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Best Websites by Design

Best Websites by Design

If you’re looking for the best websites by design, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top picks for design-centric websites. Here, you’ll find Carlsberg, Octopus Blog, Helixes, and the Octopus Blog. Each one is different, but they all share some traits in common.[1]


Best Websites by Design
Best Websites by Design

Helix Consulting was growing into new markets and needed a rebranding and web presence to go with the new identity.[2] The brand needed to reflect the company’s growth and future and the site needed to reflect a more modern aesthetic. The Helix web design team chose a modern WordPress theme and split the site into three distinct markets.

Octopus Blog

The Octopus Blog is among the best websites that use design thinking to communicate their message. Created by IDEO, a leading global design firm, the Octopus Blog uses an intuitive, light design that highlights each article’s category, author, and image. It features an easy-to-understand sitemap that is easy to edit and add meta titles, descriptions, headings, and other SEO spells. Octopus has been named one of the best websites by design by Awwwards, an award-winning website design community.


The minimalistic design of the homepage and the flat color palette pushed the boundaries of usability and accessibility, while the home illustrations provided a seamless navigation. These elements worked to serve the right audience with the right information. This design also shows a mastery of grid structure and excellent visual designs.[3]


Best Websites by Design
Best Websites by Design

Carlsberg is a global beer company, established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1847. It was awarded a license to brew beer in Cyprus in 1967. In 2016, it was appointed as the official sponsor of the UEFA European Championship. To celebrate the event, Opium Works was contracted to design the Carlsberg Euro 2016 website, which featured exclusive content, highlights and updates.

A bespoke typeface was designed for the Carlsberg brand, developed in collaboration with LucasFonts and Tom Lane. It compliments the re-crafted logotype and ensures consistency across Carlsberg’s global portfolio. The new typeface was initially launched in Scandinavian markets in September 2018 and will roll out globally over the course of 2019.

The Carlsberg rebrand was driven by the ‘Golden Words’ by JC Jacobsen and their commitment to sustainability. The company also sought to refresh their design in order to appeal to a wider range of consumers. It was noted that consumers perceived the beer differently in different countries, which was one of the main reasons for the redesign.[4]

Best Websites by Design

If you’re looking for the best websites by design, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find an array of great sites, from Black-and-white themes laden with beautiful imagery of architecture and art to the minimalist and motion-graphics-loaded sites. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-use site, you might consider these.

Minimalist design with parallax effects

Best Websites by Design
Best Websites by Design

Parallax effects are a great way to give your website a smooth, minimal feel. These effects are created by using JavaScript or plain HTML. They work by reducing the size of the elements that are in a container to their maximum width, and then showing them as you scroll down the page.[5]

Regardless of whether your website is an e-commerce site or a creative website, parallax scrolling effects are a fantastic way to make a website pop. They’re eye-catching and interactive, and they can say a lot about your brand. For example, if you sell food products, you can use parallax scrolling effects to add details about how the products are made. It can also enhance the presentation of unique artwork.

Parallax effects are also great for adding a bit of spice to your design. You can incorporate them into your sliding backgrounds or even use motion-animated backgrounds. Regardless of the type of background you choose, parallax designs are a great way to spice up your design.

When using parallax effects, be sure to follow best practices for a well-done site. It’s not only about attracting visitors, but also about maintaining UX design principles. A great parallax website will deliver a message in a way that is easy for viewers to digest.


If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ve probably heard of Moooi. This Dutch company specializes in lighting, furniture, and interior design. The website has a great mixture of products to choose from.[6] Moooi is also known for its carpets, which make a big statement in any room.

Moooi was founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, and is now led by Marcel Wanders and Robin Bevers. Its name, Moooi, comes from the Dutch word for beautiful. The ‘o’ added to the name symbolizes even more beauty. Moooi’s goal is to create a space that is eclectic, unique, and inspiring. Their designs are inspired by antiques and timeless objects of beauty.

The website uses a combination of animation and video to convey the creative essence of the company. The website also makes the most of responsiveness and accessibility. It’s an excellent example of how you can combine art with function. And Moooi’s unique use of color and design is a great example of this.

Moooi’s Amsterdam Showroom and Brand Store are a treat to visit. This is an immersive world that offers a glimpse into the company’s latest products. With its emphasis on color and style, Moooi’s designs are a feast for the eyes.[7]

Simply Chocolate

Best Websites by Design
Best Websites by Design

The Simply Chocolate website features innovative design and innovative use of color, while staying true to the brand. The design features three-dimensional chocolate bars and a clever “Add to Box” CTA that encourages visitors to select products while browsing the site. Regardless of the type of chocolate you love, you’ll find it all on Simply Chocolate’s site.

Aside from the chocolate bar imagery, the website features simple and elegant navigation. The home page features an eye-catching scrolling presentation and a parallax scrolling effect that transitions seamlessly from product to product. The website’s design is easy to navigate, with the checkout bar right on the main page. Users can also move from product to product by scrolling left or right.

Another innovative feature of the Simply Chocolate website is its single-page design. It makes the site easy to navigate, and its bold CTAs make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. It also offers direct purchasing, which makes it a great choice for online shoppers. The website also features a playful and fun personality. With its bright colors and different themes, it stands out from the competition.[8]

Simply Chocolate is a Copenhagen-based chocolatier that curates chocolate beans from around the world. Using the best raw chocolate available, this Scandinavian brand uses unique ingredients to make delicious confections. The company is also committed to sustainability and a more natural approach to the chocolate-making process. Simply Chocolate is dedicated to creating unique chocolate gifts with simplicity and creativity.[9]

Rainforest Guardian

Best Websites by Design
Best Websites by Design

The Rainforest Guardian is a non-profit organization with an immersive website design that uses WebGL and 360-panoramic images to engage visitors. It also uses unique stories, videos, and diverse content to create an engaging experience. One example of the website’s innovative design is the ability to “visit” the Amazon rainforest villages.[10]

The Guardian devices are made of recycled smartphones that contain significant computing power. The devices are designed to gather a continuous stream of sound from a forest of up to 300 hectares (740 acres). The data from the devices can identify human intrusion and alert local rangers. The devices can run 24 hours a day for months in the rainforest.[11]

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