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Best Grill Smoker Combo in 2023

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How to Find the Best Grill Smoker Combo

Best Grill Smoker Combo, If you want to grill and smoke food at the same time, a grill smoker combo is an excellent choice. Look for a combination that provides you with ample cooking space and constant access to the main cooking area so that you can turn meat and add ingredients easily.[1]

The type of fuel your combo grill and smoker supports will also play a huge role in how well it performs. Consider a model that supports both gas and charcoal.


Best Grill Smoker Combo

The size of the smoker/grill combo is an important consideration when making a purchase. It will determine how much meat you can cook at one time and how big of a smoking chamber you can get. The more people you plan on cooking for, the larger the grill will need to be. There are a variety of sizes available on the market to suit all needs.

If you are looking for a grill/smoker combo with a lot of cooking space, look no further than the Dyna-Glo DGSS1382VCS-D. It has a huge cooking area of 1,382 square inches and can be used as a pellet smoker or gas grill. It also includes two meat probes, a warming rack, and a grill cover. Another great feature is the large hopper capacity that makes it easy to cook for long periods of time.[2]

Another great option is the Pit Boss Mile Hybrid. Unlike the traditional grill/smoker combo that has separate cooking chambers, this model has the pellet burn pot and gas burners within the same cooking chamber. This allows you to sear over the gas burners and use the pellet smoker for low and slow cooks at the same time.

A good smoker/grill combo should be able to reach high temperatures for grilling and maintain low temperatures for smoking. It should also be able to maintain these temperatures for long periods of time. This will ensure that your food is cooked properly and has the right flavor.

Finally, a good combo grill/smoker should be easy to clean and maintain. It should be made from quality materials and have tough, durable construction. It should also be easy to access the main cooking areas and have enough storage space for your grilling and smoking supplies. Other features to look for include a temperature gauge, digital control panel, and rotisserie attachments.

Choosing the best combo grill/smoker will help you save money and space by purchasing a single unit that meets your grilling and smoking needs. Buying individual units for each process can add up quickly. A combination grill/smoker will also help you achieve a more consistent smoke and a better-tasting final product.


The combination grill and smoker is a great option for people who want to be able to cook both smoked meats and grilled items in one unit. They are usually designed to be a high-performance grill that can reach and maintain a high temperature for a long period of time, but also provide the ability to smoke meats at low temperatures. This is a good feature for people who enjoy both types of cooking, but may not have the space or budget to purchase and store two different devices.[3]

Choosing the right combo grill will depend on the person’s personal preferences and lifestyle, as well as their kitchen layout. For example, a person who lives alone might prefer a smaller smoker grill combo while someone with children and other family members might need a larger version. There are many options available in this category, so it is important to look at the features of each model to find the one that will work best for your needs.

A quality smoker grill combo should have a sturdy and durable construction. It should also be easy to clean, and have convenient storage areas for fuel. Steel construction is a common choice for these units because it provides strength and durability, while also being resistant to corrosion. A good combination grill should also have a cool-touch lid grip to prevent burns, as well as a sturdy ash pan and offset charcoal grate.

Some of the best smoker grill combos will have multiple chambers that allow you to grill and smoke at the same time. This is a great option if you are cooking for a large group of people, or if you don’t have enough room to use a separate smoker and grill.[4]

If you are looking for a versatile and portable grill and smoker, then the ZPG-7002B from Z Grills is a good option. This combo smoker and grill looks amazing, and has a clever cooking design that allows you to smoke food on one side while simultaneously grilling it on the other. It’s also easy to use, with an electronic automated ignition and real-time LED temperature readout.


There are a lot of different fuel options that can go into grill and smoker combos. Those include gas, pellets, and charcoal. Choosing which fuel is best for you will depend on your budget and what kind of cooking you do most. Gas is usually the more affordable option and also offers a bit of versatility as you can use it for grilling or smoking. Pellets are a bit more expensive but offer unique flavors and a much easier cooking process.

The best grill smoker combos will be able to reach and maintain high temperatures for grilling and low temperatures for smoking. This is crucial for creating the perfect recipe and ensuring your food is cooked thoroughly. They should also be able to reach and maintain these temperatures for long periods of time, allowing you to smoke meats like brisket or turkeys for hours on end. Some grills and smokers are able to do this, but others struggle.

Another thing to look for in a grill smoker combo is how easy it is to get to the main cooking area. You don’t want to have to fight with a heavy lid or rusty handles. The ideal grill smoker will be able to be opened and closed easily without any issues.

It’s also important to look for a combo that can be used at different locations. A portable grill smoker is a great option for people who travel or spend a lot of time outdoors. These grills are typically smaller and more lightweight than traditional models, making them a good choice for camping trips or tailgate parties. They also tend to have a lighter price tag than full-sized, professional-grade grills.

If you’re looking for a grill smoker that can be used indoors or outside, you’ll want to consider the type of fuel and the size of the cooking surface. For example, some gas grills and smokers require a lot of space and can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. They also require a large, stable burner that can handle the heat and pressure of prolonged grilling.[5]


Best Grill Smoker Combo

Whether you’re looking to grill hamburgers and hot dogs or smoke a beef brisket, your smoker grill combo must be able to reach and maintain the right temperatures for long periods of time. This is especially true if you’re planning to do low and slow smoking for several hours or more. Temperature fluctuations can ruin the flavor of your smoked meat and end up resulting in a sub-par product.

The best grill smoker combos will be able to reach and maintain the right temperature without much effort on your part. This will make them much easier to use for beginners and those who have less experience with smoking or grilling. You should also look for combo grills that have convenient features like easy-to-use control knobs, convenient temperature control aids, and a large cooking surface area. Other convenient features include removable ash pans, grease management systems, and special heat-resistant coatings in places that come into contact with food.

If you’re shopping for a grill smoker combo that will be used primarily for smoking, then you might want to consider getting one that has a large hopper capacity and an easy-to-access pellet cleanout door on the back of the hopper. This will make it easier to refill the hopper with your favorite pellets during long cooks. You can also find combination grills that have a built-in digitally managed temperature controller, which makes it easy to monitor the internal cooking temperature and adjust it as needed.[6]

Some of the most versatile smoker grill combos are those that provide support for both gas and charcoal fuel sources in separate cooking chambers. These types of grills give new meaning to the term “smoker and grill.”

Other grill smoker combinations will feature a propane gas grill on one side and a traditional charcoal smoker on the other. This type of grill provides the ultimate in versatility because it gives you the flexibility to grill and smoke at the same time, or simply grill your burgers while using the smoker for some of those delicious pork ribs you’ve been craving.

How to Choose the Best Grill Smoker Combo

A grill smoker combo is a great choice for anyone who loves to cook outdoors. It offers the convenience of a grill for quick cooking and the ability to smoke food for a unique flavor.

The best grill smoker combo should be able to reach high temperatures quickly and maintain them for a long time. Some models also have temperature probes for precise control.


A grill smoker combo combines a gas grill and a smoker on one unit. These grills typically use a propane fuel source for the gas burner and wood or charcoal as a smoke source. This combination allows you to grill and smoke food simultaneously, saving time and effort. Moreover, you can also cook side dishes like fries and stir fry vegetables using the combo’s side burner. This is a great option for people who have space and cost constraints.[7]

When choosing a grill smoker combo, consider the size of the cooking surface and the amount of food it can hold. Ideally, you should be able to prepare food for up to 10 people at once. You should also consider whether the grill is able to reach and maintain specific temperatures, which are critical for smoking low-and-slow meats.

A good grill smoker combo will be able to regulate the temperature of the meat and provide consistent results. This is important if you are looking for the best possible flavor. For example, a combo that uses charcoal will need to be able to maintain a very low heat for long periods of time. If the grill is unable to do this, it will be difficult to produce quality smoked meats.

Another factor to consider when selecting a grill smoker combo is how easy it is to operate. Ideally, the combo will have an intuitive dial that will allow you to control the cooking process. This is particularly important for people who are new to smokers or grills as it will make the entire process easier and less stressful.

The Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Smoker/Grill Combo is a top-rated grill and smoker that can be used for various purposes, including roasting, broiling, and grilling. Its large cooking area and hopper capacity make it a perfect choice for medium-sized families. In addition, the grill has a convenient digital thermostat and Wi-Fi PID controller, making it perfect for tech-smart grillers.[8]


There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best smoker grill combo. You should look for a combination unit that is easy to use, able to reach the desired temperature consistently, and comes at a fair price. The body and storage areas should also be sturdy, durable, and heat-resistant for safe handling. It’s also important to consider the type of fuel used by the combo grill. This will influence the type of food you can cook, as some types of meat need to be smoked at low temperatures while others require high heat for quick searing.

The Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo is a good option for those who want to smoke and grill at the same time. It has three powerful 12,000 BTU burners and can be set to both gas or charcoal. It is also one of the most affordable options on this list. It is designed to be taken on the road, largely for RVing, and it is very simple to setup and operate.

This grill and smoker combo is made from heavy-gauge steel, which gives it strength and durability. Its triple walled construction keeps the internal temperature stable and makes it easy to use. It can also reach high heats for quick searing, which is rare for a combo grill.

Another feature to consider is whether the smoker grill combo has a dedicated area to keep food warm after cooking. This is useful if you’re planning to serve a large crowd. It also helps to prevent the meat from drying out while waiting for your guests to arrive.[9]

There are many benefits to using a smoker grill combo. Combination units are usually cheaper than separate smokers and grills, and they provide more cooking space. They can also be more convenient to use because they save on fuel and cleaning time. Some even have additional features like side burners, which make them a versatile choice for all kinds of meals. In addition to being able to smoke and grill, some smoker grill combos can also be used as pizza ovens.


Best Grill Smoker Combo

A smoker grill combo is a great option for those who want to experience the authentic taste and aroma of charcoal grilling but also enjoy the convenience of gas. These grills streamline the charcoal and gas capabilities of a smoker into one unit, and they typically have separate cooking areas so that you can smoke meats and burgers at different temperatures. They are also able to achieve and maintain higher temperatures for grilling and searing, making them well-suited for a variety of recipes.[10]

A good combo grill will be able to maintain stable temperatures over extended periods of time, which is important for smoking low and slow. If you’re planning on purchasing a smoker grill combo, be sure to check whether it has a built-in thermometer or a remote temperature monitor that can help you track your food’s progress and let you know when it’s reached the right temperature. This will save you time and effort.

The best grill smoker combos have features that make them easier to use, such as automatic ignition for gas burners and hooks for hanging tools. They also have removable ash pans and grease management systems that make it easy to clean and maintain. They should also have special heat-resistant coatings in the areas that are most likely to come into contact with your hands during cooking.

You may find that some combo grills and smokers are difficult to control in terms of temperature, especially those that use charcoal or wood as a fuel source. This can be an issue when you’re trying to smoke a piece of meat that requires a long cooking time. Often, you’ll need to open and close air vents, add more fuel, or adjust the location of the coal or wood in order to get an even cook.

The Oklahoma Joe combo smoker is a heavy-duty model that can handle high temperatures and uses quality materials and construction to ensure durability. It has separate chambers for gas and charcoal grilling and features an instant electronic ignition, offset firebox, and porcelain-coated cast iron grates. It is also easy to use, even for novices, and has a built-in temperature gauge that lets you know when it’s at the perfect smoking point.[11]


Best Grill Smoker Combo

A smoker grill combo combines the benefits of a regular smoker and a gas grill in one unit. The main advantage of this type of grill is that it can reach and maintain high temperatures for grilling as well as low temperatures for smoking. This eliminates the need for two different devices and makes it easier to cook a wide range of foods. In addition, a combination grill and smoker can be more portable than traditional models.

When shopping for a grill and smoker, look at the cooking surface area. You’ll want a large enough area to accommodate all of your food at once. Depending on the number of people you’ll be serving, this may mean you’ll need more than one cooking grate. It also helps if you have a separate area for warming up extra sides or meats.

The Char-Broil Performance 420SB is a great option for people who want to do both grilling and smoking. It has a large cooking area, which is split into a 750 sq/in main cooking chamber and a separate firebox. This grill also has three 12,000 BTU burners and an additional side burner. The burners can be adjusted to allow you to achieve a variety of cooking styles.[12]

This smoker grill combo can reach a very high temperature, making it ideal for searing steaks. However, it can also maintain a low heat for slow-cooked meats. It has a built-in temperature gauge and a meat probe, which helps ensure that your food is properly cooked. It is also a good choice for beginners, as it has simple controls that are similar to those of an oven.

If you’re looking for a smoker grill combo that’s packed with the latest technology, consider the PGSEAR. This model has a digital temperature remote and a Wi-Fi PID controller that allows you to monitor your smoking process from anywhere. It’s also equipped with a full-sized cooking surface that can accommodate a whole brisket or pork butt. [13]

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