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Free Websites to Download Books

Websites to Download Books

Free Websites to Download Books, If you want to download books free of charge, there are some great websites to help you do it. These free sites include the ManyBooks, Wikibooks, and FreeComputerBooks. You can browse by category, author, or subject to find the books that you want. You can also use a search engine to find the book you want.


Free Websites To Download Books
Free Websites To Download Books

ManyBooks is a free website that offers ebooks in various formats for download. The site offers a wide range of titles, including classics and contemporary novels. You can browse the books by genre, author, or title, or use filters to narrow down the selection to books of your interest.[2] You can also sign up for their email newsletter and receive notifications about new books, deals, and more.

ManyBooks is available in several formats, and works on all popular reading devices. The site is also compatible with Google’s eBookstore. Google eBookstore is another great place to find free books. If you have a computer, you can download books in a variety of formats, including PDF. You can also search for books by author, title, language, and subject.

For literature buffs, ManyBooks offers an excellent selection of classic literature works. The site features book descriptions and information, as well as download options. The site has thoughtful categories for books, and more than 50,000 titles are available to download. The site has been around since 1998, but the content isn’t updated in nearly a year.

ManyBooks lists a large variety of free eBooks in PDF format. You can download them directly to your computer or read them on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking for fiction or nonfiction, You can find it on ManyBooks. All you need is an Internet connection.

ManyBooks has a wide variety of genres, languages, and book formats. The site also features a great article section where you can learn about new books.


If you’re looking for a free website to download books, Workbooks is a good option. The website is not censored for minors, and anyone can edit any module. Changes are immediately displayed. Because there’s no central censorship system, any edit made can be seen instantly. However, it’s important to note that the site does not allow the publishing of personal essays or self-promotion. It also does not allow the hosting of affiliate programs.[3]

This website also features thousands of free books, and it adds new ones every month. You can download PDFs or ePubs, and many of these books are available on CDs and DVDs, too. You can also donate to help the site continue to grow its collection. There’s also a page on how to convert these books for eReaders and PDAs.

The site is similar to Wikipedia for books, but it’s a lot larger. It has thousands of ebooks and is intended to be a place where people can share good ideas and knowledge. You can even download complete books through Wikibooks. The best way to download a multi-part book is to export it as an EPUB or MOBI file. These formats can be read on most eBook readers, and are best for books with more than a few pages.

Another website to download books is Bookshare. This site has over 33 thousand ebooks, and it’s easy to use for everyone. You can search by genre, language, or title to find a book that you want. Most of these ebooks are in the public domain and can be downloaded as ePUB and Mobi formats.[4]


Free Websites To Download Books
Free Websites To Download Books

If you’re interested in learning computer programming, mathematics, or engineering, there are a number of free computer books available online. These sites have a large number of free books for various subjects, and are well categorized. Most of these sites include search engines that let you easily find the books you’re interested in.

Another website dedicated to free computer books is Scribd, which is the world’s largest digital library. It enables readers to discover books from writers and publishers. While the service is subscription-based, it offers a free trial period, which can be helpful for those who are new to computers.[5] Other websites, such as Ebook-space, cover topics ranging from computer IT to database design. In addition to these websites, FreeComputerBooks also has a large database of free computer books, with over 200 sub-categories.

Another popular website for free books is FreeTechBooks, which provides a wide range of popular free online books in a variety of categories. In addition to ebooks, the site offers free reading, printing, and downloading. Alternatively, you can go to GetFreeEBooks, which has a collection of free books from a variety of genres.

Other websites dedicated to free computer books include ManyBooks, a directory of free books online. This website lists books in over 100 different categories, including computer science, engineering, and programming. The site also features online lecture notes, textbooks, and more. There’s no reason not to check out a few of these sites!

Open Library

Open Library is a free website that gives you access to millions of e-books and other content. All you need to do is create an account, browse through their catalog, and add new books to your collection. It’s one of the largest collections of free e-books online, and boasts more than 60,000 titles.[6]

Open Library also has books that you can borrow. It’s a bit like borrowing books from your local library, but you can check out as many as you want. Open Library also offers full-text downloads. These books are scanned from the original manuscripts and published by publishers and libraries. The files are free for download, and you don’t have to worry about piracy or legal issues – the downloads are completely legal.

Another great website for free books is, which lists hundreds of titles in a variety of formats. You can choose to browse by genre, language, or author. The site also offers articles about books. ManyBooks is a good place to start reading new books, and you can even join an online book club to discuss your favorite books.

Another good place to download free ebooks is Project Gutenberg. It’s one of the largest collections of free books on the Internet. It has more than 60,000 free ebooks available for download. You don’t need an ebook reader to read these books, and you can filter by author, language, subject, and categories. The website also has a large collection of free children’s books. You can even learn to read a foreign language through these resources.[7]

Another free website to download books is the Internet Archive. With more than 32 million books online, this site is an excellent resource for reading books. It also features millions of web pages, music, and videos. In addition, it includes ebooks for people with disabilities.

Project Gutenberg

One of the best places to find free books is online, and a great place to start is Project Gutenberg. This website houses more than 60,000 books in the public domain. These free books can be read on computers, e-readers, and Kindles. You can choose to read them in epub, Kindle, plain text, or HTML format, and you can download them as many times as you want.

You can browse through the online book catalog to find books, or you can browse by author or title. In addition to this, you can use the Basic Search and Advanced Search features. These search features let you specify the author, format, and Library of Congress Subject Heading to narrow your search. Moreover, you can find books by a particular author, genre, or category.[8]

In addition to eBooks, Project Gutenberg also offers audiobook files. While it is not adding audiobook files on a regular basis, you can search for audiobooks on the site by replacing the word “www” with “m”. Audiobooks are recorded by human speakers and are in mp3 format. You can transfer these files to your device using iTunes or other similar software.

To download e-books from Project Gutenberg, you can visit one of their download pages. These links will lead you to a list of downloadable files. In addition to eBooks, you can also find Kindle versions of books. These Kindle versions include pictures and text. You can even use an RSS feed to follow updates on the latest releases of these books.

If you would like to read a book in another language, you can subscribe to the Project Gutenberg RSS feed.[9] The website publishes about 10-20 books a day, and the RSS feed will let you know about them. You can also subscribe to email notifications, which will alert you when a new release is available.


If you want to download free books, you’ll have to sign up for an account with Obooko. The website offers a variety of ebook formats. The process is simple, and you can read reviews of your books as you download them. You can also upload revisions to your books. You can also view download figures for different types of ebooks.

The site features over 3000 licensed books. It also has multiple genres and languages. If you’re looking for a book in a particular genre, you can search the list by language, genre, author, and more. It even has recommendations for recommended books. It also offers books in different formats and Creative Commons.

Besides being free, books on Obooko have no DRM restriction. That means you can use the file however you like. This means you can open and read them without worrying about viruses or malware. And, they’re compatible with most desktop, e-reader, and mobile devices.

Obooko is a great website to download books. It has over 3000 eBooks. The majority of them are clean, and you can download them in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats. In addition, Obooko only accepts books submitted by legitimate authors. If you find an eBook that you’re interested in, you can also download it to your local device through Calameo Downloader.[10]


Feedbooks is a free website that offers free eBook downloads in several different languages and genres. This website features both original and public domain books. The eBooks can be read in epub, MOBI, or PDF format. The website also provides editorial reviews.

The site has an in-built search function, as well as categories for browsing. You can browse by author, genre, or series. FeedBooks also has its own eBook store, where you can buy paid titles. However, FeedBooks also offers a collection of free original books, which are freely distributed to the general public.

Feedbooks also features user-submitted books in ePub format. Users can also register to get access to more features. Feedbooks is also a good option for self-publishing. You can even use a free account to publish your book on the website.

Besides eBooks, you can also download audio books. If you have a Kindle, choose the Kindle icon and click “Download Now”. If you don’t have a Kindle, then choose the EPUB option. While PDF is page-based, EPUB format has fewer limitations. Additionally, you can select the publication date.[11]

Feedbooks offers a diverse range of free books. Many of them are public domain, meaning they can be distributed for free. There are over three million free books available in different formats. You can browse books by genre, language, and author. You can even search for a free eBook in an online search box. The best part about Feedbooks is that you don’t have to create a user account to access the site. The books are well-formatted, and the site is easy to navigate.

Project Gutenberg

Free Websites To Download Books
Free Websites To Download Books

Project Gutenberg is a site that contains thousands of free ebooks in the public domain. The collection features classic novels in the public domain and a variety of non-fiction titles. These eBooks are free to download and can be read on computers, Kindles, and Nooks. They are also available in various digital formats that ensure they are available for a long time to come.[12]

Project Gutenberg offers several methods for searching and downloading books. The first is the Online Book Catalog, which allows users to browse by genre, author, and language. The second is the Advanced Search, which allows users to specify a specific language, author, or Library of Congress subject heading. The search option also provides a list of popular books or newly added titles.

When using Project Gutenberg, users should be aware of possible file formatting issues. Because it uses automation to produce eBook formats, the files may not display correctly on every device. They may also have a lot of white space, wide margins, or lack images. If this is the case, you can always manually rename the files.

If you prefer to read eBooks on your mobile devices, Project Gutenberg has an app for that. The mobile interface is similar to the desktop version, but the URL will not automatically load on your device. To access the mobile version of the site, simply replace “www” with “m” (which stands for mobile). The site’s search book will display a list of books for you to browse. You can then select a book and download it directly to your e-reading application.


Wikijunior is an open source website that offers books and magazines for children. The website has several categories, including educational stories, fairy tales, and Christmas stories.[13] It also includes articles, pictures, and diagrams. The content is free to download and share. The Wikimedia Foundation maintains Wikijunior as a part of its Wikibooks project.

Another great resource is Wikisource. It is an online library that features user-submitted content. The site’s Index page is a good place to start. It includes information on more than 600,000 books and articles. You can also browse by genre or author to find what you’re looking for.

Another website that offers free books is ManyBooks. You can download books from this website in dozens of formats. The site is easy to navigate. You can browse by genre, language, and author. The site also has an Articles page where you can read articles about the books you’ve downloaded.

Wikibooks is an online library that offers free textbooks and educational material. It has over 3,423 titles, including books for children. It also has a Wikijunior section that provides nonfiction books for readers aged nine to twelve. Wikibooks is also open source, so anyone can edit the books. However, teachers and instructors should review the material carefully before using it in the classroom.


ManyBooks is a free website where you can download and read books in many different formats. It lists more than 33,000 books in different languages and genres. In addition, the site offers a newsletter and special deals. Subscribe to their newsletter to keep updated on new books, deals, and free e-books.

ManyBooks is a free account login site that lets you download books in several formats. Once you’re signed in, you can read your downloaded books using the site’s built-in book reader. The website also has an RSS feed to keep you informed about new titles. You can also follow ManyBooks on social media to learn about new releases. Another great site is Free Computer Books, which offers free textbooks and extensive lecture notes.[14]

ManyBooks offers free eBooks that are completely legal to download. The eBooks are high-quality and have illustrations. The site also allows you to export the books to popular eReaders. Once you’ve found a book that suits your reading tastes, you can easily download it to your computer and read it offline.

Another great website to download books is Feedbooks. It has thousands of free eBooks available for download. All of them are public domain and free to read. You don’t have to register to access these books, and you can even share them with friends and family using email and social media.

NASA’s digital library

Free Websites To Download Books
Free Websites To Download Books

If you’re a fan of space exploration, NASA’s digital library can help you learn all about its amazing missions. The organization has put together a searchable database of over 140,000 images, videos, and audio clips. All of the media is free to download and available in a variety of resolutions. You’ll find everything from pictures of astronauts in space to rocket launches and other fascinating stuff.

Educators can use NASA’s Museum in a Box to introduce their students to the physical sciences of flight. With its hands-on lessons, it’s a great resource for educators and students alike. You can also use NASA’s Solar System Exploration Lesson Finder to find lessons that help you learn more about the Solar System.[15]

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