the area below the monitor window). To resize the clip, use the Crop button across the top of the screen. You can resize the video in inches, centimeters, points or pixels with this option.[11]

If you are not happy with the length of the video, you can split it. To do this, place the play head at the approximate point of the clip and then click Edit-Split Clip at Play Head.

You can also resize the inserted video with the Trim Tool. This is located on the left side of the Tools menu. This is a quick and easy way to trim the clip and create the right length.[12]

After the clips are trimmed, you can now add them to your presentation. You can choose from the standard presentation sizes or you can change the size of your slides with the Custom option. This is a great way to make your presentations more professional looking.

Another great feature of Creator Studio is that it can export your presentation as a video file, animated GIF image or image sequence with embedded audio. This is perfect for sharing inside email messages or blog posts.[13]

Alternatively, you can embed a YouTube video to your slide using a link. This works best when you are syncing your video and Google Slides together with Slidecasts. This allows you to play both video and Slides side-by-side and slides auto-advances in sync with the video. You can even upload background music or voice narration to the video that plays alongside your slides.

YouTube Video

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides
How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

Including video in your Google Slides presentation is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. [14]It also provides some comedic relief from your serious presentation.

There are two ways you can add a YouTube video to Google Slides: Search or Direct link. The latter is quick and easy, but won’t give you the same control over the video as you can when using the search option.

Why it’s important

Adding videos to your Google Slides presentation can help you capture the attention of your audience and provide an engaging experience. They can help you explain complex ideas and break up text walls or long, drawn-out presentations that are difficult for your audience to follow.[15]

Using video in presentations is becoming increasingly popular as the millennial and Gen Z generations are heavy users of online videos. Whether you are a teacher, a businessperson or someone who is responsible for sharing your knowledge with the public, videos can make your presentation more interesting and informative.

You can add YouTube or Google Drive videos to your slides in Google Slides. Embedding a video is easy and will take you less than a minute. You can use either a search function or paste the exact URL link.

It’s also possible to start a YouTube video from a specific point in your presentation. This will allow you to show your audience a short video that highlights the key points of your talk without spending too much time streaming the entire thing.

By using video, you can give your audience an insight into your topic and demonstrate your expertise in your field.[16] This can be helpful for those who may not have had the opportunity to attend your lecture or meeting, or who might need more information before they decide to join you.

Additionally, videos can offer a welcome break for your audience and the presenter. This can be especially useful if your talk is a long one or if you need to pause for questions.

Lastly, you can embed YouTube or Google Drive videos to your Google Slides presentation for free. However, there are some restrictions that you need to keep in mind.[17]

You should always consider the size of your presentation before adding a video. When you insert videos directly into your slides, they will be embedded within the presentation file and can increase the overall file size.

To avoid this, you should create your videos before you begin your presentation. This will give you enough time to resize them, if necessary, to ensure that they will be readable by your audience.[18] This will save you time and frustration.

Open your Google Slides presentation

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides
How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

Adding a youtube video to your Google Slides presentation is an effective way to capture and hold your audience’s attention. But there are a few things you need to know first.[19]

Whether you’re looking to add a YouTube video or just a short clip from your computer, there are a few simple steps to follow. You can either insert the video directly into your Google Slides, or upload it to Google Drive and then insert it from there.

If you want to use a video that you’ve already uploaded, simply click on the Insert option on the toolbar and select Video from the drop-down menu. Then, a pop-up window will appear that lets you search for the YouTube video you want to insert.

Once you find it, select it and click on the Select button. Then, your video will automatically be inserted into the Google Slides presentation.[20]

When it comes time to edit your video, you can resize it to fit the screen or move it to a different location on your slide. In addition, you can also mute the audio.

Then, you can add text to the video and even add a subtitle. This is an excellent way to show off your expertise and make a more engaging and memorable presentation.

Another useful feature of Google Slides is its ability to allow multiple people to work on the same presentation at the same time. This feature allows you to collaborate with your team, friends, or family on one document, all from the same location.

This feature is incredibly handy for teachers or students who are working on a project at home or away from the classroom. It’s ideal for creating a flipped classroom where students learn lessons online or from their mobile devices, freeing up face-to-face class time to have discussions and do other tasks.

As of April 2019, Google started rolling out a new feature that allows you to insert audio into your Google Slides presentation. This is a long-requested function that could be very handy for teachers and students alike.

Click on the presentation slide

Adding videos to your slides is one of the easiest ways to add extra visual elements to your presentation. It can also enhance your storytelling and help you to explain complex topics in a simple way.

YouTube is a popular online video platform that allows you to upload and share videos. The videos can be downloaded and saved on your computer, or they can be played from a web page. The downside of downloading videos is that they are subject to copyright restrictions. However, Google has made it easier to embed a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentations.

Once you’ve found the right video, you can insert it into your PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the slide where you want to include it. This will open a window that shows all the available options to insert a video into your presentation.

There are two different types of videos that can be inserted into your presentation: ones that are embedded in your PowerPoint and those that are linked to a file on your computer. The difference between the two is that those that are embedded in your PowerPoint will increase the size of your presentation, while the ones linked to a file on your computer keep the file size smaller.

To insert a YouTube video into your presentation, click on the slide where you want to include it. A window will appear that gives you the option to insert a video by using a YouTube URL, by searching for a specific video, or by pasting a YouTube link.

You can also use a link to a file on your computer, but this increases the size of your PowerPoint presentation and will break if you delete it from your computer. To avoid this, make sure that you save the video itself on your computer before you add it to your presentation.

Another option is to start the video from a particular point in your presentation by clicking on Share below the video and selecting Start at [time] from the given options. This can be useful when you’re presenting to an audience that may not be familiar with the topic or when your presentation has several segments.

Embed video to Google Slide

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides
How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

Videos are a powerful tool that can be used to engage viewers in your Google Slides presentation. They can help to eliminate boredom and make any topic interesting. They can also be used to break up presentations and allow the audience to take a break from listening to the presenter.

Adding a video to your presentation is easy and takes little effort. It’s also a great way to make your presentation stand out. You can use videos from YouTube, your computer hard drive or even from a website that you’ve linked to your account.

The first step is to locate the video you want to add. You can search for it using a keyword or title, or you can paste the video URL into a field on the Insert Video window (By Url).

Once you’ve selected a video, click Select. You can then move it to the slide or scale it up and down as necessary. You can also adjust the size of the video player.

If you’re unable to find the video you want in your account, you can add it from your Google Drive. To do this, you’ll need to use the Insert video tab on the top of your Google Drive screen and click the YouTube option.

In the next window, you’ll see a list of different sources of YouTube videos. Choose the one that works best for you.

Alternatively, you can upload your own videos to YouTube and then insert them in your Google Slides. This is the most popular and easiest option.

You can also embed videos from your Google Drive if they’re stored in that area. This will give you a wide variety of options to choose from and make your presentation look more professional.

After you’ve added the video to your presentation, a table will appear on the right side. This table reveals various Video Playback settings that can affect how the video plays when it’s inserted in a Google Slides presentation. You can set the video to play when a user clicks on it or automatically as soon as the slide changes. You can also customize the size of the video, position and drop shadow.

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