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    Best ways How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage 2023

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    Google Chrome

    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage? A few weeks ago, Google Chrome introduced a revamped homepage. Previously, the home page showed 6 shortcuts to sites that users frequently visited along with their thumbnails.[1]

    Today, however, the browser is adding a few new features to make it even easier to use. One of them is a search shortcut directly installed into the address bar that allows you to search through your tabs, Chrome history and bookmarks.

    Adding Shortcuts to Chrome Homepage on Mobile

    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage
    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

    If you have a mobile device running iOS or iPadOS and use Chrome as your default browser, you may want to take a look at how you can add shortcuts to your homepage.[2] Google has a handy feature called ‘Shortcuts’ that lets you create custom shortcuts on the home screen and they are available to all modern devices.

    A recent commit in the Chromium Gerrit allows you to customize the thumbnail shortcuts that appear below the search bar on Chrome’s new tab page. These will likely change as your browsing history changes, but they can be a fun way to navigate to websites you’ve recently visited.

    The most interesting part is that you can choose which websites get the shortcuts, although this functionality is still in the works. Google is also working on a feature that will let you control data use and shave off battery life when you open multiple background tabs at once. There are many other great features in the works for Chrome, too. We’ll update this article as they are released.[3]

    Remove Shortcuts from Chrome Homepage on Mobile

    Chrome on mobile devices comes with a few useful features that make it easy to access tabs, bookmarks, and history.[4] These features include @tabs, which helps manage tab groups; @bookmarks, which lets you search your open bookmarks; and @history, which allows you to search your browser’s history.

    In addition, Chrome on mobile includes a number of standard text-editing shortcuts that can be used to change words, delete phrases, and more. These are similar to the shortcuts you can use on other operating systems, such as Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Z for deleting words, Ctrl+C for copying and Ctrl+V for pasting.

    Fortunately, Google is now rolling out an update to Chrome that will make it easier to remove shortcuts from the homepage. This includes desktop and mobile versions of the browser, but it should also be rolled out to Windows 10 and 11, where shortcuts were missing and rendered unusable after Microsoft Defender’s anti-virus/firewall rules caused some shortcuts to be deleted or disabled. This is a great way to clean up your computer and free up space on your hard drive. To do this, follow these steps:[5]

    How Do I Add Shortcuts To Homepage?

    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage
    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

    Google has recently updated its web browser Chrome to add a new feature that allows users to add shortcuts to the homepage. In previous versions, the homepage showed a set of 6 websites and their thumbnails as well as a field where users could type in URLs or search for something.[6] This has been replaced with a view that displays 8 top websites and their thumbnails. It also comes with a search bar at the top and an option to add shortcuts to history and favourites.

    To add a shortcut, click the ‘Add Shortcut’ button in the launcher window that opens up. The shortcut will then be available in the menu of ‘Shortcuts’, as shown below. You can then name it and add it to your device’s home screen or tap “ADD AUTOMATICALLY” to let the phone choose where the shortcut should go on your screen. You can also change the icon of the shortcut so that it becomes easier to find on your phone’s home screen. [7]

    If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, you know that it has a number of handy keyboard shortcuts. Learn them all, and you’ll be able to navigate your browser faster than ever. One of the most useful shortcuts is Ctrl + T to open a new tab. It works well for most browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.[8]

    Manual Addition of Shortcut

    If you’re using a PC with Windows XP or later, you can manually add shortcut to Google Chrome homepage by clicking on the padlock icon in the address bar. This will create a shortcut link that will open your default browser when you click it.

    You can also manually reopen your previous tabs in the background upon restarting Google Chrome. [9]This can be useful for users who use the browser for multiple tasks. In addition to this, Google recently introduced three new shortcuts for open tabs, history, and bookmarks. Those shortcuts can be typed into the address bar to search for an open tab, a page in your history, or a bookmark. And of course, you can also manually reload a page in the background by pressing Ctrl+R.

    Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage on Desktop

    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage
    How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

    If you frequently visit a particular website, you can easily add its shortcut to your desktop, making it easy to open it again.[10] This also makes it easier to avoid opening Chrome each time you need to use the site. Besides, it saves you a lot of time by not having to input the URL each time you open the browser.

    Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It is constantly being updated and improved to make it faster and more useful for users. It is also more compatible with the latest devices and operating systems.

    There are lots of ways to save space on your computer, and you can do this by creating shortcuts to applications and websites. A shortcut to a website on your desktop allows you to double-click the link to open it instead of inputting the URL each time.[11]

    You can create a shortcut by right-clicking on any empty space in the windows and then select New > Shortcut. In the next window, you can type a name for your shortcut and click Finish to create it.

    Many people have the tendency to ignore keyboard shortcuts, which are usually much faster than tapping keys on your computer’s mouse. However, it is always better to have a few useful ones memorized so that you can speed up your workflow and reduce the strain on your hands, wrists and elbows.[12]

    Among the most important of these is the Ctrl+T keystroke combination for opening new tabs in Chrome. Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) use this shortcut to open a new tab, so it is best if you have it memorized and can quickly press it whenever you need to.

    Another helpful shortcut is to mute/unmute the sound of your web browser. To mute the sound, you can use this simple command: CTRL+Shift+1. Then, if you want to unmute it, you can use this command: CTRL+Shift-2.[13]

    Edit Shortcuts on Google Chrome Homepage on Deskto

    The Chrome browser makes it easy to customize your desktop experience with a few nifty shortcuts. These shortcuts can save you time and energy, while letting you quickly access a favorite website with the click of a button.[14]

    For instance, Ctrl+T opens a new tab in Google Chrome, but it can also be used to launch a web page in full screen mode. This is especially helpful if you have to deal with a stuck or misbehaving page, or if you’re viewing multiple pages at once.

    Another useful shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+T, which reopens closed tabs in the order they were last opened. [15]This is a particularly handy trick to have on hand when you accidentally close a tab, or when your system crashes and you need to re-open it.

    In addition to the aforementioned shortcuts, Chrome has some other nifty tricks up its sleeve that can make your browsing experience even more enjoyable. These include the following:

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