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    Hollywood Glam Interior Design, When interior designer Tiffany Howell was asked to help a Hollywood-based couple transform their screening room, she didn’t hesitate. The result is a glam space dripping with Old Hollywood glamour.[1]

    Rather than the star-studded design of yesteryear, today’s Hollywood-style interior designers are all about creating spaces where the tastes of their industry-insider clients reign. These rooms are inspired by 1930s French modernism, contemporary Belgian rusticity, louche ’70s glam and primary-colored geometry from Memphis.


    Hollywood Glam Interior Design

    Tinsel town’s most influential designers are putting their own stamp on interior design by focusing on the taste of their industry-insider clients. They are combining 1930s French modernism, contemporary Belgian rusticity, louche ’70s glam and the primary-colored geometry of Memphis to create chic spaces that reflect their client’s lifestyles. Shop these Hollywood glam fabrics and wallpapers by Spoonflower to add a dose of glitz and glamour to your home. Your purchase supports our growing community of artists.[2]


    Unlike their predecessors, Hollywood’s new glam interior designers are less glitzy and more discreet. Their tasteful, chic spaces are a reflection of their clients’ tastes. Their houndstooth glam room for Toni Braxton’s sister Tamar, for example, was created to make her feel like a queen at home. Whether you’re decorating your home with custom fabric, wallpaper or other decor items, you can find a wide selection of designs by independent artists on Spoonflower. You can even upload your own design and earn royalties from every sale![3]


    Hollywood Glam Interior Design

    When it comes to glam interior design, you’re going to want to use metallics and a variety of complementary colors. Pinks and reds are great for a feminine glam look while darker jewel tones are perfect for a more gender neutral style. You can also add in some heavy textures like faux fur, velvet and suede to make your space feel extra sultry and luxurious.[4] Mirrors, ornate vases and glamorous art can all help to bring in that glam feel and tie the whole space together. And, don’t forget to add in some lush plants and scents to bring in that all-important ambiance!


    There are several styles of furniture you’ll find in a Hollywood glam interior design, but one of the most popular is the swanky chandelier. A glitzy fixture that gleams like glass, this awe-inspiring chandelier is made from crystals and brass. It’s also a clever way to display a large collection of artwork. You can print this dazzling hollywood glam design on fabric by the yard, wallpaper or home decor items like curtains, bedding and pillows. [5]


    Hollywood Glam Interior Design

    With its roots in larger-than-life movie set design, hollywood glam interior design is all about the drama. It steals from other styles, including art deco and modern design, but infuses it with a touch of luxury.

    Achieving this style requires a delicate balance between eye-catching items and organic shaped details. It’s also crucial to avoid gaudy elements that overpower the design.[6]


    Textiles are essential in interior design as they play a big role in creating the tone and mood of the space. They include throw pillows, blankets, upholstery, window treatments and wall art.

    The Hollywood Glam interior style is all about intricate details and luxurious fabrics. The use of velvet, silk and faux fur is key for this style, as well as crystal accents and gold hardware.

    This is one of the most popular decorating styles in California. It is a great choice for any home that wants to feel like a luxury hotel or resort.[7]

    You can find this type of textile in many different colors and patterns, so it is easy to find one that matches the theme of your room. Some of the most common choices include leopard prints, cheetah prints, and zebra prints. These animal prints will give your room a touch of exoticness, glamour, and mystery.

    These fabrics are also very durable and able to hold up under heavy wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas of your home. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors, including nudes and neutrals.[8]

    For a more dramatic look, you can choose rich purples and deep reds. This can add a dramatic element to your room that is sure to get people talking!

    The Hollywood Glam style is a classic that never goes out of style. It incorporates all of the opulence and glamour that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

    This style can be applied to any room in your home and can be a fun way to spice up your decor! The Hollywood Glam style can be a little more expensive than other styles, but it is worth it for the glamour and sophistication that it brings.

    Another important thing to remember when using hollywood glam interior design is to not overwhelm the room. The fabrics and decorative items should be chosen with care so that they do not appear too busy or overwhelming.[9]

    Another way to create a glamorous look is to use glass pieces in your home. These are often found in mirrored surfaces and can be a very chic addition to any room.


    Hollywood Glam Interior Design

    If you’re looking to glam up your home with the Hollywood glam style, there are many accessories that can help you achieve this look. These include rugs, furniture, and more!

    One of the most important parts of any interior design style is the furniture. If you want to achieve a glam look, you need to choose furniture that looks luxurious and opulent. This includes velvet upholstery, gold metallic finishes, and plush area rugs.

    You can also go with a more traditional color palette like neutrals of nude and black. You can also use jewel-inspired colors such as ruby red and emerald green for that extra glitz.[10]

    Another way to achieve a glam look is by using rugs that have animal print designs. These rugs can be found in zebra, cheetah, or tiger prints, which add an exotic and wild feel to your home. You can also find a variety of other prints in the form of wall paper, vinyl covers, and hand painted wallpapers.

    This is a great way to transform your space into a glamorous and elegant place without spending a fortune on new furniture. You can even go with a more classic color palette and add these rugs to your bedroom or living room for a more regal feel.

    If you’re feeling fancy, you can also consider investing in a marble coffee table. You can also find a marble console table, mirrored trays, and other glamorous accessories that can give your space the glam it needs to feel like a luxury hotel room.[11]

    A marble side table or end table is another way to accentuate your space with the Hollywood glam style. These pieces are great for storing and placing your favorite knickknacks in. You can also use these as storage spaces for your books and other belongings.

    Another way to glam up your home is by choosing the right lighting fixtures. You can use chandeliers, lamps, and other dramatic lights that will really glam up your space. You can also try getting a lamp that has a gold finish on it for that extra opulence.[12]


    One of the most iconic styles of the 20th century, Hollywood glam is a classic design that will never go out of style. It is characterized by glamour, glitter and metallics, as well as lush fabrics.

    The best way to pull off this style is to use bold colors and textures. If you are looking to add a little opulence to your home, try using rich fabrics like velvet or satin in shades of blue, emerald green and plum.[13]

    You can also try adding a splash of glitter to your decor with gold or silver accents. These can be used on mirrors or other surfaces that catch the light.

    Keeping the look sophisticated and modern is another key component of this design. Try incorporating neutral colors into your scheme to balance out the opulence. A white ceiling will help make the space feel brighter and a mirrored wall can reflect the sunlight and help give the room a polished appearance.

    If you are working with a small space, you may want to choose lighter tones or less eye-catching pieces. This will allow the focus to rest on the main pieces of furniture, which is important when you are trying to create a glamorous atmosphere.

    The right window treatment can really make a room sparkle. Curtains are a good way to do this, but you can also try introducing faux fur and velvet into the mix for a touch of opulence.

    Finally, consider using a pattern to draw attention to your windows. This could be a colorful geometric design or even an art deco motif. It is also a good idea to keep the color scheme subtle so that your window treatments aren’t overshadowed by a glitzy feature.[14]

    This is a great style for anyone who loves to live the high life and wants their interiors to stand out. It is also a good choice for those who want to show off their personality and flair.


    Hollywood Glam Interior Design

    When you think of hollywood glam interior design, you may imagine a glamorous space with lots of bold colors and patterns. However, while this style is great for people who love to make a statement, it can be difficult to achieve balance in a room. It’s important to choose a variety of pieces that fit together well and complement each other.[15]

    You can achieve this look by focusing on furniture and accessories that have strong, deep colours, bold patterns or rich textures. You can also use metallics, mirrors and the perfect lighting to help you create a sophisticated space.

    In this living room, we used a variety of classic and modern pieces to achieve the right look. For example, we upholstered the Bennett collection in Dedar Splendido, a thick, plush silk velvet that pairs perfectly with the glass coffee table. This blend of styles brings a gorgeous fusion that will have your guests taking notes!

    The key to creating a livable Hollywood glam room is to balance extensive opulent elements with organic shapes and neutral colored details. This helps the space feel balanced and comfortable without feeling overwhelming or too crowded.

    Using these techniques, you can easily create a room that’s inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood. You can add a few decorative accents such as gold, metallics or mirrors to bring out the best in your designs.

    You can even incorporate artwork into your hollywood glam interior design. This home features six black and white silver gelatin prints by Edward Steichen that help to inform the style of this seating area.

    Another way to add drama and a sense of opulence to your hollywood glam interior design is to use large scale furnishings. Ideally, this furniture should be large enough to fill the room without making it seem cramped. If you have a small space, consider choosing smaller scale pieces and placing them in different areas of the room to create a more streamlined feel.

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