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7 Best Steps How to Select All in Google Docs

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Select All in Google Docs

How to Select All in Google Docs? Google docs recently released a new feature that will make it much easier to organize information.[1]It’s now possible for Workspace users to split table cells into a desired number of rows and columns. This is a feature that should land to all Google docs users soon. We hope that you find it useful!

Select all cells in a table

How to Select All in Google Docs
How to Select All in Google Docs

Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet, presentation, or writing a report, one of the most important parts of any document is the table. It’s a great way to organize your data and make it easy to read. [2]There are several things you can do to make your table look good, including using alternating colors and borders. You can also put a header in your table, which will help screen reader users navigate the document more easily.

If you’re creating a complex table in Google Docs, you may want to use the following script to split values across multiple cells. This will allow you to create multiple columns and rows with the same formula, but with different numbers of values in each cell. This is useful for instance when you’re working with a grocery store and have three branches, each with a different markup percentage.

You can also use this script when you’re working on a document with a lot of text and need to remove all leading and trailing spaces. This will keep the text in the table clear and allow you to read it without any obstructions.[3]

Select a Word

The Google Docs find and replace function allows you to search for a specific word or phrase within the text and then replace it with another. This makes it easy to fix common mistakes in large documents without having to manually edit each word individually.

After years of largely remaining unchanged, Google has started introducing new features for its word processing software as it tries to evolve it into more of a collaborative productivity tool.[4] Its recent updates have included small modular features like a dropdown option that lets you insert a list of customizable options into the document, and new table template options for quickly adding tables into your documents. The new features are available for all tiers of Google Accounts, and are part of the company’s effort to transform its word processing software into a more versatile tool. Learn more about the new features in our linked article.

Select a Paragraph

How to Select All in Google Docs
How to Select All in Google Docs

The Google Docs esoteric paragraph selection menu has a few gizmos hidden in its bowels. For starters, the Paragraph section has a full suite of formatting options including fonts, line spacing and bullets/numbers. The most impressive is the paragraph style highlighting, which uses CSS to create an awe inspiring display of all your paragraphs in a single row. [5]

You can also choose a custom style for your own documents using the Styles tab. Choosing the right style is important, as it will make your document more enjoyable to read and will help you stand out from the crowd. It also a good idea to get the hang of editing and formatting your own work before you attempt to share it with someone else.

Google Docs

You can use the ‘Find and Replace’ function in Google Docs to locate key words or phrases in your documents, or fix grammatical errors.[6] The word search feature is easy to learn and master for fast content scanning and editing.

You can also use Find and Replace to bulk delete words or phrases that are over-used in your documents. It’s a great way to save time when working with big files in Google Docs.

Select all using a keyboard shortcut

How to Select All in Google Docs
How to Select All in Google Docs

The Google docs interface is littered with keyboard shortcuts. Some are easy to find, while others require a bit of detective work to unearth. One of the most useful is the Ctrl + /, which will bring up a small command palette with the most popular options. This can be a useful way to see the most important actions when working in Google Drive.

The other most useful is the Shift + Arrow keys, which will allow you to gently nudge text in a single direction. This is especially useful for a document with lots of images.[7] It’s also worth noting that a similar feature is available for Excel and Google Sheets.

Select all using the Edit menu

Using the Edit menu, you can select all occurrences of a word or phrase in a Google Doc. This is useful if you want to locate a specific topic or correct spelling mistakes. It also helps in determining keyword density, as it counts the number of times that a word or phrase appears in your document.[8]

Search for very specific phrases: This function supports the input of special characters and numerics, which makes it easier to search for terms with a specific meaning. It’s also very helpful in ensuring that your text is optimised for SEO, as it counts the number of occurrences of keywords throughout your document.[9]

You can replace words or phrases in a Google Doc by selecting the one you want to change from the list and then clicking on “Replace” or “Replace all.” It’s easy to use and saves time, as you don’t need to scroll through your entire document to find and select all occurrences of a word. Alternatively, you can extend the selection by pressing the arrow keys or shift-clicking on the word or phrase to select it more closely. [10]

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