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How To Add a GIF to Google Slides (With 6 Best Methods)

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Adding a GIF to Google Slides

How To Add a GIF to Google Slides? GIFs are a popular way to add animation and visual interest to presentations.[1]While some presenters use them overly, they can be a great way to draw attention and emphasize key points in your presentation.

With CloudApp, you can easily create and select a GIF to include in your Google Slides presentations. Plus, you can also annotate your images to make them more clear to everyone watching your slides.[2]

Adding a GIF from your computer

How To Add a GIF to Google Slides
How To Add a GIF to Google Slides

Adding a GIF to Google Slides can be an easy way to spice up your presentation. They are a popular type of image file that can be played on many different devices, and they’re also usually much smaller than videos.[3] But there are a few things you should keep in mind when adding an animated GIF to your slides.

One of the easiest ways to add a GIF to Google Slides is using an app called Tall Tweets (opens in new tab). This tool was created in 2010 to get around Twitter’s 140-character limit, but now it can also help you create and share animated GIFs of your presentations.

This app allows you to import a Google Slideshow, set the duration for each slide and then create an animated GIF version of it. Then you can download it and use it with other presentations or share it on Twitter right within the app.[4]

You can use this tool with any Google Slides project, but it works best with projects that have multiple images, such as drawings or illustrations. You can also use it with screenshots, as these work well because they are already all the same size.

Before you can add a GIF to your Slides project, you’ll need to save it on your computer. You can do this by going to the Insert menu and clicking on Picture from File, then selecting the image you want to include in your presentation. Once you’ve done this, you can then open your project in a browser and select the animated GIF.

Another option is to import a GIF from your Android device. This is a great way to share a GIF with students, as it’s free and takes up no extra storage space on your computer.[5]

To do this, you need to have the “gifviewer” folder on your device’s internal storage (called DCIM) open. You can use the standard Files app or a file manager like Astro File Browser to open this folder.

Once you’ve got the files in your “gifviewer” folder, you can now insert them into Google Slides. You can then resize them as needed and change the length of time that they loop.[6]

Inserting a GIF Using URLs

Adding animated GIFs to your presentations can enhance them by capturing audiences’ attention, promoting a particular point or highlighting specific data points. However, they can be tricky to work with if you are not familiar with the technology or are not sure how to add them.

One way to create a GIF is by searching the web for an image that is a good match for your presentation. [7]There are many free sources for this type of content. Then, you can insert the GIF into your Google Slides presentation using the “Upload from computer” or the “By URL” options.

Another option is to use a third-party tool that allows you to convert a slideshow into an animated GIF. A great example is the Tall Tweets app for Google Slides, which makes it easy to turn your presentations into high-quality animated GIFs that you can attach in an email, embed on a website or share on Twitter right within the app.

For the best results, make sure you have a series of images for your GIF, whether they are drawn or screenshots. [8]They must be of the same size to minimize the appearance of unwanted “jumps.”

Then, use the Sequence input box to set the order in which the images appear. You can also adjust the speed at which they change.

Once you have your sequence in place, go to the Insert menu, then choose “Image.” Next, select the animated GIF file and insert it on the slide. The GIF will now appear on the slide and you can resize it as needed.

You can also change the animation playtime and loop settings in the “Format options” sidebar. This is useful for adjusting the look and feel of your GIF before you add it to your presentation.[9]

Another great tool to add a GIF to your presentations is VideoAsk, which allows you to embed an email-based videoask into your Google Slides presentation. This is not a true embed, but it does allow respondents to view a video sample and click through to your VideoAsk.

Editing a GIF in Google Slides

How To Add a GIF to Google Slides
How To Add a GIF to Google Slides

GIFs are a fun way to spice up your presentation. They are also a great way to engage with your audience.[10]

You can easily add an animated gif to your slides in Google Slides. The process is similar to adding an image from your computer. The only difference is that the GIF animates automatically as soon as it’s inserted.

To get started, open the slides you want to add a GIF to and click on Insert. Navigate to the file you saved from your computer, and it will be added. You can then resize the image to fit on the slide[11].

If you aren’t satisfied with the way the gif looks, you can resize it manually. Just make sure the gif is under 50 MB or your slide won’t load properly.

In addition, you can change the speed at which your images will transition. This can be set between one millisecond and five seconds. You can even use this feature to show a few slides in a row or create a stop-motion clip!

Then you can save your animation as a gif. You can use the gif on a website or a social media site.[12]

Once your animated gif is ready, you can share it with a link. You can also share it on Twitter using Tall Tweets.

This is a really useful app for making quick videos without leaving Google Slides! It works by transforming each slide into a frame and giving you the ability to control the speed and amount of slides it includes. [13]It’s also really easy to use and can help you create a dynamic and eye-catching deck.

To use this tool, you need to have a Google account and the add-on installed. You can install these from the Add-ons store, which is available in the side panel on the right-hand side of your screen.

Another great feature is the ability to follow a collaborator’s slides. When you see someone’s profile icon, you can click on it to automatically jump to the slide they are currently working on.[14]

Whether you’re a new user or a veteran of Google Slides, there are plenty of add-ons to choose from. Many of them are free and easy to use. Just open a new or existing deck and click the grey plus button + on the right-hand side of your screen. Alternatively, you can search for an add-on or select it from the menu bar at the top of the page.

What is a GIF?

A GIF, or graphic image file, is a popular format for storing compressed data without loss of quality.[15] It is also capable of displaying several images in quick succession and on repeat, a feat that’s not as easy to accomplish with static images.

A good ole’ fashion animated GIF can be fun and engaging for audiences, especially when it is created to demonstrate a particular process or statistic. A good example is the edgy animation of a moving product in multiple colors or the changing of an app icon to reveal a new one every five seconds.[16]

To add a GIF to your Google Slides presentation, you can either upload a file directly from your computer or use the Google slides nifty gifs widget. The former requires a little extra work, but it is well worth the effort.

The widget can be found in your browser or on your Android or iOS device. The nifty gifs widget is a small but mighty app that enables you to create a dazzling array of animated GIFs. You can choose to display them on one or more slides or create a slideshow with them. The best part is that you can control the size and animation speed of each gif. [17]

Google Slides is a browser-based program that offers a much more accessible presentation than PowerPoint. It’s compatible with all devices, which makes it easy to share your presentations. [18]This allows you to have people access your presentation remotely (on their phones, computers, etc) and make changes right in your slides.

Find the slide you want to edit

How To Add a GIF to Google Slides
How To Add a GIF to Google Slides

Google Slides has a few extra features that you can use to help you find the slide you want to edit. One of those is the navigation buttons that show up when you hover your mouse over a slide[19].

The other is the introtext box that can contain text, images, or a link. If you have a lot of slides to edit, the navigation buttons can save you a lot of time. It also has a couple of security options, including file encryption and the ability to restrict access to your slides by certain users. [20]These tools can be particularly helpful for businesses, as they allow you to keep your files safe from theft and accidental data loss.

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