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Free Anime Websites to Watch

Free Anime Websites to Watch

If you’re looking for free anime websites to watch, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a list of sites that will let you watch all kinds of anime. These sites can range from animefrenzy to Anime Planet, and even AnimeDao. Each of these sites will allow you to watch anime for free, but you’ll have to endure some annoying ads.[1]


AnimeFrenzy is one of the free anime websites that offer a large variety of popular anime titles. The site also offers English dubbing and subtitles. This site’s fast streaming servers and user-friendly interface make it easy to find your favorite anime. It also has several cool features such as a search bar to find specific anime episodes. Furthermore, it is updated regularly, so you’ll never miss a new episode.

AnimeFrenzy is a free anime website that allows users to watch anime without registering and without any restrictions. It also lets users bookmark their favorite episodes. It also plays most of the videos in high quality and even allows users to download them for free.[2]

This site also offers dubbed and subtitled versions of popular anime. The anime library includes both English and Japanese titles, and every episode is listed alphabetically. The site is free of malware and advertisements. You can download dubbed and subbed anime, but be aware that it may not be available in all regions of the world.

The service is ad-free and allows people to watch anime on their computer or TV. They also allow users to subscribe to premium status, which removes ads and enables them to stream on all devices. Premium status is offered in different time frames, and users can choose a premium period that best suits their needs.

Another free anime site is Gogoanime. This service is internationally available and offers a large variety of different anime series. Although it does not offer licensed anime, it often has more episodes than rival services. The site also lets users read manga, a great bonus. It also offers an ad-free interface and is very easy to navigate.[3]

9Anime is another great free anime website that allows users to download their favorite episodes. The site offers thousands of anime series, movies, specials, and episodes. It also offers a search option that allows users to find their favorite anime in a matter of seconds.

AnimeFrenzy also has a popular Reddit channel. Occasionally, the site is blocked, so users should be cautious when looking for it on Reddit. One of the best free anime websites is also a reliable source for updates and discussion boards.

Another great free anime website is Anime planet, which offers over four thousand anime series. The site allows users to browse through series and create lists, as well as to make recommendations. The platform also allows users to watch animation clips and trailers. It even has a feature called “My Anime List,” which lets users browse the latest animation films and series. They can also create lists by searching by characters or movies. Another unique feature of this site is that it gives users notifications when new anime movies are released.

Animefrenzy is also great for downloading videos. It has a wide variety of titles and is updated frequently. It has thousands of episodes categorized alphabetically. Its website is easy to navigate and features high-quality video content. The site also allows users to download individual episodes of Anime to watch offline.[4]

Anime Planet

Free Anime Websites to Watch
Free Anime Websites to Watch

Anime-Planet is a community of superfans that have come together to create one of the best free anime websites. The site hosts over 45,000 episodes of anime in both dubbed and subbed versions. It also lets you keep a list of the anime you’ve watched and can recommend new titles. It also has reviews of anime movies.

This site has a large library of anime, and it’s updated regularly. The library is divided into several categories, such as alphabetically, by popularity rating, and by time of release. You can even search for anime by their names, or find out which ones are trending in your area by searching by keyword.

Another great site for anime lovers is Animeseek. This site offers streaming in dubbed and subtitled versions, and also features popular cartoons. The site has a simple interface and supports many popular features, but you might have to deal with geo-restricted regions. Fortunately, you can get a VPN, so you can view anime wherever you are in the world.

KissAnime is another free anime website you may want to check out. It’s another popular website that offers free anime, but is not completely legal. While it has a huge collection of popular anime, it also features many adult videos. Despite its free nature, it’s important to note that it’s a community-driven site that depends on donations from fans.[5]

Other free anime websites include 9anime and Anime Planet. The website offers a simple, clean interface that allows you to share videos on social networks. You can watch anime movies and tv series for free, and you can also download the episodes you want to watch later.

While most of these websites are free, some of them offer subscription plans. Anime-Planet offers a 14-day free trial. If you find it useful, you can subscribe for $4.99 a month. This website also allows you to watch anime in high definition.

Anime-Planet also has a comprehensive list of anime movies and manga. It also has a large fan community that lets you participate in discussion forums, write reviews, and even create custom lists. You can also filter the videos by name, studio, or genre, which makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Anime-Planet is a free anime website that works well without VPN. It has a massive collection of free anime series. You can also watch dubbed versions of your favorite anime shows. The quality of the videos is high and the ads are minimal. You’ll also find popular anime series, including Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.

SoulAnime is another free anime website that lets you watch free animation. It has over 60000 episodes and over 4000 anime series. While the free option has many ads, premium options allow you to watch over 15,000 hours of anime. The search function lets you filter your search by language, genre, version, rating, and more. You can even search for new titles and watch dubbed content.[6]


If you are in the market for a free anime streaming website that is also mobile friendly, then AnimeDao is the site to go to. The site offers a variety of features, including subtitles and dubbed content. In addition to this, it offers unlimited streaming and supports multiple languages. AnimeDao also boasts a well-managed user interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Anime is one of the most popular genres in the world, with a huge fan base in Japan and throughout the world. There are literally thousands of different series, each with a specific audience in mind. Whether you are a first-time anime viewer or a seasoned veteran, AnimeDao is the place to go. It offers a user-friendly platform that lets you easily browse an enormous library of content. AnimeDao also boasts a search feature that makes finding a title much easier.

Another great anime site is Animeland, which allows users to watch both subbed and dubbed anime without registration. This site features all of the episodes of most notable anime series. Moreover, you can also use the search feature to find a specific series you’re looking for. Animestream is another great site to check out if you’re looking for a free anime website. The website has a big database of dubbed and subbed anime, and it publishes fresh episodes as soon as they are released.

Another free anime website that you can try is GogoAnime. It has a visually appealing interface and offers a range of different anime genres and languages. The site also includes English-dubbed anime series and Chinese animation series. Furthermore, it is free and offers thousands of episodes.

Another free anime website that offers Japanese anime is Masteranime. It offers over 2500 episodes of different anime series. It has a modern user interface and lets you search for the anime series of your choice. You can also read reviews and average ratings of the series. There are no ads on the site, and you can choose the language of subtitles for a smooth viewing experience.[7]

If you want to watch anime online but aren’t comfortable downloading or watching it, you can also watch it on streaming platforms. Hulu has the rights to most of the major anime houses. The service is affordable and supports high-definition films. The site is updated frequently, which is great news for anime fans.

Aside from 9Anime, you can also check out Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon Anime. These three sites offer a large library of anime series. You can even watch anime movies on Amazon’s website. These websites are great for streaming anime as well as being convenient.

If you are looking for free anime websites, 9anime is the perfect alternative. This site offers high-quality streaming for over 40 different anime genres. Most shows are available in high-quality 1080p, and you can choose to watch dubbed or subbed versions if you want to. The site also features a navigation tool where you can filter by genre, quality, and type of anime.

Top 5 Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

If you want to watch anime for free, you should check out AnimeFrenzy. It is a free anime website like AnimalHeaven.EU but it doesn’t require any registration and you can even bookmark your favorite shows to watch later. However, this site is pirated and is not supported by the official anime websites.[8]


If you want to watch anime for free, AnimeDao may be the site for you. The site offers thousands of episodes, including subbed and dubbed versions. There are also advanced filters for searching by genre, theme, and region. The site also supports a variety of devices, including mobile devices. Moreover, it offers free streaming and downloads.[9]

The site also offers a search feature for browsing anime episodes. You can search for your favorite titles by genre or popularity. The interface is simple and free of annoying ads. You can even find new episodes that are available on the site each day. Another great feature of this website is that you can view full episodes of your favorite anime series, without having to register or purchase anything.

Another great feature of this website is that it allows you to watch anime on mobile devices. Moreover, it offers excellent video quality. Moreover, the site has several servers that ensure lag-free streaming. You can also select the best quality of the anime without the worry of experiencing stutters. Moreover, the website’s UI has a dark tone, which reduces eye strain.

AnimeDao also offers high-quality, low-bandwidth streaming. Many anime fans consider it one of the best free anime sites. The site is user-friendly and has a large selection of popular anime and manga series. It also offers both subbed and dubbed content. And it supports Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Other free anime streaming sites include TubiTV. While the website is not as attractive as some of the other sites, it provides high-quality content in high resolution. The site also features an extensive gallery of anime.[10]


Free Anime Websites to Watch
Free Anime Websites to Watch

If you enjoy watching anime, you should check out AnimeFreak. This website has over one thousand episodes of popular anime in its library, and the content is updated every day. The site also offers a search bar that allows users to find specific shows. Alternatively, you can browse content by genre or season.

The website offers a comprehensive list of Anime series and movies. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate. It also has no limits on the number of movies and anime series you can watch. Another feature of the site is the ability to download movies. Users can also comment on the content.[11]

AnimeFreak also offers a search feature, so you can find a show based on its name. You can also search by genre, rating, and release date. It also has a search feature that lets you find all the episodes of the latest series, as well as complete series.

AnimeFreak has a beautiful user interface. There are thousands of anime titles to choose from. The content on AnimeFreak is available in both dubbed and subbed formats. You can even find a manga series in your native language!

The popularity of AnimeFreak is due to the fact that it is free. It also offers a variety of download options and a calendar view for easy browsing. The database is regularly updated. You can also choose a video resolution for your streaming. In addition to that, it also offers subtitles for many of the anime movies.

AnimeFreak is a good resource for finding high-quality anime online. It offers hundreds of anime titles, as well as manga. Its user interface could use a little work, but it is worth the effort to use if you enjoy watching anime.


This free anime website offers a great variety of anime. It has a simple, uncluttered design that is free from annoying ads. Videos are organized by genre and easy to find. The site also offers HD quality, which is a huge plus. You can download the videos if you want to watch them offline.[12]

This website is designed for people who want to watch free anime online. It features high-quality video streaming in 1080p and a variety of genres, including Original Video Animations. It is also easy to search for videos and filter them by year, genre, or language. The website works in most major regions around the world.

This website also offers dubbed and subbed versions of anime shows. It supports many platforms, including Mac and Windows. It also has a premium version that includes a two-screen option. Another feature of this website is that it allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. This means that you can watch anime series that aren’t available in your region.

Another popular anime website is 9anime. This site features a sleek, user-friendly interface with no distracting ads. It also offers free dubbed and subbed versions of most anime. The site has an extensive library of anime and allows you to filter the content by genre, quality, and more.

While AnimeShow is the most popular of the three, you may also want to check out KissAnime as an alternative. KissAnime is another anime streaming website that has an active forum where users discuss anime and Japanese culture. There are also many dubbed and original episodes available.


Free Anime Websites to Watch
Free Anime Websites to Watch

AnimeTake is a website with more than 4000 episodes of anime in its library. New episodes are uploaded every 2 hours, and both dubbed and subbed versions are available for free. It offers easy searching and is organized alphabetically. You can find any anime by genre or by alphabetical category. There is also an advanced filter search option. Another great feature of AnimeTake is that you can get notifications for updates.

The site is available in different languages and is aimed at anime fans from around the world. It has more than a million registered users and is constantly adding new content. This website also offers subtitled versions of anime and has a search box that makes finding a particular series easy.

Another website that offers free streaming of anime is KissAnime. This site is a good alternative to AnimeTake. It is known for its excellent video quality. Users can choose between 240p and 1080p videos. This site also features both free and paid content. In addition, you can request to watch a particular anime series or movie.

AnimeTake has a lot of categories and has a clean and easy-to-use interface. It also offers various video codecs, ranging from 720p to 360p. AnimeTake also has an alphabetical search bar that lets you browse through anime titles by letter. Another benefit of AnimeTake TV is that it offers high-quality English subtitled videos. This website loads videos faster than most others, and there are no annoying ads.

Another free anime website is AnimeLab. It is popular for providing the latest anime episodes from Japan. Usually, episodes will be posted on this website within an hour. The search bar makes it easy to find any anime you’re interested in. You can also find anime by genre, such as anime from Japan.[13]


Animeland is an online anime community that hosts a wide variety of anime. Its main purpose is to bring anime to the world for free, which it does by offering thousands of anime episodes. The site also offers a variety of different features such as offline viewing and letting users subscribe to new episodes. Users can even join a Discord community and discuss their favorite shows.

Animeland is one of the most popular anime websites. The service offers free anime streaming with an elegant interface, great video quality, and low bandwidth usage. The website also offers dubbed versions of some popular anime series. Users can adjust the quality of the video to match their preference, and it’s easy to navigate the site.

Another popular anime site is 4Anime. The site has been around for more than a decade and is one of the oldest streaming services for anime. It has the advantage of translating popular Japanese anime into English, which means that you can watch it on any device. You can also watch anime on Myanimelist, a site that has a huge collection of anime, including some American cartoons.

Animeland has more than 10,000 anime with English subtitles. This website has multiple categories for watching anime, and the advanced search box is helpful for finding specific shows. It also has a large number of different payment options. Another perk is that it supports many platforms, including PC and Mac.

Crunchyroll is another excellent choice for viewing anime. It features English dubs and subtitles, which make watching anime much easier for non-English speakers. This service also provides high-definition videos in English.[14]



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