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Best Accounts on Twitter

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The Best Accounts on Twitter

Best Accounts on Twitter, Whether you’re a fan of Ellen DeGeneres or Nicklas Banter, you’re sure to follow some of the funniest accounts on Twitter. You know who tweets the funniest stuff, and you also know that there are many others who tweet just as hilariously. But who are these best accounts, and why do we follow them? Here are some tips to help you discover the best accounts on Twitter.[1]

Defiant Ls

Best Accounts on Twitter
Best Accounts on Twitter

The suspension of Defiant Ls has led to a backlash on Twitter. Many users voiced their displeasure and speculated about the tweet that sparked the suspension. A Defiant L has a history of targeting public figures, including Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau. Recently, Senator Marco Rubio tweeted a screenshot of a Defiant Ls tweet, claiming that it was a “provocation of violence.”

One of the most well-known and best accounts on Twitter is Defiant Ls. Known for its bluntness, this account has over 350,000 followers and has been active on Instagram and Getter. However, it was temporarily suspended and is now visible on both platforms. Defiant Ls has since lost over 350,000 followers, but has racked up over 26,000 new followers in a short time. One recent tweet was a response to the Twitter suspension of BrooklynDad_Defiant. In it, the account is accusing the user of “ban evasion.”

Another popular Twitter account was suspended recently after its suspension. Known as @defiantLs, the account mocks media figures and liberal pundits. Its suspension was a controversial move, with prominent users questioning the reason for the decision. However, Twitter has since unbanned the account, despite the criticism from prominent Twitter users. It appears that Twitter has finally realized its mistake and reinstated the account, so that it can once again continue spreading its controversial messages.[2]

Defiant Ls is an anonymous Twitter account that posts screenshots of hypocritical tweets. At one time, it had over 350k followers, but was suspended after being accused of ban evasion. Although it rarely provided commentary, the account was very popular and had over 350 000 followers. A recent investigation revealed the account had violated Twitter’s ban policy, but the Defiant Ls were banned for violating their terms.

Defiant S

The popular account “Defiant L’s” was suspended on Tuesday evening. The account had over 350,000 followers and was known for mocking liberal figures. Similar to the Libs on TikTok, it called out liberal hypocrisy. Twitter reportedly suspended the account for “ban evasion.” But why? Let’s take a look. What made Defiant L’s’ account so popular?

Spencer Noon, a crypto investor at DTC Capital, has a large following on Twitter. He tweets about DeFi and Ethereum, and has started a weekly newsletter on both. He covers both from an investment perspective, and is among the best accounts on Twitter for those interested in the finance side of the Deify movement. The reason why Defiant L’s account was suspended is unclear, but it should be noted that other accounts are taking note of the ban.[3]

Nicklas Banter

You can follow the greatest footballer in history by following his official account, @nicklasb52, on Twitter. Although his tweets are mostly memes, you will find some facts about the Danish international, such as his two goals against Italy. There’s also the Opti account, which publishes football facts. Lastly, there is the Nicklas Banter’s official website.

Bendtner hasn’t had a particularly good season with Arsenal. He’s been there for eight years, but hasn’t yet lived up to his potential. After being arrested for drink-driving on transfer deadline day, he’s had a tough time. He also revealed he was diagnosed with cancer and that his manager Arsene Wenger told him he couldn’t leave the club on transfer deadline day. But that’s not all. Bendtner has been a fan favorited ever since.

Ellen DeGeneres

Best Accounts on Twitter
Best Accounts on Twitter

Known as the queen of talk shows, Ellen DeGeneres has become a household name. She is well known for her hit show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She also starred in the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Her Twitter account is an excellent place to keep up with the latest news about her show. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.[4]

Many people have become fans of Ellen DeGeneres thanks to the show, and some have even gone so far as to make their own busts of her. One fan painted her bust and sent it to the show, where she was surprised by the money. The busts were made out of $100 bills taped to them. The fans’ reaction was incredibly touching. This reaction to Ellen DeGeneres’s show has earned her millions of followers on YouTube.[5]

While it is likely that the Ellen DeGeneres show will be cancelled, the Twitter community has been a great place to keep tabs on her current situation. Despite losing over a million viewers last year, the show is still on NBC, and fans are still reacting to her recent quarantine. However, fans can’t blame them for being upset, especially since the actress’s show crew was not pleased with her treatment.

Her hilarious tweets are not limited to Happy Birthdays. In fact, the comedian is even known to post edited photos of herself in other people’s photos. For example, she once posted a photo of herself alongside J-Lo in her Paper Magazine cover shoot. In another occasion, she put herself in a Mean Girls photo and replaced one of the cast members. These tweets are not only entertaining, but also very clever.

Another one of Ellen DeGeneres’ best accounts on Twitter is @edendge. The show ran for 19 seasons and more than 3,000 episodes. The audience and the public found countless moments of viral fame and remembrance. However, the end of The Ellen Show has not been the tearful celebration many expected. In fact, the final episode sparked a storm, with allegations of racism and workplace abuse surfacing in recent years. As a result, the show’s producers parted ways with three of its main producers.[6]

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